ACCEPTED 1/19 This is for us……

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    Hello all. This is the forum for all who were accepted 1/19/16 so we can update each other on our progress.

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    I have netspend but have my TT fees being taken out. Will I get my refund tomorrow on netspend or will I still have to wait? Anyone?



    @chris I did not opt for Netspend, have DDD of 02/10 and have no pending deposits yet. I have First Bank in Colorado.



    Anyone still stuck in no mans land with me??? No return transcripts, no bars, no DDD, no money???? Tried calling irs said I had to wait til wed to call and get answers….i am beyond over this



    Anyone with Walmart Monet card receive money yet?! Will we receive later today or tomorrow or do we no have to wait until the 10th



    Anyone without the netspend card receive their DD yet?



    I am in Ohio


    Ty’Eira Marie Morrison

    Brief summary of details (recap):
    Filed/accepted 1/19
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10
    Deposit: 12:44 am 2/8

    Congratulations to all my Netspend cardholders out there! Everyone else is definitely on the way!

    See you next year!



    @Carla White what state are u in. I’m in Georgia. Haven’t received mine yet. DDD for 2/10 also



    DDD was set for 2/10. Just checked and funds are on my card! I have netspend.



    What’s going on with the self employment refunds they have so many rumors going around about them!?!?


    EMS 1

    Filed 1/15
    Accepted 1/19
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10
    DD WENT THRU @ midnight 2/8!



    I live in Louisiana and we have mardigras going on that’s y I’m asking??!!??



    My refund date is for direct deposit on the 10th will my net spend card recirve it tomorrow?



    After all bars disappeared Friday night, there was a second bar and DDD for 2/10 Saturday morning. :-)



    Filed 1/19 accepted 1/19. Finally got an update through the offset hotline yesterday which was finally confirmed by an update on wmr today that my refund is scheduled to be sent by the 10th. I don’t know why it took so long, but im glad it finally went through!


    Isn’t it strange how several States are not refunding until March-April and groups dated 1/13-1/20 have been delayed with no explanation as 1/25-2/1 refunding enough to quiet the storm…..Transcript lines are now having “difficulties” ….

    Where’s the money why no statements and “Systems Down” like they work on battery packs LOL It is the GOVERNMENT and when was the last time you believed ANYTHING ANYONE remotely connected said????

    Sorry I just know the entire system is glued together with the greed and lies of EVERY participant Look up Roll Call The wealth of Congress It will BLOW your mind



    Wmr should tell you when your refund will be sent



    How long does it usually take for the irs to send your deposit? I’ve been approved, but it hasn’t been sent.



    Filed and accepted 1/19. Bars were missing for 2 weeks and had tax topic 152 the whole time. Finally with last nights update got bars back with refund approved. I requested to have direct deposit but for some reason wmr states refund will be mailed by Feb 16. Not sure why but at least it is coming.


    Marcus J.

    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/19
    Had One Bar Until February 6th
    Updated to Two Bars on 2/6
    DDD 2/10

    *IP PIN used* for ID Theft since 2013
    First in three tax seasons not having a delayed refund until April/May!!!

    Keep hope alive!

    What would help is if you update your address with the IRS if you have moved using Form 8822..

    Ordering transcripts are pointless
    Some are pulled for audits and/or flagged randomly.

    If the IRS has a office in your city, it is the best way to submit forms and communicate with them. Please have patience with the whole process and do not make immediate plans with your refund unless you have a DDD.

    It takes the minimum 4 weeks for things to be processed, so continue with life as normal until your big payoff comes through!



    @Cute:): It is not a federal holiday, so yes.


    So inept…I read yesterday the Tax Code is over 4 MILLION words 7 times Tolstoys War & Peace 2 times the length of the King James Bible So yea f they think anyone BELIEVES they “LOST EMAILS” they will not be able to provide a legitimate reason for what is OBVIOUSLY a whole group of 1/19 filers just sitting on a desk somewhere…
    I’m sure the fact their budget has been cut 2% each year since 2010 and they only received a 1.3% RAISE this year (how many of you got raises?) they are making the statement they said they would….we need more $$$$ too provide service



    I filed on 1/17 using TT accepted 1/19 had one bar until last night now they are GONE!! Tried ordering transcripts but unsuccessful. UUGGGHHH!! I am just torturing myself checking everyday BUT this is the LAST time I will be filing early! Good luck to all!



    Woke up this morning hoping for a DDD but instead had no bars at all. Tax topic 152 still present.

    Filed 1/16
    Accepted 1/19

    This whole process has been a cruel joke.



    filled 1/19
    accepted 1/19
    still 1 bar until friday
    yesterday 2/5 changed to accepted with:
    DD 2/10



    Will direct deposits on mardigras holiday?



    Will the Irs still send out direct deposits on the mardigras holiday?



