ACCEPTED 1/19 This is for us……

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    Hello all. This is the forum for all who were accepted 1/19/16 so we can update each other on our progress.

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    Has anyone had a change to their “estimated” deposit date from TT? Saw in a different forum people were saying TT changed the date from the 10th to the 22nd. Just curious.



    @kristie if i ever owe taxes imma take my sweet time. and if they try to charge me penalties for being late im going to say i was late due to “techincal difficulties”



    Wow another line of crap. Still no explanation to all of us waiting for 2 weeks. Still saying 9 out of 10. Such garbage.




    yeah, I rolled my eyes on that one too! :)



    So to refreash I filed 1/19 and accepted 1/19 using taxact. I have been checking Republic bank to see if it has recieved a refund for me and it actually went to a page saying that a refund for this social security number has not yet been recieved which I think is interesting because I have been checking on my phone and it wouldn’t allow me to sign in (Which usually means that my social hasn’t been recieved by them yet). Maybe there is hope for us yet?



    @kristie “Taxpayers should see little, if any, impact on their tax returns or refunds.” HAHAHHA what a liar.



    just posted to the irs website:

    Updated IRS Statement

    Feb. 4, 2016 – 6 p.m. EST

    The IRS announced it resumed processing individual and business tax returns at approximately 5 p.m. Thursday following resolution of its system outage. Many of the tools and applications came up earlier on Thursday morning, including “Where’s My Refund” on

    “IRS teams worked throughout the night and around the clock on this system outage,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said. “Our processing systems are back in business. Taxpayers should see little, if any, impact on their tax returns or refunds. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused, and we appreciate the support and patience from taxpayers as well as our partners in the tax community and state revenue departments.”

    The IRS emphasized that taxpayers do not need to take any additional steps or action due to the outage, including people who filed just before or during the outage. Throughout this period, taxpayers were able to continue to send their tax returns to their e-file provider; these companies have already started sending these tax returns into the IRS.

    Taxpayers who have received a specific refund date from the “Where’s My Refund?” tool on should not be affected by the outage. The IRS reminds taxpayers that many variables factor into processing of tax refunds, including fraud prevention efforts, but we continue to anticipate that nine out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days after being accepted by the IRS. In addition, the IRS reminds taxpayers that remains the best place to check for information on refunds. Additional information is available at:

    The IRS is continuing to examine the underlying cause of the outage yesterday as well as monitoring any follow-up issues. It’s important to note that at this time this situation appears to be a hardware failure.



    my wife called the processing bank ?cevista? and they said they showed no activity or pending for us. that was about 12:45 est today




    That makes sense. I can handle a delay if I know what it is and im informed. Its the “not knowing” that drives me batty.

    Thanks for posting.



    It makes complete sense to me. There are to many of us that filed and have the same problem. I would understand if it was a specific group. But it’s all types of filing’s. All different types of statuses and dependents or credits.



    @jay why not? at the very least it seems plausible to me. have a better theory?



    @johnjay im not buying into that at all



    Thats what I have been saying. It’s the only thing that really makes any sense.
    All this news about the technical problems is a warning more to those who file now.



    These are my stats (well fiances since the kids went under him)

    Filed 1/14/16 HNR Block fees taken from refund Before this not filed taxes for 7 years
    accepted 1/19/16 2:17 pm
    1 bar tax topic 152 Can get acct transcripts under old address nothing under new.

    I am wondering how they are doing the Marketplace review this year. They cant go though every single return and match it up with what they received can they? I have a feeling I am off a month from when our medicare stopped and when we picked up work health insurance. I said July paperwork showed aug….OOPS.

    Ive about hit my limit with this years taxes. I fired as soon as I got the W2 for a reason. We already put money down on a pathfinder for my fiance, and I do not want to loose that waiting for taxes. I know I am not getting the money this week but so help me if there is no movement what so ever by the 9th I will turn into a bitchy customer. I would feel better if I knew it had even been looked at…but since I cannot get transcripts under the new address then I know they have not yet. I hope what everyone is saying is true that the “Breakdown” from yesterday will allow the IRS to catch up.



    This is interesting:

    Ok so I have it from an extremely reliable source that the IRS screwed up big time this year. Refunds that were accepted between 1/19-1/23 encountered an error and were resequenced. No biggie right? Wrong! Instead of being resequenced and delayed by only a week or so (which would still have them being paid out in the 21 day timeframe the IRS gives) they were sent to the bottom of the processing “pile”. The issue was believed to have been resolved by 1/27 but it was discovered that as new refunds were submitted, the resequenced batch continued to be “moved” to the bottom of processing list.

    On 2/2 a new “fix” was pushed out but it only caused more issues and eventually led to the IRS voluntarily taking down the e-file service so the resequenced batch of refunds could be properly processed. Because of this, people with acceptance dates 1/24 – 2/2 will still be processed and more than likely received DDD before the 1/19-1/23 filers but those will then be processed and paid out.

    Current estimated date to have all pending refunds deposited is by 2/19. Deposits will be daily -weekends with large batches on Wednesday and Fridays.



    Participant perfect excuse for those of us that filed on 1/19. Still trying to say 9 out of 10 get processed within 21 days. This would give them the break they need to fix ours by our 21 day mark. They don’t want millions of calls on 02/09. Asking what is the problem.



    O5 from my understanding is a weekly cycle. That would put you on a Wednesday refund. But don’t count on next Wednesday. They now have an excuse to blame the delay on.



    I have a question. I just recieved a transcript from the irs. It’s not the one I was waiting for for this year, but I looked at my cycle number from last year’s taxes. It says 20150505. What does this mean?



    I agree with what your saying. But how did ours get put on the back burner.
    I mean if ours got delayed. Why did so many people days or weeks after us file and get a DDD?
    I have a feeling the new system was set up as a first come first serve plan.
    It had a glitch that caused all of us to keep being pushed to the bottom of the pile.
    The so called shut down is to fix our refunds. That’s why they stopped accepting efile batches.



    Then you also need to figure that if we have been pushed back a week, that makes our new 21 day on the 16th. TurboTax is probably covering their butts by saying 1/20 since there still would be an update 1/17 for a DDD on 1/19..

    This all makes sense to me, how does it not to you guys?



    I think that us 1/19’s will find out on the 10th their excuse will be the technical difficulties excuse. I feel it’s very convenient they have a major issue just before our 21 day mark. This is crazy. I have seen people post a week to 2 weeks after getting DDD. I honestly feel they messed up and we are paying the price. I believe the shut down is real, but it’s being used to process us. The 1/19’s that slip through this will get another generic excuse blamed on the outage.



    @steve Smith: Well TurboTax is only 1 of the services. There is a lot of ways to efile. So if TT says 28% got it, then you have to assume that about only 4% of people have actually received it. Probably less.

    @worried2015: No my bars never went away. Just was having issues ordering transcripts with old address, which just means the IRS has not processed mine yet.

    Like I said.. The IRS calendar does not even say they started til the 25th, irregardless of when we filed, IRS told me a week delay. IRS has told several people a week delay. Tax Advocates say the IRS did not start processing on the 19th. TurboTax has delayed expected refund date date out to a week and a half past the old deadline for 1/19ers.

