Accepted 2/3/14

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    Anyone who was accepted 2/3 and hasn’t received a DDD

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    NO Updates lol!!
    H/R 1/21 Accptd 2/3

    Status- processing… 152TT
    Transcript- no return filed

    Status- processing date will post when available
    Transcript- Technical Difficulties internal ref code 122

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    Forgot to update for y’all. WMR updated last night for DDD 2/20 :) Yaaa!

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    shayla ocalafl

    Finally. at last got ddd for feb 18

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    I got an update tonight! Logged on to view my transcripts and there was that b-e-a-utiful 846 Refund Issued code! Woot! Cycle date 20140705. Hoping WMR updates tonight so I can see my exact DDD. AHH! YEA!

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    Lets Gooe

    F/A 2/3…..Same here: Account transcripts show nothing but a date of 3/3. I am finally accepting that I will probably not receive my return until then. I still have the * 2013 on the Return Transcripts.

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    Filed Married/Joint with HRB 1/21 Accepted 2/3 with 1 bar.. bar was gone 2/6 no DDD both of ours state:Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available but only mines had the Tax Topic 152.. Tried to view transcripts *2013 confirming no return filed (mines) *2013 Error Technical Difficulties Ref code 122 (internal use only).. tried to mail order transcripts and states:A transcript is not available for the year you have requested. Please complete Form 4506-T or contact us… iLoveWaiting \_ / Irritated but not frustrated YET lol

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    Got a DDD of 2/18 this morning. Good luck all

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    I filed with Turbo tax on 1/20 and got accepted 2/3. Still only 1 bar, and topic 152. I was able to order transcripts and there is a 971 code-notice sent. I called the irs and she said that it could be a small review, due to everything being electronic, she also told me to wait saying they were within the 21 days. That I should wait until 2-24-14 to see if it’s in my account. That is also the date listed on my Account transcripts this is getting to be a nightmare. Seems like everyone who filed early is going through a waiting period and especially those who got accepted on 2/3.

    I’m beyond pissed, and the irs rep stated she could not tell me anymore.

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    i filed my taxes on january 30th and got accepted on 3rd and nothing still

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    Fi10. Still waiting for something to happen. I filed my boyfriend’s return on 2/3 accepted text came on 2/4. Bars went away Monday of this week so 2/10. As till waiting for a DDD.
    I filed my taxes 2/4 because they were kicked back for entering daughter’s ss# wrong. I got my refund yesterday. His return with block, mine with tax act. Is it possible there is a software glitch at block causing the return to go to refund purgatory?

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    I filed 2/3/2014 and WMR says accepted 2/3/2014, received a txt message saying accepted 2/7/2014. Still on first bar and no DDD as of 2/13/2014.

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    I filed 2/2 & irs accepted my return 2/2. Still no DDD. I qonder whats going on.

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    Still no change for me. At least some of you are seeing progress!

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    shayla ocalafl

    Update i ordered both trsnscripts today with 846 and cycle 20140703 not sure what that meant some folks saying. feb 17 but thaats presidents day banks will b closed

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    I filed on 2/1 accepted 2/3. I was finally able to order transcripts this morning. But still no DDD on WMR. Will update if this changes.

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    I just wanted to update this afternoon. Called IRS since my account transcript is blank but it says at the bottom 971 Notice Sent. Called to find out what they could be sending me. Rep said it’s prob something with my offset (which I knew about) Not really sure why it’s taking longer I’ve seen people with offsets get their money pretty quick.. UGH I also still can’t see my Return Transcript yet. Still a * next to 2013. Soon I hope. WMR still says the same We have received… blah blah.

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    Tampa mom

    Accepted 2/3 still nothing.

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    Annette Figueroa

    Accepted 2/3/14 and nothing yet

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    I’m still waiting. No DDD yet. Hoping maybe tonight..

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    Accepted 2/3 still no ddd getting worried anyone got same issue?

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    I filed and was accepted on 2/3/14. Still one bar and topic 152. My neighbor filed the same as I did and her ddd was for today.

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    Accepted file 1/31 — accepted 2/3 — updated on friday 2/7 with dd of 2/11.

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    shayla ocalafl

    anyone with acceptance on 2/3 can email me [email protected] to keep each other informed

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    shayla ocalafl

    I been had that topic since i recieved my first bar my return has been en da same fr 7 yrs arrird jointly 3 Kids onee w3

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    shayla ocalafl

    @ Frustrated yes i do

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    I have one bar and the TaxTopic152 now under the old 21 days to process message….anyone else have the same?

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    I was accepted 2/3 no ddd

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    shayla ocalafl

    @auriel which transcript are u looking at

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    I filed & was accepted 2/3.. Still no ddd or updates. I did notice the date on my transcript has changed from 2/24 to 3/3. Ugh.

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    My either I filed 1-27-14 and accepted 2-3-14 and still have no DDD

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    shayla ocalafl

    Yes me filed jan 28

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