anyone in Georgia receive a ddd for their state refund yet?

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    Any Georgia residents receive ddd’s for their state

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    Kimberly Minkler

    My refund was received but they said they needed W2’s sent. They were sent and received on April 12th. Still not refund as of today July 11th. This is very very unfair. I call and sit on hold for at least and hour every time and then they are just mean to me saying they are currently reviewing documents that came in March and will get to mine eventually. Nothing I can do…they have my money hostage



    I filed late in the tax season, but both my federal and state refunds were accepted March 14th. I recieved my federal a long time ago, but I have heard nothing from GA. When I checked online, it stated my return had been recieved and is currently being processed, allow 30-45 days and blah blah blah. Well, yesterday was the 45th day since my return had been accepted. Where the $#!% is my refund? I will be calling today (day #46) and complaining about why I have heard nothing from the GTC/GA DOR about my refund and why it is late. This is absolute bull, and not only do I blame our government, but I blame the thieving bastads who actually commit fraud because it’s their fault that this extra precaution is needed. Because they’re so pathetic that they can not make their own money and live with whatever they worked for like everyone else, those who make their money honestly are being punished and can’t even recieved the money they worked for! I hate how much this world has been ruined by selfish and inconsiderate scum.



    We filed elec on Mar 14, called in May website says processed, so where is my refund. I was on hold for 1 hr and 38 minutes inquiring as to where my refund is, was told it will be an additional 30 to 45 business days. Then I got ugly to the person on the phone, inwasvasked if they could “review” my return, what am I going to say but yes, now all of a sudden I need to provide receipts because she reviewed my tax return. Is the State of Georgia employing bullies to withhold our refunds, I have not to this day been asked for anything. I asked the clerk when was the State of Georgia going to request that additional information her response was “I just did””
    I have contacted the tax commissioner through my house representative, no response from tax commissioner. Now I will have to retain the services of my CPA which will cost me more money. You bet your sweet *** if I owed them money they would be sending me all kinds of correspondence.


    Barry B

    PLEASE WRITE THE GOVERNOR AND TAX COMMISSIONER. WE NEED TO COMPLAIN AND BE CLEAR THAT THIS IS INSANE AND UNACCEPTABLE. In prior years, the State of Georgia has processed refunds within 21 calendar days. Now we are being told that it could take 12 weeks or more. While I understand the state is trying to reduce fraud, there is no way that the change in their process should quadruple the time it takes to process tax returns and get owed refunds to the citizens of the state. We should both complain and also insist that the state explain in detail why the process is taking so long. It feels like they are delaying refunds to manage their budget and cashflow. Here is contact information for the governor and tax commissioner.
    Georgia Governor Nathan Deal
    Office of the Governor
    206 Washington Street
    111 State Capitol
    Atlanta, GA 30334
    email: [email protected]

    Lynne Riley
    State Revenue Commissioner
    Department of Revenue
    1800 Century Boulevard Atlanta, GA 30345



    Filed electronically on March 8, 2016 and as of today July 11, 2016 no refund received. Called and talked to a rep three times now and although she stated there was no issue with my return the process of issuing the refund is now longer. Hmmmmm, if I would have been late, I would have been paying an additional penalty so the question now is does the state of Georgia owe more for not being timely?



    Has anyone received their refund yet!!!!!!



    I e-file my Fed tax online on 3/19/16, received Fed refund direct deposit on 3/25/16. I mailed my GA tax return on 3/21/16. Kept checking on the website for 4 weeks without any information. Finally after 4-5 weeks it says “Your return has been received, and it is currently being processed. Please contact the Department at 1-877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711), option 3 to speak to a customer service representative during our normal business hours M-F 8am -5pm.” Today is 6/13/16. I still have not received my refund and called 877-423-6711, and have been on-hold for 75 minutes now, no one answers the phone.
    What can I do?
    Anyone has any idea?



    I have had to call into the GA tax office 3 times now. The 1st time she said it would be 4-6 weeks on my refund, the 2nd time it would be 6-8 weeks and now she states she is the one who requested my w2 again and that she never told me 4-6 weeks that it is always 8-10 weeks. What is really going on in GA? This is the most ridiculous situation I have ever experienced. They are also the rudest people I have ever dealt with on the phone.



    I filed in late Feb., called before the 30 days were up, may be 21 days, and was told to wait the 30 days. Called again at the end of 30 days and was told they needed to verify my place of employment and I was to fax them my W2 and wait another 30 days. Did that on 4-5. I’m calling today to make sure the W2 was received since I haven’t gotten my return yet. Was on hold for 45 minutes first guy tells me he can’t answer my question so he has transferred me to the department that can answer my question. So now, I’ve been on hold now for and hour and half. What is the state doing? Why do I have to work so hard to get my money?



    Unreal…this is my 3rd time calling in to the GA Revenue Special Investigation department because that is what the update on my refund told me to do.

    Here I’ve been on hold for 55 min now, still have not spoken to anyone.

