ACCEPTED 1/19 This is for us……

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    Hello all. This is the forum for all who were accepted 1/19/16 so we can update each other on our progress.

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    You’re all crying over spilled milk. You are ALL within the 21 day time frame. Not one person, including the IRS, can explain what point your return is in within the process, until the 21 days are up (began on 1/19 even if you filed before).

    Yes, it’s $. Yes, it’s your $. Relax, it will arrive when it arrives. Maybe you should be more financially responsible during the year, so you’re not as dependent on this check. There’s a thought!



    I don’t believe it matters who you used to file. I used Turbo Tax last year. Filed on February 4th and had my money. Updated on the weekend and had my deposit by the following Tuesday, February 10th. I have never waited this long. And I’m actually counting the year I had an offset and still got my money very quickly. This year I went back to FreeTaxUSA which I’ve used many times and never had any problems. Seeing a lot of theories surrounding why us “accepted on the 19th” people are waiting so long. It doesn’t seem like theres any real order. Its just a waiting game…. Frustrating….. If it helps, I filed on the 18th, got accepted on the 19th, and have had one bar with topic 152 ever since. I’ve gotten so tired of seeing that bar I’m calling instead now to hear over the phone if I have any updates from the automated system. If I see that bar again…… Hang in there everyone. Our time will come!


    DebbieT in Oregon

    @minnie Thanks for the feedback!

    I forgot to mention that the healthcare issue has nothing to do with me because I have had healthcare provided by my employer since 1980 and it continued right into retirement. Unless IRS is batching by SSN or State or Region, there is no reason that they should hold up my piddly little refund when nothing but a 2% COLA changed since last year. If I were filing with a W-2 instead of a 1099-R, I’d be able to use the 1040-EZ form. With the 1009-R, I’m forced to use the 1040-A.




    1 bar
    TT 152

    Filed: 1/17/2016
    Accepted: 1/19/2016

    As of 1/31/2016 @ 3:24 PM CST, no WMR movement or changes.

    There are some people losing their WMR bars with error code 9001 or something, saying secondary tax filers SSN used. This makes no sense to me, since my wife and I filed joint, and I use WMR for both of us and have no seen code: 9001 EVER.

    I called the IRS on Friday, but made the mistake of saying WMR did say received which promoted them to say they can not open an info until after 21 days, so I suppose unless you get lucky, the only way to truck them into giving you info may be to lie about WMR. Either way, she did tell me that if there was an issue, i would know by now,

    At this point, I am beyond worried, I am just annoyed and angry. I know they say not to plan on getting your refund by any date, but come on.. I just want to see some likely information that pertains to what is actually going on here!!

    I see a few different ideas on the main page about not getting refund at all this coming week..

    Any ideas?


    Tracy Hall

    I filed TT on the 19th got accepted on 19th WMR still on processing. I am wondering if that affordable healthcare has anything to do with it or shall I make this my last year with TT. Last year i didnt get it until April.




    I am having the same issue I filled 1/19 accepted 1/19 wmr was working fine until yesterday wmr cant match my information my return has disappeared. Have you had any updates yet???


    ashley f

    Filed 1/19/16 accepted the evening of 1/19/16 still no change to our wmr still says its processing. This is mildly irritating but we are playing the waiting game lol


    diana walton

    My refund accepted on Jan.20th.My sons accepted on the 15th.Mine was approved on the 30th with deposit date of Feb.3rd but my son still has only processing on wmr.Why would this be? Do they do it by last 4 of social.


    April Southerland

    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/19
    Ordered Account Transcripts 1/30
    Still 1 WMR bar as of 9:30AM 1/31

    I am thinking that it will update this week,. I know its an old wives tale but my mother in law used to tell us if your left hand itched that you were going to get money. You were supposed to scratch it on wood, spit on it and stick it in your pocket. As broke as we have been, yes we do this and yes it works LOL. I just have a feeling that ours will update Monday morning. I mean we have to realize something, there are ALOT of people right now filing taxes. Yes I got mine super fast last year. I actually got mine before anything updated on WMR.
    We filed last year on 1/20, accepted the same date and was sitting at Wal-Mart on 1/26 picking out some new things. I kept checking it everyday to see when our date was going to show up, it never did. I got depressed just like I do every year and worried because I have obligations riding on the money and it still came through.
    I just have a feeling about Monday Morning.

    Also I live in KY, if anyone else in KY has gotten a DDD please post it. My TT page says 1% have received their money already. They are just taking it a bit slower this year than previous years. We will get it, I Just have a good feeling about Monday.



    No transcript access

    Mildly depressed-1/31

    Just woke up…going back to bed till tomorrow………whatever….



    This money could stop ppl from doing something they shouldn’t be doin to get money. I know my child gota eat and right now I dont care how it happens. I know we not going without for damn sure. Not wait tax money no more. Irs and government don’t wana see u have anything. Pretty soon they’ll take taxes and don’t return nothing. This that new world bs for u



    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/19

    Still only one bar. W..t..f.



    @sadie yw and i hope you get it and can fix some of those issues. you’re right we all are in same boat here,I have quite a few things to fix also. I’m hoping we all get update tonight and atleast get return transcripts but really would love a ddd :)



    @minnie thank you. You are probably right. I usually don’t need my return. It’s a bonus. But this year is different . A lot of financial issues. Just like everyone else. Just worried . Thx tho



    @debbie t in Oregon, same for me every year too. I was hoping for a quicker process this year but no luck for Me either :( but atleast we’re getting them :)



    @sadie i know it’s hard not to do but i wouldn’t worry, I think they get info confused when calling,so if website isn’t showing Any problems and being accepted and being able to order atleast the account transcripts then I would say that you’re ok and probably getting approved very soon



    accepted 1/19 got a ddd 1/3 this morning 1/30



    Thank u and never mind. I was able to get through to the refund hotline and got the same generic message . However the transcript line says they are experiencing technical difficulties and to try later. I give up. lol . Ok get it when I get it . Or not



    Can someone please give me some insight. Accepted 1/19. Have one bar topic 152. I exceeded my limit today on WMR so I don’t know if that has changed. Can only order account transcripts. Tried to order by phone today and they could not match my ss #. Just tried to call the automated refund line and they could not match my ss# either . Although I called this am and they said I was processing . What is this? I’ve like disappeared . Any clues ? Please help if you have any info on this


