accepted 2/12 still no DDD, just one orange bar

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    My taxes were excepted on 2/12. As of today there is no change still on that first bar. I thought it would be processing by now. Does anyone have the same acceptance date and are they in processing or with a add date? Does anyone even know a estimated deposit date for me? THANK YOU

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    Well, I filed 2/11, accepted according to my tax software on 2/12, early am. Have no credits, filed single with one w2. Still stuck at one bar with no DDD…getting very frustrated. No offsets either.

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    @ Dave congrats!!!!!….wait almost over, could see pending tomorrow depending on your baking set up…card/bank

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    @ Keli….todays the day for you. I hope the teens have a blast at the concert. Sounds like fun…send a message cause I prayed for instant release…

    @ Quan.. .what is wmr saying? I never ordered a transcript so I wouldn’t even know what to tell you to look for.
    Have you received any notices or no of any reasons for delay ie.. Change of address, change in filing status etc.?

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    Lol, I called my bank today Stephanie at 4:30 and there was nothing pending they said check back tommorow if it was suppose to be dd on 26th they would have record of it day before. Wouldn’t you know I could use it the day early im taking 4 teenagers 4 hours away to a concert and I could use the extra mo et for food gas and a little gift for the girls a tee short or something. im hoping I see it in there tonight.. PRAYING HARD ACTUALLY.

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    Still no ddd for me and i filed 2/12

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    @keli….no ma’am…when any transactions post to my account it sends text alert. My current balance shows my already available pay along with my tax return, but my available balance is what was already there…

    About Netspend…I know.. they were posting early that theirs is already available. When I send it to USAA its the same way, (early) but I added my 17 year old to that account and there is no way I keep any significant money there.. :)

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    Did you call your bank and find out? I have add of 2/26 and people keep saying the people on netspend and chase bank got there’s I have regions but nothings even pending. =/

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    @all… deposit posted to Credit Union to be released 2/25..
    DDD 2/26

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    Got my transcripts for the forst toke yesterday and now got refund approved with a date of 2/27!

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    Filed 2/6 and accepted the same day. Still on one bar. No DDD in site. 2/12 people are getting dates already?! That’s soooo wrong!

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    Mrs San

    I woke up to a direct deposit date of 2/26 as well!

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    Received update on WMR overnight….DDD 2/26
    filed 2/12 accepted same day
    had offset last year

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    Ann did you check your transcripts?

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    filed and accepted 2/4. WMR says still processing and no refund date. :(

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    Still haven’t progressed for me. Hope mines coming soon…

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    i hope there’s some kind of update tomorrow

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    Mrs San

    I have the same cycle date….fingers crossed!!!

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    filed 2-13 accepted 2-13, still 1 bar processing TT 152 was able to order transcript wednesday no data for *2013. now it says i data doesn’t match and got locked out (thursday and friday). I just want to get my refund! frustrated!

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    i was able to order transcripts to i am cycle 20140805 i called irs and they said I have a ddd of 2/26 with that being said I HOPE I GET IT THAT DATE AND IT DON’T CHANGE LIKE I HAVE SEEN OTHER PEOPLES..

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    I have a refund issued message on my account transcript…so we will see what happens in the next few day.

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    Mrs San

    I was able to order my transcript for the first time today, still no change on wmr…..

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    Everyone; , I think we are still in a “good place”. from what I see some who file the 31 of January just received theirs today .This year seems to have no predictable pattern at all, but thank you all for updating…

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    Just called a tax advocate and they said im still being processed I do have a offset which I know about but she said that automatically gets taking out and don’t delay anything. She said give them the 21 one days to process the only advice she gave me was checking wmr everyday. So here goes being in limbo for another 2 weeks.. Uggggh I hope they process me soon and o get a update Friday.

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    I wonder why we have nothing, =/ im going to call irs right now and find oit, I’ll post back as soon as I get off the phone.

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    Mrs San

    A few 2/12-2/14ers have received DDD of 2/24, at least that is what they have told me.

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    Mrs San

    Nothing here…..I was thinking the same thing….It would be awesome to just have a date!

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    Same here, still nothing just accepted on the 12th still stuck on first bar code 152 and cant order my transcripts. I am so confused because early filers are having a problem and I think there trying to catch up with them that we are getting pushed back as well I heard there is another big update for weekly people Friday. This is killing me I wish I had a date even of its 3/30 so so I knew nothing was wrong.

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    Err nothing still

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    I can not even access prior years online. This is getting annoying. I hope we all get answers after the big updates overnight tonight!

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    Mrs San

    @shelly same thing here! I have no access to 2013 anything!

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    I am in the same situation. Filed and accepted on 2/12 and still nothing. Not sure what is going on this year but it is taking forever. I can not view anything online either. It keeps telling me i am entering the wrong information and locking me out for 24 hours. If i call the hotline to request the transcript the information goes through. Just not for this year. Maybe the wesites are just messed up.

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    Thanks for keeping us posted guys, I will let you all know what happens tonight as well.

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    Still nothing! Hopefully we get a DDD after they update tonight. Will post here in the morning if I get anything!

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    Filed on 2/12 still on one bar… Still on 1 bar as on day and still processing.

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    I filed on 2/6 and still on one bar!! This has never happened before with me!! I opted for DD and thought I would have received my refund by now but still nothing. I have tried calling the irs 20 times and nothing it will not let me speak to a live representative it is really starting to tick me off!!

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    Hi im in this boat as well…. Major update occurs tonight ,will any of you that get changes post them here so I can have hope…

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    Still nothing as of this morning.. Ughhh. I just want a ddd

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    I wonder when we will get a direct deposit date, hopefully tonight. Keep me posted and I will as well when I check wmr tommorow morning.. Thank you

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    I was accepted on 2/12 also. I can’t see my transcripts and I have been stuck at one bar. No DD

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