Anyone receive GA Tax DD

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    Tobias Tillmon

    I was accepted 1/20 and they just recognized my information in the “Wheres My Refund” site.

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    What days will Georgia direct deposit your refund? I got a ddd of 3/31/2015. Will I get it before then.



    I called option 3-3-3 and have been on hold for over 2 hours. No option has been given to call me back. I used my desk phone and option 3-1, no option to have a call back. How were you guys getting the call back option? I have yet to receive it and this has taken up too much of my day as it stands.



    got a dd for 2/26/15,but still no deposit,anyone else have this date,or close to this date got theirs yet?



    How are you all even getting through to an agent?? I’ve called multiples times to try to verify my info & no one has picked up–only one agent did & then she transferred me without giving me a reason why & I was on hold until closing. :”/ I got my federal weeks ago. Never using TurboTax again.



    Mine was accepted on 1/27/15. I still have no DDD. I spoke with some one on monday and they said it was released last thursday, but i still have the message to call.



    For those that tend to worry I hope to give some of you some good news. Filed with Taxact Fed & State (GA) on 2/03/15. Fed accepted on 2/03/15 refund received on 2/11/15. State accepted on 2/04/15. Checked the refund tool on Ga website today after checking it DAILY since my Fed refund was received and got the message about will “refund will be transmitted on the 2/25/15 allow 5-7 days for your bAnk, etc etc” Both days happen to be Wednesday. Thought some of you would be glad to know and just be patient guys!


    Alexis Finch

    Yay, I finally have my GA DD Date of 2/25/2015!!!!! So, I am assuming that mine will post to my NetSpend account sometime after midnight as they give us credit as soon as they see it. I was accepted on the 31 of Jan. I called Fraud line last Thursday and just now getting the date. Best of luck to you.



    For those that keep getting the fraud message, if you have you have already spoken with a rep and they told you your hold was lifted and that you will receive your refund in 30 days then you do not have to keep calling. For some reason WMR keeps switching from thr generic processing message to one with advising you call and select option 3. I spoke with some one on 2/7 and the messages changed baxk and forth daily until it finally gave me a ddd of 2/25 tonight.



    Finally, I have a ddd of 02/25/15! Mine was accepted on 1/30/15 and Im just getting a ddd. Hope everyone else gets good news soon! Thanks to everyone that posted it really helped!



    All last week, even after calling to verify my identity, I kept getting the message to call. On Saturday, I received a letter that says additional information required. They’re asking me to send in proof of un-reimbursed job expenses and other miscellaneous deductions. The funny part is I DON’T HAVE ANY! The only thing I have is a charitable donations taken out of my paycheck.



    I have the same issue as Tiffany, I have called several times sometimes it goes away and sometimes it doesn’t but either way I have called and verified multiple times. Still have the option 3 message. Filed and accepted on the 28th of January. Ridiculous!



    so are you supposed to call every time you get the message? i have talked to them 3 or 4 times already. should i keep calling?



    Sooooo glad I found this thread! LOL. I feel somewhat relieved. I filed 2/6; Accepted 2/7; FED received 2/19

    State initially had the fraud message and to call and press option #3. I did this and answered some identity questions. Now, the message is back up to call. I’ve called twice and they say ignore the message.

    Same boat as you, Regina.



    I filed on 1/22…dealt with the federal delay because of health care but still expected Ga to be back by now.

    I just found this site earlier today and called the number and pressed 3 then 1. Selected for them to call me back, gave them my info when they called 2 hours later. She said the hold was released. This was at about 1 pm. Just checked the GTC site at 11 pm and i already have a DD date of 2/24.

    I u haven’t, call the number. The hold has to be released



    I filed and accepted on the 28th of January. I have had to call the DOR 4 times because of the “return being processed call option 3 message” each time I have had to answer identity questions and was told it would be released within 30 days of the day I called each time was different. Every time the message would go away and go to the standard processing 30 days, just checked and it has asked me to call again. This will be my 5th time. Anyone else having this issue?



    Accepted 2-2-15
    Got tired of it in processing on 2-19-15 and chose option 3.
    Next day it was scheduled a DD on 2-23-15.

    Very slow this year.



    I finally got a dd date for the 23rd. I only grew a year older waiting. Tax season has been awful this year. I feel sorry for those filing in March it will be the summer before they get refunds the way fed and state have been processing so far. Good luck to those still waiting. You comrade in the arms of waiting.



    They finally approved my refund for February 23 2015. Man, these people are slow.



