846 code says 3/6/17 what will DDD be?

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    What will DDD be if Transcripts says 846 code refunded 3/6/17 I know it usually comes earlier.?!

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    Had the same 3/6/17 date on my tranacript and mine will hit my account 2/22 or 2/23 thinking 2/23 because of the holiday.



    That’s the 22nd. I got the same thing. So I looked at my previous two years of 846 codes. The date is always 13 days after my refund actually hit my account. I expect an update of WMR tonight saying 2/22. But I’m positive that I will get my deposit on Wednesday.



    mines says the same



    filed and was accepted Jan 29…now I have the 846 code next to my full refund amount and the 3/06/17 date as well.Read this on my transcripts just now. So I HOPE this is a good thing since the WMR says processing. Crossing my fingers.Got bills to pay asap.



    I have the code 846 with 3/6/2017 date does this mean I won’t get deposit til then?



    Filed and accepted 1/27
    Path act notice from 2/1-2/17
    Received and processing notice still on WMR
    846 code with 03/06/2017 processing date

    I’m hoping it hits either tomorrow or Tuesday if we are lucky but looking at past refunds it normally hits my account 10-12 days before the processing date. I’ve heard of a couple people with the same processing date that have their deposit pending already so fingers crossed.



    Exactly what it says on my transcripts as well. I’ve read on the facebook page ‘I got my refund’ that we COULD be seeing DDD saturday. Not too sure, but that’s what I’ve been consistently seeing.



    Me too!
    Are we weeklies?



    My says the same here?? What DDD will it be any answers…. Thanks in advance



    Same here.



    I am curious as well. That is what mine shows.

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The forum ‘2017 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.