    I think it is pretty safe to assume that everything is a week behind on the 1/19ers. Some got lucky, but the majority did not. I would expect an update and a DDD of Wednesday or friday 2/10/16 or 2/12/16



    Some news…

    The Santa Barbara Tax Group which is the bank that Turbo Tax users have their fees and refund processed through just posted a disclaimer on their website that funding and updates have been delayed because of the IRS systems crash.



    Yea the blog says 1/19 and I’m a 1/20 so what I filed on 1/19 and I feel the sting of not having any bars move and no ddd or no answer’s as to why I haven’t gotten back any responses from IRS doesn’t matter if you’re 1/19 or 1/23 and in between because the majority from those dates are all having the same issue’s let’s put our heads together and not be selfish like its only a 1/19 thang thanks:)




    I did see your post I was just wondering if you had ever lost bars or anything … none of this makes sense :( I have never waited this long



    Steve- I couldnt agree more the IRS screwed something up bad for the 1/19 batch and are scrambiling for answers. In the mean time they are just telling their phone reps to give us the run around til then.


    Steve Smith


    I am not trying to argue or be negative but the math is not adding up. Turbo tax has the amount of people paid that filed on the 19th at 28% and that number is going to climb dramatically at midnight tonight when the 2/5 DD hits. There is no way 80% of the people from 19th have not been touched in my opinion.

    I think that the IRS agents are simply making up stories because they do not know. I believe a large subset of the 19th were affected by a software glitch and that once they start getting calls on 2/9 after our 21 days it will be corrected. I don’t even think they realize there is a problem yet. That is just my two cents. I am as frustrated as everyone but we will never likely get a real answer as to why it took extra time. I just hope it is not too much extra time.



    So just got off phone with a actually really nice man at IRS. I explained I had moved since last year and wanted to make sure that would not cause a issue with my refund…I was fishing for answers… he said over 80% of taxes filed on 19th have not even be processed yet, they were put on hold. Mine being one of them, I filed and was accepted on 1/19 and it has not even been touched! He was nice enough to go ahead and update my address for me (fingers crossed that will help) but he said if we don’t see anything by next Friday then call back……errrrrr


    Steve Smith

    1/19 ers

    I would not get two excited/disappointed based on the mobile Turbo Tax application. I filed two returns as I mentioned before one for me and one for my son. My son’s is getting DD tonight and I have verified it with bank. The app says he will get it the 20th. It appears that it says the 20th for nearly everyone that got accepted the 19th. I actually would love to at least have a date but unfortunately or fortunately it just looks like a bad app and not a real date. Thanks.



    @worried2015: Yes. Did you see the post I made a few ago about my call to the IRS?


    Nicole C

    I filed on 1/14 and was accepted 1/19 according to TT. BUT have NEVER had any bars on WMR. has anyone else had this problem?



    Yep me too, just downloaded the turbo tax refund tracker and it says 2/20




    Did you still just have the one bar and tax topic 152?

    Accepted the 19th can only get transcripts with old address not new



    Filed: 1/16
    Accepted: 1/19 **WINK WINK**
    Status: I saw on the turbo tax question support that someone was told to download the wheres my refund turbo tax edition on my phone, claiming his estimated refund date was now the 20th of february. I thought no freakin way, so I downloaded it and wow, estimated refund date is feb 20th. Excuse my language but what the FU*K. I am calling turbo tax to demand a refund, this is absolutely ridiculous. Someone definitely dropped the ball here and I have a feeling its turbo tax. I want my $60 freakin bucks back, I paid them for absolutely nothing. So frustrated right now, I am moving states exactly on february 20th, and need the extra money for moving expenses etc. I suggest everyone who filed with TT to check the phone app and see what your update is. Hate to be the bad news bearer but hopefully this gives everyone a little insight. I suggest we all call turbo tax and demand refunds for those that had to pay.



    @alyusha thanks for the info! however that “under review” line is just a lie he just wanted to get you off the phone without having to admit that the IRS screwed it up for the 1/19 people. They gonna sit there and tell us we are all under review thats why we havent gotten our money yet? All these people who filed on 1/19 or under review? child please…



    made by turbotax, its in the app store on my iphone. I suggest you check it out.


    Steve Smith

    Sadly we have a better chance of the tooth fairy delivering our money tomorrow than the IRS. Frustrated like everyone else.



    WOW! I was told to download the turbotax app wheres my refund, made my turbo tax. Said my estimated refund date is now February 20th. WHAT TH E F*** SO MAD!



    Also, the tax advocate lady said they started accepting on the 19th, but did not start processing. But would not tell me when they started.

    Based upon this and my before mention theory that the IRS is a week behind due to their calendar saying they did not even start working until 1/25/2016, I now believe that all the people who filed the week of opening week were just put in a que and nothing started until the 25th.

    Maybe a select few made it through. but yeah.

    I feel a bit better at least knowing what is going on. Still pissed its not this week, or last week. But at least now I can assume it will be next week.



    @Yolanda Moore — that’s so frustrating. I wonder if anybody got a surprise DD in their account but still had one bar on WMR? I know it’s far fetched but I figured I’d ask.



    I just got off the phone with the IRS. I then immediately contacted the Tax Advocate people and the IRS was more helpful than the later.

    I initially called the IRS because neither systems were letting me order transcripts. So after they updated my address and ordered my last year transcripts which I did not really want nor care about.. I said to the guy “Now I know what the answer is to this, but I feel that I should I should try” and told him I filed on the 19th, and have heard nothing. I just wanted to check and see if everything was OK. He said “Well, you already know this, but it can take up to 21 days, but since I am already in the account, let me check” He then informed that my account was randomly pulled for review and this can add an additional week to processing. I then asked him if this was something I should be concerned about and if there was anything I needed to do. He went on to say ” No there is nothing to worry about, I have seen A LOT of people pulled for review. There is no need for you to do anything, just have to wait one more week. ” So I tried to fish a little more more info by saying “So, hypothetically if I was supposed to finish processing and get a refund this week, then it would be delayed for next week?” He did not really answer that the way I wanted, but he did say ” Normally, you have to wait 21 days from filing, but since the review added a week, you will have to call the week after to get more information.”

    Basically saying that because of this “”review””” it added a week to processing and instead of it being 21 days, it has become 28 days. So I can not call on the 9th and get information (although I will still try), I now have to wait until the 16th.

    Once off the phone with him, I called the tax Advocate line in Springfield, Illinois ( I called them vs. Chicago because you tend to get nicer people there) But she only directed me to call the Chicago line..

    The woman I spoke with was even worse than the IRS and would only say it has not been 21 days yet. Kept repeating her self. I guess the only thing I could get from her, and only if I look real deep into what she said and twist it a little… I asked “Well the IRS said I am under review, I just want to see what this means” She said “It has not been 21 days, everyone is under review.”

    So I wonder if this means that since there has been obvious delays and issues with the IRS, most the people from 1/19 and close to it are under “additional review” thus adding a week to our delay and buying them more time.

