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    script kiddy

    So here’s a thread for people who can order an account transcript but not a return transcript.

    Last year several of us ended up getting pushed back an entire week with blank account transcripts, so it is quite possible that some of us may face that this year as well. This thread is for people who cannot get their return transcript yet.

    For my part, I was able to order my account transcript earlier this morning but have seen no movement toward my return transcript being available. It’s still early, but given last year’s experience, I am understandably a bit nervous about it.

    Here’s hoping we all get our return transcripts and DDDs soon.

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    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25

    Able to view account transcript on 02/01/16

    Return transcript came available today 2/5/16

    I feel like the wait is almost over and i think i have about two or three strains of hair left on my head

    No ddd yet.

    Hopefully on next update i have a ddd or im gonna be bald and will be spending my money on bosley when i do get it.

    Filed on Turbotax



    Finally able to order return transcripts!
    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Account transcripts 1/29
    Return 2/5
    Hopefully a ddd tomorrow!



    Hello everyone! As of this morning at 4am est I was finally able to order my Return Transcripts. About a week ago I was able to order my Account Transcripts, but nothing up til now for the Return Transcripts. I filed and was accepted on 1/19. Man it’s been a long wait. Still aren’t entirely there but at least now there’s some light at the end of this most miserably frustrating looooong tunnel of WAIT. From what I’ve read, for most, once your able to order your return transcripts a ddd is just around the corner so I’m hopeful to wake up tomorrow morning to that much anticipated fantastically wonderful …2nd bar.



    I was also able to order return transcripts this morning. I ordered account last week. My Ddd hasn’t updated but hoping it will soon. I filed on the 26th. I’m in tn



    Filed 1/11, accepted 1/12. Could order account transcript on 1/29. Lost bars on 1/30 but still had tax topic 152. Been sitting like that until this morning. Can finally order return transcript!!! WMR is still the same but that’s ok, for now. Transcript update is meaning there is movement!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE who has been sitting in the “stuck” position!!!


    Finally some action

    FINALLY! I was able to order my return transcript! Only over the phone though. Weird thing is:: WmR site still has no bars with no amount and topic 152. However since I ordered my return transcript I KNOW that means they have processed it and just haven’t updated the WMR site. So first thing in the morning I’m gonna call and try to find out my DDD if I don’t wake up with 2 bars!! I tried the tax advocate help line earlier to no avail. Got a rude lady who seemed like she hated being employed. maybe she’s waiting on her refund too!

    Some facts:
    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/21
    Bars and amount disappeared after 4 days
    Ordered return transcript 02/05 @1:30 am
    WMR not updated yet with DDD



    So I was just able to order our return transcript, but still can’t get account transcript haha.
    I was able to order my sister’s account trans about a week ago, and her return trans about 5 mins ago as well.

    Here’s our info:

    Filed and accepted: 1/28 with TT in PA
    Return transcript but no account transcript.
    WMR: 1 bar, no update, 152.

    My sister’s:
    Filed and accpted 1/23 with TT in PA
    Return trans ordered 5 mins ago, account ordered about a week ago.
    WMR: 1 bar, no update, 152.

    I’m weirded out at the fact that I could order our return trans, but not account, I’ve never seen that happen before haha. I hope it means good, normally return trans does mean good.


    script kiddy

    Return transcript became available for me tonight.

    Filed: 1/21
    Accepted: 1/21
    Account transcript: 1/29
    Address changed: 2/5 at 1AM
    Return transcript: 2/5 at 3AM

    Hoping for a DDD Saturday (2/6) morning and then we’ll see how long it takes for my credit union to deposit the money in the bank.



    Still unable to order return transcripts. Still without bars, though with tax topic 152 and refund amount. Either I’m literally the last person they’re gonna approve, or something is wrong with my return, regardless of what these simple CSR’s tell me when I call in. I’m seeing people on FB stream in with being able to order their return transcripts from all over the country, so clearly, it’s just me. Which is so frustrating at this point.



    accepted 01/20/16

    Had AOC

    able to order return transcript as of this morning still one bar but expect it will change soon.



    Was just able to order a return transcript online. WMR is down for me and probably won’t update until Saturday morning.

    Filed: Jan 18th
    Accepted Jan 19th (21st according to IRS)
    Account transcript last Friday
    Return transcript today.
    WMR: 1 bar still



    Filed and accepted: 1/14
    Had a single bar till 2/1 then they disappeared and left me with the “return still processing ” message.
    Still have no bars but I was just now able to order return transcripts.



    I noticed u cant view tax transcript online isnt a button for it. Can they just be ordered this year?????? Which I havent been able too. I got accepted 1/22 according too the chart should get my money tommrow 2/5 but no movement



    @cindy I was able to order my account transcript last friday morning and still unable to order my return as of today. Filed with turbotax on 1/21 accepted the same day. I keep checking also because i want to know anything i can about when i might get my return approved too. Please keep me updated on return transcripts and approvals.




    I am in the same exact boat..moved last year can pull up transcripts with old address..I was able to that on 1/28 nothing with new address :(



    I moved last year, so when i filed, i used my new address, but when i try to request my transcript, it says wrong information unless i use my old address, thru that i can request my 2015 account transcript but not my return, i can request my 2014 acxount transcript and return, what doest all that mean?



