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    Please update here if you have a 570 in your transcript and have processing date of 2/26, 3/5 and 3/12. Thanks!!!!!

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    I’ve got a cycle code of 20180605
    Processing date of 02/26/2018
    570 Dated 03/05

    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/22


    Oddly enough, I did receive a letter from the IRS last week stating I was under review, but my transcript (as of yesterday) doesn’t say that there was any kind of notice issued.

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    @jesse, I have cycle 20181005 and 3/26/2018 too

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    @jessee, I have cycle 20181005 and 3/26/2018 too

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    i filed feb3 and got a letter on march5 too verify my identity so called on the march6 to get this straight it out i passed and yesterday got my transcripts online and i see a code 570 and a cycle of 20181005 date 3-26-18 amount zero you guys know what this means

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    @Matt UC

    Congrats on your DDD!

    By any chance did you check your transcript to see if they lifted the 570 or is the code still there and you still got your DDD?

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    Matt UC

    My WMR just updated this morning to say my refund will hit my bank by 03/21.

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    Matt UC

    @michael-yes, I filed and got accepted on 01/26 and I had the processing cycle code of 20180705, I got the 4464c letter this Tuesday dated 03/09 and now my transcripts updated to 846 with deposit date of 03/21.

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    @matt: If I remember correctly, you filed/accepted 1/26/2018. So, you should have your refund by the 3/21. That’s good news. I’m still in the “still being processed” with a 3/19/2018 processing date w/ the 570 code. I filed/accepted 2/9/2018.

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    I file on 1/19 accepted next day, week later check WMR it had a message Take action 1541) then check my transcripts and has the 570 code with processing 2/26, call IRS told me processing started on 2/26 and to wait until 4/12 if did not received my return by that date .

    The IRS rep told me over the phone that there is nothing wrong and all I had to do is wait.. BS

    Since I have waited a long time I will be contacting a TA on Monday.

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    Matt UC

    My transcripts updated and I finally got my 846 for 03-21-2018!

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    @Jerrelrb . I was accepted 1/19 as well. I got the 60 day review letter on 2/28 he said my review started on 2/26 and to call back April 12th if I don’t get it by then. I hope I see a ddd soon though.

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    Wishing the best of luck to you and hopefully we get our refund soon! This is stressing me out so much. I really wish the best to everyone.

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    I filed on 1/19 accepted a day later. I got nothing on wmr called the first time was told 45 days from 2/14. Called again a few weeks later and was told 45 days from 3/2 when I got the 4464c. Irs says don’t call back until 4/12. Claimed both credits but seems like everyone else gets updates but mines never change it completely bs.

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    For the majority of us with the 570 code with 3-5 and 3-12 beside it nothing changed on that date or we got extended for another 45-60 days starting from that date. They will try to push most returns out before 4-17 because after that they have to start paying interest on the money per my coworker who use to work for the irs.

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    @Alex: I have the same 3/19/2017 w/ 570 code. I was told by the IRS rep to allow 45 days from that date for processing refund. However, we may get our refund sooner. Since my husband and I filed and accepted via Turbo Tax 2/9/2018, I’m hoping we get the refund sooner. First time we field jointly. We own a home and have a rental property w/ deductions. I was thinking this may be the reason we had the generic 570 code

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    Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone has had any updates? My cycle is 20180902 still on a 570 no letter nothing at all still says “still processing will provide DDD when available.” Next to TC570 it has a date of 3/19/18 I wonder if that date is the day the code will change :(

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    @chanda I too have cycle 20181005 and processing date of 3/26/2018

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    No update for me either. Maybe tomorrow morning. Prayerfully this has been a long journey God knows what we all have need of so I’m asking him to supply us with our refund money immediately

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    No movement on mine either. Initially they said 45 days from 2/15. Then they changed it to 60 days from 3/5 (which was the processing date on my transcript). My bars also disappeared and I never got the PATH msg either.
    I did get my letter last week stating I was under review and to allow 60 days from the date of the letter-also 3/5.
    I’ve left 3 msgs for my state tax advocate and have yet to get a call back. I may call again-time permitting. I’m not going to call the IRS again…it’s pointless. Noone tells you anything anyways. I need the money to pay my health insurance deductible so I can have a surgery. :(

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    Matt UC

    I guess we will all see what our transcripts say on Friday, especially if we got the 4464c letter recently. It seems like a lot of people got that letter and then a week or so later got their refund BUT we will see! May be the next time the IRS wants us to respond or send them money we owe we can tell them that we are putting it under a 60 day review window and see how they like it!

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    Just called the irs and was advised as of Monday they put another 570 hold on my account. The original one was dated for 3-12. The agent said they need an additional 45 days starting 3-12 and the earliest they would finish processing is 4-26. He also said that he sees the advocate is submitting a case on my behalf and it could be released much sooner. He said to go by whatever the advocate says because that will be the most valid information. I’m really hating this tax season.

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    Is there anyone else in here that still has not seen any movements on their return? I received my 4464C letter a couple weeks ago and still no movement on WMR. I tried calling tax advocate, but after 2.5 hours of holding I had to go to work and have not had time to call since. I am beyond frustrated and need my $$ just like everyone else here does. All I receive is, “your refund is being processed blah blah blah”.