    DebbieT in Oregon

    I filed and was accepted on the 19th. My son filed and was accepted the 25th. Neither of us has anything other than “accepted” on the WMR site. I just tried to order transcripts…first I tried return transcripts and they weren’t available then tried account transcripts and they said I’d get them in 5-10 days. Hopefully, I’ll have my refund by then. Sad thing is, NOTHING changed from last year to this, other than a minor COLA to my pension. Address, bank account, and everything else is identical to last year. Refund is barely over $500 so why is it taking almost the entire 21 days to see my refund? My 1099-R wasn’t even available to me for filing until the 19th, so I filed as soon as possible. Ever since the Federal Tax Law Changes for 2010-2017, I have been waiting the entire 21 days and this year I was hoping that garbage would stop. Guess not…



    Filed thru a hr block office the 19th accepted the 21st and as of this morning got approved with a dd date of February 3rd



    Well I got my approval today finally! With a ddd of feb 3rd
    Our money is coming people (:



    Thi is BS. I work to got damn hard. Go can it take so long to process a return so simple. They need to tighten up. In scared for next year already. There’s no telling how long u will wait in 2017



    weird… filed 1/18, accepted 1/19. one bar but today Turbo tax says: Refund deposited to: and then gives my bank info to my netspend… but also says “accepted” and doesn’t have a date of approval. anybody else have this? I called netspend and they told me nothing there yet.



    Filed on 1/14, accepted 1/19, no updates until today 11:30am CST, 2 bars and a DDD of 2/3. I think most people who were accepted on 1/19 should see updates today or tomorrow latest, with DDD’s of 2/3 or 2/5, so really all those deposits should be going in sporadically throughout this week depending on who you bank with.

    I did also call the IRS automated hotline 800-829-1954, and that did tell me I had a DDD of 2/3 about 2 days ago when I called, and my return and account transcripts were available to order 2 days ago as well. I think I was already done processing on 1/28, just no update or DDD until today on WMR :) Be patient everyone, i was losing hope and BAM out of nowhere updates started coming in. Call the IRS line, I think it updates sooner than WMR.



    I have read on this website that as of yesterday they have only released 10% of the refunds and they are all $1000 or less. But this what it says today:r Refund Advantage website: (Some light at the end of the tunnel)

    January 30, 2016 – A Large Group of Refunds Is Now Scheduled To Be Released by IRS This Coming Week

    The IRS is expected to release a large group of refunds this coming week. These refunds are currently showing a direct deposit date at the IRS WHERES MY REFUND of Wednesday February 3. We currently expect to release checks and prepaid cards related to this group on Tuesday afternoon February 2. This group will be the first large group of refunds of the year. Prior to this point, the IRS has only released very small batches of refunds, representing only less than 1% of refunds. It is highly unusual for the IRS to have waited this long to release the first large batch of refunds.

    The batch of refunds that should be coming this week will be MUCH larger than what has been released previously, and is expected to include many of the refunds filed between Jan 11 and Jan 18. The batch will also include some refunds filed between Jan 19 and Jan 23, although we do not expect there to be as many from this time period released by the IRS



    OK. Filed and approved 1/19. Able to order account transcript as of Wed. but not return. No update this morning still processing on WMR. BUT Today on Turbo tax You’re currently opted in to the pilot IRS refund tracking program. Like to unsubscribe?

    Federal refund status: Processing

    Your refund should be on its way to you on February 6, 2016 ANYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS?



    Filed and accepted 1/19.
    Woke up this morning to WMR saying deposit date of February 3. Quicker for me than last year.



    I filed TT on 1/18
    Accepted 1/19
    Able to order transcripts (BOTH) for first time yesterday 1/30
    Woke up to a DDD of 2/3

    I have had nothing change since last year, no offset, literally NOTHING different except a few dollars on my return.

    The process has taken me about 3 days longer than it did last year, and I have read/heard it is because of the additional identity checks but I am not an expert, who knows!

    I know this: I will not file early ever again. I took the advice of a ‘tax expert’ that this year was the year to file early because there were no problems reported and it would go quickly. Last year I filed the day AFTER tax season opened and it was faster. Good luck early filers!!! I hope everyone had a DDD this morning.



    :( Filed 1/18, Accepted 1/19, One bar, No ddd, No money :(

    filed free ez on TT -I don’t understand :(


    Angel Lauren

    Ok so here’s my tax line
    Filed taxes: January 15, 2016
    Accepted: January 19, 2016
    Was not able to order Account or Refund Transcripts until January 29, 2016 at about 7am
    Checked my WMR this morning at about 6:30am to 2 bars!
    My current DDD is February 3, 2016.
    Hoping it will hit my account sooner! Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone!



    @brian B that is the bank turbotax uses to fund it’s customers who pay with their refund. Please don’t spread misinformation.

    Everyone having a good day? Congratulations to everyone who woke up to a DDD, expect your funds no later than Wednesday (personal experience says Monday or Tuesday).

    Got my refund already, but I will be hanging around until the end of the season to help answer any questions you may have.



    Filed 1-16-16
    Accepted 1-19-16
    Approved 1-30-16
    DDD 2-3-16

    That was the longest wait ever may I add….



    I filed on 1/19 but it got accepted after 11am so I’ll just say 1/20/16. One 2 friends filed that day and have a DDD of February 3. Still no DDD for me. I looked on SBBT site last night and I had an error that said my account was funded past the date of 01/01/0001 so there is a delay… Smh, wtf is going on I usually have my refund in 10 days. Last year filed 2/2/15, accepted 2/6/15, DDD 2/11/15.

    I pulled my 2014 transcript my cycle code was 20150505

    Here’s the rundown

    Filed with taxslayer (same for 3 years)
    Same address and dependents

    Filed 1/19/16
    Accepted 1/19/16
    DDD -None

    My state has a DDD of 2/2/16 I usually get my state the week after my federal I’m nervous. I need this money I’ve been laid off since October



    myself, my daughter and my son in law all filed on the 19th and my daughter and I was only able to order out account transcripts but my son in law was able to order both but instead of a ddd for him he got an “action taken” with tax topic 152 and of course nothing for us yet hoping and waiting for some changes by Monday



    Filed with TT 1/15
    Accepted 1/19
    Approved 1/30
    DDD 2/3



    Accepted 1/19 filed with TT in TX got DDD this morning 2/3/16



    I filed around 7am on 1/19. I used TaxAct and did not have fees taken out. I was accepted within an hour or so. As of this morning I have a DDD set for 2/3.



