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    script kiddy

    So here’s a thread for people who can order an account transcript but not a return transcript.

    Last year several of us ended up getting pushed back an entire week with blank account transcripts, so it is quite possible that some of us may face that this year as well. This thread is for people who cannot get their return transcript yet.

    For my part, I was able to order my account transcript earlier this morning but have seen no movement toward my return transcript being available. It’s still early, but given last year’s experience, I am understandably a bit nervous about it.

    Here’s hoping we all get our return transcripts and DDDs soon.

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    Robert R

    It is July 21st and my return transcript still isn’t there. My account transcript was ready only a month after I submitted my return by paper. The check has been processed but my return transcript still isn’t there. What is going on?


    Coco Muhammad





    HELP!! Ok..I learned that I made a mistake on my taxes but was told not to amend until after I received my refund..I even contacted the tax advocated line on 2/25 and told her my issue & the rep stated my return hasn’t be posted yet and to call back next week..soo
    I filed 2/6…accepted 2/6…had 1 bar and tax topic 152 up until 2/25 when my bars disappeared with the generic message about a refund date becoming available when return is processed and tax topic 152 with refund amount still on the side..ordered account transcript 2/25 also…was able to then order return transcript 2/26…today I still have the generic message with the same tax topic…can anyone shed any light on what I’m looking at as far as my refund????



    I was finally able to order my return transcript today , verified my identity. On 01/16
    Fingers crossed



    ACEPPTED 21th lost bars on 2/07 orderd account last week ,was able to get return account today. .soo I guess some progress. ….hopefully



    Just wanted to post this.Filed 1/30
    Accepted on 1/30
    Was not able to order my return transcript until 2/12
    Received a DVD on 2/123
    DVD is 2/1238
    So it’s confirmed about the transcript theory. Also I even had an offset.



    Filed on 1/7/16
    Accepted 1/11/16 (I know it wasnt actually accepted until 1/19)
    No trabscripts
    tried to verify online about a week ago
    finally verify 2/11/16
    able to order acct transcript 2/12
    no return transcript
    is it a good thing that i was able to order anything as of today????



    YES! I was able to order a return transcript this am just now finally :) I was only able to order Account one before. I hope this means tomorrow I will get my DDD finally. Just a little update of my stats.

    Filed 1/18 with Tax Slayer
    Approved: 1/19 before noon
    Bars disappeared 02/06
    I called IRS Tuesday 02/09 was told by 1 REP- Need to verify ID. 2nd rep- No need to verify ID but I had called the wrong number so just to be sure I found the ID verify number online and called it. 3rd rep said I needed to verify ID asked me questions and I was approved. She said I WAS back in processing now and would receive a refund in 9 weeks or a letter in the mail which I realize was a standard answer. Anyways hopefully good news tomorrow for all of us still waiting!


    alyssa davis

    UPDATE. Filed 1/28 wasn’t actually recieved till 2/1. Order account transcript couple days ago, at 9 am I just was finally able to order my return transcript for 2015! Hoping to move to 2 bars tomorrow with a ddd!!!



    Filed / Accepted 1/29 at 12:00 am
    I actually filed for family member on 1/28 at 9:30 who is experiencing same situation as I am.
    Was able to order account transcripts on 2/5.
    Still unable to order return transcripts.
    1 bar tt152

    So, I ‘ve learned that duue to the crash irs department thaat processes returns did not work aat all on 1/28 or 1/29. You know nothing happened over the weekend so we were not truly accepted by the irs on these days.

    I feel like you made it to the true acceptance stage once you could order account transcripts.



    Still no movement for me. Filed and accepted 1/25. Spoke with IRS woman today. Expressing my concern that my 21 days will be up on Monday, which happens to be a holiday for them. Since it was so close she pulled up my account and said everything looked fine and that it was still processing. If I don’t receive it by Monday then to call them on Tuesday when the reopen. I’m really hoping for an update tonight and a deposit tomorrow morning. From what I’m understanding the wmr and transcript sites are down and the phone line for transcripts is being overloaded causing it to malfunction. So lets all pray for something positive in the am. Still wasn’t able to order return. How I came to talk to agent today.
    Good luck all.



    I filed and was (supposedly) accepted on 1/31 (I’m starting to wonder if I actually got accepted that day because of what I’ve read) I have one bar, TT 152, account transcript but no return transcript. It’s driving me crazy. I can’t imagine how you guys that filed earlier feel. Hopefully we will all have good news soon. The IRS is something else… I keep seeing people say they got their account transcript on a certain day. Is the account transcript significant? I didn’t think it had any significance but I’m so lost about all of this.



    You should be able to see an update tonight… Possibility. Good luck everyone.



    So still no return transcripts , 1/24 accepted ….no movment…..ty irs rep today….she says still processing n that she don’t see no letters being sent out, or I’d verification…? Would she even see it if it hasn’t been 21 days? Getting worried?



    I have been able to order account transcripts for a week now but still no return transcript…..



    I filed 1/29 was accepted same day still one bar still tax topic 152……….when I try and order tanscript it will allow account but not return just keeps saying unavailable……. yet TT says 51% of people who filed same day as me got their returns already…. so why have I not atleast been processed



    I filed and was accepted same day on 1/19/2016 through TurboTax. From 1/19/2016 until 2/4/2016 I had 1 bar, Topic 152, I could order an Account Transcript but not a Return Transcript. On 2/5/2016 I was able to order my Return Transcript. (This is a very good sign). On 2/5/2016 I was approved, 2 bars and direct deposit date of 2/10/2016! Woohoo!

    Woke up this morning with the money deposited into my account. Keep checking Where’s My Refund. If nothing changes, that’s not always a bad sign, lots of times it just means they haven’t processed it yet. Keep trying to order return transcripts. A sure sign that your return will be processed and approved soon is when you are finally able to order your return transcript.

    Total time for me from date of acceptance to direct deposit was 22 days, so that is right outside their quoted time, but I’m happy.

    Be patient, keep checking, if still nothing after 21 days definitely call them, they will help look into what’s going on, but you have to be patient for at least 21 days.

    Good luck guys!


    Patiently waiting

    Well folks. I got my DD exactly one hour earlier than the scheduled DDD of 2/10. It maybe because chase is on east coast time and I’m in the west coast time zone. So, for those still waiting it IS coming. Just know they are running slow. I will say an extra prayer for those needing their money for family/ real reasons! Good luck to all. And yes, once I was able to order my return transcript last week a day or two later WMR updated with my DDD.