    Last year I got my ddd on the 31st a saturday..then got my deposit on Wednesday the 4th a Wednesday..does that mean I am in the 05 cycle?



    For those able to order account transcripts last week, can you now order return? I was able to order my account transcript last Friday 1/29. Trying to see how long it’s taking for the return transcript to update.


    Need my money now

    Void that last comment I made it was the state returns. My bad lo .


    Need my money now

    I get the same thing to Nona. AND I’m from SC as well. I wonder if they are going to make us wait until March 1st. I dunno it was just a rumor I heard.



    Hi all, I file and accepted on 01/22 with eztaxreturn in SC. Was able to order my account transcript on 01/29. Order one for last year and this year to see if I was a weekly cycler. I’m a 05. Every since 01/26 I was able to use my present address to order transcript but was never able to order the return transcript. I tried after work still the same thing. When I tried just now I’m getting this message Your request cannot be completed. Please contact us at 1-800-908-9946, our automated telephone self service, to order an account or a return transcript. For part of the year I lived in Charlotte but then I moved back home to SC in November to the same address I left. Not sure what is happening. Has this happen to anyone? Thanks When I call the number I still can’t order any.



    Where do I find the cycle number?? I did not file taxes last year but I do have them for 2013…can I still retrieve it somehow? Not sure if I was daily or weekly…any help would be great!



    Need my money now

    My last year cycle date was 20150802. So I would be in cycle 2? Right?


    Need my money now

    Yeah I do the same dang thing lol. But hey…we are all wanting our hard earned tax return. :)



    my cycle from last year was 20150502 does that mean I am daily or weekly? i usually get my direct deposits every year around the same time feb 5th-7th. this year i decided to file on opening day because this year i needed my funds. I’ve been stuck at 1 bar since Jan 19th. i keep getting the generic “we received your tax return and it is being processed. topic 152. I am a little worried as I’ve notice a lot of people who filed and got accepted on 1/19 are in the same boat as me, and some who filed got accepted on the 19th received their direct deposits. If I was flagged or up for review wouldn’t I received some sort of letter in the mail by now? or is the IRS waiting for the 21 day mark to mail it out to me? I’m just tired and want my money that I deserve to get.



    How do you know what cycle you are in?



    Howard u got nothing to worry abt. If u were in cycle 5 that’s mean u are going to update Saturday Morning and give you a deposit for the 10th. U have to look into the last year transcript.



    Is the transcript site down for everyone? I’m in tn


    Jennifer H

    @ presley gourdet. So, let me see if I understand… I filed and was accepted late 1/28 (11pm acceptance email from TT). 1 bar, tax topic 152 appeared on 1/29. On 2/2, all bars and refund amount disappeared, with tax topic 152. Until this afternoon, when I tried to pull transcripts, a message said Information was not available at this time. I checked around 4:00 this afternoon, and it gives me a phone number to call instead of the previous message. Any thoughts? My other question is regarding cycle numbers. weekly vs daily. Last year, I filed and accepted 2/4, DD was 2/19. Can this give me info on my current cycle?



    @presley gourdet

    Thank you for that long and detailed response, you seem to know your stuff! So if on WMR for me it says that it has been accepted and is currently being processed, I’m sitting at 1 bar, tax topic 152, I’m able to order the account transcript but not the tax transcript, does this mean that I could potentially get mine processed tonight and posted tomorrow/ refund on 2/5?

    Thanks again.


    presley gourdet

    Transcripts will begin back processing this evening into tomorrow morning fro the daily returns.. this is cycle 02… around 6am we will start seeing people with access to both transcripts… this is a good thing.. meaning your return is finsihed processing.,,, Wednesday morning, WMR will update for a deposit day of 2/5!!! If you are a 02 cycle (dailycycle) and lost bars etc, last week,,, this is your chance to resquence and process….. if the batch is not full they may process other post hold returns.
    2. Post hold returns are returns that posted but did not process yet… example… you can order accounttranscripts but no return transcripts… you are considered in a post hold which is also called system idle. what does this mean? This means that your return was indeed posted but has not been worked and is now sitting there waiting for your next cycle process to repost and process….Thes reason you lose your bars, tax topic, 21 day message, etc…. is because you are sitting in the post hold (idle) waiting for your next cycle… Now… today is an elongated day… meaning a day for long processing due to the deferred day Friday which is a non posting day for daily retuns and yes they have to post as many as these returns as they system allows…. so some of these returns will begin to process tonight into tomorrow morning… the system will shut down between 330 and 6am to download the return transcripts etc, so after 6am we will start seeing this updates.
    3.Address Issues: Now if you can orderyour account transcripts with your old address then this means your return is posted but has not been worked… the new address will not update until your return has been processed and indeed posted… this is when you will be able to access transcripts with your new address and your return will be finished processing. It will only change when your return transcript has been processed and updated.
    4. Resequencing: This is due to the returns posting but not being able to process… reasons for resequencing… early filing, full cycle which causes post hold, error on return, etc…. each return that is resequenced goes to the next date for that cycle to process and waits for its turn… now returns can be resequenced over and over due to amount of returns already being processed.. They do have a daily processing limit.
    5. Weekly returns post on Thursday for processing on Friday… Wmr on Saturday for ddd of Wednesday… Weekly returns will not process until Friday….
    6. Daily vs Weekly… Cycles 01 02 03 04 are daily cycles. 05 is the only weeklycycle!
    7. The word cycle has 2 different meanings when it comes to the IRSmanual. Cycle is used for days and weeks… so example 20150304 the 03 is your weekly cycle number to where 04 is your daily cycle and so on….