    Heads up & progress report to everyone!

    Filed 1/18 with TT
    Accepted 1/19
    Able to order account & return transcripts 1/29
    Received DDD of 2/3 on 1/30

    Patience everyone!

    Happy Tax Season!!



    @jess I’m in Georgia also. Maybe we’ll get an update tonight or by Fri like u said



    So i files on the 19th with TT, accepted on the 19th. Still one bar. can ‘t order refund transcript but as of this morning i can order account transcript. What does that mean?



    So i files on the 19th wit



    I also am a victim of identity theft and been using a pin since 2012. Last year my refund was in my bank before WMR updated to the second bar. That was on a Wednesday. No worries all….eventually everyone will be updated on their statuses.



    I’m in Southern California. Submitted via TT 1/19, accepted within hours, ordered 2015 return transcripts yesterday afternoon, Approval received today at midnight Pacific time. DDD February 3rd. Each year I file the first day, approval notice 2 Saturday’s after I file and receive my payment the following Wednesday. Almost exactly 2 weeks after I file. This never fails!!!



    I’m in Southern California. Submitted via TT 1/19, accepted within hours, ordered 2015 return transcripts yesterday afternoon, Approval received today at midnight Pacific time. DDD February 3rd. Each year I file the first day, approval notice 2 Saturday’s after I file and receive my payment the following Wednesday. Almost exactly 2 weeks after I file. This never fails!!!



    @impatient Not sure I’m in Georgia. I have not had any issues before. I am assuming to have an update soon, at least by Friday 2/5/16. There were people that was able to get both transcripts and still one bar. None of that means anything to me. Just waiting…:)



    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/19
    Ordered transcripts yesterday 1/29

    STILL only one bar. It is hard not to be upset when in previous years I had my money in a week. Last year I was “approved” two days after I was accepted and had my money 5 days after that. What the hell! Some of us desperately need those funds!!! Ugh. Nothing to do but wait helplessly for our own cash. *sigh*



    Jess we must be in a slow state this year



    I’m happy for u guys. Too bad I can’t be for myself. Know why?
    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/19
    Still 1 bar as of 1/30
    How could this be possible if there’s so many ppl who’s in the same boat that have DDD today?



    Filed 1/18 Accepted 1/19

    Still one bar on WMR no DDD



    Filed with tt 1/18

    accepted 1/19

    ordered transcript 1/29

    second bar ..refund approved 1/30

    ddd 2/3


    I hope this helps



    Good Morning everyone. I just checked my Where’s My Refund and it was approved! Here is my history:

    -SUBMITTED my taxes on 1/18
    -ACCEPTED on 1/19 @ 3:50pm
    -APPROVED on 1/30
    -DDD of 2/3

    Hope this helps…because it sure is helping me! LOL
    Happy Saturday Everyone!



    Just checked and mine updated to two bars with a DDD of feb. 3

    Filed the 19th
    Approved the 19th



    My bars disappeared this morning and I still have topic 152, but I also have a reference code 9001. I heard this just means wrong ssn entered…but I am not entering the wrong number. I also heard this could be a review but nothing has changed for me in 3 years. What could this be?


    Brian B.

    Got approved this morning. DD is Feb 3rd.

    Also, go visit and click on tax payers. That is the bank the IRS money come from.



    Federal Filed and accepted on 1/19
    Still at one bar.
    Only able to order account transcript 1/29.
    No further updates.
    Starting to wonder if I’m being audited.

    NYS filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/22
    Received “further review notice, 90 day notice” online a few days ago.



    Filed: 1/19
    Accepted: 1/19
    Approved: 1/30
    DDD: 2/3
    Transcripts: Ordered both @ 10 am EST on 1/29
    WMR: 2 bars
    State: FL



    1/19 Acceptance Date

    Still no DDD.

    Glad I won’t be paying them any money for an eventual refund next year.



    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/19
    Was able to order both trans today @6pm on 1/29
    DDD 2/3

    Filed through HRBlock
    Fees paid up front


    April Southerland

    Filed on 1/19 accepted same day, one bar on WMR and this money is terribly important to us. I have a past due dr’s bill that I have to pay before I can go back. Our tax returns are just simple tax returns, we own no land or have anyting but a tiny income and where we were in school part of the year. Its just simple stuff, I hope nothing is wrong. I am probably just worrying for nothing though. We all get antsy this time of the year



    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/19
    Was only able to order both trans today @8am
    DDD 2/3

    To those still waiting hang in there
    See ya next year



    All this waiting. filed 1/19/16 | Accepted 1/19/16 | One Bar / No changes. I was able to order both transcripts earlier today, had not been able to all week. I have 1 debt that will be or could offset my refund. Called Offset Line after getting transcripts, nothing new only I have a debt. Check WMR around 3: 30AM, it was unavailable, checked about at 3:45AM and no update. I am still at one bar with no DD and Topic 152.



    Filed on 18th. Accepted on 19th. Only one bar still on wmr. I never waited this long. I feel like they could be doing a lot better with giving money I’ve worked for all year. I got court coming up lol they want money



    3:45am update
    Filed thru Tax Act
    Accepted 1/19


    Paitently Waiting

    I just went on an old transcript hunt for my previous years and noticed that i never ordered a return transcript it has always been account transcripts i was able to order all my retun transcripts about a week after i got my refund so maybe this is some good news just patiently waiting


    Paitently Waiting

    I just went on an old transcript hunt for my previous years and noticed that i never ordered a return transcript it has always been account transcripts i was able to order all my retun transcripts about a week after i for knew refund so maybe this is some good news just patiently waiting



    From michigan and still waiting filed and accepted on the 19th still only one bar



    Friend filed after me ( filed and accepted 1/22, I was 1/19) she got her refund this morning in her bank. She wasn’t even expecting it or checking for it yet. Sorry but this just stinks. One bar, nothing on SBBT and nothing on TT. I was able to order transcripts but was told that doesn’t matter one bit and is just a myth. :( Hope early filers hear something soon.




    1. There should be an update tonight that will show results tomorrow
    2. It depends on how your bank processes direct deposits
    3. If you get approved tomorrow you will more than likely have a dad of wednesday


    Still Waiting

    File 18th, accepted 19th and I still can’t order either transcript. MO filer through Tax Act… HELP


    Paitently Waiting

    @kychick for the past 3 yrs I have gotten APPROVED on a Saturday and my refund 4 to 5 days later.