    @gg My friend had the same issue, she couldn’t order her transcript online because of address, so she called and ordered them by phone and she was able to order hers.



    Filed on 1/30 with the IRS stating they had received my e-file the same day. Have yet to be accepted and every time I try to order my refund transcript, it informs me that my address is wrong (it’s not). Does anyone know what’s the hold up? I’ve double checked all my info on my returns and nothing needs to be amended. Should I be worried?



    I ordered my account transcripts under my old address for this year?

    What does this mean?



    I filed the 29th, got accepted the 29th.. Was able to order my transcript on the 5th.. called IRS yesterday they said no offsets, no reviews… to give it 14-21 days.. that it takes time everyones is different.. Still no change.. WMR 1 bar.. same topic as everyone elses !



    I filed and accepted the same hour on 1/25.
    No movement still on 1 bar. Can order both transcripts as of Friday but no new updates. Everyone that filed after the system messed up is getting their refunds! It sucks. They should be going in order received. I can’t understand why we are sitting stuck and people who just filed last week have DDD already!



    Hi All!

    Filed: 2/1
    accepted : 2/2 (12:34 am)
    aoa credit, no offsets, able to order account transcript but not returns as of today

    Be Patient…I filed with TT and what I’ve been seeing is that your acceptance date differs 3-4 business days than when the IRS actually accepts your return. I am surprised that some people who filed with me already have 2/10 ddd’s but I have never gotten my return that quickly! Always 14-15 days.

    Again be patient :) the money will come.



    12:19 est both transcript phone line and wmr down. Able to get my account but not my return. Hoping system is updating mine. Good luck all..



    As of now I still can’t order return Trans. Did speak to a friend that filed 1/23 and could not order return Trans until this am. Also woke up with deposit date for 2/10. I’m patiently awaiting for good news. Hopefully I’m in the next Bach. Filed 1/25. Ordered account Trans on 2/4.

    Again fingers crossed



    I filed on January 21st with TurboTax and was accepted the same day I called the IRS yesterday because everybody else was getting their return transcripts and I can still only order my account transcript and they told me they didn’t actually accept my return until the 25th and to give it until the 15th of February but I’m getting worried because I still can’t order my return transcript and everybody else is already getting direct deposit dates for the 10th can anybody help me or is anyone in the same boat please help with any information thank you


    Patiently waiting

    FACTS: Got my DDD this morning for 2/10
    Accepted on 1/21
    No bars and topic 152 until Wed.
    Ordered return transcript on 02/04

    Seems like they are finally moving along. I guess there is truth to the daily vs weekly updates on WMR.

    For those still waiting I would suggest getting updates on both the irs phone line AND website. Once you order your return transcript you WILL have a DDD in 24-48 hours.

    Good luck!



    Yes ! Finally got a DDD of 2/10 after being able to order transcripts yesterday.
    Filed 1/11
    Accepted 1/14
    Ordered account transcript 1/29
    Lost bar 1/30 didn’t come back until 2/6
    Ordered return transcript 2/5
    Got DDD 2/6
    Good luck everyone !!



    Thank god! Filed 1/19 and got the approval for DDD 2/10 this morning! Had 1 bar, topic 152 and no return transcript until now.



    Good luck everyone. All the fillers from the last of January should have a deposit for the 10th of February.



    FINALLY had an update yesterday. I was able to order my return transcripts after trying with my NEW address for a week straight. THEN woke up this morning (7:28am EST) to a nice surprise … My WMR updated too :) says its scheduled to be sent to my bank by February 10th.

    Efiled – 1/19/16
    Accepted – 1/19/16
    Able To Order Transcripts – 2/5/16
    WMR Updated To Approved – 2/6/16
    Scheduled To Be Sent By – 2/10/16



    Still no change for me. Guess it’s a waiting game. Will update all when I’m updated.



    I filed and accepted on 1/26. I was able to order my accouterments transcipt today (first time trying) , but return transcript is not availible. Hoping for An update soon.



    Filed 1/25
    Account Trans 2/4
    Still no return Trans.

    Called IRS talked to a super nice woman. She told me that it takes about 3 weeks to be able to get your return Trans. However while I was on the phone she told me that everything looked good with my return, no offsets, no issues.
    My question is if she could see that does it mean I’m done with processing. She also told me she had a feeling that wmr would update for me tomorrow. However she said she could not guarantee that. But she had a hunch.

    So fingers crossed.



    I was able to order my return transcript this morning. Normally I get my DDD the next day. Has that been everyone’s experience?



    I was able to order my return trans this morning. Account vtrans ordered on 1/29

    Filed and accepted: 1/26
    Software: TT



    I filed and was accepted on 1/20 I ordered acct trans with old address a couple wks ago well today I seen a lot of ppl can order return so I tried online neither my old address or new worked so I tried to call to order they said my ss# was not valid what does it all mean???????
    Please help someone



    Accepted 1/22
    Account transcripts 1/29
    One bar, tax topic 152
    Fees paid upfront, no offsets, no codes

    Anyone in my boat??? HELP!!!!



    Good morning
    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/19 @2pm
    Return transcript avail 2/5 @5am
    WMR 1 bar
    No offset
    TT between 1/20 & 2/9



    Was able to order account on 1/29 and finally able to order return this morning 2/5. Filed 19th and accepted the 20th.



    Was able to order account on 1/29 and finally able to order return this morning 2/5. Filed 19th and accepted the 20th.



    Finally able to order return transcript 2/[email protected] 730am. Guess things are moving along.


    Need my money now

    I was able to order my return transcripts this morning. Does this mean I’m done processing?


    Need my money now

    I was able to order my return transcripts this morning. Does this mean I’m done processing?


    Need my money now

    I was able to order my return transcripts . Does that mean I’m done processing? Or no? But that’s what I’m wondering.


    Need my money now

    I was able to order my return transcripts . Does that mean I’m done processing? Or no?



    If this posts more than once, my apologies. Having difficulty with this website this morning.

    Filed/Accepted: 1/25
    One bar on WMR since that time.
    Able to order return transcript this morning (2/5)
    State tax refund deposited 2/3

    Hoping to see some kind of update on WMR next week.



    Filed/accepted: 1/25
    One bar on WMR since acceptance
    Able to order return transcript this morning (2/5)
    State refund already deposited.
    Nothing pending in bank account from the fed

    Hope to see a DD date update on WMR next week.



