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    script kiddy

    So here’s a thread for people who can order an account transcript but not a return transcript.

    Last year several of us ended up getting pushed back an entire week with blank account transcripts, so it is quite possible that some of us may face that this year as well. This thread is for people who cannot get their return transcript yet.

    For my part, I was able to order my account transcript earlier this morning but have seen no movement toward my return transcript being available. It’s still early, but given last year’s experience, I am understandably a bit nervous about it.

    Here’s hoping we all get our return transcripts and DDDs soon.

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    Hi everyone…
    It seems that there are a lot of us today that are in this boat. I have seen post on other threads. I filed 1/11, accepted 1/12 and I used Turbo Tax. I have a change of address on mine, moved early last year. I had not been able to order any transcripts until today. I was able to order my ACCOUNT transcript for 2015 using my old address. I am still unable to order my 2015 RETURN transcript and my new address “doesn’t match” their records. I called the “offset” line on a whim this afternoon and low and behold, I have a $251 offset for the State of Ohio.. Very unexpected news to me. I’m already concerned about the delay in updates and now a offset to contend with. I am hoping it doesn’t delay it any longer than need be. I haven’t been able to locate any concrete info regarding that. Anywho, this was my first year filing early and I have to say, it WILL BE MY LAST!! I filed 1/20 last year, accepted 1/21 had my refund deposited 1/30..



    @butta me too good luck






    @mionshine1… I sure hope that is correct. ???



    @butta i thought i read ealrier that they process them 24/7. it was on the main page but i dont know how true it is



    As @autey stated , those that can pull both trans today…should have a DDD of 2/3. I wonder when the cut off time is for the return trans to update….I’m losing hope and starting to think my DDD will not be until 2/10 ?



    Filed & Accepted 1/26
    Able to order account transcripts since about 8:00 AM
    No returns as of now



    Nope, I still can’t order my return transcript.



    I was just able to order my acct tran but not return. I’ll probably try my return again tomorrow morning. Filed and Accepted 1/24 TA



    Am able to order account since earlier this morning still cannot order return transcript filed 1-16 accepted 1-20 HR BLOCK



    What is it telling you on the page? Mine says, “A transcript is not available for the year you have requested. Please complete Form 4506-T or contact us at

    Married Filing Jointly?
    If you filed jointly with your spouse, tax account data is listed under the social security number of the primary taxpayer Help on primary taxpayer. shown on your tax return.”




    any changes? I can still only order one and its still only with my old address



    @autey I sure hope this is true! That would be awesome!



    If you can order transcripts today you will have a 2/3/2016 DDD



    @DJ , so I was finally able to login online. Still can’t get tax return, but if you click on the question mark, a popup appears with the following:

    “Tax Account Transcript
    A tax account transcript shows any payments and any later adjustments either you or the IRS made after the tax return was filed. This transcript shows basic data, including marital status, type of return filed, adjusted gross income and taxable income.”

    “Tax Return Transcript
    A tax return transcript shows most line items from your tax return (Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ) as it was originally filed, including any accompanying forms and schedules. It does not reflect any changes you, your representative, or the IRS made after the return was filed. In many cases, a return transcript will meet the requirements of lending institutions such as those offering mortgages and for applying for student loans.”

    This, as far as I can tell shows that the account transcript is the important one in regards to the refund? It says that is shows any payments and any later adjustments either you OR the IRS made after the tax return was filed.

    Am I missing something? This isn’t meant to be putting anyones ideas down, I am really asking if I am missing something.


    patiently waiting atl

    I think this info is very helpful my bff from the irs told me to read this because I think ppl are getting the transcript info confused on which one is more important



    I’ve been able to order my accoutnt transcript for days now, but still can’t get my return trans.



    @ashley if you were able to order both that means that you are going to expecting your refund soon. it’s a good thing.

    Once return and account transcripts are ready it means your refund has been processed.

    and it’s an account of what happened when your return was processed and the outcome etc.. :) hope this helps



    just was able to order tax return transcript via phone. Is that a good thing


    Need Refund

    I am in the same boat! Ordered my account transcript this morning..but still cant order my return transcript! What the heck! Im going crazy here…



    I was able to order my acct trans this morning…still can’t order the return. Hopefully tonight… My return will be completed and I wake up to a DDD in the morning.



    Being I can only get an account transcript in my old address- do you think its delaying because I have a new address?



    I can only order my account transcript and only with my old address- what does that mean?



    okay so i ordered both account and return transcript gave me no problems said that they will be here 5-10 days to my address on file. is this a good sign that we should be getting our money soon?



    They way to get access to these is by logging on to the IRS.GOV site, find the Order Transcript page, Your info from must match on your Taxes and choose account/ return and the year you’d like and go from there. In past years we could look online but because of the security breach that(last summer w/ irs) no one wants to admit to…. We can only order them by mail. But at least if you are able to order both And Most Importantly THE RETURN TRANSCRIPT Then you are done processing and your money soon follows:)



    I’m in the same boat. I could order my account transcript at about 6am and still cannot order my return transcript. Hope all goes well for us.