    @Michigan in waiting. ..go to irs. Gov search transcript select request by mail then put in your info then select 2015 return transcript and account transcript



    ok so i filed the 17th and accepted on the 19th. no movement on my bar and this morning at around 7 am i was able to order my account transcript but no return transcript. i just tried again for return transcript this afternoon and still nothing… my questions are as follows:

    1 Will the site update over the weekend?
    2. can there still be deposits made on the weekend ( my coworker got hers on a sat last year so she says)
    3 will they deposit on a monday? or tuesday?



    Also I was wondering what exactly is a transcript and is it available to everyone?



    Can someone please tell me how to go about ordering transcripts?



    Filed: 1/19
    Accepted: 1/19
    Transcripts: Ordered both @ 10 am EST on 1/29
    WMR: 1 bar
    State: FL



    Hey gals and guys. Great news!!!!! I filed 1/19 w taxact accepted same day @ 11:30am. Im still at 1 bar on wmr and irs2go. I was able to request transcripts this morning so i called the treasury offset and it said my debt was paid out of my refund dated 2/3/2016 so im thinking we will update monday for ddd of wed or friday!



    @jess thank you that helps! I’m getting married later this year so it would be nice to have now but it is what it is! My return is always pretty simple, this year I just added school to it and moved, but still pretty basic. It’ll be here when it gets here :) thanks for sharing your story, glad everything went ok for you!



    Yep! Still thinking WMR will update 02/03, hopefully ddd 02/05! Fingers Crossed since I didnt make it into the DDD for today! Still cant order return transcripts, just account (which doesnt matter anyway) Had to use my address from 2 yrs ago to request them which was weird. Last year and this year I have the same address so didnt understand why it took my address from 2 yrs ago. 1 bar, filed 1/18, accepted 1/19- tax topic 152 (but I know i have a federal offset for about 1/8th of my expected amt but I did last year too and it didnt delay anything)



    im still stuck on one bar and ive heard some people already got their money when they filed the same time i did



    @BIZ Dont worry about anything if you have never had a problem. I myself just found this site this year and have never had a problem with my returns except for 2012 when my Identity was stolen. Ever since then I have been filing with a pin and my returns have been processed out and paid in less than 14 days. It seems that everyone gives people mixed information and mixed hope cause more anxiety and stress.

    Here is my experience from previous years…..I have never ordered transcripts till now because everyone is talking about it so I decided to do it. I can order an account transcript with my old address. I filed 1/18 and was Accepted 1/19. I have been at 1 bar with same tax topic of 152. Last year my WMR never made is passed the first bar. I checked WMR last year and got the second bar 2 days after my DD date which was on a Wednesday. Meaning the day It updated my money had already been in my bank account and I had no idea. The year my identity got stolen I didn’t see a check till almost that next year. After that my returns have been processed great and on time as long as I use my pin. Everyone really needs to just calm down. I used to be a tax preparer for JH for 6 years and things are on schedule but because of the billions of dollars paid out over the years to FRAUDULENT returns the IRS is really just making sure everything is not going how its suppose to. I didn’t even know there was a delay last year for taxes considering I was quite surprised I received my refund so fast. Everyone will start seeing more movement from now on down.


    Andre Black

    Filed the 16th
    Accepted the 19th

    No update on WMR
    Finally able to order account transcript this morning but no returns transcript. At I know there is some movement. Hopefully I’ll have my return soon.



    @worried…yes, I think they update those more often than once over night. I was unable to order my return transcripts early this morning but was just able to (10.31 am EST).



    Filed 1-18, accepted 1-19, also no change, and this account transcript thing…No matter what info I pull in it says it can’t find me. I’ve never tried to do that before and it’s just scaring me at this point! Hopefully by next Friday it’s here, I don’t wanna hit that 21 day mark, cuz I never have before!



    Filed w/ TT 1/18 accepted 1/19 one bar on WMR nothing updated in SBBT or TT

    Was unable to order transcripts until today, and this morning was able to order both. Maybe we will see some movement guys!



    File 18th, accepted 19th, and still unable to or any transcripts. 1 bar WMR



    Filed HRB 1/8 accepted 1/19. As of 1/29 1 bar, able to order account TS, not refund TS



    Hey all usually I just lurk, my return was accepted on the 11th and finally today at 930 I could order my trans both return and account, no update on my bars or on ssbt yet so hopefully will update tomorrow.



    I knew better than to file when I did. I always get my refund 7 days after being accepted when I file 1 or 2 days after the official start date.
    Filed 1/18, Accepted 1/19, no ddd, one bar, no money.

    But… last year I did get my refund before wmr updated so, kinda still hopeful for money to be magically in my account today. lol



    Is it possible that transcripts will still update later, I still can’t get mine, accepted 1/19



    I filed on 1/17 and was accepted on 1/19 early morning. I just was able to order my account transcript not my refund transcript. Still on 1 bar. Could the IRS be delayed in updating their WMR site? Is it possible to receive a refund before the site updates?
    Hope so!!



    I’m right there with the rest of ya’ll filed 1/18 accepted 1/19 unable to order transcripts last night woke up this morning able to order account transcripts. So I’m hoping this will give a DDD Sunday and a deposit sometime next week


    Angel Lauren

    I was finally able to order both my account and refund transcripts this morning at about 7am! Good news right!? Fingers crossed!



    @money its seems that the most important transcript is the account transcript. Everyone is seemingly now able to get it. I read on here in another forum that the account transcript tells you about payments and any adjust that were made on your return after being processed. So lets keep our fingers crossed for updates or Deposits soon.



    Everyone that was able to order account transcripts that means that you will be seeing an update soon. I think for myself I will update tomorrow and have a dd of Wednesday. But that is my personal opinion.



    Im a first time filer, i filed and was accepted on 1/19 but im not able to order my account transcript. Its is saying.
    “Your request cannot be completed. Please contact us at 1-800-908-9946, our automated telephone self service, to order an account or a return transcript.” and it says can not process request when i called it in. Should i be worried? Or it only doing that because i am a first time filer?



    Ok so if im able to order my 2015 account transcript do that mean that ill have a ddd soon? or is the refund transcript the one i need beacause i was only able to order my 2015 account transcript not my refund transcript please someone tell me the difference and also i filed on 1/9/16 and was approved on 1/11/16



    Msj same here… I’m now able to order my 2015 acct transcript but not my refund transcript.