    So I now see that the IRS messed up somewhere and there is no way they can process all the people from opening week, and that’s the answer. I do not think we are getting a DD or DDD this week. I am guessing next week.


    Yolanda Moore

    Jenica Yes, I asked specifically that question. My situation is the same, I can access WMR and it shows “accepted” however the TT rep advised me that WMR is down and that info may not be correct.



    Sorry @jenica but it doesn’t look good. Most of the 1/19 people are haivng issues and its not by coincidence. Look at the forums at other dates nothing compares to the issues we are having



    I’m on the same boat as everybody else here (filed 1/18, accepted 1/19) got my state taxes on 1/26. One bar on WMR. I was wondering– I saw someone mentioning something about a TT rep saying that WMR wasn’t updated due to the crash or whatever.. If I can see my WMR status– is it still “down” or? I’m beyond frustrated at this point and I just keep praying for a miracle. Something has to happen by tomorrow or I’m going to be homeless. ACK.



    @Tyla19th heck yes!!!! Go $$$$ and go broncos! lol



    Guys it has become apparent that we are the 1 out of 10 people who wont be receiving their refunds within 21 days. The IRS screwed something up for the people who filed on the 19th and what is frustrating is that they wont admit it. They will keep saying “it hasnt been 21 days yet” bull while hoping whatever they screwed up is fixed in time. But we arent stupid. They going to tell us theres nothing odd that friends of mine filed just 10 days ago already received their refunds while we are out here stuck waiting for our “21 days”? What a joke


    Yolanda Moore

    I just was chatting with a TT rep and he advised be that WMR is down and info present is my not be correct. I also read on some of the other comments that there may be pending deposits for tomorrow. I did check my acct and unfortunately there is not any pending deposit info. I still have my fingers crossed for a deposit tomorrow though.



    Good Afternoon 1/19 er’s

    I owe the IRS $1k from 2013 tax year, I spoke to the balance due department about an hour ago. I asked her if the fact that I owe back taxes is delaying my refund, she sated… “No” She advised me that the common misconception right now is that people are assuming that our processing date started on 1/19. However; that is just the date that the IRS opened the lines to start accepting returns….not the start processing date. She advised me that they did not start processing returns “OFFICIALLY” until 1/31. Can anyone shed any light on this??????



    They must have our money on the Superbowl game Sunday. Let’s just hope the Broncos win!



    I filed on 1/19 and was accepted the same day. Still stuck on one bar. I called the IRS and she won’t even talk to me about it until the 10th of February. I looked online and it says I should receive it by Feb 5 but I can see that isn’t happening. So frustrating! Anyone else stuck as well?



    I filed on 1/12/16 with H&R Block and was accepted on 1/19/16. I’m stuck on 1 bar and haven’t had any changes since then. I filed my boyfriend’s taxes for him on 1/24/16 and he received his refund yesterday 2/3/16. I’m currently on hold with the IRS. I know this is absolutely frustrating but hopefully we ALL get this resolved soo




    I honestly think the irs just shut down to catch up. If what leborican21 said is true, then they probably are getting our 19ers refunds up to date and we should all be good by the 9th. They might just distribute them over the next couple days. Its sucks to wait another couple days but…hey.



    I filed with HRB so I don’t think it’s just TT. You can’t all leave me! LOL



    Filed 1/19 and accepted 1/19

    I cant order return transcript

    One bar the whole time.
    I filled my boyfriends the same day and he has a DD set for tomorrow.
    His is a very small refund. Where i have 2 dependents. I was counting on this refund b4 the 9th as TT stated.
    We are supposed to be out of this house by the 25th but cant get into the new house without taxes. I get i need to be patient but it has never took this along and it makes me worry. The least they could do is send out some kind of mass response that there will be issues. Yea yea i know only 9 out of 10 will be by the 21 days but if there are this many of us those statistics dont seem right. There are people filling after us getting refunds. I file early every year and still have gotten my refund within 2 weeks.
    How am i supposed to know if i was pushed back. I dont know for sure my cycle but seems to me like im a 5. It drives me crazy to think i will have to wait for an update until next wednesday. If it doesnt update ill lose it. The wait and anticipation is killing me. Is something wrong? I just need to kniw something. Ugh



    @kim Could you post a link? I get ‘server error’ when i try to search for it. I got the friend request though :)



    Hey you guys, I just spoke with a representative from the IRS(I was lucky to get a kind older woman). I had filed on the 15th and got accepted the 19th like a lot of you. I filed single with an education credit, same address/employer etc. I used every ounce of etiquette in my life to ask her nicely if she could check to see if my refund had any problems. At first she tried to give me the 21 days statement but I explained to her that I hadn’t checked WMR in about a week (LIES) and that I just wanted to verify if anything was needed on my end. I also thanked her profusedly for being so kind and helpful and that I knew she must have been very busy. Luckily she bought my story and checked the status of my refund. She said it was in process and that I had no flags but that the crash had backed up their access to most filers info. All in all she told me not to worry and that it didnt matter if we filed early, 21 days from the 19th is what considered the checking date for them. She couldn’t give me an exact date but she said that all of the refunds accepted the 19th are currently being processed as priority. I hope this helps some of us!


    @brideofchaotica2 I started “Used TT Accepted 1/19” I tried to edit to “around 1/19” but new to site and probably not doing something right??? I sent you a friend request too



    @sandy I have the AOC, filed 1/18, accepted 1/19 TT, cant order return transcripts, 1 bar. There were delays with AOC last year and a few of the people I have seen talk about delays this year were posting articles from last year so not sure if there is REALLY a delay again this year or not. I have not read any legit articles stating anything about AOC delays this year though.


    Steve Smith

    What is frustrating is that the IRS will not even talk to you to try and alert them to a possible problem. #1/19



    @kim I think that would be a good idea but even this group says “accepted 1/19” and there are several users who were accepted different days that participate in this thread anyway.


    Steve Smith

    I have seen multiple people who have talked to the IRS post now that there was a “master file” over run on the first day and that has caused the issue with the 1/19 filings. This seems like the most logical answer as the first day would likely get more people filing than the other days. I filed two on this day and the one I filed early in the morning for my son got paid and mine which was done in the evening did not. It would make sense that the second one would have issues if it was a file over run. This is all speculation on my part. It is certainly frustrating but I have not been able to find anyone at Turbo Tax or the IRS that seems willing to give anything more than a generic answer.



    I think we should start a “Used TT Accepted 1/19” group and isolate ???


    INSANE 60+ years the IRS has had to learn to do EVEN a MODERATE job yet here we are… The 1/19 group has MORE members than ANY group I am beginning to think it is tied to the service used to file??? Seems like ALOT of TT people are on here.

    TT responded to a variation of this question yesterday by sending me the link for the “Systems Down” but that does not explain prior to yesterday. When more 1/27 and after are receiving Refunds than the FIRST filers SOMETHING went WRONG!