    Well woke up to check WMR and NOW all my bars are gone. I still cannot order transcripts I still have topic 152….SMFH I am never filing early again. I had this happen in 2012 and I got a letter to provide more information I did that…I had to get a Tax advocate and the IRS NEVER sent my refund.



    Still no change
    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/19
    Not able to order transcript online or by phone
    WMR tax return is still being processed

    I’m soooooooooo frustrated.
    I feel like I’m torturing myself checking all day
    I’m over this tax season



    Well being that I am not so far in the 2/10 Group..

    Submitted by TT on the 18th
    Accepted on the 19th
    Transcripts orderd on the 5th
    Had one Bar till Morning of the 7th ” 1am
    No bars after 1am

    and this message. Oh well FML

    Refund Status Results

    Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information



    @Magic8Ball: Call their hotline at 800-935-9935 it says it in the automated message. You may need to put in your card number.



    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/19
    Still processing
    Not able to order transcripts by phone or online
    Last year I filed one Friday….had my refund deposited the next Friday.

    I’m so frustrated…..never took this long before. I’m still hoping and praying it comes by Tuesday somehow.
    One thing is certain I won’t file opening day ever again.



    Filed 1/15
    Accepted 1/19
    Ordered both transcripts on 2/5
    Lost all bars woke up to a DDD of 2/10 on 2/6….took a little longer this year good luck everyone and be blessed?



    DDD of 2/10 by phone!

    Tried to logon and see if I got a DDD and it said too many attempts. Logged on here and saw everyone else was getting DDD so called and phone said 2/10!!!!
    Thank god!!!




    @alyusha, where does it say that?

    I have chase and I don’t see that message anywhere



    Accepted 1/19
    Bars disappeared Saturday night, woke up this.morning with a DDD 2/10!
    Last year I got it earlier than projected never know!



    Chase does have a message saying they will release the funds as soon as they get them. I don’t know is this means on 2/10, or when they get it on 2/8/


    Amy R.

    Thanks! Hopefully US Bank will do that. :)



    @amy R. If you go to a teller at a major bank you can take off more at once I think the limit is 4000.


    Amy R.

    Filed 1/19
    DDD of 2/10

    I’m getting my direct deposit on a green dot card. I noticed that there is a $400 ATM cash withdrawal limit. Anyone know a way to get more off at one time?



    I remember last year, I had my refund a day before their projected DD date.

    @Steve – I hope you and the others like matt indy get theirs, I feel for you guys :(. I wish there was something I could do. I would call a tax advocate matt and tell them your situation. That’s exactly what they are there for.



    Received ddd for 2/10

    Filed 1/16
    Accepted 1/19
    Return transcripts 2/5

    Finally :)



    Woke up at 7 am. Filed 0n 1-19 accepted 1-19 and today WMR has a DDD of 2-10. My daughters refund is also DDD of 2-10 and I did not file hers until 1-22 and accepted 1-22. So the IRS did not go in order of when people filed or my daughter’s would not be the same day as mine. Something had to have happened to the returns filed near the 19th and they just did not tell us anything. I hope that everyone gets theirs very soon!! Good Luck!!
    PS I did order my transcript by phone yesterday. It would not allow me to put my info in typed in, it claimed my address was not on file. I do not know if this did help to get a DDD or not. I did not do the transcript for my daughters and she is DDD of 2-10 also!



    Filed 1-30
    Accepted 2-1
    DDD 2-10



    Was so happy to wake up ddd for 2/10….. filed 1/17 accepted 1/19. I have never waited this long for my refund!.

    I will never file early again. Good luck to everyone waiting, fingers crossed your ddd is coming soon!! :-)



    i filed on the 19th still onebar an still cant order nothing helppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp


    DebbieT in Oregon

    @alyusha (and others). I bank with a credit union and they always release my direct deposit funds early (State pension and SS pension) – as soon as they get the electronic transfer which is 2 days prior to the official DDD. Every other non-credit union I’ve banked with has held my money until the official release date. I’m hoping my cu releases the funds Monday…Tuesday at the latest.

    Good Luck to all of us 1/19ers!!



    I have wells Fargo and this is what their site says

    Tax refund direct deposit dates depend on your bank or other financial institution. If your account is with Wells Fargo, we will add your direct deposit amount to your available balance on the same business day we receive your deposit from the IRS. The cut off time is 4:00pm Monday-Thursday and 6:00pm Friday, local time.



    filed 1/19 accepted 1/24 . was on first bar until this morning but last night around 9 pm i was able to order both transcripts . gave me a DDD of 2/10 i have been seeing people getting there money earlier then date . Does that depend on the bank you have i guess ???
    hope everyone gets a good update soon !!!!!



    I have not abandoned all hope yet. This site says the following:

    WMR updates daily with mass updates on Sundays and Wednesdays.

    If they plan on 2/10 DD that is normally sent 2 days before that would allow time for them to pick up more people in the Sunday update. I know it is a pipe dream but I am hoping. With that said I will likely be calling them Tuesday..

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