    @Mrs.BH – it means that your refund will be along soon! If you can access your , account and refund that means that your refund has been processed.



    Ordered account Tran 10 minutes ago. No return Tran yet.



    Can the ones with both transcript tell if you had health care the full year



    I filed and was accepted 1/19- I showed one bar on WMR until Wednesday and got the “we are processing your return” message, my bar & refund amount were missing. Until today I wasnt able to order any transcripts, but about an hour ago I ordered my account transcripts but when I went back to order the return one, it told my information wasn’t available. WMR still showing same message, tax topic 152 and no bars.



    I’ve been trying to order both Transcripts since Monday. This morning around 6:30 I was able to order account but no return. WMR is still on 1 bar but that doesn’t bother me as much as the transcripts thing.
    Out of all the information that gets put out on this site and the facebook page, the transcripts thing is the only thing that has been true for me for the last couple years.

    I have heard a lot of people say they were able to order their return by the end of the day when they were able to order their account transcripts.

    Good Luck everyone and PLEASE PLEASE don’t forget to update us!


    Moises T

    It is now saying my info is incorrect. So I don’t know


    Moises T

    @Danger Mouse I am there with you. I was able to order on tuesday and I still can’t order my return



    can someone please explain how to order an account transcript


    Danger Mouse

    I’ve been able to access my account transcript since Tuesday. I still can’t access my return transcript. Does that mean anything is wrong? I filed and was accepted on 1/19. Has anybody else been able to access their account but not return transcript?



    I also was able to order my account transcript at 630am but tried to get the return just now but it’s still not available



    Well this morning around 7 I could order my account transcript but not the return. Just tried again after 3 hours and it’s still not available. My anxiety is coming back again… ugh!!!!

    I guess I’ll just wait until later tonight. I just wonder if it means mine is blank or there is some hold up with my return that I’m not aware of.



    On another group those that have ordered their account transcripts but not their return has called the IRS with different stories and have been told they have a DDD of 2/3. Yes I do believe these people because it’s happening to alot of them. Here’s hoping we see movement today!



    I am in the same boat. I can order my account but not my retun transcript. I am seeing a lot of different ideas from everyone. I have never requested one before, so I lost to all of this. If anyone knows what this means or have had past experiences please let me know. Filed on the 15 accepted on the 19th and still only 1 bar on WMR.



    I haven’t been able to get in to order for the past few days, using either my old or new address. I tried about 15 mins ago and I am able to order my 2015 ACCOUNT transcript but I still had to use my old address. I have seen in other threads where people were able to order their ACCOUNT transcripts and then several hours later they could order their RETURN transcripts. I will wait a little while and try again!! Hope everyone gets good news today or this weekend!!



    I was just able to order both transcripts. Does this mean anything? Thanks
    Accepted 1/19/2015



    Was able to order account transcripts this morning but still no luck the return transcript







    It’s now been 4 or 5 hours since my account transcript became available and I still can’t get my return transcript.

    At this point I full expect to be waiting a week.


    Ga Nv

    Is it just me or is the website hacked. Just noticed but on some of the sites the lock in the search bar for secuirity turns red with an “x” through it. Got the details of it and it states
    ” Google Chrome knows there are problems with the site’s certificate. Proceed with caution, because someone on your network (like someone sharing your wi-fi connection) might be messing with the website. If you disclose any information on the website, the person on the network might be able to read it.” Wtf. And when i go to order my transcripts i can only request mail copies……anyone know whats up.



    Earlier this morning I was only about to order my account transcript but it said my return transcript was not available. I just tried 10 mins ago and it allowed me to order my return transcript now. I still don’t have movement on WMR and i was accepted 1/12. Any idea when I will get DDD?



    I was able to order both transcript. Can somebody tell me can someone let me know what that means.


    Moises T

    Well here is my little story. On the 26th I could not log in or anything. prior to that I was able to order past returns.

    Now on the 27th, i still couldn’t log in but towards the afternoon I was able to and I was able to order my account transcript.

    Now yesterday of course I had to check to see if I could get my return and I couldn’t log in at all! Very similar on tuesday.

    Now we are in the present, I was able to log in but can’t order my return it says it is unavailable. So hopefully I am able to order my return today. It sucks we have to wait 5 to 10 days to get our account transcripts in the mail to see what is going.

    But I call the offset and check wmr. It still keep saying the generic tax topic for e-file.

    It is getting e worried because some people are able to order there returns as soon as they get their account.

    Is that normal?



    Same here



    I’m not that worried about being able to order Account vs. Return. If the account is now available that means they have at least begun processing my return. The Return transcript is only available when they are done processing and have approved a refund.

    My Return transcript became available last year during the day, so there is still a chance we can access those today. Also, if we’re on a weekly schedule, which make sense since those accounts are updated on Saturday mornings, then tomorrow we should see some WMR movement.



    Same here. Account but not return. Last year I got a blank account one but within a day or two it was complete and I didn’t have a delay. Hoping this one isn’t blank. I am going to check again tonight trying to order a return one and see what happens. Maybe we will get an update tonight…fingers crossed!

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