    Filed 1/14 Accepted 1/20 Basic Return not itemized Took American Opportunity Credit for me & my son (Both in College) Done not ROCKET SCIENCE

    1 Bar Topic 152



    Filed through Turbo Tax. Accepted on 1/19/16. Only one bar with Tax Topic 152 as of 12:20 EST 2/4/16. Filed from South Carolina. IMO, the IRS has really dropped the ball this year.



    Filed 1/11

    Accepted 1/19

    No DDD

    Still only 1 bar. Can order account transcript some days using old address some days it says info doesn’t match. Have yet to be able to order return transcript. Used H&R Block Online. Officially over it!!



    Hey everyone I filed on the 19th and accepted the same day. I’ve been stuck at one bar w/tax topic 152 since then. I called the IRS today and got an a** hole that gave me the generic 21 day spill so I hung up on his face and called right back and got a nice lady. She told me that there was nothing wrong with a lot of people’s taxes who filed the 19th including mines but due to millions of returns being accepted at the same time the main system went down. She stated that this caused a week delay so instead of 3 it can take 4. She stated the only time you need to worry is if you receive a letter in which that would have already been sent (this happened last year to someone I know). If you haven’t received a letter just know that it’s processing and you can get a deposit anytime between now and the next 2 weeks since it was pushed back.



    My 2015 tax return was accepted on 01/15. Still have not received my refund. When I called this morning, they said if I don’t receive by 02/09 call them back. But please beware, speaking to an agent will only frustrate you, they have the same info. as the where is my refund site. I’ve called 3 times and all agents seem clueless. But I was able to confirm that irs performs direct deposits daily. Agents are told not to share too much info. you can tell, you have to damn near beg them to look your information up. They will try to get away with providing general info instead of providing specific info. And even if your tax return wad accepted prior to January 19, it wasn’t formally accepted until the 19th. I will say, there have been a lot of cases with data breaches and other countries having access to the personal records of the U.S. which would explain their extra long verification process especially if you were one of the affected persons and i was, that’s just my guess.



    @sunshine……no pending deposit at my bank. Feeling like Charlie Brown…..I got a rock.


    Yolanda Moore

    This is really frustrating. I have been reading that due to the system crash WMR is unavailable. However I can access my info on WMR. I filed and was accepted 1/19/16. 3 dependents, only W2 info and no offsets. TurboTax says that the latest I should have my refund is 2/9/16, the refund cycle chart says I should have DD-2/5/16. I am skeptical about the DD of 2/5/16 when I haven’t even gotten a notice of approval yet. Last year I received by refund back in 18 days however I had a date by now. I don’t understand why is the issue this year. I really need to know something, I would think if there was something wrong I would have been notified by now. But I also have a friend that didn’t know if there was any issues until she reached her 21 days limit.



    Filed 1/18. Accepted 1/19. One bar. No ddd, No money. Ordered acc trans, not return trans.

    Guess I’ll be wasting another day at work checking my netspend online, checking TT, and wmr Like a crack head. LOL.



    @sunshine State do you know that website about the 4000+ comments? Anyone receiving there money in check form? Filed and accepted Jan. 1956th. Still on one bar.



    Filed 1/18, accepted 1/19. Still no news, only one bar, tax topic 152 (this is a general topic and one I get every year, so no worries there). We’re all in the same boat it seems, and it’s really pissing me off. It’s MY money – I have to give it to them immediately upon being paid wages, but they can take their sweet ass f*cking time giving it back to me. Complete bullocks.



    You know a patient who is a CPA reminded me that this really isn’t a refund but is actually my change because I let them borrow money from my check. Maybe I should charge them interest.

    I still have no update and NYS has for the 4th year in a row pulled my return for further review. If it happens next year I will have to consider it harassment.

    Let’s just hope that today is our day! Good luck everyone. And @terry if I don’t get my money until this summer we are going to have a problem! LOL


    Sunshine state

    Here’s a small glimmer of hope. Saw on another website that WMR status bar isn’t working right. There’s some 4000+ comments of people who filed 1-19 who haven’t got their refund yet.

    BUT A LOT of people have said they’ve called their bank and there’s pending deposits from IRS to be deposited 2/5/16 WITHOUT being able to order transcripts or any bar movements.

    Also a lot of people claiming to have received DD WITHOUT any bar movements. This other website seems to think a lot of us 1/19 people will get deposits Friday 2/5 I guess we will see.



    I’m new to this, but how are tax returns processed? I don’t understand how people who filed after me already have ddd and I dont. Shouldn’t it be first come first served. I don’t understand the transcript thing, but I did order it the other day. I was only able to order my account transcript not my return. Where do cycle numbers come from? Like I said I’m new to all this. I claimed EIC and AOC aswell.



    I saw on the news that the irs computers are down today and that wmr is not working right now. Hoping that’s why I haven’t seen an update this morning.

    filed 1/14 via tt
    accepted 1/19
    still bar on wmr w/ topic 152
    was able to order trascripts
    nothing recd in the mail from the irs

    have no clue what is going on but I can call the irs 21 days after I efile. so ill be calling them today. Ill post if I find anything new out.




    Filed and accepted 1/19. Bars went missing 2 days later. No bars for 2 weeks. Have topic 152 and no refund amount. No mailed letters. No clue what the delay is. I did file adoption credit and this may be affecting my refund timing. SMDH



    I just tried to order transcripts just now 10:25 and system for transcripts says it is down again.

    tt-sub 1-19
    1 bar wmr–not moved
    ordered acct transcripts 21 jan
    can’t order return transcripts
    no ddd —-no sbrpg deposit yet



    Been watching this forum for about a week. From what I have been seeing it looks like everyone that filed with TT accepted the 19th are the ones having issues. Not really sure what’s going on but it’s getting frustrating. Could order account transcript, tried yesterday for refund trans but system was down. For the record filed with TT 1/15 accepted 1/19 at 630pm. As of today still one bar with no movement since 19th on WMR. No DDD, nothing. Been reading a lot but not sure what to believe also heard acceptance dates were wrong and actually 2 days after what it says on TT. Which would make the expected DD the 12th. Last year filed 2/2! Received DD 2/8! Seems us early filers got the S*** end of the deal here. Buddy of mine filed 2/1 this year with a 2/5 DDD! How is that possible! Fiance just lost her job, my job just cut hours, I’m a EMT, state employee, make junk money as it is and rents not gana pay itself. Luckly have enough saved to get us thru for a little while. But getting this return would definitely help. Good luck everyone. Hopefully we all see something soon!



    Same crap, different day.

    Filed 1/15, accepted 1/19, stuck on that one little bar like always. At least we aren’t alone in our misery I guess. If it was only me that was stuck I’d be far more concerned as opposed to just impatient and grumpy.

    And to answer someone else, no I don’t have the AOC credit.



    Called my bank this morning just to see… no pending deposits. Still one bar. Filed the 19th, accepted 10 minutes after filing. Tuesday I was able to order account transcripts with my old address, now I can’t order them at all. I give up.



