Any updates on 9001 code

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    Just wondering am I the only one who still has the 9001 code,what’s going on seems no one is talking about it anymore needing updates.

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    Well i tried to order a return transcript today and it actually let me. So i decided to check WMR and to my surprise I HAVE A DDD of 3/9!!!! Finally the end is in sight!

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    Congrats Vanessa lol…verified in person on the 25thth. No update yet. The saga continues.

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    finally people!

    Filed on the 26th of Jan , was accepted with in an hour. Received code 9001 on 1/30. called almost everyday and no one would help me until my 21 days were up to ID verify. I did the ID verify online but i guess it didn’t affect anything because the lady i spoke to said she didn’t see anything. ID verify was intense as far as questioning but i passed thankfully on 2/18 and today my WMR updated to a DDD of 3/2. It was a long and stressing situation but thank god. You guys will get your too, hang in therel

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    Hey @mike b ,

    I’m thinking auto correct or something got the best of you on your post lol. No worries man, i got what you were trying to say. I filed Turbo Tax on January 26th and accepted same day, but was told by IRS agent that return was actually accepted on the 28th. January 30th or 31st WMR appeared with the same ‘9001 references code’ meaaage.

    I think it was February 13th I got a letter from the IRS asking me to verify my ID to continue processing. Most were able to call and verify their ID over the phone. In my case they told me that i had to unfortunately go down to my local IRS office and verify in person. On February 25th I did just that. All was good and my ID was verified and my return was pushed to have processing finished.

    Since the 25th i havent seen any changes or updatea yet. Only been a few days though. I as well was told the same 6 to 9 weeks wait time. In my experience on here as well as my own research, it seems rare for most to actually wait that long. Alot of what ive seen is an update or a DDD after 5-14 days and receiving their refund within 2-3 weeks. This is only my opinion from observation, in no way can this be considered a guide line to follow.

    Did you get a letter in the mail yet? Did you verify if so? Also have you tried to order you Account or Return transcripts?

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    Mike b

    I file 1.28 accept same day then few days later had the 4th was can’t say anything reference 9001 800# called gave all correct answers as told 9 was has any one gotten there’s earlier that 9 was thanks

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    Well I finally made it to my local IRS. Office to verify ID as i was told. It only took about 10 minutes and this was on 2/25. So lets hope I am finally close to the end of the 2nd straight tax year headache. Anyone else verify around same time as me?

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    I’m filing exempt next year the irs can wait for me to pay them. Eat a shit sandwich Uncle Sam ????

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    Hello maybe someone can help me out here. I filed on 1/11 and got accepted the same day. On 2/1 I called and found out that I had to ID verify and somehow got caught up in a glitch that happen that week and the ID verify code came back up. By that time though I had a tax advocate and she just called me on Friday and said that my case had been closed by the IRS on Thursday 2/18 and that my refund has been issued for release. She said because of some level that I have that I may not see an update on the status of my refund in her opinion. Has anyone else experienced getting a refund but no update from the 9001 code screen on where’s my refund? She did say that I will have it before March 3rd. Is there hope because I really would like my money.

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    Filed/Accepted ( 1/11; Actual acceptance by IRS 1/19

    Status bar disappeared and message changed to …”no info available…4 weeks..blah, blah, blah,” with TT 152 And 9001 reference code on 1/30

    (S.S#, filing status, refund amount never changed or disappeared)

    Verified ID online 2/1
    Called to verify online verification was successful and showing on 2/12 (it was)
    Got notice 5071C, Verify Identity on 2/13

    Called to make sure notice was just generated and sent before verification went through 2/16; could not get through all day
    Same as above on 2/17 and finally got through; really nice and professional and really forthcoming with information and the like, God bless her, explained it was all noted exactly as I’d described and that ID Verification was passed, but if you don’t speak with a rep in that specific department it can take more waiting time for it to get to them and ONLY reps in ID Verify department can ACTUALLY CLOSE IT OUT AND SEND BACK INTO PROCESSING (which explains quite a bit in regard to the various 6 to 8 weeks, 9 weeks, etc.)
    In order for her to do so, I had to verify again with her over phone, did so and was left with the knowledge and peace of mind that the ID issue was closed and I’d be back to processing ASAP.

    2/19 Was able to order my return transcript for first time.

    Today, 2/20, WMR updated, DDD for 2/24. I was so happy I cried (last year was a nightmare so I was very stressed about something going wrong this year, too).

    Guess it is over now…a little anticlimactic….I was shocked there were no balloons, streamers and confetti when I saw the DDD. Good luck to all, guessing most of us are finished for this tax season now, which is awesome and anyone who isn’t: Unless there is something really wrong or you were unfortunate and got pulled for random review, etc. YOU WILL BE SEEING YOUR MONEY SOON, seriously, hang in there!!! For the record, I WILL BELIEVE THIS IS OVER WHEN I PAY MY FIRST BILL USING CARD WITH REFUND ON IT…and, I cannot stress this enough: NEVER FILING EARLY AGAIN. EVER.

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    Filed 1/19 accepted 1/19 verified ID 2/9 was able to order return transcript 2/13 still have 9001 tax topic 152 no DDD. Very terrified

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    Ok so here’s my story

    Filed: 1/19
    Approved: 1/20
    9001 code: 1/30
    Id verified: 2/2

    Got a tax advocate about a week ago and received a phone call today that my return was approved and I have a dd of 2/24 I’m finally able to order transcripts. Wmr hasn’t updated hopefully I will see a change in the morning….. Good luck everyone
    Refund was over 7k

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    Filed 1/19
    accepted 1/21
    verified identity 1/25
    Got tax advocate who said I would need send in a million pieces of paper that related to my income, eic, and school credits. I didnt respond after she told me after sending in all that stuff she still wouldnt be able to get my taxes before 9 weeks. Was able to order account transcript 2 weeks ago, this morning I called and was able to order my return, so I called the IRS and he told me he can see the amount and a DDD of 2/24 and that I do have an offset (which I knew about its only $28 dollars)
    Well now I am reading that everyone that had their identity verified and had a DDD for yesterday and today DID NOT receive their money and are now back in another 60 day review, so I am doubting I will be getting my refund on the 24th.

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    Hope u get an update soon!
    I read the unpostable from the IRS and there policy says that unpostables have to be worked in 7 days so keep on them!

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    No change on WMR for me. I was able to order return transcripts last Friday on 2/12 and still nth. I’m also a weekly……patiently waiting I guess.

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    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22 but IRS said it wasn’t until 1/25
    21 days was 2/12 or 2/15 says irs
    Id verifation on 2/10
    Today finally I can order my return transcript
    Will let you guys know if I get a DDD tomorrow due to being a weekly updater!
    There maybe an end in site!

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    Anyone that already received their refund ever see a change on WMR ?

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    How did you get a tax advocate BC I tried and said they can’t help me?

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    @amy i just spoke with my advocate this morning & she said that is the latest i will get mines as well i verified the 10th & she said i will have on or b4 march 1st 12 days away woot woot so my basic understand that once you verify you are put back in & its again the up to 21 day thing .. But its almost there she assured me there is nothing else going on & i am back into the processing stage so i will see an update any day now & no later than the 1st will i get my $$ :)

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    Filed 1/19
    Bars Missing 1/30
    Verified ID Online 2/6
    Received Letter to verify 2/13
    Finally got through to a rep 2/18 (today)

    Apparently when when I verified online on the 6th it did not show up completed until Tuesday 2/16. I was told that there didn’t show anything else that was holding up the refund but that it could take up to 9 weeks to receive refund not the 6 weeks stated after verifying online. I sure hope it does not take until mid April to get my return just freaking out a little bit.

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    Whoohoo woke up to my refund in the bank

    Efiled 1/21
    Accepted 1/21
    9001 Code 1/30
    ID Verified 2/4
    Approved 2/12
    2/16 Got a letter to ID verify mailed 2/10 (which I ignored)
    DDD 2/18
    Deposited in my Capital One 360 Account 8am 2/18

    It has been a long road. But not it is finally over. Thank everyone who helped ease my mind and anxieties. Hope I help someone else. See y’all next year

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    Still no update I still have reference code 9001 on WMR I can’t verify online can’t order my 2015 transcript.. I spoke to a representative today and she told me to call back on the 29th and that I shouldn’t worry about that reference code and if it changes to a different code to call them FML I NEED MY MONEY ASAP!

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    I ordered my transcripts online and got a letter that states “We apologize for the inconvenience but we are not able to process your request at this time…you or your representative can contact the identity protection specialized unit (IPSU) I filed using an IP pin…any help with this one anyone???