    No bar changed but I can order my account transcript but not my return transcript but it says on the site if your want your return one for this year fill out form 4060 or something like that before you even request them. No ddd. No money in my accout. I filed around 1/12 via hr block accepted 1/19 around 2 in the afternoon. No ddd. Hoping soon!



    Don’t fret 1/19ers. It’s always been that if you can order transcripts then your in the next cycle. I have received my second bar on early Saturday or Sunday before and got the money on Wednesday. We will have our DDD soon



    Just was able to order Account Transcripts ?
    Prior to today I wasn’t able to order anything – so there is some activity?? Most likely we will see a update tonight – according to refund cycle ? we should have it by Next Friday ?



    No change. Just checked. One bar.



    Filed tt 14th accepted 19th have had one bar still have one bar but this morning can order account transcript but can not order refund transcript so must be some gears turning somewhere.



    My daughter and I both accepted on the 19th
    Still one bar as of this morning



    I’m tired of seeing the one bar. I’m not even going to check on it anymore….. freaking useless WMR tool



    I filed with h&r block the 19th accepted the 21st still on the first bar with no updates since the 21st! Has anyone recieved there refund yet? Like the actual money not just a date!?



    When do transcripts update?



    I’m starting to think from seeing all these posts,that ppl who were accepted on or before 1/19 are always last to get their money. even last year this seemed to be the case…guess i should wait later…lol…I don’t know the secret to getting early direct deposit but I’m trying to figure it out!



    I dont think that is a cycle code,cycle dates ends in last two numbers either 02,03,04,05 ,last year was 05 for me



    you need to be able to see 2015 transcripts to get your cycle code….last year we were able to view online and see cycle code right away but this year only option is being mailed…but if your able to even have the option for 2015 transcripts to be mailed then you are one step closer to getting your refund. ..but they’re Arent available yet to be able to be mailed for some ppl including me , so that means my refund isn’t ready



    I filed 1/19 accepted 1/19 1bar no other movement. I filed using Tax Act, quick question
    If i dont have my prior years tax transcript, how can we tell what the cycle is? I see these numbers 20160194 is this a cycle code?



    So tonite I went and checked again… Just to see. And a little box came up saying “error”. Oh boy! This isn’t looking good at all now. ???



    Me 2. SBBT had the 21 day message this morning and now it’s gone. Just they haven’t received it. Good sign? Yes IMHO



    filed 01/14/2016
    accepted 01/19/2106
    no ddd as of today



    Accepted 1/19, filed 1/19, no update, no DDD



    Hopefully for us accepted on the 19th we will see some bar movement over the weekend for a Wednesday DDD.



    So I did my taxes with TT. AS I ALWAYS HAVE for the last 9 years!!!

    Was accepted the 19th! The where’s my refund TT APP tool says it was accepted the 27th?! Weird.
    Up to this morning the irs refund tool only had 1 bar. Now this morning. NO bars. All disappeared. This happened last year and there was a MASSIVE hold up on my refund. With NO letter. No explanation. I am self employed now, which is the only change.
    Tried to access my transcripts. Only option on its website is to do by mail and it says they aren’t available. This sucks. Totally stressing me out because I was planning a trip in 2 weeks and thought for sure id have my refund by then since it will be 4 weeks from when I filed. But it’s not looking good. Although I’m praying things turn around for the best. =(


    Lady Rider

    @david – mine did the same and on FB a lot of other TT users said the same so hopefully… means they are updating and we will receive funds soon.

    I am usually on a weekly cycle (funds always received about 10 days after filing) so I didn’t expect to receive until close to Valentines day but I filed early this year (18th accepted on the 19th) so I was hoping that I received it earlier. If nothing this weekend I expect it by thursday.



    So, I filed and was accepted on 1/19- no movement at all. I just signed onto SBTG site and the generic message of “expected by 2/9” is now gone and just says “TPG has not received your federal tax refund.”

    Did anyone else’s change? Does this mean I am being reviewed? Thanks all



    Hey all….

    I filed 1/15 and was accepted 1/19. What are the chances that I will be getting my DD tomorrow 1/29? On the where’s my refund app for Play Store (not the IRS2GO one) it said tomorrow. But my WMR still has 1 bar. I’ve never had experience with getting a DD prior to my WMR being updated?



    Not sure where my post went! lol No update yesterday. WMR usually updates on Wednesdays for me so hopefully I will have a DDD no later than the 5th!



    @jamie @Andre

    My NYS was accepted on the 20th and earlier this week I checked and it was under review. As of today…same message. Between that and my Federal still being one bar (accepted 14th) I’m starting to get nervous!


    Andre Black

    @jamie I think NYS has some that to anyone who was accepted last week. It might be an automatic system thing. I’ve never had my NY tax process before federal. I wouldn’t worry about it. I’m a little annoyed about my federal. Accepted the 19th and still no update. My NYS fit accepted on the 21st and went to the further review message this morning as well.



    No update
    Accepted 1/19
    In Georgia


    Lori in TN

    Accepted on 11th with one bar.

    NOT same as last year because I filed early last year and was in the FIRST set of deposits.

    I called and no offsets plus same type form filed with not much change from last year.

    Very sad here. :(



    Accepted 1/19.

    Nys put me under further review this morning.
    No word on federal yet. Still showing one bar.
    I’m not sure what happened with Nys.



    @minnie Where would I find my that information? I’m not really sure what the cycle code is… is that when I filed, accepted and DDD? This is my first time ever actually really diving this far down the rabbit hole to get answers about my refund…. ;-)
    I know last year I filed on 2/10 and had my DD in my account on 2/19….
    So, I’m looking at two weeks today of my refund being stuck, compared to last year’s being under 10 days….
    This year’s refund is quit a bit larger though. So I’m not sure if that has something to do with it or what? I just need some good vibes sent my way… I’m really sinking in happy thoughts over here.



    @Jared no answers here really besides irs refund dates if you were accepted between 1/19 – 1/29 direct deposit will be 2/5 but other factors help get refund faster but I’m always last round of deposits even though I was accepted 1/19 & filed 1/17. I was just hoping I’d get it this Friday lol. but no hope for me



    Still waiting for DDD.
    Filed 1/16
    Accepted 1/19

    My state status says my return has been processed…that’s it….no DDD or any other info of codes. Any ideas?