    How ridiculous is it for them to expect that it’s ok to take up to 45 business days to process a refund and then have the audacity to hold refund processing longer for anything they feel like they need to validate. And if I have to call you, you better not expect me to just give up hours of my life to make a simple phone call that YOU are requiring me to make.

    I’ve worked in IT operations for around 15 years now, currently running operations for a company, and I would be fired for allowing even 1 customer to have to work this hard to get help. And from the looks of the forum, it seems like this is just the norm! Wonder who I can even complain to that will bother to listen? This really all just seems like a scam for the government to earn a little extra interest of the money they aren’t giving back to us yet. Or worse…they have a deficit and are scrambling to get the money back to people. Hope GA isn’t that desperate.

    I’ve lived in GA for 12 years and have NEVER had to wait more than a few weeks for my refund to auto-deposit to my bank account.

    Whoo hoo! We’ve ticked over the hour mark and someone picked up! Now to see what they needed so desperately from me!

    They basically had me validate by phone my name, my spouse’s name, our address, our occupations and explain why I had more than one W2 for the same job. They said this was an identity theft measure, but how does talking to me over the phone prove anything? If someone had the knowledge to enter the information to file the refund pretending to be me and called the number because the website told them to, wouldn’t they be able to answer all of those questions?

    I will be lodging a complaint with the Commissioner for the Tax Revenue office and I suggest others do the same.

    Now to see if I actually get my GA refund in the next 7-14 business days….seeing as I had to wait 30 business days before I could even call them. Just nonsense!



    Mine was accepted on 1/29/16 and still no money.
    The website tells me I have the wrong info to check on it, though I know my SS and refund amount, and the info to make an account is messed up and won’t let me make one.
    I have tried calling many, many, many times and never got anyone.
    I have no way to get to anyone there and I am pissed.



    First time filer for ga
    Filed on 1/24
    Accepted 1/24
    Recieved federal 2/15
    Called Ga DOR on 3/25 said being reveiwed.
    Called again 4/1 and said i had to varify info and said 7 to 10 day for state refund check. Hope this helps.



    I called yesterday since it had been 45 days since I filed and still no refund check. As a first time filer in GA, I had to call in and verify my information,: SSN, Phone Number, Address before they would release my refund check. My DDD is 3/31

    Apparently if you are still waiting for a refund check after 4/15, they will mail out letters letting you know if you need to take any action…. such as calling in and verifying your Identity



    Accepted on 2/27 and checked this morning with a DDD of 3/21. Have yet to check my bank for confirmation.



    Finally my state refund has DDD of 3/21. So, it was 2 months from the date of acceptance



    I cannot believe I have been on hold for 2 hours. This has to be the most ridiculous thing in the world to me!



    We filed 2/16, accepted 2/17, received our fed about a week later, nothing on GA yet. I’m getting the same generic message, “Your tax return has been received. Please allow 6-8 weeks from the date filed for your tax return to complete processing.”



    I checked the website to find out where my state return was and it stated that it would be deposited on 3/3. But no deposit was there.



    I called today and spoke to representative. She said that my return is under additional review and I’ll need to wait 30 days more. What a disappointment =\



    After an hour and twenty minute wait talked to someone at GA DOR tax fraud unit. She released my refund and gave me the “should be receiving 7-30 day line”. She didn’t even ask me any questions. Hopefully I’ll get my refund tomorrow or Thursday like others here and this will finally be over with…




    Same here as of yesterday. I called yesterday and was on hold for 1 hour 20 minutes!!! I was told they needed my w2 to process my return! Really? They have had over 30 days and could have told me that weeks ago!

    Good news my federal refund is pending!!



    At thirty day mark today and woke up to the good ole call the GA DOR and press option 3 message. Can’t wait to call and wait on hold a couple hours arghhh…



    Just letting everyone know that I received my Ga on Friday the 26th. It was exactly 30 days from filing/acceptance. No verification but I checked my status on DOR and it still says 6-8l weeks. I just happened to check acct and it was deposited. So just saying the site may not update, so keep watching your bank acct. See you next year and hopefully we get faster refunds.




    I was accepted on 01/30 and my acct is saying/doing the same thing. Called GA DOR late last week and they stated that my refund would be deposited in my bank account on March 1 after the 30 day processing/account holding process that they’re doing this year. This seems to be pretty accurate judging by below posts. Hopefully you’ll receive it on Monday/Tuesday like me. Hope this helps.



    Accepted 1/29 status has said 6-8 weeks, but this morning I updated to 30 days. Not sure if they mean 30 more days or what.

    I also updated federal with a ddd of 3/2 so I am hoping I get both around the same time. Its been the longest I have ever waited.




    Sounds like the GA DOR is unfortunately confused/doesn’t know what’s going on with your account which doesn’t surprise me this year lol. I would call them first thing Monday morning (open M-F 8-5) at 404-417-6501 and get it straightened out. Good luck and let us know what they say.




    We got a DDD, but then got a letter to “provide additional information”. I think we are on hold until they get the additional info.