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    Filed 1/13
    Approved 1/14
    ID Verified 2/8
    Tax Advocate called 2/8
    Ordered Return Transcript 2/12
    2/16- I called the IRS and finally talked to a really nice lady and very informative. She said my taxes were done processing and my refund was waiting to be released, however she couldn’t tell me when that would happen. I then called my tax advocate, she said everything was processed and return waiting to be released. S he did say she saw a freeze until March 1,2016 but has seen them lots and doesn’t have to mean anything, just that they have until then to hold my return. Has anyone else had this happen to them, why would they freeze giving me my hard earned money?

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    unfortunately, no. For some reason i always feel like if i WOULD see an update it would only be on a Saturday since that was the day i saw the 9001 message the first time & i feel that with my good luck, i would be weekly instead of daily lol.My 21 days are up today so i guess i am calling IRS tomorrow and if not the tax advocate will be my new bff .

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    No updates here unfortunately. Still cant order Return Transcript either. Ugh, was hoping and looking forward to some kind of update. 21 days coming up on the 18th. Anyone else have something they can report?

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    Called twice yesterday and I got a women rep the second time ???? she was not very much help.. I asked her what exactly does the 9001 code mean and she told me that she can’t tell me anything until I reach 21 days.. This is bs I can’t understand for the life of me why they can’t just explain what a simple reference code indicates I mean like isn’t that their job gosh! Very irritated and confused I just want my money that I worked hard for????

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    @Vanessa-I would call them on Tuesday Morning because I did online verification on 2/5 and they had no record of me doing the verification online. I called today 2/12 this am about 9 am and had to verify it with a live person over the phone. Don’t believe that the online verification actually worked. For some people yes it does but not for everybody. I didn’t know that it didn’t go through otherwise I wouldn’t have waited a week to find out. Please don’t wait like I did and get disappointed.

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    @moneyplease I have no words right after reading your response. Seriously, my jaw just dropped and I froze for a second because basically they just told you that you got a flag, fixed it, got another flag when put back in the SAME DAMN SYSTEM THAT CAUGHT THE FIRST FLAG because….???? Is it only capable of one flag at a time? Really, wtf??!! Yet, I bet they somehow tried to make you feel like a stupid person for not understanding that total BS response. Not buying it–THEY screwed something up when fixing the original issue and won’t own up to it. I Googled the unpostable thing and do not get it at all, but, that’s OK because I also read that the IRS employees do not really understand the unpostable thing well themselves and that’s apparently why most unpostable are not even told.

    You should try to get a tax advocate as soon as they open. I’m still trying to find things in regard to unpostable issue (it will likely happen to me, too, only luck I seem to have is bad). If I see anything interesting I’ll post it. Definitely keep updating…or just venting. Unpostable is supposed to be pretty rare, sorry you’re being put through this nightmare.

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    I verified on 2/1 over the phone,was put bck In processing on the 3rd. Got letter today. Went online it let me verify AGAIN!! (Found that odd since I had already done it over the phone.) So I called today and was told that verify hold was closed and another code popped up which now makes my return UNPOSTABLE!! It’s annoying. My first experience with something like this, I just don’t get it!!

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    @money please You’ve probably mentioned this already, but my head hurts too much (thanks, IRS) to sift thru everything.
    That said, had you already done your ID Verification via website or phone prior to receiving the verification letter? I ask because I went ahead and ID Verified online, on 2/7 or so (did it on weekend so earliest date where it’d been accepted would have been sometime this past week) and I called on 2/12 to verify that the verification was successful via an actual human. I also got the ID Verify letter today. I figure it mailed prior to my verification and don’t need to worry with it, but will likely call again when they are open to be on safe side.

    When you have a chance (@moneyplease) could you post again if and when you verified prior to getting letter today and also which method you used (online, phone or both)? Curious because if you spoke with someone prior I don’t get why the first rep did not note it nor tell you the news you got today about being unpostable? If you verified by phone prior to letter I just can’t fathom WHY they made you verify again as if the first time you did it never occurred?!! I hate that you’re having this experience and what I’m about to say won’t help you feel better, but you will get your refund, it might take longer (and it might not). Hang in there, it took 6 months last year, but I did finally get my refund in the end. It socks and I hope very much the IRS clears their mess up for you.

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    Received verify letter today. Called and they said my return is UNPOSTABLE!! Lost all hope

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    E-filed on 2/8/16
    Accepted on 2/8/16
    9001 code on 2/13/16

    I called and spoke with a rep and he told me I was under review had til my 21days are up which is the 2/29/16 he never said if it was identity verification but he said I was still being processed I’m so confused and sad because I’m apartment search right now my 3 year old son and I are couch surfing. Someone please tell me it gets better.

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    Thanks to everyone who has been updating us, gives us some hope.

    I filed on 1/26
    Accepted 1/26
    9001 code on 1/30

    I’d verify online on 2/4 since the nice people at TPP said they wouldn’t help me do it over the phone until 21 days so I took matters into my own hands & just verified online. Don’t know if it actually made a difference though.

    21 days are up on 2/16

    Still no update , like others said … I wasn’t expecting one today either but I need this money so hopefully by next week I can get some change.

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    No change here. Didn’t expect one, but talking to rep and seeing others in same situation and time frame did make me a little hopeful. I should’ve known better. I’m a weekly, so I won’t update or have any deposit this week. Very discouraged, that 6 month wait last year was a nightmare, as my car decided to die (I am still recovering from that financial setback, I had to take cabs everywhere for 5 months and I live in the middle of nowhere; cost $40+ per day). Due to that experience, I should know better to have any hope in regard to IRS/tax refund. We (son and myself) can get by (never count on refunds for bills, food, shelter, etc. unless you want to be homeless and starve to death, lol), but this refund is needed, could catch back up financially and have some time to breathe again.

    Congrats to all who are done with this BS and stress!! Really hope I’ll be joining you soon, but doubtful that’ll happen anytime soon.

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    Well no update on WMR for me,didn’t think it was going to change anyway…Congrats to those who have a ddd!!!

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    Alright alright! I have a DDD 2/18 which will make it a total of 28 days file to deposit. A long time and lots of IRS drama. Won’t be filing in Jan next year. Even though I was told it will be 3 years until I don’t have to ID verify. Crossing fingers and toes all goes well. I’ll stick around and let you guys know when I receive the deposit. I have Capital One 360.

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    Been silently following this but wanted to give everyone and update. Filed 1/19 accepted 1/19 got 9001 on 1/30 called 2/9 and had to verify identit, was given 9 week response, but today 2/13 updated to a ddd of 2/18! And that is also with an offset. So if you were told 9 weeks there is hope to have it much sooner

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    Filled:1\14 accepted same day. 1/30 WMR changed to 9001. ID Verified 2\2, called 2\8 was put back in processing. Transcript available as of today with my current address. Never had any issues with ID theft.
    Hope that we all get updates tonight!!!

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    Filed 1/5 (freetaxusa)
    Accepted 1/11
    One bar with generic info until 1/30
    1/30 WMR status change to no info available please allow 4 weeks…..generic TT 152, reference code 9001 with phone number and extention number

    Verified ID online 2/5
    Accepted, standard 6-8 weeks message

    2/12 No change on WMR (Did not expect a change yet, anyway)

    Called today (2/12) just to make sure ID Verification went through online (can’t help not being comfortable assuming it worked due to all the glitches, overloads, etc.). Spoke with a very nice rep (fyi, I’ve called twice, once when I first got 9001 and today; technically a third call I don’t count as my 4 yr old disconnected it and every person with which I’ve spoke has been very nice, as helpful as they are allowed to be and no crazy wait times) who looked at my account and verified my online verification worked and that she saw it’s good to go, she did mention the 6-8 weeks (I got a bit excited at hearing the all clear, lol), I told her I knew that and didn’t care, just wanted to make sure I’d done what I needed and that it worked. However, it did sound very much like she was making it clear the standard line is 6-8 weeks (aka can’t tell you what I see/think, have to tell you 6-8 weeks and nothing more).

    Either way, I feel so much better now. It’d be awesome to have a DDD this weekend or next, but I highly doubt that I will. I’m fine to be patient and wait (plenty practice from last year when it took from 1/28/2015 to 6/29/2015…yea). She seemed very legitimate in regard to info given (especially when compared to others similar experience recently with 9001 glitch/verify) and I am reasonably confident I will have my refund in 8 weeks.

    One thing I wonder: Those who NEED/HAVE to verify ID but are not allowed to do so online and receive message stating to do so, could that be a sign of a longer wait/being reviewed? Last year, I couldn’t use website for verification and got run around after run around about status of refund and I did have a change on it last year plus ex filing illegally using our son, so that would need to be looked at carefully and understandably slower. Those who were allowed to verify online last year seemed to have less issues and no looong waits and BS run arounds. Wonder if there is anything to that? (I do not mean it was like that across the board, a lot of ppi called instead of going online, others were glitches, etc. I know, but things like that aside, it makes me curious).

    Hoping for more good news within 6-8 weeks (or right now…lol) and I hope the same for everyone of us!!!