    It appears I’m in the same boat as everyone here. Here’s my stats:
    Filed 1/18 with Turbo Tax, accepted the 19th. Have had one bar and TT 152 ever since. Nothing has changed. I can order account transcripts but not return. I have no offsets. I literally can’t even understand this. Yes, I’m well aware it’s not been 21 days. but judging by the “cycles” it doesn’t appear we will receive the refund in that 21 day time frame. Very frustrating, just as frustrating as reading negative comments on here. What’s the point? you don’t like what you read, there’s this nice little “X” in the top right corner of your screen. Push it. Problem solved. Just saying. Fingers crossed for good news soon my fellow 1/19 ers



    Can all of you who has not see any progress please tell me if you have the AOC or not?



    Nothing has changed for me.. maybe I’ll at least have this baby today then I’ll only be waiting for one thing lol



    So last year filed on 1/19 got my dd on 1/30/2015..
    this year filed on 1/19 accepted about hour later
    everything exactly same as last year except address change!
    Still no DDD
    still not able to order return transcripts!
    called offset #, no monies owed~~



    @Accepted on19th also if you have problem with my forum, why not exit. I start a forum every year so people with the same acceptance date can update and encourage each other. Have a great day #farfromaflake



    I filed 1/19 and still no DDD** one bar*** can order account trans… called to order return trans this am and they are having issues with their system and told me to try online or try to call later! man…. this is crazy lol I have been following everyone else on here… TODAY AND FINALLY DECIDED TO COMMENT! One thing I cant stand is for those who comment, in regards to those who are just curious on whats going on, have negative s*** to say! If you owe the IRS, THEY MOVE FAST… I JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS ANYMORE. I NEED THEM TO RUN ME MY CHECK!!!! I HAVE PLANS AND I WANT THEM DONE ON THE DATE THEY HAVE PLANNED ONTHE DANG ddd… AND FORGET THAT 21 DAY WAIT…. RUN ME MY CHECK…. IM HUNGRY LOL ====GOOD LUCK TO THOSE WHO ARE WAITING ****JUST LIKE ME! SHEESH



    SMH!!! I guess I was totally and off and no refund status again today, I was convinced with the system being down yesterday that we would all see updates today. This is pathetic, I swear next year I am claiming exempt and keep my federal. I will get my state before I get my federal, 12 days in total last year. What happens next week, this is dreadful. The government can make space stations, millions of dollars on war, funding unnecessary budgets but cannot get our $$$$ to us on time.



    First time this am I could order account transcript not return. Never done it before any other year, guess I just thought I’d try this year, dunno if that means anything or not



    I filed on 18th accepted on 19th. Bars disappeared Friday, January 30th, and have not come back since! No refund topic and giving the generic message of date will be provided when available. So annoyed people who just filed days ago have their refunds and still no progress for mines. Now the Irs is experiencing outages….but they are still approving returns today and yesterday bullshit!


    Sunshine state

    Accepted 1/19
    no change
    No DDD
    this is insane I can’t believe it’s been this long when everyone has gotten there’s so far. I’m curious to see if the people who posted yesterday got a DDD last night?



    I was accepted on the 19th, and yesterday got a ddd of 2/5.



    Filed 1/15 with TT
    Accepted 1/19
    One bar.
    No DD.
    The informational Topic 152.
    Mood: Grrrrrrr!

    Haven’t attempted to order transcripts or call anyone.. what’s the point :/


    ruth bonifacio

    File on the 19th accepted the same day….. only one bar no progress



    good morning fellow 10% er’s

    What you going to do with you summer returns?



    Good morning
    Well it’s only 4:49am in Los Angeles Ca
    I normally don’t like to post til after 7 or 8am…
    But I checked WMR and my transcripts.

    1 Bar
    TT 152
    Can only order account transcripts under old address

    I received the Thankyou email from TT yesterday meaning I’ve hit my 15 days now smh….

    IRS won’t give me any answers guess I’ll try calling TT and see what they have to say


    GT 5Oh

    Filed 1/15 hrblock and accepted on 1/19 (Florida)

    Bars have never come back since they went away a few days ago





    Accepted on19th also

    This forum is flakey too! This forum was put up in the 21st. If u was accepted on the 19th. Why put a forum up so fast, u didn’t wait at all. Now there like 4 pages of comments. What a crock



    @jerry I say the same when the 1/19 filers start calling they are going to say the system was shut down, Therefore there is going to be delays.


    Accepted on19th also

    This shhh make u wana go exempt all year round! I feel like I’ve been working 12 months straight, giving somebody a third of my check for nothing. Them bytches print money. They got more than enough to spread. It shouldn’t take this long. Ain’t enough fraud in the world to delay this long. They knew this time of year was coming, there’s no excuse why they don’t have enough ppl working on processes. This ain’t the first year for taxes those ppl should know what their doing by now



    Mark my words. When all of us still have no refund on Tuesday, they will use this “shutdown” as an excuse to buy themselves a few more days. This is absolutely infuriating. I’m seeing people who filed 2/1 with DDDs. What the f*ck?



    Filed the 19th
    Accepted the 19th
    Bar 1 never left
    Topic 152
    Still no dd



    I contacted TT through the contact tab in the top right hand corner of the screen. They said if you were accepted 01/19 you should receive your refund by the 9th. I don’t know how the IRS is going to pull that off with all these people still needing their refunds.

    Filed: 01/18
    Accepted: 01/19
    DDD: 00/00/000

    Wmr: 1 bar, since forever



    Filed thru TT, ACCEPTED 1-19-2016 no ddd still stuck on first bar in WMR. Are we getting a deposit tomorrow bc Tuesday would make 21 days?! Frustrated



    Ant still stuck on one bar with no DDD? file and accepted 1/19



    i was accepted 1/19 and received a DDD of 2/5 around 8 am today. WMR has worked fine for me and still does despite all the post ive read of it being down for everyone.


    Andre Black

    @alyusha I called TaxAct earlier. They have no support. I’ll be filling with TurboTax next year as well. They seem to have better support. TaxAct has no customer service.




    I just saw this on another thread, according to NBC the wheres my refund and other systems are all down. Maybe thats why we haven’t got a update? Heres the article:



    God I wish TaxAct had the type of support TurboTax does.. I almost used TT this year too… But decided to stick with taxact since I always got my refund in less then 10 days. I guess it did not make a difference this year, but i will be going with TT next year.



    The email they are referring to is an additional email, not the first thank you email. This one has a message that says if you haven’t received you refund, go to TT and track the refund.



    @amanda– I called TT just now. The woman on the phone said that everything is green light, no issues whatsoever. The email that’s sent out to people, she said it was more likely generic because they don’t get the fees in advance before our refund. They get the fees the same time we get our refund. Poo.

    Hopefully in the morning, we’ll wake up and BAM! it’ll be right there. God knows I could use it. I’m crossing every body part I can possibly cross at this point :)





    @jenica I also got the same email earlier today. The lady I spoke with from TT did not say anything about it but I also forgot to ask. Fingers crossed that it means we get our money soon!!



    I was accepted 1/19 and still have no DDD. I just spoke with TT and I’m in the green, there is no problems on my end. Now it’s up to IRS. Wish they could tell me more though.