    Just received a text message that my state refund was received by Republic Bank and the funds have been sent to my bank account. I an so GRATEFUL!!!!!!



    I filed and was accepted on 1/25. I had the normal message until 2/25, when it gave me the 1-800 number to call and advised me to press option 3. I called and the said that my refund was placed on hold for a random review. They told me that I should have my refund within the next 30 days. I checked the refund website on 2/26 (the next day after I called) and I had ddd of 2/29.



    Filed 01/22; Accepted 01/23. Had a message at the 30 day mark to call 1- 800 number. Call (1st time on hold 1hr,11mins and was hung up on. Call back and was on hold 1hr,8mins) and representative asked about name, SSN, address and amount expecting. she put me on hold for about 5 minutes and asked me to verify box 17 on my W-2 and when I did, she said my refund would be decreased by $500.This was on 2/23/15. Then said I would still have to wait another 7 to 30 days for my funds. Looked at the website on 2/25/16 and it still had the same message to call the 1-800-number. Call back and waited about 45 minutes, I mentioned the previous call, he asked the same questions and came back with it will be release in 7 – 30 days. Yesterday I received a DDD of 02/26, but I have no funds as of yet.



    Filed 01/22; Accepted 01/23. Had a message at the 30 day mark to call 1- 800 number. Call (1st time on hold 1hr,11mins and was hung up on. Call back and was on hold 1hr,8mins) and representative asked about name, SSN, address and amount expecting. she put me on hold for about 5 minutes and asked me to verify box 17 on my W-2 and when I did, she said my refund would be decreased by $500.This was on 2/23/15. Then said I would still have to wait another 7 to 30 days for my funds. Looked at the website on 2/25/16 and it still had the same message to call the 1-800-number. Call back and waited about 45 minutes, I mentioned the previous call, he asked the same questions and came back with it will be release in 7 – 30 days. Yesterday I received a DDD of 02/26, but I have no funds as of yet.



    filed and accepted 1/23, no DDD yet =\




    Still haven’t received direct deposit per GA DOR person I talked to the other day I’ll be receiving it on March 1. Exactly thirty days from my acceptance date. But who knows lol. Have you received your direct deposit yet?




    Did you ever get a DDD? Ours was 2/23. Still no funds.



    Called and spoke with GA DOR today. Stated that money will be deposited and in my account March 1st after 30 day required tax processing and payment/deposit procedure. I was accepted Jan. 30 so March first is exactly 30 days after. That seems pretty accurate judging by previous responses on here. Just have to wait the FULL thirty days to receive guys and girls. Good luck and hope this helps.



    Wow….. Ga is really taking there sweet time this year. This is bull…. And one thing to the ppl that said they turned there taxes off on there w4, that will turn your federal off, for ga taxes u have to fill out a G4 form and submit it.



    I filed 1/29, accepted 1/30 and mine still shows the ‘wait 6-8 weeks for processing message’.



    Had DDD of 2/24 for state but no deposit in bank. Fees were taken out of federal.



    Well, well, well….I have filed on 2/2. Getting 6 To 8 weeks message I have called 3 times the first person told me they have my refund it just has not been released call back a week later and next person told me have to wait 30 days for processing third person told me just yesterday 30 days for processing Georgia as always big DUCKED big time!!!! Does anyone who was accepted on 2/2 have a direct deposit date yet?



    Got a ddd yesterday 2/23 for today 2/24. I had no fees taken out or fraud alerts to call about. But still no funds.



    I guess wt would be helpful for me is knowing wn everyones refund is hitting the bank compared to DDD. And to know if folk are having fees taken out or not.

    We filed 2/12
    Told to call for fraud verify 2/18
    Got DDD notification on 2/22 for a 2/23 DDD.
    No funds yet.



    I have a ddd of today but no deposit. :/



    Hello all,

    @jerry and @jay. Where are you seeing the “$-700” in green?



    I recieved a DDD od 2/23 on Saturday but no deposit yet



    My Georgia was accepted on 1/23/2016 – just received a ddd date of 2/24/2016



    My balance was negative last week and since Friday it has had a zero balance, but no DDD. Still just says 6-8 weeks. What does this mean?



    Finally, this morning I am showing a DDD of 2/24/16.



    So, I b\posted yesterday how I called and talked to them after seeing the “Call and press 3” message. She told me it would be 30 days or less to see my refund (after it had ALREADY been 30 days since I filed…). Checked status this morning and my message has changed to show a DDD of tomorrow 02/24. So, good news to anyone who has called and got their return released after whatever hold they had on it. They do process it real quick after! Just sucks we have to jump through hoops.



    @ Paige

    Congrats. Did you do anything to receive your return faster? We both have the same acceptance date of 01/29 and I still have the “your return is being processed please allow 4-6 weeks” message. Called GA DOR today and she stated I had to wait until March 1st to finish being processed. Thanks.



    This is not to “rub it in”; this is just to let y’all know that I got my deposit at 6:00am this morning on the exact date they said. Good luck, everyone! See y’all next year!

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