    @MSBLUE: Your time line and everything seems pretty close to mine, with you being a step ahead in the process, so PLEASE keep updating your status if you have the time. Thanks!!

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    Filed 1/5 (freetaxusa)
    Accepted 1/11
    One bar with generic info until 1/30
    1/30 WMR status change to no info available please allow 4 weeks…..generic TT 152, reference code 9001 with phone number and extention number

    Verified ID online 2/5
    Accepted, standard 6-8 weeks message

    2/12 No change on WMR (Did not expect a change yet, anyway)

    Called today (2/12) just to make sure ID Verification went through online (can’t help not being comfortable assuming it worked due to all the glitches, overloads, etc.). Spoke with a very nice rep (fyi, I’ve called twice, once when I first got 9001 and today; technically a third call I don’t count as my 4 yr old disconnected it and every person with which I’ve spoke has been very nice, as helpful as they are allowed to be and no crazy wait times) who looked at my account and verified my online verification worked and that she saw it’s good to go, she did mention the 6-8 weeks (I got a bit excited at hearing the all clear, lol), I told her I knew that and didn’t care, just wanted to make sure I’d done what I needed and that it worked. However, it did sound very much like she was making it clear the standard line is 6-8 weeks (aka can’t tell you what I see/think, have to tell you 6-8 weeks and nothing more).

    Either way, I feel so much better now. It’d be awesome to have a DDD this weekend or next, but I highly doubt that I will. I’m fine to be patient and wait (plenty practice from last year when it took from 1/28/2015 to 6/29/2015…yea). She seemed very legitimate in regard to info given (especially when compared to others similar experience recently with 9001 glitch/verify) and I am reasonably confident I will have my refund in 8 weeks.

    One thing I wonder: Those who NEED/HAVE to verify ID but are not allowed to do so online and receive message stating to do so, could that be a sign of a longer wait/being reviewed? Last year, I couldn’t use website for verification and got run around after run around about status of refund and I did have a change on it last year plus ex filing illegally using our son, so that would need to be looked at carefully and understandably slower. Those who were allowed to verify online last year seemed to have less issues and no looong waits and BS run arounds. Wonder if there is anything to that? (I do not mean it was like that across the board, a lot of ppi called instead of going online, others were glitches, etc. I know, but things like that aside, it makes me curious).

    Hoping for more good news within 6-8 weeks (or right now…lol) and I hope the same for everyone of us!!!

    @MSBLUE: Your time line and everything seems pretty close to mine, with you being a step ahead in the process, so PLEASE keep updating your status if you have the time. Thanks!!

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    Tax Advocate just called and I have a DDD for 2/18. Thank God! I was preparing to wait until April.

    Filed 1/11
    Accepted 1/11
    ID Verify 2/4
    DDD 2/18

    There is light at the end of the tunnel guys, hang in there!

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    Thanks for the updates everyone it gives me hope just did my ID verification yesterday! Keeps us updated when u get a DDD thanks!

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    Showing some movement also Filed 19th..Got code 9001.Verified 2/..bck in processing on 2/3…Able to order Return transcript…Hoping for the best

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    Holy Hell! There was movement!!! There is hope

    Efiled 1/21
    Accepted 1/21
    9001 Code 1/30
    ID Verified 2/4
    Deep sigh of relief I was just now able to order my return transcript 2/12
    That is 22 days so far. And way less than the 9 weeks they told me. Whew hopefully get my DDD tomorrow am. I will post when I do.

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    Holy Hell! There was movement!!! There is hope

    Efiled 1/21
    Accepted 1/21
    9001 Code 1/30
    ID Verified 2/4
    Deep sigh of relief I was just now able to order my return transcript 2/12
    That is 22 days so far. And way less than the 9 weeks they told me. Whew hopefully get my DDD tomorrow am. I will post when I do.

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    Filed 1/13
    Accepted 1/14
    Lost bars, no code 1/31
    Did identity verification 2/2
    Just ordered my return transcript! 2/12
    Woohoo!! Finally some movement!

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    That’s good. I hope you see movement by that timeframe. My 21 days have pasted as of 2/9 and im yet to see any movement. Hopefully Saturday…not getting my hopes up tho. @toasty

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    Well, I went ahead and called the number provide on the WMR 9001 message. Just got off the phone. Wait time was only 2 minutes! Spoke with a Mr. Nelson, very nice rep who seemed eage to assist me. Told him upon checking WMR i had a message stating to call in with status code 9001. He looked over account and said the code was generated because of an error and that my return was sent to the Errors Dept. I asked what the error was and he replied saying he cant see what it is but could be anything, even something minor like an extra space in an address or name. He said what he can do since I called in is create a referral and send it now to the Errors Dept. I asked what excatly does that do or mean and he explained the referral advises the Dept to pull Return and finish processing it. He said I would either see refund deposited, letter in mail or atleast see WMR updated by the end of the 21 day deadline(2/18).

    So he told me NO to the ID Verify process as that may not be the problem as of now. Im glad i did end up calling. Feels a little better knowing they have my return and that im getting some movement now i guess. Hopefully the error is just a typing error or something little. Looked over my return and only thing i spotted is that LAST year in my address I spelled out STREET and THIS year I abbreviated using ST instead.

    Thanks for recommending i call @moneyplease feel a little better now. Lol. I’ll keep updating here as I get movement.

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    I didnt get a 9001 code..but I was accepted on 1/28/16 and no movement. I realized that I did not submit a healthcare form. It came after I filed. Will they still process my refund? I havent gotten any letters and there is no error code Im not sure

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    I think you should just to be on the safe side. It wouldn’t let me either. I had to do it over the phone. @toasty

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    Still no update here. I was able to order JUST my account transcript on 2/2 and just received it in the mail yesterday. Although the transcript was blank and had AS OF: date of February 15th. Not sure what that date represents. I have not called to ID Verify yet. I tried the web ID Verify on and it stated that I couldn’t or didn’t need to.Do you guys think i should call just to be safe? Or is there a chance that could actually set us back further?

    Filed (TurboTax): 1\26
    Accepted: 1/26
    WMR(1 Bar): 1/28
    WMR(‘9001’ Message): 1/30

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    Yep. No update still waiting. Was put bck in processing on the 3rd…..

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    Filed 1/22 accepted 1/22!
    Lost bar 2/8/2016
    Just say still processing no tax code error but
    Called IRS today and they said I needed to call other number and verify my ID!
    Was told I would either get my refund or a letter in 9 weeks!

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    I called and verified on 2/1 and still have the same message as before. I did FAX a hardship to the IRS but I’m sure that will get me no where. Has anyone received their refund or have their bars appear yet?

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    No updates anyone? I was hoping to see someone get their bars back and a ddd but I guess not ????

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    I called again this morning and I was told that I was cleared and put back in line. My up to 9 weeks started from the day I was cleared which was 2/4 not when I filed 1/21. All he would tell me is that it can take up to 9 weeks and that whoever got flag with the 9001 code it’s going to be flagged for the next 3 years. Everyone who got the 9001 code was flagged 1/30 for identity theft or any other issue with their/family members identity. I really hope it doesn’t take 9 weeks. Some of us already got their money.

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    Filed on the 19th. Received code 9001 the following Saturday. Verified on 2/1 was told I was placed bck in processing on 2/3. Still no update…… This is torture smh

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    Hey team lol so:

    I filed 1/19
    accepted 1/19 (according to TT; according to the irs 1/20)
    bars disappeared 1/26 with error code 9001
    and a message to wait 4 weeks after I mailed in my return (which I efiled)

    called in and was told I had to ID verify
    Verified my ID over the phone with a nice lady who answered all my questions

    according to her it can take “up to 9 weeks” or I will receive a notice

    Has anyone ID verified and received their refund in a timely manner?

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    Nothing yet here.

    Filed (TurboTax): 1\26
    Accepted: 1\26
    WMR(1 Bar) 1\28
    WMR(‘9001’ Message) 1\30

    #4133057 Reply


    Has anyone seen any changes?

    #4132698 Reply


    I brought a copy of 2014 and 2015 return, my license, birth certificate, lease, a bill with name and address and ss card. Good luck, be prepared to wait in the office for a loooonnnnggggg time

    #4132589 Reply



    Same thing happened to me. Called back this week and they told me the hold had been removed. I plan to take my self and all dna and important docs to the irs office. I did see someone suggested bringing copy of paystub as well so i will also be doing that.

    #4132424 Reply


    Would there be a waiting period though? I didn’t verify my identity until 7a.m. Friday Morning.. I should still wait though, right?