    I got the thank you email from turbotax tonight. I was wondering if I got that because they got their fees? If that’s the case, does that mean I’ll be seeing a refund soon or is that email just generic?



    I’m 1/19 with one bar and topic 152.
    Just called TT and I guess put down my wrong po box! Would that be grounds for a delay seeing that it’s different PO box than last years filings?



    @Aprilynn thanks! I appreciate it! We are in CO and rents are soooo outrageous so if the tax refund doesnt come in time to keep us in our current apt, we will have to move out of state! Just crazy here!! Here’s to hoping all of us get updates soon!! :)



    @Talesa thank you



    OMG so sorry to hear that… I definitely will b praying for you.
    No I can’t even check that so I’m living on a hop & prayer now!
    Thanks so much for the info….. hopefully I’m n the next batch!



    @Aprilynn no problem! I am doing the same. We lost our only income last December and my husband did find another job, but won’t have a check in time to avoid eviction. The wait sucks!!!



    @ Aprillynn, You have to look at your transcripts from last year to know what cycle you are on. I have been a cycle 05 for the past few years which means that I am on a weekly cycle. However; this year the IRS has taken the ability to view your account transcript online. The link provides information to the IRS posting cycle and dates according to your cycle number. I received an email from Turbo Tax not to long ago, I hope this means that we are getting a status update tomorrow. I know for myself I am a cycle number 05 and according to the information found on the link IRS will be posting today. I think this coincides with the fact that WMR and transcript lines are down, they are updating the system today for the 05 ‘ ers. Fingers crossed!!! Hope this makes sense.

    Output Cycle Number – 201605
    *Cutoff for Release of Transactions WEDNESDAY – 02/03/2016
    **Posted Transaction Appears on IDRS MONDAY – 02/08/2016



    @Aprilynn: I was hoping that you could get it from your transmission ID that you got when you efiled, but mine is 201601 lol and according that that chart… no good. =P



    Thank u. I don’t have prior year transcript and when I tried to order on this year they told me that my request cannot be completed and this was before the system went down



    Thank u so much…. I have no clue what cycle I’m n then cause I never ordered transcripts b4…. guess I’ll just keep praying for a ddd to pop up!



    @Aprilynn: You have to get the number from your transcripts.



    @jumill87 got the same email from TT this evening. I was really hoping for DDD of Friday but not holding my breath! @Aprilynn codes are from return transcripts from previous years. I was in the 05 cycle the past 3 years and was 04 and 02 prior to that. I think a lot of people assume they are in the same cycle as the past few years. It’s hard to tell this year because you can’t see return transcripts online for this tax season anymore and have to order by mail but they are having ‘technical difficulties’



    The link that u posted about codes or something how do I figure out what code I am? And exactly what does this whole link mean



    Can’t try to order says they are having technical difficulties..think it will be up tonight?



    transcripts request & irs phone is down. …update is coming hopefully



    I just got the e-mail from TT saying thank you for choosing turbo tax, if you have no received your refund yet please log into the tracker to see if we can help.



    @tredbne0974 how do you find out what cycle you are on?


    Steve Smith

    This seems like the most realistic explanation I have seen for the randomness. This was posted on another thread by another user.

    @amber I am also in Texas and [email protected] block also stated that to me as well I filed on 1/15 and was accepted 1/20 I called the tax advocate line to get a status of my return I was stuck on the processing bar and come to find out the dates of acceptance are wrong the IRS took the return but did not process them till two days after and most people who have not received dd from 1/19 and 1/22 and later have been resequenced and pushed back a week do to the master file is full instead of getting direct deposit on the 5 the we are now getting pushed to the next two batches witch would be the 12 th !or 19 th!

    Just FYI there are a lot of us who field 1/19 to 1/23 who are delayed a week and resequenced as I found out today please do not listen to [email protected] block when I told them I was resequenced they didn’t even know what that meant there apparently was two million filer’s on the 19 it overloaded some master file I am now pushed to the 19 instead of the 5th!!!



    I filed 1/18 on TT and was accepted on 1/19, i was finally able to order my return transcript on monday and even though the IRS says it has no connection i think it seems to. i checked this morning and had a dd date of 2/5. anyone who hasnt got approved hang in there, it will happen very soon



    Output Cycle Number – 201605
    *Cutoff for Release of Transactions WEDNESDAY – 02/03/2016
    **Posted Transaction Appears on IDRS MONDAY – 02/08/2016

    I think this explains why the systems are down today. I think this for the weekly cycle 05. I just found this on the irs website. ** Your cycle number will be the last “2” digits following the year. Please click on the following link:



    Filed 1/19 with turbo tax. Still waiting for federal. First year that my state refund was issued before federal. Not sure if this is something on IRS side or my return.



    Here’s my sob story:
    Filed and Accepted 1/19 with Turbo Tax. Had one bar for a few days, then they disappeared and I got Tax Topic 152. I have been able to order my account transcripts but not return. Today I’ve gotten the error message all day on the order transcripts page. No offsets. Nothing in the mail yet, including my 2015 account transcript that I ordered.

    My big wonder is that I’ve heard people say they have Tax Topic 152 with a refund amount still showing, and some without a refund amount (My refund amount disappeared). I wonder if that means anything or if it’s simply related to how you’re processing?

    I’m not up in arms, because regardless of how or when we file or how badly we want an update, they DO have 21 days. And technically, they have a lot longer…they just tell us to keep calm for 21 days. But this is taking much longer than years past.



    @misssu2u 1- 800-624-9066…they’ll even call you back so you don’t stay on hold.



    what number did you call to reach someone at TT. It seems that we are in the same situation and IRS is not giving out any info until 2/11/16

    Thank you



    And you don’t look psycho…troll!




    There were MASSIVE budget cuts this year resulting in a lot less employees to process our returns. STOP comparing this year to past years, as it is completely different.

    21 days is 21 days, STOP calling the IRS. You all look psycho.



    Does anyone who filed with TaxAct know if there is such a wonderful help line we can call to get info?



    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/19
    1 bar no updates

    Talked with TT. Agent told me wmr has had issues. My return was accepted and expected DDD is 2/5. He said I’d have my money then.




    I have never been lucky with a quick return but this year seems to be taking the longest. Hopefully, Saturday morning we will all update. Sooner would be great but not counting on it.



    I just got that email aswell. I looked back on my emails from turbo tax last year and i got that same email the day before i got my deposit email. So there may be hope. As i said before wmr didnt update me when i got my dd.



    Hello my name is Kimberly, I beaming following u all for about a week. I filed on the 20th accepted the same day. This has been the longest I have ever waited . My sister in law . Did her taxes on the 27th and got her DDD date for the 5th today. What is going on this year.



    me again.
    I saw the EIC notes, I was accepted 19th, i did NOT qualify for EIC, still no 2nd bar and no deposit.

    BUT two of my four dependent have different last names (fiancee and her daughter) and I’m expecting almost 9k. But no different than last few years, just taking at least a week longer so far



    i just got the turbo tax thank you email, any connections to that and getting the refund soon after??? anyone?
    filed TT 1-16 accepted 1-19 1 bar




    lol works for me. This is what I was gathering from reading the forums.