    Finally got a direct deposit date right after ordering my account statement… Same date as the “issued date” on the letter… 23 Feb



    Hello, I do not know how to start a new topic. Any help? Anyways I efiled my fed and state on 2/3/15. Still nothing from neither. Wmr just shows still processing. I call and get told to call back next week. As for GA. I check the status of my refund and get directed. Apparently my refund is under review at the special investigations dept. But it’s a 3 hour wait!! I work from the time they open 8am till 4, when they close. What can this be about? Someone please give me some relief. I moved to GA in 2014. And haven’t filed taxes since 2011. Could this be why I have received either???



    You have to create an annount Through the GA tax center. Once you have the account there are links on the right hand side of the page and you will order the statement throught the link for account statements



    @sabena31 how do you order an account statement? I called today because the message told me to but they said everything was fine. But said it would take 30 days and it’s already been almost 4 weeks. I received my federal in under two weeks of filing. What’s going on?



    So I called again yesterday. I was told now that my refund it pending an approval. I Was told my refund has no errors they are just waiting for a manual approval. Anything over a certain dollar amount has to be approved. You know this is BS cause my refund last year was more and I got it right away. They are stalling like the person below said so i ve decided I’m gonna call everyday until they give me my money or someone gets sick of me calling and gives me the truth. In all the years I’ve been filing never has it taken this long and never has my federal gotten to me before my state. Even as slow as the irs is this year they still got my money to me faster then GA.




    If on the Georgia Refund website it specifically says

    Please contact the Georgia Department of Revenue at 1- 877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711) option 3 to speak with a Representative

    YOU MUST, YOU MUST, call the number, choose option 3, then choose option 3 again (even if you have not talked to someone before) then either stay in the que or when they ask for a call back number give them your number and they will call back from a Utah number, and then you have to verify a bunch of information and they will then AND ONLY THEN, release your refund. If you do not do this, then I have been told they will eventually release your refund after 3-5 months. They are saying this is because identity theft, but I am convinced it is a stalling tactic.




    i e-filed thru turbotax on 1/24 and still getting the message saying that it has been received and is being processed. Last three years i’ve gotten my refund from GA within 2 weeks, this year it’s taken almost 4 so far!



    So I ordered my account statement later, per Sabena31, and my “Issued Date” says 23 Feb …. I guess thats my DD date. I am hoping for sooner. WMR still says the 30 days processing BS.



    I am having the same issue. I was accepted 1/29 and every night at 7:00pm to 7:30pm I get the

    “Your return has been received, and it is currently being processed. Please contact the Georgia Department of Revenue at 1- 877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711) option 3 to speak with a Representative.”

    and by the morning it goes to the being processed message. I have called and explained this to them and they tell me not to go by the messages and to ignore them and each time they tell me to wait 30 days. Well, my 30 days is coming up and I do not think it will be fixed by then.



    Ga is BS’ing around I was told on the 10th that it was approved and I would see it in 5-7 days now I’m still waiting. I called this morning and I was told it was pending approval now someone is lying because I was told on the 10th then I called back on the 11th and asked more question and was told the same thing. So why today am I being told it pending approval and the approval will be handled by the system instead of manual. So which is it. So I’ve called again cause I really couldn’t talk being at work and all and left my place in line and I’m going to find out the truth cause this is BS.



    Spoke with an agent on February 6, they said they were releasing my refund that day. Still nothing.



    Called the 877 number and they told my boyfriend, sister, and myself that we have to submit our W-2’s and it’ll take 3-4 weeks after they receive them to process them. Smfh.



    We got our Georgia Refund 2 weeks ago. That used to be a good sign that Fed was close, but certainly not this year.



    I went int my account on the GA tax center and ordered a account summary you can so this with one of the links on the right side of the screen it take about 24 hr to see the letter. Anyway I pulled the letter up and the information was still the same on the site but what I was looking for was some type of DD date. I has a issued date of 2/17/15. I think this is the date the issue my refund wich would make sense because the deposit will show up on a Wednesday when they normally release funds. I don’t think its the date the letter was mailed to my home because I ordered the letter on2/11. So try this and see if you see an issue date. I was also able to order my federal transcripts this morning so it looks like I may get both star and federal in the same week this has never been heard of for me.