    @Need my money now

    That’s good news to hear as I have 1 bar, topic 152 and it doesn’t say anything is wrong. I am so impatient lol. I kept checking WMR yesterday that it told me I reached my daily limit of how many times I can check. It scolded me and told me that they only update the site once a day, usually at night haha, whoops.



    Also, for those of you that filed with TurboTax, you can go to “Track My Refund”, it’s basically the same general info that is on the government site; “Where’s my Refund”.

    Anyways, on TurboTax it tells you what percentage of people got their money already. Last week it said 0% all week, this past Monday and yesterday it said 1% and when I checked this morning it said 28%

    So that’s technically a good thing, right?



    Still nothing today, 1 bar on WMR, Topic 152, able to order Account Transcript but not Return Transcript.

    Really hope I/ we see the money soon.

    Will continue to monitor and check in.

    If I still haven’t seen/ heard anything by the 9th, I am calling.


    Need my money now

    just got off the phone with one of the IRS ladies and they told me that if you are getting no bars and taxtopic152… what you have nothing to worry about because if they didn’t find anything wrong with your return they would say it on the website. I’m just the messenger lol so don’t kill me lol. and they told me that they could NOT look up my information until 21 days is up. WTF?!? Oh really now? That’s just a bunch of bs.



    @tswan20 is the 8th for everyone who claimed the American Opportunity Credit? I claimed it but I filed 1/24 with my 1098-T. I just wish the IRS would tell us these things. Smh



    wait…why is it only giving me access to request transcripts through the mail??



    Ok I filed and was accepted on the 20th. I was able to order an account transcripts but nothing else. Please someone help me understand what’s going on. I was audited in 2014 and Im so scared that’s it’s going to happend again this year. What can I do is there a number to call. Or is it to early to worry. Help Me…..nails bit


    Need my money now

    Called the irs today myself. Got someone who wasn’t helpful at all sadly. He told me we can only look at it after the 21 days. Ugh just want my money you know. Lol


    Good News Maybe

    I filed 1/17 accepted 1/19

    Bars went missing on WMR 1/23 and have been gone since

    Finally today I was able to order my tax return transcript.

    WMR still has no bars and tax topic 152 also is not showing any account for me.
    Is being able to order my return transcript good news? If so when will WMR update showing a DDD?



    The transcripts site will still not recognize either my old address or my new address. I’m beginning to become a little frustrated. I filed on the 19th and was accepted a few minutes later have been stuck on one bar since then. I was able to order my account transcript on 1/29 with my old address but then minutes later when I tried to go back for my return transcript it would not recognize either my new or old address. it’s been that way ever since. I know that no one here is psychic but if anyone has any insight or experience with this issue would you please comment to help calm my nerves?



    @Hailey2016 she looked and said that it was reason I was placed on hold. I actually received the 1098T yesterday in the mail so fingers crossed



    From the 19



    Did she look into your return account or was she going off the 21 days? Cause 2/8 is pretty much 21 days



    Ok everyone. I just spoke with Ms. Moore a tax advocate and was told that a lot of people that can’t order return transcripts that claimed the American Opportunity Credit were placed on hold for one week pending verification. She told me that I should see something by 2/8/16 because that is my processing cycle. If you want to check that for yourselves, call the tax advocate line and they will research it the number is 877-777-4778



    @hailey2016 keep trying! This is the 2nd time I was able to get someone to look at my account. I did get a few that gave me to 21 day bs.



    Thank you! The wait time was as you said less than one minute… Unfortunately for me the woman I spoke to said that the call I told her I received from the IRS had to be a scam and she gave me a different number to call and report it 18003664484?
    She didn’t feel looking into my account was necessary as she was sure that, that was a scammer…
    Maybe I’m wayyyy to nice but I’ll call until I get the right agent on the phone to give me some understanding



    @hailey2016 I even showed up on wmr the day after I filed saying my return was accepted. Which was on 1/22. So my return was there probably just sitting around until they got to it on the 25th. The date they started processing it is what you really need to know. Clearly mine was just sitting in a pile for 4 days doing nothing so the day they started processing it is the date that matters



    @hailey2016 I called and said that I received a call saying it was the irs and they wanted to verify my social security #. (Clearly a lie to make them check my account lol) I called 1800-829-0582 ext 652. The wait time was less then 1 minute. The lady put me on hold for a couple minutes to look into my account and gave me the info I needed. If you are going to call, call now since that extension doesn’t seem to be busy at all. Just tell them that and they will pull up your info.



    I sure will and THANKYOU

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