    @tess or anyone else. you remember your cycle code from last year, I think it’s same and will get refund about the same time as last year



    @teas i know Excatly what you’re going through. I hope we get an update tonight!



    I was accepted on 1/14, and WMR has been on Bar one since with Tax topic 152 there the whole time. I called the IRS yesterday, and the lady I talked to said she couldn’t even look into her system to see what was going on with my information until it’s been 21 days or more. I can’t order my transcripts. I have even called the Treasury Offset number, and nothing there. Which I knew wouldn’t be, since I had already talked to my student loan services and was told that I wasn’t on the list this year for an offset. I just got terminated in December from my job two weeks before Christmas and getting a job since as single mom with the kids isn’t easy when you where under FMLA in the first place. So now I’m trying to fight the company as it was deemed and true to the matter, retaliation against myself. Anywho… I’m just getting worried that I’m never going to see this refund, and I’m going to lose everything if they don’t come in soon, or at least a job.



    I’m hoping to be approved tonight. filed 1/17 accepted 1/19 tt. can’t order transcripts and only one bar and can’t find account on sbbank. but thinking i was cycle 05 last year and i think that means update for me on Thursdays.



    How can sbt give me a estimated refund date of 2/1 if the it’s hasn’t even approved my refund yet…how accurate Is this date?? Please help filed 1/4 assuming accepted 1/19 lil most everyone else but still one first bar on wmr



    Also accepted 1/19 through TT. No update on WMR… Located in eastern CT. Anyone else from the area? Also im getting the Netspend card. TT said that was the fastest option. Does anyone know if DD and netspend take the same amount of time?



    Filed and accepted on the 19th. No change to WMR status this morning, the 27th…still says “Accepted” but not “Approved.”



    So I have some news that may put some of you at ease. I filed my return on the 18th, it was accepted on the 20th. Feeling like many of you, I’m wondering why my WMR status is still at one bar. So I did a Google search and found this website below. Read what they wrote:

    Hopefully, it pans out for all of us because just like someone stated above I so need my refund to get my car fixed.

    So maybe the refund is on its way for some of you but it hasn’t updated yet. I’m still a little worried about myself though because my employment and filing status have changed and I’m no longer filing the dependent I was. However, my address and bank remain the same so hopefully I’ll still get my refund with no problems.



    Filed TaxAct on 1/17, approved 1/19, updated this morning to second bar around 6:00 AM CT time with a DDD of 1/29
    Hang in there guys and gals, appreciate everyone waiting with me. See you all next year



    I was accepted on the 19th and still one bar what number can i call to speak to someone at the irs?



    Does anyone know where Texas usually processes through?



    Filed 1/20 through TT accepted less than an hour later. Still at 1 bar on WMR no DDD. Called IRS they say there’s no problems with my return, and TT says that everything looks good, that there are NO hold ups.


    Joey Donuts

    Ok Fellow Tax Payers.. For last few years this has been the website I come to right after filing my taxes (its like a yearly family reunion to me .. LOL) ..

    I dont contribute anything unless I see it for myself and its A FACT.

    I also filed on 1/9 and accepted 1/12.

    I awoke this morning (1/27) to having 2 bars and a DDD of 1/29 no later than 2/3.

    So something is clearly moving. There is light for us test batch/early filers.

    Hope this helps. And incase this is my last post (because I will not post I got my refund while others are waiting. I think its insensitive) .. See U guys next year!!




    I filed 1/19 and was accepted 2 hours later on 1/19 with TT. I checked this morning and I have 2 bars and a DD of 1/29. As far as I can gather from reading on sites this was the first wave of DDs. I am sure by tomorrow some other of us 1/19ers will also have DD of 1/29. I am in NV and I process out of the UT center and they seem to move quick up there. I would think I would process out of the CA, but what do I know?! I remember last year people were early/later depending on where they were coming out of. I bet tomorrow a lot more of us will be posting happy DD.


    Justin Time

    Filed 1/18 with TT – Rejected due to conflict with name change and SS# – refiled
    Accepted 1/19 – one bar in process
    No Bars 1/25 – return is still being processed, dd date when available, 152
    1/27 Spoke with IRS my return is being reviewed due to name change, filing status change, larger income amount, self employment income, no additional information has been requested in the form of sending me a letter, etc



    Thats what i’m trying to figure out as well. I usually get my hrblock email before wmr updates. I’m in Oregon so I assume I go through the Fresno, CA processing center. I wonder if this has anything to do with it? I cant order any transcripts, have no ddd, and was accepted 1/19



    I filed the 17th accepted the 1/19 still only one bar :(



    If I filed on 1/19 and was accepted on 1/19 but I am still showing 1 bar and the 152, does that mean I am SOL on DD of 1/29? Or can they possibly roll out the update through the day? I have three guys at work that filed the same day/accepted same day and all of us still only have 1 bar and the 152. Thanks so much! At least some of us have some happy endings!



    Filed Free on 1/18, Accepted 1/19. One Bar. No ddd.
    Last year I got my deposit before wmr updated so maybe that will be the case this year.



    Filed Free on 1/18, Accepted 1/19. One Bar. No ddd.
    Last year I got my deposit before wmr updated so maybe that will be the case this year.



    i filed and was accepted the 19. I haven’t had any bars, just a we have received your return and are processing. Any else like this?



    I received my Direct Deposit date for this Friday around 4am this morning.



    Accepted 19th. I bar. Cannot order transcripts. This is not good. Last year had my money in my account 6 days after filing. So pissed off!



    Filed and Accepted 1/19, had one WMR bar until yesterday- Logged in and my one bar is gone, and a “we’re processing your return” message. Simple return so I don’t know if I should panic or wait to see if I have a DD in the bank on Friday.



    Filed around 8am through TaxAct on the 19th. Accepted by IRS around 11am on the 19th. 1 bar on WMR since the 19th. No update yet and cannot mail order my return transcript.



    [email protected]

    Alph please may I get proof?



    It’s 4:38am here on West coast and no DD for me. Still not approved.



    I have had nothing going on no bar movement, not able to order transcripts, filed and accepted on the 19th. I am wondering if it is possible to have an offset that doesn’t show up on the offset hotline?



    Filed 1/14, accepted 1/19. No dd for me this morning. :-(


    Alphonse Corbett

    I just got a DD of 1/29/16
    There is no way to post a picture here so if anyone need proof give me you email address and I will send to the 1st 5.