    Anyone else in this situation? If so, feel free to send me an email [email protected] as we seem to get a little lost in the forum! Thanks good people!

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    I talked to the IRS yesterday. She said based on her calculations, 4/19 at the earliest. Unbelievable!

    Filed/accepted 1/29, 20180705, processing date 3/5.

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    Michael Bliss

    No updates. Even though my transcript states 3/19 processing date (and to allow 45 days from that date) per IRS re, I still check everyday

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    Still looking for dd

    @Michael Bliss in the same boat and have the same dates have you had any updates

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    Filed & Accepted 1/29.
    Bars Missing 2/16 w/message: We have received your return and it’s being processed
    Trancscripts (check 3 times daily since 2/16)
    Cycle date 20180704 03/05/2018 & 570 03/05/2018
    Received Letter 03/09 4464C “Under Review” Dated 03/05/18 Allow 60 Days

    you are not alone!

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    Matt UC

    @Sam-you will probably get a letter here soon just like I did yesterday. I had nothing updated on my Transcripts that said I was getting a letter and then I get one yesterday. I am weekly update on transcripts, so I assume I will see the letter reflected on my transcripts this Friday.

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    I filed 1/29, accepted 1/29. Code 570 for 3 weeks with date of 3/5. No update or information given of any kind.

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    Shucara A Dearing

    I have a 3/5 processing date and a 570. I filed and was accepted 1/29

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    I got my CP05 letter yesterday 3/12 dated 3/12 also hoping for a update this weekend if not sooner

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    Matt UC

    I finally got a 4464C Letter today dated March 9th. Says they are reviewing and nothing I have to do at this time! This is frustrating.

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    Good morning I ordered my transcripts Friday and had the 570 date 3/5 then received 971 3/12 haven’t received a letter or anything I’m hoping I received a 571/846 filed 1/25 with HRB went under 45 day review 2/15 was told I finished processing 3/5…guess I’ll wait and check transcripts to see if I have any update

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    cycle 20180705
    570 3/5/2018
    571 3/8/2018

    Still waiting for that 846

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    Mine is just like yours except mine has a 07 instead of o6 . I have called 3 times was told to wait each time . I did receive a letter was still told to wait .. I did file on the 29th of Jan .. I was hoping the 3/5 meant something but I’m so confused . I tried to order my transcripts but it won’t let me online says my address isn’t right so it locks me out for 24 hours I did get them in the mail after my 30 days but didn’t help I did order them again yesterday so illl see what they say .. I read on one post a lady got a certified letter to pick up at the post office . Which doesn’t sound good .. so maybe something will change soon …

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    Matt UC

    @Courtney–It’s time for you to get a tax advocate OR I can almost guarantee if you call tomorrow and get someone different, they will tell you something else about your return!

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    I have 20180605- 2/26 and 570- 3/5 no updates on WMR. WTH is going on????? No letters from the IRS. Called them and they couldn’t tell me why the hold was there but I “should” receive a letter. I hate this and them so much. 😠

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    Mines still nothing!! Cycle 20180604, 570 code with date 3-05-2018. Processing date 2/26/2018. Called the IRS yesterday said they will release if everything is clear within 45 days from 2/26/2018. I did file January 26.

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    Did u have yo I’d. Erica?

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    Matt UC


    At least you got something updated. I’m completely in the dark on what’s happening with mine. Nothing updated and no letters. I have no idea if I am getting my refund this week or when the Zombie Apocalypse happens!

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    Filed1/18 ACC 1/19
    Never got path
    Lost bars 2/9
    Still processing since 2/9
    I’d verify 2/20
    Scripts available 2/23 with 570 3/12
    971-3/19 which I haven’t received
    As of date first 3/12 now 3/26/18- only thing that change testerday

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    Matt UC

    I still have nothing. No letters, no updates on Transcripts or WMR.

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    570 code on transcripts as of yesterday with 3262018 processing date I I’d verified on 3/2 changed from still processing to being processed on Thursday now cycle code 20181005 doe that mean I’m under a review again starting at 3262018

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    I have 20180605- 2/26 and 570- 3/5 and I am STILL waiting

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    F/A 1/29
    Had 570 3/5
    570 lifted 3/2
    Got 4464c letter for 60 day review on 3/8 date on it was 3/5
    Got 846 finally on 3/9 dated 3/14
    Money hit my account on 3/9 about 430 pm est
    Guys I wish you all nothing but the best. Hope you guys get your money soon. Good luck!

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    Michael Bliss

    Anyone with cycle 20180905. W/ 570 code 3/19/2018 processing date? Filed w/TT 2/9 and recv’d same day by IRS. Still waiting

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    I got my 4464c review letter also. Left msg for TA, but haven’t gotten a call yet.
    I don’t have a hardship persay, but it’s certainly an inconvenience. My letter says wait 60 days from the date of this letter. (3/5) I’m still not convinced it has anything to do with TT. I filed my husband’s return minutes after mine, also with TT, and he got his refund back on 3/22. We had some damage from Hurricane Irma and I think maybe that’s what’s causing the issues with mine. Idk..just a guess…

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    Yes got my 60 day review letter today too! Will be calling a TA on Monday. Accepted 01/23 and 570 still on my transcript

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