    Regardless, something is f/d up. I thought it was just mine at first but it seems to be the majority that filed on 19th or earlier. This is the first year filing early, place of employment finally put w-2 online…now I regret it.


    IRS 2016 Budget $10.6 BILLION
    highlights= ‘Additional Taxpayer Services Improvements” $301,553,000
    ANNUAL PAY RAISES $82,112,000+

    This crap cannot be MADE UP…..



    Filed: 1/18
    Accepted: 1/19
    Status: 1 bar still no updates, ordered my account transcripts yesterday afternoon, tried to order my return transcript this morning and gave me “A technical problem has occured. Try your request again later.” Maybe that means they’re in the process of updating the system? I have no clue :(. Really frustrated. I filed mine last year and got mine in exactly 21 days, I’m hoping I get a deposit this friday. Last year I got my 2nd bar on the day my money was deposited.



    @kmccann I am sorry but you are mistaken. My coworker filed the 18 was accepted the morning of the 19th and received her refund 7000+ today.



    been reading up on this site

    Seems that maybe people with EIC were delayed, but possibly being pushed through today.

    Who knows..



    I have a large refund however, my bfs is under 800 and we are on the same boat. I just think its because we filed early.



    Yup, 19th accepted and large refund also in no man’s land. So maybe amount is a factor.


    Steve Smith

    I submitted two refunds on turbo tax on the 19th that were accepted the 19th.

    One for my son 300 dollar refund which is being DD on 2/5.
    One for substantially more that is stuck in no man’s land so the amount does appear to factor in.



    @kmccann: you are right about being stuck in a loop. As for the ppl with small refunds getting a DD or not, I do not know. I have a large refund, but not many people have been sharing that info.


    Filed 1/17
    accepted 1/19
    refund $7,000+

    No activity, none. Not good or bad.


    Just curious how many people and how many computers does it require for a private sector company to operate when processing activity on self created forms? NOT TOO MANY They would be bankrupt

    So IRS CREATES TAX CODE; CREATES TAX FORMS; Computer programs SHOULD be written to READ these & yet, AMERICANS wait on an ANTIQUE RELIC run by ANTIQUE RELICS to perform in a 20-30 day window….


    Steve Smith

    Turbo tax has the percentage paid after the 2/3 direct deposit at 28% of the people that were accepted on the 19th in their system. That percentage will go up after the 2/5 DD. I was wondering how high that number will go after 2/5 DD and if it will be close to 90%. Everything I have seen/read indicates that the next scheduled DD after 2/5 is 2/12. My thought process is that if the percentage is not close to the 90% they promised they might add a midweek DD like they did this week. The 28% is directly from turbo tax but the rest is speculation on my part. Frustrated like everyone else.



    Ok so this is what I have gathered from reading everyones post

    People who filed 19th or before accepted 19th are stuck in a loop.
    If someone filed on or before 19th and already got refund, they had small less then 1000 refunds.

    Anyone who has the big refunds are in a dark dark hole and it seems like we will never come out.

    Do I have it pretty well down? If I am mistaken please advise.


    If TurboTax filers are seeing such activity why are there not more posting w/ a happy dance?
    Filed 1/19 Accepted 1/19 Head of Household (me) & 1 college student (Son) Education Credit and No healthcare for 6 months due to job loss. It’s not ROCKET SCIENCE

    Ordered Account Transcript and the site prompted me to fill out Form 4506 for Return Transcript

    And people think GOVERNMENT can manage Healthcare How long have they been Processing Returns? With THEIR CODES & FORMS? Really?



    Apparently people who filed early this year are just all messed up. Last year i filed on feb 23 and got accepted the same day. I got my return on march 11th. I recieved a email saying it would be deposited to my account in a day or two on march 11th lol. According to this years return schedule that time frame is the same. Wmr still had me on one bar. Im never filing early again. Hope we all just get a ddd on feb 5 for feb 5.



    I just got off the phone with the IRS only because my bars have been missing for a whole week. Only to be informed their systems are down and they do not know when they will be up . She did advise me to call back before 7pm



    Filed on 1/15 did my bfs the same day
    We both got accepted 1/19
    Ordered account transcripts 2/01. Still unable to get return transcripts. We both are still on one bar.
    Kinda butthurt. Im on maternity leave and I need the cash.
    Tried to get transcipts for return just now i think the irs transcripts site is down or something. Heres hoping for an update ??.



    I’ve never had WMR update before getting a deposit, so no it isn’t a stretch. One year it updated with my DDD the day it was deposited, after the fact. And yes, I checked it everyday.

    I usually take WMR with a huge grain of salt but it would be nice to see an update this year seeing as how things are moving so slowly.



    I’m getting the technical error message also when trying to order transcripts. Fingers crossed for update!


    trd waiting

    Same error message on transcript phone call and online is just a blank page



    I’m trying to order my refund transcript and now receiving this message –

    “Your request cannot be completed. Please contact us at 1-800-908-9946, our automated telephone self service, to order an account or a return transcript.”





    Steve Smith

    What will be interesting is when Turbo Tax updates the percentage paid (that were accepted on 19th) this Friday. That will let us know if we are a vocal minority that have not been processed or if the IRS is way behind its 90+ percentage to be paid in 21 days. I am disappointed but until we hit day 22 it appears there is no way to find out if anything is wrong. The hotline shut me down as soon as I said I filed on the 19th saying their system does not show anything until after 21 days which I find hard to believe.



    @alyusha In the past I’ve never got a DDD without WMR showing accurate information. This morning it finally updated for me as I expected it to for my DDD on 2/5.

    I believe it’s a stretch to expect a DDD when WMR isn’t updated. If WMR is down altogether, then that is a different story. It’s working right now.



    There is also reports that WMR is not working properly and I do not know the truth to this, but just incase, try calling the IRS Refund Hotline at 800-829-1954.



    Good morning everyone,

    I did not update on WMR like the majority of us. For those of you asking if WMR is an accurate thing to go off of… Even though the IRS says it is, I do not think it is. Many people have reported getting DDDs through their tax service, or just received a DD with no updates to WMR. Last year I received my DD with no update to WMR. So in my opinion.. WMR is awesome if you wake up and check it and you have 2 bars and DDD, but just because you do not, does not mean nothing has happened or is happening.

    As far as transcripts go… YES if you are able to order both account and return transcripts, then that does indeed mean that they are done with your return and you should be expecting an update soon. BUT, this does not work the other way. Just because you can not order your return transcript, does not mean they have not finished your return. No matter how we interpret the IRS FAQ page about transcripts, there have been people who got DDDs and WMR updated whiling not being able to order return transcripts.