    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25

    Able to view account transcript on 02/01/16

    Return transcript came available today 2/5/16

    I feel like the wait is almost over and i think i have about two or three strains of hair left on my head

    No ddd yet.

    Hopefully on next update i have a ddd or im gonna be bald and will be spending my money on bosley when i do get it.

    Filed on Turbotax



    Finally able to order return transcripts!
    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Account transcripts 1/29
    Return 2/5
    Hopefully a ddd tomorrow!



    Hello everyone! As of this morning at 4am est I was finally able to order my Return Transcripts. About a week ago I was able to order my Account Transcripts, but nothing up til now for the Return Transcripts. I filed and was accepted on 1/19. Man it’s been a long wait. Still aren’t entirely there but at least now there’s some light at the end of this most miserably frustrating looooong tunnel of WAIT. From what I’ve read, for most, once your able to order your return transcripts a ddd is just around the corner so I’m hopeful to wake up tomorrow morning to that much anticipated fantastically wonderful …2nd bar.



    I was also able to order return transcripts this morning. I ordered account last week. My Ddd hasn’t updated but hoping it will soon. I filed on the 26th. I’m in tn



    Filed 1/11, accepted 1/12. Could order account transcript on 1/29. Lost bars on 1/30 but still had tax topic 152. Been sitting like that until this morning. Can finally order return transcript!!! WMR is still the same but that’s ok, for now. Transcript update is meaning there is movement!!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE who has been sitting in the “stuck” position!!!


    Finally some action

    FINALLY! I was able to order my return transcript! Only over the phone though. Weird thing is:: WmR site still has no bars with no amount and topic 152. However since I ordered my return transcript I KNOW that means they have processed it and just haven’t updated the WMR site. So first thing in the morning I’m gonna call and try to find out my DDD if I don’t wake up with 2 bars!! I tried the tax advocate help line earlier to no avail. Got a rude lady who seemed like she hated being employed. maybe she’s waiting on her refund too!

    Some facts:
    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/21
    Bars and amount disappeared after 4 days
    Ordered return transcript 02/05 @1:30 am
    WMR not updated yet with DDD



    So I was just able to order our return transcript, but still can’t get account transcript haha.
    I was able to order my sister’s account trans about a week ago, and her return trans about 5 mins ago as well.

    Here’s our info:

    Filed and accepted: 1/28 with TT in PA
    Return transcript but no account transcript.
    WMR: 1 bar, no update, 152.

    My sister’s:
    Filed and accpted 1/23 with TT in PA
    Return trans ordered 5 mins ago, account ordered about a week ago.
    WMR: 1 bar, no update, 152.

    I’m weirded out at the fact that I could order our return trans, but not account, I’ve never seen that happen before haha. I hope it means good, normally return trans does mean good.


    script kiddy

    Return transcript became available for me tonight.

    Filed: 1/21
    Accepted: 1/21
    Account transcript: 1/29
    Address changed: 2/5 at 1AM
    Return transcript: 2/5 at 3AM

    Hoping for a DDD Saturday (2/6) morning and then we’ll see how long it takes for my credit union to deposit the money in the bank.



    Still unable to order return transcripts. Still without bars, though with tax topic 152 and refund amount. Either I’m literally the last person they’re gonna approve, or something is wrong with my return, regardless of what these simple CSR’s tell me when I call in. I’m seeing people on FB stream in with being able to order their return transcripts from all over the country, so clearly, it’s just me. Which is so frustrating at this point.



    accepted 01/20/16

    Had AOC

    able to order return transcript as of this morning still one bar but expect it will change soon.



    Was just able to order a return transcript online. WMR is down for me and probably won’t update until Saturday morning.

    Filed: Jan 18th
    Accepted Jan 19th (21st according to IRS)
    Account transcript last Friday
    Return transcript today.
    WMR: 1 bar still



    Filed and accepted: 1/14
    Had a single bar till 2/1 then they disappeared and left me with the “return still processing ” message.
    Still have no bars but I was just now able to order return transcripts.



    I noticed u cant view tax transcript online isnt a button for it. Can they just be ordered this year?????? Which I havent been able too. I got accepted 1/22 according too the chart should get my money tommrow 2/5 but no movement



    @cindy I was able to order my account transcript last friday morning and still unable to order my return as of today. Filed with turbotax on 1/21 accepted the same day. I keep checking also because i want to know anything i can about when i might get my return approved too. Please keep me updated on return transcripts and approvals.




    I am in the same exact boat..moved last year can pull up transcripts with old address..I was able to that on 1/28 nothing with new address :(



    I moved last year, so when i filed, i used my new address, but when i try to request my transcript, it says wrong information unless i use my old address, thru that i can request my 2015 account transcript but not my return, i can request my 2014 acxount transcript and return, what doest all that mean?



    Last year I got my ddd on the 31st a saturday..then got my deposit on Wednesday the 4th a Wednesday..does that mean I am in the 05 cycle?



    For those able to order account transcripts last week, can you now order return? I was able to order my account transcript last Friday 1/29. Trying to see how long it’s taking for the return transcript to update.


    Need my money now

    Void that last comment I made it was the state returns. My bad lo .


    Need my money now

    I get the same thing to Nona. AND I’m from SC as well. I wonder if they are going to make us wait until March 1st. I dunno it was just a rumor I heard.



    Hi all, I file and accepted on 01/22 with eztaxreturn in SC. Was able to order my account transcript on 01/29. Order one for last year and this year to see if I was a weekly cycler. I’m a 05. Every since 01/26 I was able to use my present address to order transcript but was never able to order the return transcript. I tried after work still the same thing. When I tried just now I’m getting this message Your request cannot be completed. Please contact us at 1-800-908-9946, our automated telephone self service, to order an account or a return transcript. For part of the year I lived in Charlotte but then I moved back home to SC in November to the same address I left. Not sure what is happening. Has this happen to anyone? Thanks When I call the number I still can’t order any.



    Where do I find the cycle number?? I did not file taxes last year but I do have them for 2013…can I still retrieve it somehow? Not sure if I was daily or weekly…any help would be great!



    Need my money now

    My last year cycle date was 20150802. So I would be in cycle 2? Right?