    #4132410 Reply


    @chrissy hey, what exactly did you have to do to be able to go verify your id at the irs office? i’m super stressed out because when i tried to do it on the phone the woman said my account was fine and i didn’t need to, even though this was after another irs gave me the number and said i did. she refused to tell me anything else, gave me the 21 day speech. then i went online to try to do it and although i answered all 3 questions correctly it said it couldn’t verify my id online and that it would stop processing my return and send me a letter which I still haven’t received. anyway, i will gladly go to their office if that will speed things up and bring my dl, ss card, birth certificate, fingerprints, dna lmao whatever they need. anyway i was just wondering what all you had to bring and if someone told you when and where to go or if you just went up there on your own. thanks for any info!

    #4131957 Reply


    I just verified my info online and (like Lisa, I believe it was wrote, sorry, so many names/posts) at the end I got the message they should have all they need, will take 6 weeks, etc. This method of verification did NOT work for me last year, I had to call, even though I know the info was correct. I believe Lisa mentioned trying to use the online ID Verification and being unable to do so until today when she decided to try it again?
    1) If that’s what happened for her, that might be a positive sign, not being able to use that service prior to today.
    2) That said, I AM STILL CALLING to speak with an actual person to make [email protected] sure it’s straight. I looked over last year’s transcripts, this is what happened to me, detailed best I can, for those interested. do NOT want to go through this BS, that’s why I’ve been such a downer and very skeptical of things this year and also why I say to CALL and speak to an ACTUAL HUMAN; I do not want to bother these people but I had that attitude last year and see what happened. Just be super polite and right off the bat let them know you verified online but due to computer system you simply want to make sure your return goes back into processing.
    Filed 1/28/2015
    Called several times and told various different things, but never once did anyone mention anything being wrong
    General 570 hold code (further assessment or what not; general freeze funds code)
    I received the notice to verify dated 3/30/2015, tried online first and it didn’t work for me even though I had correct info, so I called and verified
    Did not get anything else from IRS until JUNE 29, 2015…on top of that, I have NO 971 code which should be there from sending me the ID Verification letter
    My start/filed date is lisTed as 3/30/2015 (I got accepted on 1/28/2015)
    Just general 570 hold code
    General 290 release code for date it was finally deposited, 6/29/2015
    846 release/deposit code also with 6/29/2015 date

    Last year was a nightmare!!!! I feel more positive since the online verify worked for me just now, but forgive me for still being extremely worried still, just the same. Good luck and please keep updating in regard to your situation (s).

    #4131733 Reply


    Had code 9001come up last Saturday, called Monday was told to verify ID, ( had to do this last year) was told it would take up to 9 weeks to get refund. Woke up this morning to a DD of 2/10. Stay diligent and keep calling to see if you had to verify.

    #4131673 Reply


    @robert: Even if the online ID Verify works, you still should call and do it that way, as well. I don’t care what anyone rep says, they’re all full of it (which is obvious by the multitude of different answers and things they say in regard to just the one person’s same question/issue, a different rep pretty much gives a totally different answer every time you call…although, personally, I choose not to call multiple times, all your calls and info can be seen by any rep–oddly, you will still get different answers or, if rude rep, none at all). An ACTUAL PERSON needs to release the hold. Besides, by now I am certain everyone (should) know their computer system isn’t exactly reliable. 21 days up? Call them. Demand a supervisor if you get a rude rep. It’s your money for which you already worked, but that work isn’t over, as your return can get pushed to the side and somehow never get resequenced (whoops…and no apology, btw, when you don’t receive your refund until end of May-end of June, which happened to me and many others with simple returns last year).

    Oh, NO they don’t know/care about any ID Verification from prior year, if so, I wouldn’t be having to deal with this again this year. If anything, I believe that causes the flags this year.

    Transcripts: Far as I know the only one that matters is your return transcript for current year (have seen ppi claim they got refund prior to being able to order it, but everything I have seen shows if you can order those, you should have a DVD soon after. None of the others matter, I can order my account and what not, too, it means nothing.

    Next year, I’m not just going to NOT file early, I am doing it by mail. Sadly, I bet it’ll be faster and no hassles like this BS a lot of us go through every [email protected] year.

    #4131551 Reply


    Still in 9001 hell. Im holding no hope after my online id verify basically told me im sol. Congrats to all who got their ddd. The rest of us. Hopefully theres light at the end of the tunnel.

    #4131430 Reply


    So I received the 9001 code 1/30, called into the IRS on Tuesday and was told everything looked fine and did not have to do anything. I checked the VerifyID website two different times and it said it could not verify. Checked my WMR this morning and still had the 9001 code, so I checked the VerifyID website and it asked me a few questions and then said Congratulations you have been verified and should receive my refund in 6 weeks.

    So my questions are, is there a way to make sure you were actually put back in processing? And has anybody had any movement on their WMR since doing the verification online?

    #4131400 Reply


    Same 9001 code for me this morning yet.
    No dependants, no changes to anything from last year either.

    I don’t think I need to id verify this year since I CAN order my account transcript.
    I CAN also order last years account and return transcripts.

    Last year I couldn’t do either until I called the number the transcript webpage gave me.

    Does that seem logical to feel I need not re-verify my identiy or am I just stupid
    to think the IRS knows that. Either way, Monday they get a call.

    #4131294 Reply


    Im sorry I meant 02/01

    #4131290 Reply


    Uff me neither and I verified mine on the 02/08.

    #4131149 Reply


    Ugh, not me!!! Still same 9001 message, I verified my identity AT IRS office, then 2/4 the nice man at the id verify line put me back in for processing. Seems like everyone got a DDD for 2/10. Sure wish I did :(

    #4131083 Reply


    I haven’t ???? Still 20 until 6 here not looking good for me.

    #4131076 Reply



    I did.. I even made a post about it to get some others informed..


    #4131021 Reply


    Anyone get id verify updatea?????

    #4130970 Reply


    There is hope ppl i got my 2 bars and a ddd that for the 10th.So its true they do update on Saturday so if yu had to verify your identity you should get an update today.

    #4130830 Reply


    Hoping that at least someone gets an update, it will give the rest of us hope

    #4130802 Reply


    I know it’s long but it should give some insight

    The biggest question this tax season is pretty simple: What does IRS Code 9001 Mean? So many tax filers are seeing this code when they are logging in to check their refunds, and it’s blowing up the comment section on our article IRS Where’s My Refund Reference Codes, and it’s also driving multiple emails and Facebook comments.

    So, what the heck does IRS Reference Code 9001 really mean? It’s actually pretty simple.

    ** The IRS announced on February 3, 2016 that they are having technical difficulties with Where’s My Refund, and it has resulted in error codes being issued and odd behavior, such as stating “Mail Return” for eFilers, etc. If you get an error code 9001, do NOTHING. You can read the rest of this article that validates that. **

    IRS Reference Code 9001

    IRS Code 9001: “Taxpayer accessed Refund Status using a secondary TIN. Refund Status could not be returned. Get a Primary TIN Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM.”

    The IRS has an entire manual dedicated to errors and problems that they encounter during the course of doing business. Some of these codes are directly related to your tax return, and some are related to you something else. For the most part, codes less than 2000 are related directly to your return. Anything higher (like code 9001), it’s related to something totally different – so right there, stop freaking out.

    What IRS Code 9001 Really Means

    The actual code tells you exactly what it means – you filed a tax return that had multiple Social Security numbers attached to it. Typically, this is a husband and wife, but it could also include children as well (you never know, adult dependents may be checking the status of the refund). When you file your tax return, you have to specify a primary taxpayer, and the spouse or children all are secondary.

    If you login to Where’s My Refund or on the IRS App and try to use the secondary Social Security number, you’re going to get this error message.

    What The IRS Says

    The IRS established the “Where’s My Refund?” portal to allow taxpayers to check the status of their federal income tax return and refund. To access the portal you need three pieces of information: your Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), your filing status and amount of the refund that you are expecting. This refund amount should be listed in whole dollars and must match the amount listed on your tax forms exactly.

    Having code 9001 is not an audit, and it shouldn’t concern taxpayers. It just means there was an attempt to access return or refund results using the wrong Social Security number or TIN.

    Concerns About Identity Theft

    We’ve seen a lot of people concerned about identity theft this year, and this is a possible flag for it. While the code itself is not an audit flag, we have heard about cases of people trying the wrong Social Security number too many times, and their return was put on hold until their identity could be verified.

    So, before you go to WMR and start typing in the secondary Social Security number multiple times, stop, think, pull out a copy of your tax return, and do it the right way. Otherwise, you could see your refund delayed.

    Along with that, whenever you call the IRS about your refund, they will check your ID. This is NOT an identity theft check. If you had a real identity theft issue, you would have to verify your identity in person or by submitting an Identity Theft Affidavit. You can learn more about the process here:

    What You Need To Do

    If you get IRS Code 9001 when you login, in most cases you need to do nothing. In fact, unless you have a really good reason to call the IRS, don’t.

    First, the IRS is swamped with calls right now, and you could spend hours on the phone for nothing.

