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    Hello all. This is the forum for all who were accepted 1/19/16 so we can update each other on our progress.

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    I just came across this online article and thought it might be of interest and be posted at the beginning of the forum next year:



    Filed 1/15 HRB
    Accepted 1/19
    WMR Bars, TT, all info gone around the 1st of Feb.
    Rec’d ID letter – Verified on 2/15

    Today? Still nothing. No transcripts, no bars, no anything…

    In all of the years I have filed, it’s never been this f$&#*d up. This has been the biggest [email protected]&k of a tax season since I started filing. (I’m in my late 30s)

    Single guy with no kids, don’t own a home, and don’t have my own business. It’s the same f#&$&g 1040EZ I’ve done every year! Never had an issue with stolen identity or anything with my taxes. This is the first time ever that I don’t have my refund before the 2nd week of Feb. Dumbasses!



    For those of you still without a DDD or any real answers at all, I would strongly suggest contacting a Tax Payer Advocate. They’re wheels turn somewhat slowly as well, but not nearly as excruciating as the IRS and at least their good faith effort is in your favor. In my experience they are able to significantly speed up return times, especially if you can demonstrate some sort of economic hardship.



    For those of you still with no DDD or any real answers at all, I would strongly suggest contacting a Tax Payer Advocate. They’re wheels turn somewhat slowly as well, but not nearly as excruciating as the IRS and at least their good faith effort is in your favor. In my experience they are able to significantly speed up return times, especially if you can demonstrate some sort of economic hardship.



    Hello ur not alone in filed on the 19 accepted on the same day.
    No tax topic
    No bars
    Generic topic “still processing ect……
    I’m still unable to process either transcript.



    Filed 1/20
    Accepted 1/20

    No bars. No tax topic code. I’ve called numerous times now and they tell me no need to verify. No letters. No errors. No review. Just being told there was a system glitch that delayed my return and to keep waiting. How much longer? The reps didn’t know. Just keep waiting. Wtf.



    Anyone out there still being processed with no other info? No tax topic no letters no straight answers..feeling fed up!



    Accepted 01/19, bars disappeared 01/30. Called on 02/09
    and was told “return still under review-call back in 30 days if you don’t hear from us”.

    Called again on 02/17 and was told the same story and informed that I already called on 02/09-why was I calling again? She then told me that the IRS “does random reviews
    each year”, I asked how random is it if the same thing happened to me last year. I didn’t receive my refund until May. Same job/address for over 16 years, single deduction,no identity fraud.

    I told her that this was a hardship, she told me that if it was a “true” hardship that I should call a Tax Advocate (no help). Great customer service…They didn’t ask me to ID verify either (which was the reason for my second call to see if they needed that).
    So now I wait until March before I can call again. What a nightmare, I’m filing a paper return from now on.



    I was accepted 1/19
    Lost my Bars for two whole weeks and had to id verify last week
    Was told I had to wait 9weeks to either get a letter or refund.
    Got my bars back today and approved with DDD of 2/8



    Efiled 1/15
    Accepted 1/19
    No bars
    Called today and was told the system is down that I could wait 30 days for a call back. Anyone else here anything about systems being down?



    Hello I just check for a update no progress on WMR
    So I call the IRS “due to heavy call volume ect…. was my message. I also was accepted on 1/19 my new address still has not been processed properly, so I’m unable to request transcript.



    Did anyone else receive any updates over the weekend? Ours still says “Your return is being processed” TT152. (efiled and accepted 1/19). Nothing changed over the weekend. Our calls to the IRS end up with the person telling us that something in our return is being reviewed and we should receive a letter within 30 days. They can’t find a letter on file at this time though. I have no idea if this is a stall tactic or if we really will be getting a letter. Wouldn’t our TT change if we were getting one? Anyone have any insight on that? Thanks!



    I am a 19er and I was finally able to order my return transcript on Friday but still do not have a DDD Here is when I ordered the Return Transcript..