    Need my money now

    Yeah I do the same dang thing lol. But hey…we are all wanting our hard earned tax return. :)



    my cycle from last year was 20150502 does that mean I am daily or weekly? i usually get my direct deposits every year around the same time feb 5th-7th. this year i decided to file on opening day because this year i needed my funds. I’ve been stuck at 1 bar since Jan 19th. i keep getting the generic “we received your tax return and it is being processed. topic 152. I am a little worried as I’ve notice a lot of people who filed and got accepted on 1/19 are in the same boat as me, and some who filed got accepted on the 19th received their direct deposits. If I was flagged or up for review wouldn’t I received some sort of letter in the mail by now? or is the IRS waiting for the 21 day mark to mail it out to me? I’m just tired and want my money that I deserve to get.



    How do you know what cycle you are in?



    Howard u got nothing to worry abt. If u were in cycle 5 that’s mean u are going to update Saturday Morning and give you a deposit for the 10th. U have to look into the last year transcript.



    Is the transcript site down for everyone? I’m in tn


    Jennifer H

    @ presley gourdet. So, let me see if I understand… I filed and was accepted late 1/28 (11pm acceptance email from TT). 1 bar, tax topic 152 appeared on 1/29. On 2/2, all bars and refund amount disappeared, with tax topic 152. Until this afternoon, when I tried to pull transcripts, a message said Information was not available at this time. I checked around 4:00 this afternoon, and it gives me a phone number to call instead of the previous message. Any thoughts? My other question is regarding cycle numbers. weekly vs daily. Last year, I filed and accepted 2/4, DD was 2/19. Can this give me info on my current cycle?



    @presley gourdet

    Thank you for that long and detailed response, you seem to know your stuff! So if on WMR for me it says that it has been accepted and is currently being processed, I’m sitting at 1 bar, tax topic 152, I’m able to order the account transcript but not the tax transcript, does this mean that I could potentially get mine processed tonight and posted tomorrow/ refund on 2/5?

    Thanks again.


    presley gourdet

    Transcripts will begin back processing this evening into tomorrow morning fro the daily returns.. this is cycle 02… around 6am we will start seeing people with access to both transcripts… this is a good thing.. meaning your return is finsihed processing.,,, Wednesday morning, WMR will update for a deposit day of 2/5!!! If you are a 02 cycle (dailycycle) and lost bars etc, last week,,, this is your chance to resquence and process….. if the batch is not full they may process other post hold returns.
    2. Post hold returns are returns that posted but did not process yet… example… you can order accounttranscripts but no return transcripts… you are considered in a post hold which is also called system idle. what does this mean? This means that your return was indeed posted but has not been worked and is now sitting there waiting for your next cycle process to repost and process….Thes reason you lose your bars, tax topic, 21 day message, etc…. is because you are sitting in the post hold (idle) waiting for your next cycle… Now… today is an elongated day… meaning a day for long processing due to the deferred day Friday which is a non posting day for daily retuns and yes they have to post as many as these returns as they system allows…. so some of these returns will begin to process tonight into tomorrow morning… the system will shut down between 330 and 6am to download the return transcripts etc, so after 6am we will start seeing this updates.
    3.Address Issues: Now if you can orderyour account transcripts with your old address then this means your return is posted but has not been worked… the new address will not update until your return has been processed and indeed posted… this is when you will be able to access transcripts with your new address and your return will be finished processing. It will only change when your return transcript has been processed and updated.
    4. Resequencing: This is due to the returns posting but not being able to process… reasons for resequencing… early filing, full cycle which causes post hold, error on return, etc…. each return that is resequenced goes to the next date for that cycle to process and waits for its turn… now returns can be resequenced over and over due to amount of returns already being processed.. They do have a daily processing limit.
    5. Weekly returns post on Thursday for processing on Friday… Wmr on Saturday for ddd of Wednesday… Weekly returns will not process until Friday….
    6. Daily vs Weekly… Cycles 01 02 03 04 are daily cycles. 05 is the only weeklycycle!
    7. The word cycle has 2 different meanings when it comes to the IRSmanual. Cycle is used for days and weeks… so example 20150304 the 03 is your weekly cycle number to where 04 is your daily cycle and so on….



    @Need my money now

    That’s good news to hear as I have 1 bar, topic 152 and it doesn’t say anything is wrong. I am so impatient lol. I kept checking WMR yesterday that it told me I reached my daily limit of how many times I can check. It scolded me and told me that they only update the site once a day, usually at night haha, whoops.



    Also, for those of you that filed with TurboTax, you can go to “Track My Refund”, it’s basically the same general info that is on the government site; “Where’s my Refund”.

    Anyways, on TurboTax it tells you what percentage of people got their money already. Last week it said 0% all week, this past Monday and yesterday it said 1% and when I checked this morning it said 28%

    So that’s technically a good thing, right?



    Still nothing today, 1 bar on WMR, Topic 152, able to order Account Transcript but not Return Transcript.

    Really hope I/ we see the money soon.

    Will continue to monitor and check in.

    If I still haven’t seen/ heard anything by the 9th, I am calling.


    Need my money now

    just got off the phone with one of the IRS ladies and they told me that if you are getting no bars and taxtopic152… what you have nothing to worry about because if they didn’t find anything wrong with your return they would say it on the website. I’m just the messenger lol so don’t kill me lol. and they told me that they could NOT look up my information until 21 days is up. WTF?!? Oh really now? That’s just a bunch of bs.



    @tswan20 is the 8th for everyone who claimed the American Opportunity Credit? I claimed it but I filed 1/24 with my 1098-T. I just wish the IRS would tell us these things. Smh



    wait…why is it only giving me access to request transcripts through the mail??



    Ok I filed and was accepted on the 20th. I was able to order an account transcripts but nothing else. Please someone help me understand what’s going on. I was audited in 2014 and Im so scared that’s it’s going to happend again this year. What can I do is there a number to call. Or is it to early to worry. Help Me…..nails bit


    Need my money now

    Called the irs today myself. Got someone who wasn’t helpful at all sadly. He told me we can only look at it after the 21 days. Ugh just want my money you know. Lol


    Good News Maybe

    I filed 1/17 accepted 1/19

    Bars went missing on WMR 1/23 and have been gone since

    Finally today I was able to order my tax return transcript.

    WMR still has no bars and tax topic 152 also is not showing any account for me.
    Is being able to order my return transcript good news? If so when will WMR update showing a DDD?



