Being a Weekly *eyes roll* has NO Benefits! Eic

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    So I filed 01/24, but didn’t receive email until 1/29 accepted…
    Filed through JH

    I’m a weekly and this Path Message showed up last Saturday..

    Seriously why are there weekly s. I’m doubting that I will get an update giving me info on my refund. Mostly because I’m a weekly and by the time I update, money has already DD. That’s great, but then again. I’m not sure why we aren’t given DDD even with the path. Yeah I get the money has to be held until blah. However why can’t we have dates for around then.

    Just annoyed because I will forever be a weekly and as long as Path is a thing. WMR is basically worthless to me.

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    How did you verify your I’d over the phone before you got the letter @kit0kat2009

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    I’ve always been a weekly since I started filing for taxes. Never have I been a daily.

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    Oh and my cycle date is 20180405

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    I am a weekly too! I have been for like 3 years.
    Last year I was also on PATH(same this year)….
    Processsing date: 2/13/17
    Change on WMR on 2/18
    DD: 2/23

    This year went to Path message on 2/27
    Processing date: 2/12/18
    Change on WMR:None as of today

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    Anyone have a cycle date of 0705?

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    Usually if you’re a weekly, you stay as a weekly for 6 years Then it gets sent back to daily until your file gets flagged for whatever reason and sent back to weekly again. I had an offset and that’s when I got put into the weekly stack. This should be my last year as a weekly.

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    I feel you @kittykat2009

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    Tomorrow us weeklies will start seeing transcripts update throughout the day, WMR will update for us Saturday to the Path.

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    Hey There

    And the point of this post is? Just venting?Guess maybe you hope a high ranking IRS agent along with a senator will come by, read your message, and change the whole law. Better odds are to send an email to your senators / law makers. :)

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    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ yes!

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