    @chiinadollmimi It means your return is currently under review.



    Hey, did anyone’s wmr bars disappeared. I seen @craig said the same. What does it mean?



    why is everyone expecting updates tonight in particular?



    I just had my return transcript for 2015 pulled and mailed to me. Hopefully this is good news! However I’ve not received the thank you email from tt yet, but I’m hopeful that my dd will be in soon. Got a trip to Florida next week and could really use the extra funds.



    Last year, I filed on January 23rd, was accepted on January 25th, and got my DD on February 9th. Since I filed and was accepted on January 19th this year, I’m hoping to get my DD this Friday. Still only says “accepted” though and not “approved” so I guess tomorrow will tell…



    I filed on the 18th and was accepted on the 19th still at 1 bar and can’t order my transcript either, hoping mines will update tommorrow


    Alphonse Corbett


    I went online and it allowed me to mail order my 2015 transcript so hopefully that’s mean something.

    I filed and was accepted on 19th
    Wmr only 1 bar



    This from someone on another post. I hope this helps:



    I attempted to order my transcript yesterday via phone from an IRS agent, the agent told me that a transcript for 2015 taxes cannot be ordered until the return is processed. well low and behold of an hour ago I can now order my 2015 tax transcript online. I would have to believe this is related to gears turning behind the scenes. I am guessing we will see an update to WMR late tonight for DDD



    Hmmm let me see yes last year I received my money in my account on a Tuesday 2/10/15 I remember because there was lot’s of talk the week before about transcripts and the one’s that had transcripts viewable with code 860 had gotten there money the next day and anytime shortly after that I couldn’t order transcripts the first few days of the 7 day process time from opening day but it was either a day or 2 after I got my transcript my money was in my account and that was a Tuesday transcripts are done in real time and can be available anytime of day mine around 4 am that week threw it all I got only to 2nd bar on wmr lol I was scared I wouldn’t get my money for a few more days when I saw that republic Bank had my funds but I got it around 4am day of Tuesday they had it since Monday early twilight hours. Took 20 days last year I hope doesn’t this year. One year only took 5 days for my refund in hand



    I was accepted on Jan 19 and I expect my update tonight at 3am and I am hoping for my DD on Friday. Last year I filed on Jan 22 and my DD was on Friday, Jan 30. Good luck everyone!



    I attempted to order my transcript yesterday via phone from an IRS agent, the agent told me that a transcript for 2015 taxes cannot be ordered until the return is processed. well low and behold of an hour ago I can now order my 2015 tax transcript online. I would have to believe this is related to gears turning behind the scenes. I am guessing we will see an update to WMR late tonight for DDD





    It’s now the 26th, anyone approved yet? I filed and was accepted on the 19th, and it hasn’t been approved yet?



    I filed on 1/8/16 and got accepted on 1/11/16 i filed with turbo tax and only got one bar o refund date say 29-1…and that year i got my money the same day they started accepting and only had one bar my bar didnt change into a week later




    * ALWAYS rolls out the Weds *OF* the 2nd week, after tax season starts (tomorrow)*



    @amie – It sounds to me like a standardized e-mail that gets sent out to multiple people. It probably says “You Qualify” and then you actually go through the motions and it eventually leads you to a place to set up DD..
    On the other hand, based on past experience with friends, other people online and myself, the first batch of WMR updates ALWAYS rolls out the Weds on the 2nd week after tax season starts (tomorrow) and the first DD’s are always the Friday after that (this Friday). In the past, I have heard of QUITE A FEW Netspend users getting their money on their card as early as the Weds that WMR updates or the day after (1-2 days before their DDD).. SO, theoretically, depending on when you filed and were accepted, you could possibly have your money on your card as early as tomorrow or the day after. Either way though, if you’re in the first batch of DD’s it’ll be Friday at the latest. So don’t fret, it’s coming! :)



    @amie I get those emails every few months from netspend, but I rarely use my card. There are only deposits on it every other month in amounts of anywhere from $20-$100 but the emails always say that I qualify for the overdraft option because of depositing over $500 in that month but there is never a deposit in that amount. Even during tax time I send my refund to my bank account.



    I have a question if someone could help with an answer please. I went through TT and ordered the Netspend card to have my refund deposited to it. Yesterday I got the card and called in to active the card. This morning i got an email stating that i qualified for the overdraft option because i had deposited at least $500 this month with my direct deposit . Which is impossible i only have it for the refund. Could there already be a pending deposit that the system is picking up?? What do you think? Thanks



    BOTH Me and My Fiancee filed with TurboTax
    I filed 1/19 at 1PM / My Fiancee filed 1/19 at 4PM
    I was Accepted 1/19 at 1:44PM / She was Accepted 1/19 at 5:12PM
    STILL 1 bar on WMR for both / Neither of our bars have disappeared
    Both SBBT says expected 2/9

    However, the last couple years SBBT said something like that as well (about 20 days out from when we filed) and we got ours on the 30th last year. Just like with TurboTax, how it says 21 days from the date you filed, and then gives you a date, SBBT typically receives funds within 20 days, so they put that..
    So, with looking at ALL my past history and my fiancée’s, I am expecting everybody that filed 1/19 before the close of business or earlier to be getting refunds on the 30th. Last year, my WMR updated on the Weds (1/28) before my DDD (1/30).
    That is how it has ALWAYS been for the first round of DDD’s, because even if you filed early, your refund won’t be processed until the first DDD’s which typically includes some returns filed on the 1st & 2nd day of the season.
    Tax season starts, you wait for the first WMR update which it is always the following Weds (7-8 days) after Tax season starts, then the first DDD is always 2 days later on Friday. So we should see a WMR update with DDD’s 4-6AM Weds morning.. You WILL have your money on Friday (depending on your banks hold times)…

    Then we will do all this worrying about the IRS “Taking longer than normal” and all of this impatience again next year because we love to get our money back and pay stuff off and buy things!!! What do they expect? I know It’s the only time of the year I have 8 grand all at once on top of my regular income.. Lol. :)



    My Wmr bars disappeared this morning. Anyone else?




    Can someone please let me know how to log on to SBBT’s website? Is there any information other than what we use when logging in to the WMR site that is required?

    Many thanks.