    The transcripts site will still not recognize either my old address or my new address. I’m beginning to become a little frustrated. I filed on the 19th and was accepted a few minutes later have been stuck on one bar since then. I was able to order my account transcript on 1/29 with my old address but then minutes later when I tried to go back for my return transcript it would not recognize either my new or old address. it’s been that way ever since. I know that no one here is psychic but if anyone has any insight or experience with this issue would you please comment to help calm my nerves?



    @Hailey2016 she looked and said that it was reason I was placed on hold. I actually received the 1098T yesterday in the mail so fingers crossed



    From the 19



    Did she look into your return account or was she going off the 21 days? Cause 2/8 is pretty much 21 days



    Ok everyone. I just spoke with Ms. Moore a tax advocate and was told that a lot of people that can’t order return transcripts that claimed the American Opportunity Credit were placed on hold for one week pending verification. She told me that I should see something by 2/8/16 because that is my processing cycle. If you want to check that for yourselves, call the tax advocate line and they will research it the number is 877-777-4778



    @hailey2016 keep trying! This is the 2nd time I was able to get someone to look at my account. I did get a few that gave me to 21 day bs.



    Thank you! The wait time was as you said less than one minute… Unfortunately for me the woman I spoke to said that the call I told her I received from the IRS had to be a scam and she gave me a different number to call and report it 18003664484?
    She didn’t feel looking into my account was necessary as she was sure that, that was a scammer…
    Maybe I’m wayyyy to nice but I’ll call until I get the right agent on the phone to give me some understanding



    @hailey2016 I even showed up on wmr the day after I filed saying my return was accepted. Which was on 1/22. So my return was there probably just sitting around until they got to it on the 25th. The date they started processing it is what you really need to know. Clearly mine was just sitting in a pile for 4 days doing nothing so the day they started processing it is the date that matters



    @hailey2016 I called and said that I received a call saying it was the irs and they wanted to verify my social security #. (Clearly a lie to make them check my account lol) I called 1800-829-0582 ext 652. The wait time was less then 1 minute. The lady put me on hold for a couple minutes to look into my account and gave me the info I needed. If you are going to call, call now since that extension doesn’t seem to be busy at all. Just tell them that and they will pull up your info.



    I sure will and THANKYOU



    Typo I meant @LF not FL



    @FL What did you say to get them to look into your account?



    So I just called the IRS. I filed on 1/21 and received an email from turbo tax saying it was accepted the same day. Turns out the lady I just spoke to from the it’s told me that they actually didn’t accept it and start processing until 1/25 and I had no problems with my return. So if you guys are just going by the email of acceptance from your tax preparation company it is most likely not the correct date. Sort of feeling a little bit better considering I thought it’s been processing 4 days longer than it actually has. Still hope to see an update tonight but not really counting on it. Can pull my account transcript since last Friday but not my return transcript. Maybe this will make some of you guys feel a little better




    Will you let us know what they say? I am in same exact boat as you..only recognized with old address..I would call but stuck at work..I was told that when you call to be extra nice and just tell them you are just in need of it so bad etc..and sometimes they will be sympathetic



    Accepted 1/19
    New address still isn’t recognized by the automated system. I can only order account transcripts through my old address….
    I’m going to call again last time I called they didn’t look into my account at all, this time I’m going to have to be for clever when I call to get them to atleast look into it… Any ideas?



    I’ve seen a few people talking about having to verify their ID, how did you know you had to do this? Was there a different code on WMR?
    Also, has anyone else heard that there may be a big update tonight and tomorrow night?



    I am in the same type of boat. I filed electronically via TurboTax, accepted on 1/19/2016, WMR is at 1 bar, tax topic 152. I was able to order my account transcript but it says tax transcript unavailable.

    Last year I got my return surprisingly quickly. The year before I had to “verify my ID” and it took like 6 weeks.

    What does the whole “Tax Topic” thing mean? I see people talking about topic 152.

    I really hope this goes through soon for all of us.




    Still no updates, I have to work today, I think I’ll check it from my Gov computer J/K lol. I have never had this problem. I will check back at lunch and see if anyone that filed on the 19th has seen any movement. Maybe it’s going to Wed after the 2/3 batch.



    Still no return tranny. Ordered acct 1/29 got it in mail yesterday and it aint even the acct tranny its my return tranny for last year. Still no updates on WMR. As of today it’s been 2 weeks since I was accepted. Only 7 more days until I start calling the IRS like a stalker. LBVS.



    Still nothing this morning, Those that filed on the 19th. I have to work today! Maybe I’ll check on them from my Gov computer LOL.



    Accepted 1/19




    I still can’t either.



    I still can’t order my return trans either.


    script kiddy

    Still no return transcript for me.



    So nothing new on WMR still saying the 21days and topic 152. I can’t order transcripts says that they are experincing technical issues……maybe I will be blessed with an update soon. Ohio State refund is approved and waiting for it so I don’t see why Federal would not be too far behind lol




    I still can’t either, still only pulling up account transcript with my old address, very sad right now



    I am beyond upset now. Still no return transcript available for me!!!!!!

    Filed and accepted on 1/14 – still sitting at 1 bar and topic 152.

    This is complete BS


    retired airforce

    I just tried to order a return transcript and was able to do so, so maybe everything will be okay and I will finally get a DDD in the next couple of days. :-) A long wait from the 9th of Jan.



    I was just able to get my refund transcript.


    retired airforce

    Filed 9 Feb accepted by IRS 12 jan. Lost my wmr tracker bars Saturday morning. Says tax return still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. Only code is the code pertaining to direct deposit of refunds. Called the offset line Saturday. Had no offsets. Called that line a few minutes ago and was told that information now is not available. I wonder if they they now are adding debts to my account or am I just worrying too much. Have filed early for many years and received refund within a week. Retired from military in 2000. Left last civilian job in 2005 and have been retired ever since due to health concerns so nothing has changed since 2005. What the heck is going on here?



    Filed 1/18 Approved 1/19.

    No update to WMR. Turbo Tax Early Tracking says expect refund 2/6.

    Ordered Account transcript 1/27/16 and actually got in the mail today. Pretty much blank and says no Return on file.

