Amend? Wife worked part of year in IL

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    Terry Crawford

    My wife and I are residents of WI but she worked a portion of 2016 in IL. I filed using TurboTax like I do every year and was expecting like $700+/- from state. I must have filed incorrectly since we only received like $200. I realize now we were supposed to file a non resident for IL. I stopped in at HR Block to have them look over our situation. He said all we need to do is go to IL website, file for Non-resident and and fill in the tax we paid in to IL. Then if I recall we file again (amendment?) with WI.

    I’m and confused. I did a web search for ‘IL state tax non resident’ and found this form. form.

    Line 37 says: Enter your adjusted gross income as reported on your Form IL-1040, Line 1. Ok, so do I also fill out a IL-1040? Which do I file, do I file both?

    Sorry for the stupid questions.

    Thanks in advance.

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