    So does this mean I am finished processing? and HOPEFULLY getting a DDD?



    I filed on 1/19 and accepted on 1/19 I have no bars” sill processing date will be provided ect…. no DD
    I am still unable to process my return transcript with my new or old address. I even tried To identify my self unable to accomplish that task as well. With my 21 day falling on the 9th I’m onlyrics 6 days past due. I want my refund but
    The IRS are 10 days behind schedule with the heavy volume of e-fileing.


    Tired of Waiting

    Anyone else have no bars, no return transcript and still waiting for a DDD?



    And Tada Refund Approved..

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be mailed by February 22, 2016. If you do not receive the refund by March 21, 2016, please contact us again. We are unable to take any action until then.
    Bars went Missing on 2/6
    Bars came back 2/12
    Approved 2/13

    Why it is getting mailed I do not know.
    But did I do anything special No.
    Did I complain No
    Did I blow up the phone lines NO



    I filed 1/17 using TT and was accepted 1/19 bars disappeared 2/7 called IRS tax advocate 2/9 and was told no problems with my return and that it was pulled for random review and I would have my return by 3/28. I was not satisfied with the answer so I called the IRS today and was informed I had to verify my identity and told to call 800-830-5084 and I did and answered some questions regarding my return this year and last year. So now I just wait I was told 9 weeks but it looks like people are receiving DDD within 10 days from verifying!! Fingers crossed



    I am sorry for everyone still waiting! I know it is hard to hear other people are getting their money.

    I filed 1/19 accepted 1/19
    ID check 2/9

    Scheduled for DD 2/19.



    Filed and accepted 1/19. Bars disappeared 2/6. 21 days up 2/9. I just got off the phone with the IRS. This time they told me that our refund is being held and that a letter will be going out to me, but that she cannot tell what the letter will say or which code they will send me. She said I should receive a letter within 30 days. WTF!?!? She claims she can’t see any information other than that.



    I did my tax’s on Jan 19. So I should have gotten my return on Feb 9. When I didn’t I called. I never got a letter or even a notice on the website all it ever said is your return is still being processed. A return date will be update when avaible.
    When I finally got someone on the phone after saying I wanted to make a payment I was told a security hold had been placed and I need to call 800-830-5084 to verify my identity. I did and I was told it could be up to 9 weeks. I really hope not, if you got this too and have gotten your return or even a dd please let me know!

    Today My WMR Status has changed from ” Your refund is still being processed” to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed” the funny part is if it look it up under my husband’s ssn his hasn’t changed and we filed joint.
    I need this return, so I am trying to be hopeful I will post if I get it soon.



    Filed 1/19/16 had bars for processing up until last saturday 2/6/16 gave it a few days as advised and nothing changed…called irs today and was told i was selected for random review i asked for what reason and was told keep checking wmr the next couple WEEKS for a letter or my status to change…smh a bunch of bs



    I filed on the 18 IRS received my taxes on th19th @1:34 also was accepted at 3:34 pm on the 19th no bats on WMR as well. After reading everyone situation and different reply from the IRS reps. I just don’t have any more energy to call to receive more tail chasing news.

    Reference from”We contacted the IRS yesterday and were told that many who filed last month will not see tax refunds until next week due to new fraud protections in place.

    We will let everyone know once we have solid proof of a payout date for some January filers.”



    HY and JDP,

    It is an insane process. I wish I had some suggestions. The lack of reliable information is truly maddening. I think my 13 year old son could create a better website then they provide. The crazy part is simple investment in technology would greatly reduce their calls. I was told I needed to verify my ID but I have no confidence that was the real issue. A website that shows 5 or 6 gateway check points would be so easy to create and update even with the amount of data they are processing. Good Luck!!!



    Filed & Accepted 1/19.
    Had 1 bar on WMR until 2/6 when it changed to “still processing” message with standard message TT152.
    No changes since.
    21 days was up 2/9.
    Have talked to IRS twice – both times they gave us different answers. No letters have been sent out to us. Telling us they are still processing or reviewing our information.
    Anyone else experiencing this? Any advice?