    Can’t order Return Transcript




    Thanks for the info. Hoping I don’t have to use it but just in case! Hoping we are get a DS soon




    I was able to reach the IRS last Monday and asked them if there was any holdup with the taxes. We were concerned with filing Head of household and for the fact he had not filed in 7 hears (FYI in his name not mine, I make too much monday and he was unemployed on disability for a while just got back to work last year) The lady he talked to said everything was fine on the taxes and there should be no hold ups so I am starting to think we are in a dead space. I am going to attempt calling the IRS again after work and see if maybe calling them will jumpstart it a bit. They have to give us something!



    Filed and accepted 1/19 (1 bar)
    I can only order account transcript and it’s still under my old address.
    New address isn’t recognized

    Hoping things will change or start moving for me soon



    Filed 1/23 via TT. Accepted by IRS less than an hour later. Sat at one bar until last Friday. Figured I’d give it till today to see if it updates – no luck. Called IRS this morning, found out I needed to Verify my id. Was instructed to call that dept and did. Spent over an hr on the phone between holding and completing the verify process. Agent told me 9 weeks from the day that my return is green lighted, which according to him could take 2 weeks just to be reviewed and put back to processing status. When I asked him why my return is being put through this he had no logical answer other than “your return was selected to be reviewed more closely”. This is incredibly frustrating bc like many Americans I desperately need this money and to be singled out for no good reason makes me feel a certain way about our great gvot. I truly hope my situation is like the ppl that had to be id verified and received their returns within a week or so. I need this return by 3/1 just to survive. Any advice on what I can do to expedite this process is greatly appreciated. God Bless America!



    Cant get return transcript. I filed 1/23 and was accepted the same day. (Saturday) I have seen so many people already get their refund or is expecting to receive it on 2/3. I also added a child this year. Wondering if that has anything to do with it. Usually I am able to get my refund within 3-5 days. I dont know whats going on this year.




    Here is the cut and dry method. Its on this website as butta stated.

    Speak to a human : 800-829-0582
    Ext: 652
    M-F 7a-7p local time

    Hold time 7-10 mins



    Can someone please update once their return transcript becomes available? I filed 1/20..still one bar on wmr. Small state tax offset from last year. Return transcripts seem to be the only sure sign that the end is near lol



    I feel after reading and researching, I think ours is just sitting somewhere and as not been processed yet. I filed on the 1/19 about 3 hours later was accepted by the IRS. The next day I could track on WMR. I read where the Account transcripts we can order is now is blank. The IRS is not telling us anything until after the 2/9. I filed my ex- husband taxes on 1/23 because he claims our kids. He has a DD for the 3rd. Last year we filed at the same time mine came back about a week before his did. I don’t think anyone of us truly knows what’s going on. Just here to vent, and keep up with all that is in the same boat.



    @ Cindy Got this off of TT. After about 30 min on hold
    Call the IRS: 1-800-829-1040 hours 7 AM – 7 PM local time Monday-Friday

    When calling the IRS do NOT choose the first option re: “Refund”, or it will send you to an automated phone line.

    So after first choosing your language, then do NOT choose Option 1 (refund info). Choose option 2 for “personal income tax” instead.

    Then press 1 for “form, tax history, or payment”.

    Then press 4 “for all other questions.”

    Then press 2 “for all other questions.” It should then transfer you to an agent.



    If you are able to order your account transcripts does that mean they are at least looking at your return?




    If you are on your cell phone…there are three lines on the right of the screen. If you hit that…it will open up a menu…one of the choices are telephone numbers. It will give you a number to get a live rep on the phone.




    How did you get a rep on the phone? Once 21 days hit I am going to start calling. I want my money.



    So I spoke to the IRS this morning about another issiue that I have with money they owe me from 2012. Anyway while I was on the phone I asked her why I could order my account but not my return and she said I don’t know but what I can tell u is that it’s blank! We haven’t processed your return yet!!!! I know I saw that some one posted that this happened to them last year and they had be delayed a week!!! Soo hopefully all of us 19ers will get DDD this week



    @thomas same here I am in Missouri also I filed on the 19th early morning was accepted 1 hour later as of 1/29/16 I was able to order my account transcript but not my return transcript no movement on WMR and as of 10 mins ago I still can not order my return transcript.

    UHHH :(






    Okay, I called the IRS and talked to a Mr. Jones. ” he said that he could not look up any of my information until after 2/9 that would be 21 days because the IRS opened on 1/19″. He did say if their was a problem I would no it on WMR. I work for DOD and we have not got our healthcare verification yet. My day that is on SS has got his. I wondering if this the hold up do the IRS need verification on our healthcare. just my thoughts.



    So I filed on the 19th, late at night, accepted on the 22nd, apparently. Only one bar. Received my state taxes already (I’m in Missouri). Just checked to see if I could order transcripts. I was able to order the account transcript, but not the return transcript. What does that mean? Am I looking at a ddd of 2/1, 2/3, 2/5, or worse? Last year I got my taxes back the last Friday of January. That’s came and went this go round. Last year the pizza tracker didn’t update until my refund had been issued. Would feel better if I just knew when it was coming. One would assume that since I got my state refund already that there is no delay to the federal right? Anyone else in my scenario?



    Filed 1/21 accepted same day
    1 bar and have been able to order account transcripts since 1/29
    As of this morning still can’t get my return transcript still sitting at 1 bar topic 152



    Accepted on 1/12. Went to no bars yesterday. Still no bars this morning and still unable to order return transcript.

    Not worried, just ready to get my $$$ back. :)



    Still one bar and no return transcript available. I’m starting to think that the process goes from our situation to no bars and that message a lot of ppl confuse for an audit (manual review) and then approval with DDD. I just think the IRS has been more diligent with early filers this year. Can’t prove any of it, but I’m seeing a pattern. So hopefully you have no bars and/or you can order return transcript. Otherwise, its like were untouched.



    I still can’t order return transcript either. I really think it will be today or tomorrow that most of us will be able to order the return transcript with a dd Wednesday or Friday.



    @ Butta, looks like mine is out of Covington, KY. I guess it’s a waiting game. Maybe we will see something today on transcripts, and get updated tonight. My ex-husband filed on the 1/23 and got a DD for 2/3 ugh.


    script kiddy

    well here we go.. Hopefully we get our return transcripts either today or tomorrow. If not, then a 2/5 DDD is out of the question. Best-case scenario in that situation becomes a 2/10 DDD.




    I’m from Texas. My Campus is Austin. ?



    Still no change for me. I’ll keep checking for return transcripts and let y’all know. It seem we are all in the same boat. I live in GA, are we all out of the same processing center?