    My return was done using TT online and was transmitted January 19, 2016, 1:36 PM PST. It was accepted January 19, 2016, 2:34 PM PST. Still not approved as of today at 4:30 PM PST. For some reason, my return has taken almost the full 21 days for the last few years even though I am a retiree with the exact same 1099-R and standard deductions, as well as the same bank account direct deposit. Nothing has changed during all 12 years of retirement. I hope this year things change back to how they were a few years ago when I would get my return 7-9 days after filing. This is a great forum to find out what’s going on with others who file the same time I do. Good luck to us all!



    Filed 1/17 and was accepted 1/19. I have 1 bar on wmr and sbbt states I should receive by 2/9. I hope it’s earlier than that.




    Many thanks for the information and for your kindness!

    All the best for a quick refund.





    SBBT stands for Santa Barbara Bank and Trust. it is the bank used by the majority of big tax preparers. If you had filing fees and chose to use your refund to pay for those filing fees, SBBT handles the transaction to collect those fees for the preparer. So, you efiled, XXX company charged you maybe $XXX and you chose to have that fee come out of your refund instead of paying that fee upfront. Your refund will come from the IRS to SBBT first, they will collect what you owe in fees, and then SBBT will send the remaining balance to your bank account or prepaid card.

    IRS officially doesn’t have refund cycle charts anymore. The charts circulating are basically an early collective educated guess on when the refund dates might be. The rumors about refunds on 1/29 is based off what we saw last year.

    Keep in mind that with the IRS, anything is possible. You may get a happy surprise and have money in your account before WMR even updates, OR you could be left in WMR limbo and waiting waaaay longer than anticipated. Generally speaking, don’t get caught up in rumors and be disappointed. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

    Hope this helped.




    My first post so I hope to use the proper format:

    Filed 1/19/16 early morning via tax preparer
    Accepted 1/19/16 within the hour

    WMR shows one bar and Tax Topic 152

    Based on the IRS website’s refund schedule chart, I am hoping to receive my DD to my bank on 2/5/16.

    My question is this: I frequently see posts about ‘checking with SBBT to see if they show a deposit pending’. Can anyone please educate me about what this means?

    Also, I’ve seen many posts from those of us accepted on 1/19/16 that seem to indicate – perhaps too hopefully – that some are expecting to see DD’s on 1/29/16. What is your opinion about a DD of 1/29 for those of us accepted on the 19th.

    Many thanks! Posting from Miami Beach.



    IRS accepted on or after IRS accepted on or before Tax Refund Direct Deposit Tax Refund Check Sent
    Accepted on or after Accepted on or before Refund DD refund Check
    1/11/16 testing phase 1/19/16 1/29/16 1/30/16
    1/19/16 *Official 1/29/16 2/5/16 2/6/16
    1/29/16 2/5/16 2/12/16 2/13/16
    2/5/16 2/12/16 2/19/16 2/20/16
    2/12/16 2/19/16 2/26/16 2/27/16
    2/19/16 2/26/16 3/4/16 3/5/16
    2/26/16 3/4/16 3/11/16 3/12/16
    3/4/16 3/11/16 3/18/16 3/19/16
    3/11/16 3/18/16 3/25/16 3/26/16
    3/18/16 3/25/16 4/1/16 4/2/16

    I didn’t feel like doing the rest, I hope this help. I tried to post the link, but I guess IGMR didn’t let it post.



    1/19 Accepted with one bar… I hope I get it before the 31st. I need to get my timing belt replaced and new tires! There’s a sale on tires that I want to get in on. I drive close to 500 miles a week, so I need this money asap. Fingers crossed!



    I have faith that Wednesday morning will be the big update like last year. I still have my screenshot from Wednesday the 28th at 4:11am LOL


    Anna A

    Accepted: 1/19
    1 Bar
    Topic 152 (Refund Information)
    Nothing further.



    @Nara, no bars, just the Tax Topic 152. No change. I’m hoping if I’m under random review it’s resolved quickly. My return and refund are consistent with the last several years so hopefully I get an update soon. I try not to count on my refund but this year I NEED it lol



    Hey I filed early like the 11th or 12th and got accepted on 1/19 got an email for hr block and then wmr updated immediately. 1 bar accepted and generic message. I took a look at last year. I got accepted the day they opened for filing and my ddd was the 30th. Wmr didn’t update for me until after they had sent my money that Wednesday before my ddd. I got a text from my tax site saying it was sent. But alas the prepaid card I use held the funds until friday. This year they are advertising early dd for payroll so I’m hoping it goes for tax returns also. I have always filed online and early for the past 12 years and always have had a ddd within 10 days of acceptance except once 4 or 5 years ago I think it was there was a glitch in the system and I still had it within 3 weeks. Even if someone says they are approved with a ddd. There is no need to get hostile over it. I’m sure that’s exactly what they are trying to make people do if they are lying. Don’t give them what they want. Then there are the people telling us to manage our money better don’t depend on tax returns blah blah. I have kids and live in maine and don’t make alot. So ya. Hope everything goes smooth for all the NON mean vicious people!



    Bars disappearing wasn’t a good thing for me last year. Didn’t get my ddd until the first wk of May. Needless to say I was devastated. I’m praying to God everything goes smoothly this yr. Don’t wanna scare you but wanted to as share my experience



    filed 1/17 accepted 1/19 hoping for a deposit on 1/29,don’t know why,guess im in a hurry to spend it!



    Every year for the last 4 ive had issues that hold my return up. And every year my bars disappear and it’s NEVER because I’m about to get a DDD always because I’m being manually reviewed for something. Last year was the better of the 4 because i recieved my refund in March instead of August and September from previous years. That we have received your return and it’s being processed message means there is something. It may be a minor hold up or a major depending on your situation.



    Bars disappearing doesn’t USUALLY mean you’re about to get a DDD. It CAN mean that, but it can also mean your return is under review or your return has been flagged for an identity theft issue. Bars can reappear the next day or several months later.


    whats up

    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available is what mine says today. I filled on the 19th and the same day it showed accepted with 1 bar and today it changed to what is stated above with no bar and tax topic 152. Did anybody else do this and I hope there is not a problem.



    MoInTX Did your bars disappear?? That usually means you will have a DDD tomorrow.



    Filed with TT 1/19, accepted same day. Had one bar on WMR until today, now I have Tax Topic 152. Although TT says between 1/20 and 2/9, I’m not holding my breath…that’s just the 21 day window the IRS claims to average on electronic returns.

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