    E-Filed 1/15
    Accepted 1/19
    Still no update with TT or WMR
    Called IRS and have been told they don’t know why its not processed. Seriously?? You don’t know!? I’m not really concerned over the money it’s the lack of information that’s driving me nuts. Anyone else still waiting?



    Had my appointment at my local IRS office. Was able to correctly identify myself and income (imagine that).
    Was told 9 weeks. But I’m believing it’ll come sooner.
    Good luck to all the other 1 out of 10’s out there!!!!



    GOT my $$$$$ in the bank today!
    HR Block 1/19
    changed from 1 to 2 bars last saturday with DD date of 2/10
    still at 2 bars
    woke up with the money in the bank

    good luck yáll




    I totally agree with you. If you are a 1/19 filer and you don’t have an update call the IRS. They did the same thing to me. The good news is if they told you they would release you for reprocessing I have been reading that it generally takes two weeks and not the nine they are saying. I am obviously no longer counting my chickens until they hatch but reading quite a few forums the turn around time tends to be pretty quick.



    Anyone who is still stuck with no bars, no transcripts, no ddd…call the irs now because you might have been flagged for identity theft like i just found out i was. I had to verify myself and was told 9 weeks before i get my refund. I asked why i wasnt informed by letter she said she didnt know…so the longer i would have waited the long it would have taken my refund because the 9 week process wont start til you identify yourself….I am so angry right now!!! 9 weeks is rediculas!!!!



    FILED 1/15
    ACCEPTED 1/19





    filed 1/14 via tt
    accepted 1/19
    ordered transcripts 2/5
    only one bar on wmr until 2/6
    bars all disappeared on 2/7
    morning of 2/8 refund approved saying I would receive it on 2/10 in my bank account
    sbbt received the money 2/9
    Refund hit my bank account this morning 2/10 thank goodness!!

    What a tax year! I hope the rest of you get yours. This forum has been a god sent.



    I just got of the phone with the IRS I called 800-829-1040 and I finally got someone to look into my account. I filed on 1/19 and recieved approval the same day and I lost my bars on 2/6, however the IRS stated they didn’t accept it until 1/21. I was also informed that there was a delay with most of the taxes filed on 1/19 and I should expect my refund by 2/25. UGH



    Filed HRB 1/7 Accepted 1/16 No bars not Tax code.

    Called yesterday Option 2 and then waited Did not answer next option. Got a live person. Was told owed past tax which I knew and it’s a small amount. Was told takes 1-3 weeks for computers to release refund of balance due. Some kind of automatic system. Just have to wait.




    I think you are talking about the “innocent spouse rule” but based on my (admittedly limited understanding of tax law) it would not really apply.

    DEFINITION of ‘Innocent-Spouse Rule’
    A measure of relief built into the tax code that allows a person, if eligible, to avoid paying his or her spouse’s tax if it was reported incorrectly. The innocent-spouse rule applies to a spouse that can prove that he or she did not incur the tax bill and did not somehow benefit from the failure to pay.

    Ultimately, this rule is designed to protect people from liability for taxes incurred as a result of evasive or dishonest financial behavior by their spouses, or from divorces where one person fails to pay tax on the income he or she earned and intends to leave the other spouse with the bill.

    Did he have the loans before you were married or after? Who earns more money? There is some grey area here but you would need to pay a tax attorney likely to have a shot. You can see what a tax advocate says but I think you have an uphill battle. Sorry.



    Well guys after the long wait my taxes were garnished because my husband never set up pymt for his student loans. I’ve heard about an injured spouse claim but I’m not sure if I will qualify. Anyone know if student loans are considered joint debt?



    Got my refund thus morning at 4 am
    Sorry for all the people who havent got theirs yet. Its been a stressful month. Hopefully you get it soon. See u all next year. Dont file early again lol.