    Checking in and giving an update

    I still can not order my return trans and WMR still sits at topic 152.



    Im in the same boat as a lot of others, one bar, filed on 01/18/2016 with HR Block,, accepted on 01/20/2016, been sitting at one bar w/152 message since last week and watching as so many others get their DDD. Something definitely seems different this year. And I’m starting to believe that the WMR site cannot be trusted, leaves us wondering what really is going on. Ohhh Well the wait continues…



    Well it’s 5:50 am EST and I still have no updates and still can not order return transcripts. kinda frustrating. Filed my son’s taxes on the 25th and he is getting a mailed check but hell his is updated to say it will be mailed by 2/5. I still have 1 bar and the generic Topic 152 about refunds. Not going to stress as it has not been 21 days yet……….



    I still cannot order return transcripts and no change on wmr….?



    As far as I can tell on last year transcript I had cycle 20150402 so that means I posted on Monday I ordered transcript Tuesday approved Wednesday got $ Friday . Filed 1/19 accepted 1/20 ordered account transcript 1/29 no return yet but I strongly believe we will see updates Monday or Tuesday for transcript approval Wednesday money Friday even the refund schedule say by February 5 we are not do yet if we are not updated yet then we can really worry I know I will I need and want my money to….. have been stressing to but this morning I thought about it and it is on schedule.


    Be Patient

    I wouldn’t expect a Update till Monday at the Earliest



    Filed 1/19 with TT still no updates. I can order my Acct. transcripts on 1/29. Still no return transcripts. I called the offset line I have no offsets. I have insurance the whole year. Nothing has change on my return except a pay increase. Been with TT since 2012. Never had a problem until now. I no it’s not TT fault. I hope to see an update tonight. Last year I did have a code of 05 on my transcripts. I will keep y’all updated .



    I’ve been looking over tax topics on the internet and I hope its true. If their was a problem on our tax return i believe we would have gotten a tax topic on WMR. I found this I hope it can bring a little relief. I’m discouraged too!
    I got a 151 on the irs where s my refund site am I still getting a refund?
    Usually when you receive the topic 152 message you will receive your tax refund within the next 10-14 days. Topic 152 is a code that the IRS uses to tell the status of each group of refunds. 151 says you are under an audit. 160 says that your refund has been deposited. 161 says your refund has been mailed out to the recipient. 171 means that the IRS is still processing your refund. The code number 149 is the one you do not want to see. 149 means that your refund has been rejected. And last but not least, THE ONLY NUMBER THAT A PERSON DOES NOT WANT TO EVER SEE IS ” TOPIC 148 “. Topic 148 means that the individual or individuals filing there taxes with the IRS are under a fraud alert and are being subjected to an audit followed by a Identity Fraud, Tax Fraud,and Attempted Larsony of the Government of the United States and is punishable up to 25 years in prison.



    @not again I really think you’re right that we’re lookin’ at a DDD of 2/5. What was your acceptance date again? Mine was 1/14. Got access to my account transcripts 1/28


    not again


    This happened to me last year. An account transcript became available on Monday the 26th and there was no movement whatsoever until Monday the 2nd, when I received my return transcript. That Wednesday morning I received my DDD and the money came in on Friday the 6th.



    I have gone from wondering what the heck is happening to my return to now I am very worried. I found out on the IRS website the reason why the tracker bars disappeared on the WMR page is because my return has been flagged for review which means I don’t know when I will get a refund or even if I will. It could be under review for identity theft (which means someone else used my number to obtain a job) and in which case I could be assessed thousands of dollars in federal taxes or it could be something else. As of today I still haven’t received any notice on my WMR page or any correspondence from the IRS. I read an article where illegal immigrants were using randomly generated social security numbers causing many filers to be assessed taxes from those jobs done by illegal immigrants. I am praying that isn’t the case. I am disabled and haven’t worked since 2005. Hopefully I will find out something soon.



    @paitently waiting well keep me updated a d make sure to keep everyone posted



    Has this happened to anyone last year and if so how long did it take until they got refund?



    Hi all I’m a little worried too I file on 1/22 and accepted a few hours later. On 01/29 I was able to order my account transcript I was so excited because last year when I was able to order my account transcript the next day I got my ddd. As of today I still can’t order my return transcript and WMR is still at one bar with topic 152. I feel so discouraged



    Gotten a ton of conflicting information. Was told that basically we’re in the queue in terms of next to be finalized and given DDD’s. Was told that likely headed for review. I don’t think any of it is true universally. I think the IRS is ridiculously understaffed and some of us just got the short straw in terms of when our return came up. But like everyone else, it’s just SPECULATION.



    Filed with TurboTax 11 Jan. Return accepted by IRS 12 Jan. Was able to order account transcript on the morning of 29 Jan but could not order return transcript. As of today (30 Jan) there were no offsets. Until this morning WMR showed one bar but now has no bars and I get “return still being processed and refund date will be given when available. No codes except for the standard 152. Still unable to request return transcript telling me “2015 data unavailable”. Wondering what the heck is going on?



    For what’s it’s worth. Last year I did the transcript thing and I was unable to order them. No movement on wmr and our return was deposited without the transcripts or wmr movement. Hoping that happens again



    Filed 1/11, accepted 1/12 with Turbo Tax. Been sitting at 1 bar on WMR since 1/12. Yesterday, 1/29, I was able to order my “account” transcript, under my old address. My new address “doesn’t match” their records. And yes I moved in February of last year. I am still NOT able to order “return” transcripts. Today I am still at 1 bar on WMR. My generic “21 day” message was replaced with the “your return is being processed and a refund date will be provided when available” but my Tax Topic has stayed at 152. Now, I did find out yesterday that I have a small offset for $251 for the State of Ohio. I am hoping that that is the only reason for my WMR updating to the above… Keeping fingers crossed that I have a better update soon. I have NEVER filed early and NEVER will again and I have never had an offset…



    filed 1/22/2015
    tax act
    accepted 1/22/2015 mins later
    today can get account transcripts only
    but no return transcript!
    1 bar last year had to get a tax advocate due to being lost in the system
    so hope that it don’t happen again this year!
    not happy!


    Paitently Waiting

    @concerned my son in law is in the same boat was able to order both transcripts yesterday then work up to action tsken with topic 151



    @worried2015 no not as of today. But my state is requesting additional info




    Do you have a new address or am offset



    Same here filed 1/18, accepted 1/19, was finally able to order account transcripts 1/29, but still not able to get return transcript. This is so frustrating!