    Second, if the IRS has a problem with your return, they will send you a letter describing the issue and the next steps. For most situations, you cannot resolve it over the phone with the IRS because of potential identity theft issues.

    If you are getting this code and you are 100% positive that you are using the primary SSN, then you should consider calling the IRS or going into your local office. That is the only sign of potential identity theft that we’ve seen from IRS Code 9001.

    #4130793 Reply


    Most of them have said it was available the day before. We most likely will are weekly and should update Sat Morning. We all got the code Sat.

    #4130775 Reply


    @MsBlue thank yu its just still too good to be true,this is my first time ever ordering a transcript how soon do you received a ddd after ordering a script.Just dont want to give my hopes up

    #4130758 Reply


    Well from what I’m reading it means you should update tonight. I hope you do so you can get outta IRS purgatory. I still have 1 more week for my “21” days. I believe it was 2/11 that turbo tax gave me. So I’m not going to flip out just yet already ID verified so I’m hoping I update tomorrow but most likely it will be next week.

    #4130707 Reply


    Wat does it mean if i verified my identity on the 2th and as of today i could order my return transcript.

    #4130610 Reply


    Probably all holding our breath for Sat morning updates. To see if we remain in limbo for at least another week. Crossing fingers and toes some of us get news. Heard the ID verify for most of us was tripped by and IRS update. But don’t quote me on that. Here’s to hoping we don’t have to wait the 6-9 weeks.

    #4130450 Reply


    wow. no updates in 24 hours…lol…did everyone die of disappointment?….me too :(

    #4129171 Reply



    The IRS stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns Wednesday because of problems with some of its computer systems. The outage could affect refunds, but the agency said it doesn’t anticipate “major disruptions.”

    A “hardware failure” forced the shutdown of several tax processing systems, including the e-file system, the IRS said in a statement. The website remains available, but “where’s my refund” and other services are not working.

    Some systems will be out of service at least until Thursday, the agency said. “The IRS is currently in the process of making repairs and working to restore normal operations as soon as possible,” the IRS said.

    Taxpayers can continue to send electronic returns to companies that serve as middlemen between taxpayers and the IRS. But those companies have to hold on to the tax returns until the IRS systems are up and running again, the IRS said.

    While the IRS said it is still assessing the scope of the outage, it expects 90 percent of taxpayers will receive refunds within three weeks.

    People who have already filed returns don’t need to do anything more, the IRS said.

    #4129128 Reply

    eieio franco

    called irs again today.told that they restarted my 21 days from 2/2 when i completed my verification

    #4129057 Reply


    I was told 9 weeks also. I believe it’s just a general statement and I am praying since most of us got this code Sat. We will all update Sat. But with the IRS shutdown thing might be later than that.

    #4128954 Reply


    I’ve got a question… Once you all verified your identity was anyone told to expect your return or a letter within 9 weeks? I keep seeing everyone saying 6 weeks… so I’m worried. He said it was put back into the system for processing. But the letter comment freaked me out…hopefully a general statement???

    #4128820 Reply


    Sooo the saga continues afternid verifying on the phone on tuesday i was told i had to id verify electronically as well. Went on to verify electronically and ended up getting a message that says long story short we see someone else has filed a return with your name. We will discontinue processing the refund. Call back basic customer service line and she says u never should have been told that your verification case was closed monday and i see nothing else on ur file now. I said i am just trying to be proactive not reactive and she basically said wait two weeks and call back if u are still feeling unsure. Gahh seriously so frustrating

    #4128664 Reply


    Filed and accepted 1:21 turbo tax. Woke up to 9001 on January 30th. Verified Monday. No update since

    #4128387 Reply


    Any updates anyone? I still have not been able to verify my identity due to tpp asking me to wait 21 days ….. Did anyone who ID verified get a change in their WMR ??

    #4128384 Reply


    I called and verified my ID first thing tuesday morning and still have not seen an update. So I am trying to be patient as I can. If I dont see any movement by my original 21 days I will call back

    #4128183 Reply


    Anyone get an update on WMR? I like others got on Sat 1/30 the 9001 error. I called Tuesday am and first person stated nothing wrong … oh call this number to validate your identity….called validated identity said they “Released Hold” and stated if I didn’t call after a few weeks they would ignore the return thinking ID Theft. Therefore, on 2/2 I verified my Identity and now on 2/4 still same scenario no change in WMR. Stated between 6 – 9 weeks for processing.

    This is ridiculous. Just wondering if anyone who was ahead of me that verified has seen any movement on WMR…..I guess I’m hoping and praying!

    #4127715 Reply


    @Msblue i told them that, they didnt care. i dont understand why they cant just help us

    #4127569 Reply


    Hi all, no updates for us yet huh. I’m hoping since most of us got this code Sat morning we will update then. I was weekly last year.

    @vanessa you have to tell them you were told to call them by the irs rep. The grumpy lady I got didn’t want to verify my ID but I was actually told to call them and not to wait for the letter. It can take up to 4 weeks for them to send the letter to ID verify.

    #4127536 Reply


    i’ve been asked by the IRS reps to call the TPP and when i call, they ask me to wait 21 days before calling again and wouldn’t even ID verify me, called three other times hoping for a nice rep willing to actually work for their money but no luck. ass holes.

    #4127402 Reply



    #4127326 Reply


    If you receive an error code such as IRS Code 9001 when you check the status of your return, you may worry that your return has been flagged for an audit. Relax. In fact, IRS Code 9001 is one of an entire set of codes that are included within the Internal Revenue Manual, or IRM, which is the set of guidelines used by the IRS. This is not an audit flag, but rather an error code generated when taxpayers attempt to access return or refund results using the wrong Social Security number or TIN.

    #4127096 Reply



    No update. Talked to a few people who stillhave no updates either. Im just hangin out in the holding pattern

    #4127048 Reply


    Did anyone with this code get an update or a change on their WMR ??

    #4126741 Reply


    And yes i mispelled stuff so let me bring it to your attention so u dont have to point it out again….

    Let me go ahead and say this before anyone else feels the need to say something negative about my post

    I don’t care what you think of me, because I dont think about you at all…..

    #4126214 Reply


    Here to hoping that all who ID verified already update tonight! Fingers crossed!!

    #4126102 Reply


    Also if your return was resequenced then your bars could disappear or you could get an error message even though nothing is wrong with your return. So all is not lost.

    #4126098 Reply


    I was told that all early filers were mixed in with the people that filed from 1/19-1/25 and that is causing a delay in processing. The IRS only processes a certain number of returns every day so the early filers who filed before 1/19 are pushing some of the other tax returns back a few days. I didn’t see my WMR update until 12 days after tax season started and I filed and was accepted on 1/12. Smh…more people filed early than they expected. I still haven’t got my money but I was approved on 1/30 with a DDD of 2/3 but I still might not see money until 2/8 thats what it said. I didn’t get an update until I was able to order both return and account transcripts and that was on 1/29. There will be an update tonight with a DDD of 2/5.

    #4125924 Reply


    @robert Hawk I think you do have to have a job in order to get a refund so no half nothing is getting free money,anyways I was told if you didn’t call the 1800 number to verify you was going to be on hold until you do,so im not undertanding and if a person is lying on their taxes to get free money it will eventually catch up to them in the long run and they’ll have pay it back are jail time.I work hard for my money and I deserve answers about my money,I’m not being rude are mean just had to throw that in there.

    #4125509 Reply


    so….. as i posted yesterday, i was given the TPP number to call but i didn’t have all the required info so i waited until today to call. just got off the phone with them & the lady was rude, didn’t want to help me & said she didn’t see any reason why they sent me to her as nothing on my file indicated ID theft and i needed to wait 21 days from acceptance to even call again.

    i honestly hate the IRS, why so much back and forth, no one has any real answers and they all just move you around from one person to the next just to get you off the line. so now i am stuck with this stupid code, no bars & no DDD, waiting for one of these stupid IRS reps to decide to actually tell me the truth about what the hell is going on.

    #4124556 Reply


    Yep screwed. For an IRS mix up. It’s not anything we did wrong it’s supposedly a random thing but I find it really funny we all got the code Sat morning.

    #4124555 Reply


    I called TPP and after reading EXACTLY what was on my 2014 return was told I FAILED and need to go to IRS office to prove myself. UNBELIEVABLE, she told me it was for my own protection!!! I can not believe this crap.

    #4124552 Reply


    so basically we are all screwed waiting anywhere from 6 – 9 weeks!!!

    #4124532 Reply


    What i find amazing is that we have to pull teeth to get info. And really being punished. Idk why after i verify my id it takes them nine more weeks when those that werent lucky enough to be randomly pulled arent punished. Its just so inefficient to me and i work in a call center environment. They stress first call resolution all the time. Why hide the stuff. And even when calling to id verify some are being allowed to verify right away and others are being told they have to wait their 21 days.