    @Sabena31….Im having the same issue. I called and spoke to an agent earlier in the week to verify my info but every night around 10pm est, I get the message to call. When I spoke to the agent, she said my tefund was processed 2/2 but she couldn’t give me a deposit date. This is beyond frustrating but I can guarantee it wouldn’t take this long if we owed them. I think they are using this fraud crap as a way of stalling. I’ve never had to wait this long for a GA refund and they refuse to do anything unless it’s been 30 days. I filed and was accepted 1/29!!



    Yes I forgot about the options. I hit 3,1 and when I called back with follow up questions about a dad date to release the funds I hit 3,3



    LOL, I asked the same question… someone said press 3, then 3 again (ask more questions) GOOD LUCK!!



    I got the same message about calling and pressing # 3, but then there are more options. . .. which one are you all pressing? 1, 2 or 3 ???



    I got the same message to call Monday night so I called first thing on Tues and they asked a bunch of questions to verify who I am. I was told my refund was processed and I should see the money in 7 to 30 days. Now here is the thing each night around 6 pm I keep getting the call message then around 10pm it’s back to the standard 30day message so I called again to find out what was the deal. I was told it still was process and the refund will be here in the next 7 to 30 days. This is crazy because if I’m processed what is taking so long to release my refund? If anyone out there had to call and verify info and now have a dd date how long did it take to get your money after going through all this crap.



    Im so frustrated. Not sure whats going on but each day wmr gives a different update. From the generic processing to the one with option 3. Ive already spoke with them and was told my refund had been released and I will receive it within 30 days from the acceptance date. I filed with tt like ive done the last 10 years so im still waiting.


    Where’s My Money?

    Update: Thanks to georgiagilr. I did reach GA on the phone and they did ask multiple questions to prove my identity. Said all is well and they are just trying to combat the massive volume of fraud from e-filers. Understandable. Person was very nice and helpful.

    Learned something… when you call and are on infinite hold there will be a message after about 10 minutes giving you the option to leave your number and have GA call you back. I chose this path and did receive the call 2 hours later (from Utah). It did work and I did appreciate that option.

    Fingers crossed! Best wishes to everyone on their returns out there. :)



    @ Where’s My Refund…..I got the same message so I called and spoke with an agent this morning who only asked me questions to verify my identity. I checked my status after the call and got the generic 30 day message. I checked tonight and the message is back to call them. I’m beyond frustrated with this mess.



    @Where’s My Money You just got in the new fraud thing they just started, They are just going to verify your identity. Nothing to worry about.


    Where’s My Money?

    Where’s My Refund APP gives me this message too…”Your return has been received, and it is currently being processed. Please contact the Georgia Department of Revenue at 1- 877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711) option 3 to speak with a Representative.”

    Do I have anything to worry about? Is it worth calling the number and enduring the hassle there?

    My wife and I filed Married Seperate and my return was accepted by GA February 3rd. I’m not really worried about the wait, but the message above does concern me. My wife does not have the option 3 message, hers just says processing, allow 30 days, etc.

    This is such a hassle.



    Update last night, same as others 2/11. Glad that we were at least processed before the fraud hold came into play. Hoping to see fund tomorrow. Yay!



    Update also DDD 2/11/15.


    Ga Peach

    I had an update last night….. Looks like things are getting started for the next round of refunds maybe.

    Your Georgia income tax refund is scheduled to be transmitted, or was transmitted, to your designated bank account on 2/11/2015. Please allow 5-7 business days from that date and verify your designated account information to confirm receipt.



    @gapeach thank you. I read that to. Some people make it hard on the ones that file every year without committing fraud. I’m hopeful we will see something before Friday.


    Ga Peach

    Still no luck in receiving GA refund. Mine have been saying processing since 1/26. I figured it would be there at least by today because it’s day 14. I am assuming GA has some type of delay going on. I read about them having issues. Here is one of the links My return would seem very easy to review. We have only had number changes in at least 15 years. I have never gotten a Fed return (seem to always owe or break even now with multiple college students) and never over $ 400 state refund. So who knows lol.



    HEY GUYS!!! Sorry I haven’t been ignoring yall, my computer has been acting stupid all day!
    I still haven’t receieved anything from GA? My account hasn’t changed I still have a negative balance.
    Since I messed up my account info on my taxes, I am assuming they will be mailing me a check unless they use what
    I have on my GA DOR account, that I just created!!

    CONGRATS JIM!! That gives a little bit of hope to all of us!



    @Jim Your the first person that has replied as receiving there’s. Congratulations! Question: Did it just show up or did they give you a DDD?



    I got mine in my account in a week. Accepted 1/20

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