    Got my account transcript yesterday. Tried to order the return over the phone as some people said they had better luck there. Nope. Put in my ss# twice and they said they had no record of me. WTF. Getting worried. Still at one bar . Accepted 1/19





    Curiosity killed the cat

    @ concerned…
    Tax topic 151 is for appeals. It means you are under review or getting audited. This happened to my cousin when he claimed his gf kids and they asked for proof he was providing for them. I’ve also seen it happen to people who fail to report unemployment income. Honestly there are many reasons that can trigger a review. I suggest calling the IRS Monday morning for your specific reasoning.



    Idk if anyone is in the same boat as me but I filed on the 19 been at one bar forever was able to get both transcripts yesterday ordered and no offsets owed. Now today my bars are gone and I have tax topic 151 can anyone help, or know someone that this has happened to before


    Curiosity killed the cat

    Does anybody know if the transcripts are updated during the weekend or should I not bother with it until Monday? I’ve been able to order my account transcript but not the return transcript. Filed 1/13 with TT accepted 1/14



    How long last year did you have to wait for your return transcript after you got your account transcripts if you don’t mind me asking



    I was wondering the same thing about updating. I filed on 1/26 and accepted on 1/27. Praying for an update soon.



    Same..can only order account transcripts with old return..anyone know if transcripts will update throughout the day or are we done until Monday?



    I was able to order my account transcript yesterday but not the return. Does that mean my refund isn’t finished yet. Still no update on WMR. Still just one bar.



    Yesterday morning I was able to order both account and return transcripts , hoping I would receive a DDD this morning but nope I’m still at 1 bar. Has this happened to anyone?



    Was able to order my account transcripts yesterday 1/29 but not my return. No update on wmr still one bar tax topic 152 etc. but now when I try to order any transcript it tells me my info is incorrect. ugh, was hoping for a ddd when I woke up.



    Still can’t get my return trans. Filed on the 24th accepted on the 24th. One bar asap. Was able to order my account trans on Wednesday. I do have an offset but it’s for state and I should still get something in state after it. Don’t know what’s going on. I do know I’m a weekly. Maybe next week we will see something. :(



    wow again this year,happened same damn way last year. only account transcripts avaible yesterday and no update at all over last night still can’t get return transcripts . but it’s saturday so maybe over tonight we’ll be able to. ..filed Tt 1/17 & accepted 1/19,hope we all get update by tomorrow



    I was able to order my account… not return.. just tried a few mins ago and a page comes up saying incorrect information entered when I enter my old or my new address..



    I can order my account transcripts but only with my old address. Still can’t get return. Filed 1/19 accepted 1/19. Still one bar. I’m really hoping to update on Wednesday with a DD for 2/5.



    @not again

    Nope!! No DDD for me…and I still can not pull my return trans.


    not again

    Probably don’t have to ask, but I’m guessing none of us account-only people got a ddd this morning?



    I have been able to order my account transcripts but not my return transcript for several days now. I figured however that I would not see anything for my account till Monday because last year my account number ended in 05. We will see what happens this year.



    my question is has anyone that has been rejected by the IRS and told that your efile was not approved been able to order their new transcripts for this year?



    same here only account transcript available. last year this happened. we all must be 05 cycle, we wait longer for updates :( . let’s hope after Saturday we will have another update. but hey we’re moving ahead,atleast we were able to order account transcripts. bc before early morning 4am est time i couldn’t order either. filed 1/17 accepted 1/19 TT



    Couldn’t get my account trans all day using either old or new address. Finally was able to get an error message saying I already ordered it from old address. Called, and was able to order account. Both site and phone said 5-10 days. Then it stopped recognizing both addresses again online. (I locked myself out again.) I’m just happy to be able to see at least one finally! How soon until the return transcript shows up??



    No Return trans for me yet.?




    How long ago did you check that it was just the account transcript? I just checked mine and it’s still just one I can get :(



    So, this morning and prior I was able to order my account transcript but not my return. I checked just now and I was able to order the return. WOOHOO! Guess this means I should expect DDD of 2/3? We’ll see!



    Just got off the phone with an IRS CSR and she told me that my return was likely delayed due to high volume. I asked her if that meant I was resequenced and she said there was nothing to suspend or stop my return, no levies, no ID theft, but that the volume meant that I hadn’t been processed yet. That’s just a paraphrasing. But I guess I have to prepare for possibly being delayed another couple of weeks…



    I’ve been able to request my acct trans since Wednesday but can’t get my return trans. Filed on the 24th and got accepted asap. I do have an offset for the department of labor. One bar and no movement since. Really praying for an update tonight. Simple return.



    I was able to order my account transcript this morning and throughout the day using my old address. Now it says neither one matches the information on file. I’m really hoping for a DDD tonight. Last year I filed the beginning of the last week of January and had my refund that same Friday at around 3pm. Was hoping for the same thing this year but no such luck



    does anyone owe in for health care? I saw someone had an offset- I am one that has my account transcript and no return transcript however I didn’t have health insurance the whole year so I got penalized or offset – maybe if you owe in for that it doesn’t give us our return transcript until its paid



    Here is some information on the form 4506-T for address change and request of transcripts. Hope this helps some of you.

    a Return Transcript, which includes most of the line items of a tax return as filed with the IRS. A tax return transcript does not reflect
    changes made to the account after the return is processed. Transcripts are only available for the following returns: Form 1040 series,
    Form 1065, Form 1120, Form 1120-A, Form 1120-H, Form 1120-L, and Form 1120S. Return transcripts are available for the current year
    and returns processed during the prior 3 processing years. Most requests will be processed within 10 business days . . . . . .

    b Account Transcript, which contains information on the financial status of the account, such as payments made on the account, penalty
    assessments, and adjustments made by you or the IRS after the return was filed. Return information is limited to items such as tax liability
    and estimated tax payments. Account transcripts are available for most returns. Most requests will be processed within 10 business days


    This Sucks

    Ok, im getting really upset now!!!! Why can I only order my account transcript, but not my return! Others had both pop up as available today and are being given DDD, but not me! WTF is going on???? I filled and was accepted on 1/14 via TT. This is such BS.



    Andrea – if you have an offset from the State of Ohio, then the offset will be deducted from your State refund. I have an offset from Ohio as well. I don’t understand why this would affect your Federal refund?

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