    #4124521 Reply


    They’re full of crap. Call this am told it was a error. They didn’t see anything wrong my return was processing. I read over everyone’s comments and decided to call back again. Was sent to the ID verify line. She was very rude by the way. She verified information for 2014’s return. And told me it could be up to 9 weeks for the system to update. I’m like 9 weeks why am I being punished for something I didn’t even do wrong. She said that’s just how long it takes for them to process the returns. Everyone’s getting a different load of crap about the same code. Either they’re covering up something with this call in and ID verify (for last years returns no less???) or a hole hell of a lot of people were victims of identity theft in 2014.

    #4124507 Reply


    What i find interesting is the first rep this morning asked me the same info WMR asks. Ssn, filing status, refund amount. She pauses and says “the system is still updating, theres no error i can see on this end”. Felt as if she just went to the website and entered in my info and read back the message ive been seeing since this weekend lol.

    Second rep asked my name, ssn and filing status. Asked what date i filed and gave me the “sir, you must allow 21 days to pass before we can look at your account”. Atleast the first rep asked refund amount. Something didnt seem right.

    Third rep. Asks ssn, name, address, how i filed my previous year return, if i remembered by agi from previous year. Puts me on hold and comes back “do you have a pen nearby? Im going to give you a number to call. Have your current and previous year tax return, w2 and other filing info and forms available. Theyll be assisting you further in verification”. I asked if this number (5084) was the id verify and he said yes it was.

    Amazes me how the information they ask differs each time. This was all within a 4 hour window. The more i sat and thought “that seemed strange” id call back and get a different answer.

    Hope it helps someone!

    #4124495 Reply


    Id keep trying. Took me 3 calls to get a rep that would give me the id protection number. I would keep calling until you get the same answer from two different reps. Im sure certain reps in the call center are more proficient than others. Add to the fact they can look at your account and see the notes about your last calls helps.

    #4124486 Reply


    What does it mean if they didn’t give you another number to call.

    #4124407 Reply


    After calling in ext 362 and answering the basic identity questions i was given the id protection number to call. Called and was on hold for 17mins before i got a rep in id protection to help me. That was the same 5084 number im sure others were told to call. I wouldnt call that number first however. He did see on my account that i had just been on the phone with someone else prior.

    #4124397 Reply


    Did anyone call the TPP number and were told they have to wait until their 21 days are up?

    #4124391 Reply


    @saw I filed on the 19th. @nikki i might try back next week at the 21 day mark.

    #4124360 Reply



    #4124343 Reply


    I would try to call again maybe later on this week. Just fyi i called for the second time today and the second lady i talked to said it was in their tax payer protection department. It seems anyone that got that message is being told the same thing

    #4124339 Reply


    @ Lisa, what day did you file?

    #4124329 Reply


    indiana86- The person that I spoke to got all my information and looked into my account (so she said), but just so I can keep from worrying too much I will take her word on it until the 21 days are up. Or if the WMR updates differently. Guess it is just a waiting game for all of us at this point.

    #4124302 Reply


    Lisa – I had to call the ext 362 number 3 times to get a rep that would send me the ID protection number. Id advise doing the same. If you were to call ID protection without being forwarded it might set you back further. The third time calling ext 362 i said “I’ve called twice before and ive gotten two different answers. Please help me figure out this 9001 ref number!”.

    The reps will do anything and everything to get you off the phone. I got “the system is updating, keep checking WMR for updates” and “sir, allow 21 days from the date your return was processed before i can access your account”.

    #4124265 Reply


    does anyone else think its a shame that you have to call multiple times and talk to multiple reps to find out a concrete answer?

    #4124263 Reply


    Called the number and the ext 362 Was only on the phone for 17 mins (that’s a plus). All the lady told me was that it is still being processed and didn’t see anything wrong. But I still needed to wait the processing time of 21 days. I can’t help but still be concerned. My husband filed his the same day I did and has a DDD of 2/3.

    #4124254 Reply


    Passed the ID verify! Be prepared for some multiple choice questions. Asked what year was my house built? Really? D-none of the above is an option for all questions. After the first 5 questions they jump into questions regarding your previous years return (at least for me they did). Asked questions about stock that i sold, what brokerage and a name of one of the stocks listed. Pretty intense stuff.

    He released the hold on my account. I asked why and how this happened. His response “The system randomly pulls accounts for review along with pulling ALL victims of identity theft for review.”. Early last year I was a victim of identity theft and put a 12 month freeze on my credit information from all 3 credit bureaus. Meaning if my credit was pulled for anything it would get denied immediately and I would get a letter in the mail. I have a strong suspicion this is what caused my 9001 ref number.

    Have your previous year return and current year return handy just in case.

    #4124222 Reply


    Called 3 times today. Last IRS rep passed me to ID verify. First rep “the process is updating and no issues on this end. give it time and keep checking wmr.” Second rep “Sir, you must allow 21 days to pass from acceptance before i can check your account.”. Third rep “let me look into your account (asks ssn and other basic info) mmmhmmm…..mmmhmmmm….mmmhmmm, sir do you have a pen ready? please call 800-830-5084 and have your current return handy. theyll be asking information to verify your identity for this account.”. Seriously! Where was that answer this morning at 9am!

    #4124209 Reply



    #4124193 Reply


    RE: ID Verification IMPORTANT!!

    Call the normal number and 462 extention BEFORE any ID verification. The reps are currently allowed to look on returns for ppi calling in regard to 9001 issue (IRS rep said so when I called and the rep was really, really awesome, nice and helpful), if it needs ID Verify they should tell you (as I read from others experience on this thread) and give number.
    DO THIS BEFORE STRAIGHT UP CALLING I’D VERIFY as ID verify could cause a 6 week delay and I doubt anyone wants that if it’s not needed. I am not positive on that, but it’s still worth calling the number provided and the 462 extention and finding out if there is an ID issue first.

    #4124104 Reply


    What is the number to call to verify I’d?

    #4124056 Reply


    Update after being on hold for about an hour. This year the IRS has changed the way they verify ID. Before they would check after you may have received your refund, but due to all the ID theft if anything has changed…like for me I just moved and changed my drivers license with the new address which of course sent a flag to them. It was an easy call…they give your 5 questions that they give you 5 answers to and you have to answer all correctly. Kind of like the questions that ask if you are checking your credit report. She had to give me a generic time frame of 6 weeks but they physically go in and update and release your taxes for them to finish processing. She was a very nice lady. She could not give me an update on where I would see the bars again on wmr but I was just relieved that is all it was. Seems like there is a lot of people in the same boat. If I had not called I would of never received my refund.

    #4124039 Reply


    It seems to just be a generic message like a catch all and each of us has a different issue so like everything theres no difinitive answer. If they would make it more specificlike actually have an ID verify code and a hey we just need more processing time it would seem their call center volumes would be drastically reduced. Im def not getting my hopes up andnif i have to wait i am patient enough to do so. Im not relying as much on my money as others are. Just want tonuse it to pay off some credit cards faster. It would be nice if the reps were better trained to handle the situation as in saying your return has been flagged. What will be will be and it just freaked me out at first because i cant remember if i had this last year

    #4124024 Reply


    All the people with 9001 code still showing the same message on WMR ?

    #4123979 Reply


    I like a few other people have to call and verify my information. I called the number listed with 9001 and was told to call another number which is the id verification line. Wait time as I am on hold is anywhere from 30-60 minutes. I was unable to use the verify ID on the irs website. I would recommend the website first and if it doesn’t work I would strongly call the number. Your tax return will not move forward unless you verify. I would of not known that if I had not called.

    #4123975 Reply


    @love my kids I hope it is nothing for you! Please continue to update, it’s so appreciated!

    #4123974 Reply


    @love my kids: If irs rep said to early to see your info on their end and told you it was under review, it means it has been pulled for manual processing to go over it and you are under review. This could be for different reasons like I’d theft, I’d verification, more info needed to process, dependent issue….doesn’t really matter why, they are manually reviewing your return. You will likely get notice from irs in mail with instructions after which they throw it back in and you get it in 6 weeks from day of verification or they will continue review and it could be months, but nobody will actually tell you that part.

    Also, for those who spoke with a rep…they say it’s processing, but keep in mind they weren’t specific as to if it was being processed or not. They said from what I read here it was pulled and back to processing. If it was pulled, it’s a manual processing (aka further review of return).

    I hate being a downer, but you can’t go by what reps say, especially this early. I’m just trying to be realistic, could be nothing but week delay, but do not pin your hopes on it yet. If it clears up for any of you anytime soon, please post. I so want to be wrong.

    #4123964 Reply


    I called back and was told that nothing seems wrong and that my return is still being processed and thats it’s still early I have to wait my 21days, which will be the 9th if I don’t see any changes then I should call,but the man was nice and said ppl been calling in about the same things and that it is something wrong with the system.The last rep I talked to she was alittle rude.

