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    I filed online with TaxSlayer early morning 2/11 and was accepted minutes later. I just wanted to go ahead and start a post for any others who were accepted on this date. I’ve only been processing for 5 days, but I’m hoping to find out if anyone has received any DDD who filed on this date or later? So please update on this post if and when any new information is given.

    Dated Filed: 02/11/2013
    Date Accepted:02/11/2013
    Requested Transcripts: Unable to provide return transcript as of 2/14
    WMR: “We have received your tax return and it is processing. You should receive your refund within 21 days”
    Additional Information: TAX TOPIC 152 ( Unsure if this has any real meaning or is a generic message, at first I did not have this message, but it popped up on the 13th and has stayed ever since).

    I will update daily with any information. Thanks in advance for doing the same!

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    I was accepted 2/13 through tax slayer… on 2/17 I was able to see account transcripts but they say no return filed, with all 000’s and no cycle code. Only date is the as of date which is 3/9. Still one bar on wmr. Called the 652 extension and the man told me he couldn’t dig deep into it but that he didn’t see anything holding it up and that it was just processing. But of course he didn’t fail to mention that I just needed to wait until my 21 day wait was over to find out any additional information. Anyone else have news to share?

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    I have an direct deposit date of Feb 11, 2014 and still there is nothing!!!…My preparer used advent financial as a 3rd party bank and they sucks…can’t give any information except wrong information…I think after this year i will start doing my taxes myself…:(

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    The trouble with reading posts to get an idea of *how long* it will be is that people who have received their refund aren’t inclined to post because they are satisfied. Thus, the picture one gets from reading posts is skewed to the unfortunate side.
    There is a poll on one site, but I can never get result. Does anybody know of a results-of-poll page?

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    I actually filed and was accepted on 2/6 and have the email to prove it. When I called the IRS this morning, they told me that it was dated 2/11. Not sure where that came from. I am also not sure if I have any recourse any other way. Waiting for my $$ sucks

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    Accepted 2/14 through Turbotax. I have heard the you get an original last possible day DDD but then as time goes on they give you an earlier DDD. So far I just have 3/6 with 2/24 being the earliest day to receive DD. I have my DD sending to a prepaid card so that my bank will not hold it until the date. Hopefully I will get it sooner than this day. Will update as I get more info. As of now WMR has one bar and says the generic 21 day message.

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    I was accepted on 2/14 and I have a DDD of 3/6
    I don’t remember waiting this long last year… I had my refund like the first week of February… I guess they’re a month behind

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    Update – Accepted 2/11 got a DDD on 2/16 of 2/21.

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    Update – Accepted on 2-10-13 and just got a DD date of 02-21-13…

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    Hi Kel, I’m new to this forum…just curious how do you know theres going to be a big update? I so need my money, Im one of those who was accepted on 1/31

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    Participant transcripts on 2/14 too,.there s suppose to be a big update either tonight.or.Wednesday!

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    I was accepted on 2/10/13. Same thing. 21 days. One orange bar. And tax topic 152. Will let you know if anything changes as well.

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    Well, I said I’d update accordingly if/when anything changes for me. As of 3:00 PM ‘WMR” still has the exact same message for me ‘we have received your tax return and its processing. You should receive your refund within 21 days.’ Tax Topic 152.

    Just about 30 minutes ago it DID let me order our return transcripts, so there is some sort of progress going on. Really hoping for a DDD to show on WMR when they next update.

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