    Filed 19th
    Accepted 19th
    Still processing

    Called the 1040# was told everything looked ok but they needed to verify my identity
    He gave me the 800 number to complete it
    Called the number and they were unable to verify me over the phone.
    She said I had to go to an office in person but they’re appointment only.
    Was able to get an appointment for 230 same day…but I didn’t have a copy of my return so that trip was just practice. The real showtime starts today at 930
    But first of all let me say I live in DC and I expected the office to be flooded. It was a ghost town while they keep you looped in phone queues



    @Taramg5: Sorry to hear that. I know I would be calling ever 4.3 minutes just to piss them off.



    Well I just called the irs earlier. Filed 1/13 accepted 1/14. No bars, no return transcripts tt152. Yep, I’m under review they need to verify employment/tax withholding/ss taxes. Such BS!! I called and got an advocate right away and event with their help it will be at least 6weeks……I feel like crying



    Filed 1/15 with TT…accepted 1/19…return trans ordered 2/5…wmr updated 2/6 with ddd 2/10. Normally the bank TT use is SSBT, checked my forms today the bank being used is Civista Bank. Anyone else have Civista Bank? I’ve never saw this bank being used. How can I check to make sure my refund will be deposited tomorrow? I see people checking SSBT for their deposits… Please help…



    @Buehler Buehler Buehler Anyone?: So were you ever approved?



    OK Guys So I just called and spoke with Mr. Young at the IRS. Very Very Nice Guy! He basically told me that we are all screwed because we filed early. I am an AZ resident. I e-filed on 1/14 using TT and was accepted by IRS on 1/19 I was able to order my 2015 return transcript on 2/5 however I had 1 bar until 2/6 at which point I lost all bars and went to tax topic 152 your refund is being processed. So basically Mr. Young said that it would have been better for me(and all of us) to file on the 19th as opposed to early because about a quarter of tax filers who filed early this year are experience a 1 Week Delay in their funds being approved. He did say it is only 1 week and Not 6-8 Weeks. He said that refunds should be expected on or before February 19th this issue. So that’s what I just found out a few minutes ago calling the IRS 1040 #. I am still going to check my account tomorrow & probably Friday too with fingers crossed for a miracle. LOL

    I guess we have to continue the waiting game more….. :( I’m bummed. My moms birthday is Friday & I won’t be able to take her out. :(



    Anyone else bank with boa, I know my refund isn’t scheduled till tomorrow to deposit, but I’m getting anxious! They said they don’t leave anything pending when they get it I get it so I’m hoping tomorrow since that’s technically the day :) I guess we’ll see!



    So I filed and was accepted on the 19th.. one bar until the 30th when it went to “Being Reviewed” and Topic 151. Got thru to a person today but she had zero info on why I’m being reviewed and told me my letter explaining why was going out on the 15th! It takes two weeks to “prepare” a letter apparently. So here I sit. I really thought it might be related to my information differing from what I claimed to what was on the 1095B I received. (I didn’t know I was going to get a 1095B or I would’ve just waited for the darn thing) But she couldn’t tell me one way or the other. Oh well, at least this year I wasn’t really desperate for my refund for a change.



    @suzi what did you find out?



    Yay!! 22 minutes and I got a live person!!



    I am on hold using (800)829-1040 and choosing option 1 then 5 then 3 (because I am wondering if the stupid form 1095B for Obamacare that I received 2 weeks after I completed my taxes might be causing my delay). It said my wait time would be 15-20 minutes




    (800) 829-0582 Ext. 652



    Can anyone who talked to a live person about returns give me the number you called, options pressed…i called the 1040# and only get recorded message that my return is still processing with no chance to talk to someone in person.

    Thank you



    SBBT is Santa Barbara bank and Trust the company that Turbo Tax uses as a third party to take the fees owed if you choose to have it taken out of your refund. This morning SBBT sent the money to my account around 8 but nothing in my account yet

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