    #4123946 Reply


    I hope the ppi who spoke to an IRS rep today were told the truth and that I am just stressing due to my experience with it last year!! Still, be prepared to wait. In my initial post I mentioned that last year I filed 1/28 and I called and was told there were no issues, delay process due to so many returns, random error code when system overload, etc. WHAT THEY TOLD ME WAS NOT THE CASE!!! I got no notice until end of March that anything else needed to be done and after I verified my ID I was told 6 weeks but I still got NOTHING until end of MAY.

    I am praying, your updates give me hope, though, at least and I hope for all our sakes the reps have a clue as to what, if anything, is the issue.

    #4123925 Reply


    @toni Yup. She said there was no issue. Just a generic code. They are processing alot of returns. Good News!

    #4123909 Reply


    What does it mean when the irs rep said it’s not showing nothing yet but it’s still to early but your under review I have the 9001code too.

    #4123901 Reply


    @chrissy so they basically said its an error not a delay for identity? im reading so many different stories about what this code 9001 is im cinfused.

    #4123897 Reply


    I called to check my status this morning, it automatically sent me to the IRS and I just got off the phone. She basically said that the 9001 code didn’t mean anything unless you are contacted further by the IRS. They are adhering to the 3 weeks processing times and that my return was in the middle of processing. I asked about why a mass of us received the same code she said it could be they were all pulled for processing on the same date. So basically don’t freak out unless it’s past 21 days and you still have the same code or are contacted by the IRS which could take up to 4 weeks for them to even contact you.

    #4123886 Reply


    I also spoke to the IRS this morning and the csr i had was great. She also said its just a generic message and that she researched and saw no issues. Told me mine was processing gave me my 21 days and said if nothing happens between now and then to call back. Heres to hoping and i would recommend calling if you havent already

    #4123877 Reply


    I spoke to IRS this morning the rep said it is just a generic message due to the flood of returns filed early. Said there should be no delay in return. Yay!!

    #4123836 Reply


    Fred is correct, I am sorry to say. It really is a terrible thing, but I wouldn’t mind it as much if there was a system in effect that worked better (like actually not continuing to punish the innocent who need their refund year after year and maybe flagging and actually punishing the other party. I think it is harder to do when dealing with a situation like mine–see the looong post below, my first one and sorry there is a double, likely because threads were merged. (Thank you to whoever merged them, though)!!

    If anyone with this has status updated or speaks to anyone, please update, I will be following this thread for information, since IRS can’t really provide any yet. Good luck!

    #4123681 Reply



    Unfortunately, your daughter will definitely be under review due to her stolen identity last year. I hate to be a downer, but I wouldn’t let her be excited about a DDD anytime soon.

    #4123669 Reply


    My daughter now has this code. I think it’s because of someone stealing her identity last year. Guessing she will have to verify her ID. Good thing about whoever stole her identity last year didn’t get the money. She didn’t work at all in 2014 and suddenly got a refund check in the mail because it couldn’t be direct deposited into “her” account. I immediately mailed the check back with void across it and explained that she didn’t work in 2014. Received a letter back stating they were taking care of it and if they needed more info they would contact her. Really hoping it doesn’t take months for her to get her money.

    #4123650 Reply


    Ok so I’m not going to stress. I have read some horror stories about the 9001 code. And I got really worried. But it seems a majority of us who updated Saturday. Got this code. Wasn’t really expecting an update until Wednesday because last year I was weekly. Just wish they’d tell us something, like hey we had a woopsie and we will fix it promptly. But they won’t even talk to you unless it’s been 21 days.

    #4122859 Reply


    It has to be something wrong with the irs system because mostly everyone who got it got it Saturday morning.

    #4122789 Reply


    @king: I have never filed using Turbo Tax, I always just use FreeTaxUSA. So it has nothing to do with that. Wish that were the reason so I wouldn’t have to go through this absolute BS, again this year.

    Gina is right, you are at the mercy of the IRS, they do what they want when they want. That said, the main commonality seems to be dependent related issues for those who are put through the longer nightmare. I don’t know anything for sure, but reasonably confident those that have this who do NOT have issues with dependents are the ones likely to get their refunds 6 weeks after verifying ID and info. Unfortunately, I am just as confident I won’t see a cent until May or June.

    What angers me is I’m honest, my ex causes this crap and you’d think that continues pattern would result in punishing him, not the innocent party. But, it’s the IRS, so they don’t give a [email protected] about that apparently. Still hopING to be wrong this year, but don’t think I will be. :(

    #4122724 Reply


    Everyone read what Blue wrote below. This person is 100% correct. I had this code last year. I filed on 1/26 last year, received a letter about verification needed from the IRS in April (yes, April!!!), and didn’t end up getting my refund until late June. It totally sucked and unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the IRS and there isn’t anything that can be done to make it any faster.

    #4122720 Reply


    There seems to be a commonality of all people filed through Turbo Tax and verified their identity using drivers license.

    #4122644 Reply


    @chrissy thank you

    #4122548 Reply


    Same boat guys ! Filed in 1/26 was accepted that night & had 1 bar up until yesterday. Received the same scary code and all bars are gone.

    Read so many different post’s about reasons and it boiled down to 1. Delay , 2. Review 3. If theft or 4. Glitch

    I hope it nothing and I hope to hear from all of you in the morning with good news or an update plz .

    Pass on a note to the IRS when you call and tell them to hurry the f up

    #4122542 Reply


    I efile with tax act on 1/19, was accepted on 1/21. It sat in being processed until 1/27. On 1/28 the top status bar vanished and I got this code. I always file early and never had an issue. No changes this year either. I’m hoping it will update soon, my tranny died. I researched and found some ended up under review, some needed I’d verification and some still have not gotten there refund from last year. I am a worried mess, I need my car for my disabled son.:(

    #4122540 Reply


    I too woke up with this yesterday morning. We filed with TT on 1/21 accepted same day. Had one bar up until yesterday. Have filed the same every year and even entered pin and dl info upon filing

    #4122533 Reply



    I have this same issue currently. Be prepared to wait. I am not sure if I had the 9001 reference on WMR last year or not, I didn’t bother looking much as I knew I would likely have an issue due to my ex illegally claiming our son every year, last year he was allowed to claim him (court order; we had it set up for alternating years). However, he is not allowed to claim HOH/EIC, EVER, as he has every other weekend visitation and it is illegal for him to claim that, regardless of any court orders or anything else, even if I wanted him to (I do not, just stressing my point) he can’t, period.

    At any rate, I am allowed to file HOH/EIC for the years he can claim for child credit or what not with me changing return those years to list our son as a qualifying dependent. Prior to last year, my return is pretty much identical every year. I believe last year that change triggered a flag. (I also think his dad may have tried claiming HOH/EIC, but I don’t know for sure, I do known he is not supposed to be able to file anything in regard to our son without a form 8332 with my signature giving him permission to do so, which he did not have, although I offered several times).

    Long story a little shorter (this post is crazy looong, sorry about that), I had to ID verify via phone, as a lot of others also had to do, and upon doing so I should have received my refund in 6 weeks. It should be noted that I was accepted on 1/28, the IRS did not send ID Verify letter until March (I never had a clue whether anything was wrong as prior to receiving said letter nobody I spoke with at IRS mentioned a thing about it or any problems/issues at all) and did not receive my refund in 6 weeks, I did not receive my refund until the end of MAY. It was a nightmare, as I really needed the money to fix my car so I could continue to have any income from working.

    This year, I changed my return back to as it was the years prior to last year when ex was allowed to file for the credit, listing our son as a dependent and not just a “qualifying dependent.” Perhaps that flagged my return, perhaps my ex claimed our son illegally (it would not surprise me, as no laws apply to him in his eyes), maybe the issue from last year triggered something, who knows? I certainly do not.

    Point being, whatever the reason is doesn’t matter, a flag must have been triggered again for something, and I have no illusions that this year will be any different from the last. It is not a glitch that will clear up with an update, there is a slim chance it is nothing for some people, but majority of us will be waiting awhile before seeing our money. I assume a number of people will verify and get refund 6 weeks later, but I think a number of us will be waiting until May or so.

    I hope this is not the case, but after last year I have a hard time believing that. I know this info is a downer, but better to be prepared for it. I hope I will be proven wrong and I welcome any updates and will be following this thread. I pray what happened to me last year does not happen to any of you (or me) this year. But I have no hope that will be the case.

    Good luck to all of us!

    #4122495 Reply


    Oh my god. Seriously?? Everyone could read what the fuck she was saying. I read through it just fine and got every piece of it. The fact that you have to attack someone because they don’t type as neatly and correctly as you do, is disturbing. It’s the internet. Not a college exam. If all of you are so concerned about grammar, why don’t you go to college and become teachers instead of berating someone on a fucking internet group. Jesus christ. Go do something with your lives.