    At this point, I am done speculating. I am so beyond pissed off with this year and do not want to set my self up for more failure. Sure I can always say there may be an update Saturday and blah blah blah.. But why keep saying “tomorrow”? What I do know is for those of us who were accepted on the 19th, the IRS has until Tuesday, February 9th.2016 to technically have our money in our banks, although I think most of us would be happy to know that they just processed our returns and plan to DD sometime in the near future. If they do not get it done by then, then they will have a ton of angry people calling. I would imagine they would like to avoid this, so I still have hopes we will see a update before 2/9/16. This is also why peoples TurboTax says expect a refund between 1/20/16 and 2/9/16 because that is your 21 days. In most cases it will be sent somewhere in that window.

    Some good news dealing with transcripts… I have a new address this year, and as of last night, I was able to order my ACCOUNT transcripts with my OLD address, and not my return, and nothing with my new address. This would tell me, that the IRS has done nothing with my return because they not only will not let me order a return transcript, but they still have my old address. BUT, as of this morning, I can not order neither account or return transcripts with my old address, and I need to figure out the formatting they use for my new one to check. But I see this as progress anyways. For all I know they did process my return and the only way I will know is by figuring out if I can order my return transcript or not. I will be checking on this and will post an update once I figure it out.

    Below is some links and numbers.

    Order transcripts online (you can not view transcripts online this year);jsessionid=GHB9VwIG1vUs0NrpqqdOEWSZ

    Order Transcripts by phone – AUTOMATED (has a different set of questions and is easier to do if you are not sure of the format the IRS uses for your address)

    The USPS website to look up your address (this is the system the IRS uses to match your address and the result should be the address the IRS uses for you, no matter what you typed in on your return)!input.action

    The Treasury Offset Program automated hotline ( This system will tell you if you have an offset and for how much, and it can be useful for people who know they have an offset because if the IRS has processed your return and did not update anything, this hotline will tell you how much they took from your refund, and tell you if and when the remainder will be deposited)



    Our Federal refund was accepted by the IRS on January 19, 2016. Still only one bar and we filed through Turbo tax to have it directly deposited on a netspend card. Has anyone who filed on the 19th gotten their federal refunds? I am very upset because other websites are claiming that I should have it on the 5th of February.



    wanted to update everyone on my status. I called advocate line and was told my refund was not accepted and did not start processing until 1/21/16. I filed on 1/18/2016 and TaxAct stated I was accepted on 1/19/16 and to give it atl east 3 weeks from the 21st. She stated I was still being processed. I still have only one bar on WMR



    Called the automated system to check transcript. System says they are experiencing technical difficulties. Please call back later.



    submitted 1/16
    accepted 1/19
    account transcript 1/29
    return transcript 2/2
    2nd bar 2/3
    ddd 2/5
    good luck



    What’s the irs number to call to get to talk to someone???? And not get the machine.



    You guys flipping out with no DDD and no money should settle down, it’ll come. You should feel what it’s like getting audited and getting your refund in June.



    Filed through TT on 1/14, accepted 1/19 (Arizona)
    Still only 1 bar on WMR, tax topic 152
    Was able to order Account transcripts.

    Anyone know what the acronym SBBT is??? I keep seeing it on here but don’t know what it is.

    Beyond frustrated.



    I filed my return 1/19 using taxact
    Accepted 1/19
    Was able to order my account transcript, but not my return transcript.

    I’m afraid it’s last year all over again. Had to have a tax advocate and didn’t get my refund till June because of these random audits.

    I did claim a school credit and read somewhere there’s a week delay for these credits for verification.



    I filed 1/8 and accepted 1/19, still one bar no DDD, nothing. Filed at HRB. Had mine last year in 10 days.



    FINALLY. I woke up this morning with 2 bars on WMR. I filed 1/18, accepted 1/19 on Turbo Tax. Just yesterday I had 1 bar and Topic 152 generic link.

    Time to spend and put money in my savings! Whooo! Tip: Never account for your tax returns in your bills people. Budget properly and don’t be so dependent on it.

    “Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 5, 2016.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 10, 2016, check with your bank to see if it has been received.”



    Filed 1-18
    Accepted – 1-19
    Still no updates waiting on one bar.

    I called turbo tax, they said everything looked fine.
    called the irs, she didn’t even try and look up my return. She said that no tax return is the same and that I just need to check the WMR, and wait the 21 days. I am in my alloted amount of time and to not call back until then, told me to have a nice day and hung up.



    Filed & accepted 1/24 at 6:30pm (GA)

    Ordered both transcripts on 1/29 at 8:00 am

    WMR updated on 1/30, overnight

    DDD 2/3

    Rec’d refund 2/2

    Total turnaround: 9 days



    @J P Paul
    Go to and type transcripts into the search box and it will take you to the page where you can request transcripts



    Filed 1/17/16
    Accepted 1/19/16 after 1pm
    Only 1 bar and cant pull return transcript
    Called irs yesterday they said that my return had been pulled for a random review but that it was released from the review with no errors as of tuesday they said alot of people who filed early got pulled for review and that causes a 7 day delay in getting your return im hoping its correct because like a lot of us this money comes in handy this time of year



    Filed with TT 1/15
    Accepted 1/19
    One bar.. Tax topic movement since
    Spoke to IRS 5 minutes ago. Said it wasnt received until the 22nd.! Wait til next Friday (2/12) to call back.! -___-



    Filed 1 18
    Accepted 1 19
    1 bar
    Generic 152
    Account transcript
    No return transcript.
    Always received refund within two week even with offsets. This is the first time it has taken this long.

    I have heard rumor that they are testing a delay of one month to allow for potential identify theft detection. There are a couple of articles on it but nothing says the procc5is active this year.



    @JPaul you can order online but it comes in the mail. You cant see them online this year.



    Filed 1/19 and accepted 1/19
    still no DDD
    can order acct transcripts but not return
    everything the same as last year except new address….this is crazy i know so many people that filed after me and already have money!!!


    JP Paul

    Can you let me know how I can get my tax transcripts online, I can’t seem to find the link.



    I filed 1/19 accepted 1/19
    1 Bar no updates….
    I filed my daughters on 1/25 accepted on 1/25
    she was given DDD of 2-5.

    Luck of the draw….I guess…



    Keep checking for return transcripts…mine became available yesterday, and I got my DDD today.



    Good Morning Everyone

    Accepted 1/19
    1 Bar with Generic 152 topic.

    I called the IRS this morning because my address has not been updated as of yet. I spoke with a woman and I asked her what is the standard procedure if I do not receive a status as of 2/9/16 when the 21 waiting period is over. Her response was, ” You just have to wait and you will be told that you just have to wait until it is processed.” I was astonished at this generic response. You must be kidding me, if they give me a generic message they that after 3 weeks. Last year I received my return in 12 days even with an offset.



    I am in the same boat! I filed on 1/17 using TT and was accepted 1/19 still only have one bar! Last year my return was flagged for possible identity theft and I had to work with a tax advocate to get my return . I went on the website to order my transcripts and my return transcripts for this year were not available but prior years were but my account transcript for this year was available what does this mean?



    Filed after 11AM on 1/19, accepted the same day. Still only 1 bar on WMR. Not able to order transcripts. I’ve filed through TT for the last 5 years, never any issues, always processed and received within 10 days. Received state return last week.

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