    #4122490 Reply


    I got the same thing on mine this morning still…I am really hoping it is just a system thing…I mean if I am being reviewed…nothing we can do about it and yes I get it when I call WMR hotline and/or check it online. It seems everyone has a different answer as to why it happens, but seems that many of us filed our taxes within the first week or so

    #4122458 Reply


    @ilovemykids. Great attitude. I wish more people could act that way on this site!

    #4122456 Reply


    Same message this morning. Bummer. But I’m do think it’s just a glitch. On Facebook I can see that happened to groups of people for the last 3 years and the majority got their refund in a week, people were told they were backed up when they called IRS. Hopefully tomorrow it will go away. Happy Sunday!

    #4122453 Reply


    Same for me… hasn’t changed :(

    #4122425 Reply


    No update from wmr but found this

    #4122420 Reply


    Heh, it’s over 9000!

    Are you getting this when you check your refund on WMR?

    #4122302 Reply


    @johnny First of all I was txting fast trying to get my point across,you should really be ashamed of yourself for even coming at me like that when I’m just trying to get some help and information.For you to even do that you never knew what I was going through people like you should really think before you open your month to say something rude,so I’m just going to fight evil with kindness all ways the best way good day….

    #4122295 Reply



    Your English (barely) is awful. How have you made it to this age?

    #4122283 Reply


    I MY sister filed her taxes on the 28th and got accepted the 29th and she checked hers this morning and she didn’t receive the code so may ours gettin looked at.

    #4122280 Reply


    I kno there something wrong with the irs system because I put in my ssn# and my filing status but a different amount number and it’s still saying the same thing so we shouldn’t worry at all guys.

    #4122275 Reply


    Do anyone think since we have that 9001 reference code that the irs could possibly be looking at our return are you think we will be getting an update soon.

    #4122256 Reply


    Sorry if some one thought that person was me that said use punctuation that was not me,I hate when ppl try to start stuff,but anyways it’s happening to me to hopefully it’s something wrong on their part.

    #4122248 Reply


    I will update you all if anything changes! Have a good evening folks!

    #4122230 Reply


    Yes, I will update if I have changes tomorrow. I feel a little better, I heard from a few people today that this happened to them last year and it was just a system overload and they got their returns between a week to 3 weeks later. Still stinks being accepted on 1/11 and being stuck with no DDD. Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news!!

    #4122197 Reply


    Everyone please send updates tomorrow after WMR has updated. I’m wishing the best for all of us!!!

    #4122094 Reply


    I also got the tax topic 152 with reference code 9001. When I call WMR & after putting in info it says they aren’t open to call back during normal business hours. I filed & was accepted on the 20th. Only had 1 bar until this morning & was only able to order account transcript as of yesterday morning but still can’t order my return transcript. Nothing has changed on my info this year same job from last year g I have no offsets. Am really hoping its just a glitch……

    #4122093 Reply



    You need to use punctuation. Also, not one person on this forum can tell you what’s going on with your return. Call the IRS on Monday.

    #4122091 Reply


    I had this code last year, turns out I was “under review.” I didn’t end up getting my refund until May. :(

    #4122089 Reply


    Could it be something wrong with mines I got accepted on the 15th.But I have the same job and I filed my little sister for the past 2yrs and just now claiming my 2 boys this year could that be a problem even though I took care of them there whole life it’s just my cousin been carring them on there taxes since they were born but that couldn’t be a problem right I really just need help to see wats going on cause they are my kids.But I talked to the irs like a week in half ago and he said as long as i did my taxes first and it go through I should have a problem and to have proof of them being with me the whole year but if I was accepted then my two boys shouldn’t be the problem right is its just the irs system plz help.

    #4122081 Reply


    Omg….thank you guys I thought I was the only one I thought I was going crazy.

    #4121990 Reply


    I don’t know what the reason for this code is but I don’t think it has anything to do with having a baby. I had a baby in October and I do not have this code. Hope it doesn’t hold ya’ll up any longer than needed.

    #4121952 Reply


    I hope it is just a glitch in the system and it fixes itself tonight, lol!

    #4121905 Reply


    I have been researching this 9001 code and have come up with 3 different answers
    1. IRS overload and system error was the cause of this code in the past, maybe this time as well.
    2. IRS needs to verify our identity.
    3. Entered wrong Social Security number when trying to view WMR ( which I’m sure isn’t it.. ALL of us couldn’t have done this….)

    Guess we hope for an update that fixes it tonight or we spend hours on the phone holding Monday to speak to the IRS

    #4121899 Reply

    Blu ivy

    I also have this code with tax topic 152. HAvent had any major changes since last year. Ive also been weekly for the past 3 years so idk if im still weekly. Oh and ordered acct trannys but return tranny not avail as of last night

    #4121885 Reply


    I have this message too. Nothing in my life has changed in 3 years now.

    #4121873 Reply


    I woke up this morning, filed 1/24; return accepted 1/24, didn’t receive a refund approval then woke up this morning and the bar had disappeared from WMR and received 9001 error code with 152 tax message. Have been searching tirelessly…nothing has changed from last except that i got a raise at work. I did find a post, i believe on this site from a year ago that an ET posted saying that any 9000 code is related to system updates, however, there are other posts i have found saying that it could be related to Identity theft. I am divorced and listed under my maiden name at my full time job and my married name still on my SS card…BUT i have had that same situation for the last 8 years and NEVER had an issue before

    #4120356 Reply


    I got the mesaage as well. I do not have children or anything. No change from last year.

    #4120344 Reply


    Well, i do not have a baby this year and i got the message..

    #4120337 Reply


    Also received this message however I did move across state & havent filed in about 2 or 3 years and I’m claiming my kids which I haven’t done in a while but I have claimed them before. I think this may be an ID theft verification but I also verified my state drivers license info through turbo tax when I filed. If anyone has any changes . Please let us know,,, I guess we’ll all be calling Monday morning .

    #4120331 Reply


    Has anyone besides Chrissy called the WMR phone number? Mine wouldn’t give me any info either, just a phone number and extension to call. Curious if everyone else’s does the same?

    #4120300 Reply

    Eric Lewis

    I have this message as well, the lady from TT was not helpful. She told me to call IRS. I have had the same salary and deductions every year. I do not know why I have this code. I do not have children or anything.

    #4120298 Reply


    I also got this message this am. So, it’s bittersweet that it’s not just me who is getting this nonsense. I’ve researched that it could possibly be a back load from the irs. They may need extra time to process returns. Especially with all the weather storms that has happened recently.

    #4120211 Reply


    I’ve got this too!!! No babies though. Same Filing Status, job, and dependents for the last 4 years. Always use Turbotax. I don’t understand. Filed on 1/10/16 and was accepted 1/11/16. Usually get my refund in like 5 days#

    #4120142 Reply


    Hopefully they are just verifying our little bundles of joy ♡ Much better than having to verify identity, which I heard takes months.

    #4120139 Reply


    I also found this code this morning!
    I have no dependants, job is the same, address is the same, nothing has changed from last year or the year before.
    Filed and accepted the 22nd. I had a single bar since then until this morning.

    I even used my drivers information to verify my identity.. This code makes no sense in my case.
    The 152 refund code is still there as well.

    #4120138 Reply


    Got this from IRS code manual

    9001 – Taxpayer accessed Refund Status using a secondary TIN. Refund Status could not be returned. Get a Primary TIN Analyze account and follow appropriate IRM.

    I never tried to check it under any other social, I called the IRS WMR phone number and it doesn’t give me ANY info, just tells me to call number with extension. Makes no sense.

    Sorry we all have to go through this. I have been patiently waiting but now I am worried and frantic.

    Never filing early again :(

    #4120128 Reply


    I also got this and first year new baby

    #4120097 Reply


    Got same code but still have tax topic 152.nothing has changed in my household for the past 3 years

    #4120095 Reply


    Since most of you have new babies. Kids SS# and names are mistaken a lot and can cause errors like these as well…..Make sure your not mistaking a middle name for last name vice versa.

    #4120080 Reply


    got this off TaxAct FB page….Hope it helps

    IRS 9001 Error Code – here is the best we can gather about this IRS code that comes up as a status when visiting the WMR site to check on your refund. If you are entering an SSN that is not the primary SSN filed for that return, you could receive that 9001 error message. Try again using the primary SSN for that return. Do understand that the IRS is desperately trying to process all website and phone requests right now, so your patience is very much appreciated.

    #4120061 Reply


    I called Turbotax to inquire about the code. The guy sounded like he had no clue what he was talking about… however… he said that I may need to verify my identity. So ridiculous, I have had the same job, same bank account like I said only change was the addition of my baby. Used TT for the past 4 years. Never had any fraud…. I wonder what is going on.

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