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    Please update here if you have a 570 in your transcript and have processing date of 2/26, 3/5 and 3/12. Thanks!!!!!

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    Hello everyone!
    I am here yet again with no updates. I find it so amazing how the irs can give deadlines and strict penalties to us but when it comes to them we are supposed to sit and wait even if our 45-60 days are expired. I’m so confused like do the 45-60 days include weekends or strictly weekdays? Hope others are having more of a positive experience than mine!

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    @TiredofWaiting, Interesting I was wondering if maybe they could see something that the transcript doesn’t show. But last week she said she would check back with me on friday the 11th and that I should have my refund well before that date. Well its the 10th and I still got nuthin!

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    @Rachel I had to amend also and I have a TA who doesn’t communicate with me properly the last time I spoke with her about 2 weeks ago she did say it was approved but didn’t give me a callback date or anything. And I’m hoping we update this weekend. Who knows ? Maybe I should get my senator involved

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    @Rachel it may not update till Friday because my TA wasn’t sure that my 846 would show on my transcript. I wish I could upload a picture of my transcript.

    570. 3-12-18 0.00
    290. 20181903. 05-28-2018. 0.00
    846. 05-14-2018

    There are also some n/a with some numbers but that may something to do with advocate communicating with the IRS through back office channels. My 570 was released on 5/3 and according to the cycle code next to my 290 my stuff was processed yesterday 5/8. If the mkney not in your account Friday call your advocate. Mine said if i cant reach her or her Sup. to call the national advocate number because the regular irs ppl can’t see everything only the advocates can.

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    @prettyladyte I have a 570 code on mine back from 3/05. My last two codes after that are 971 and 977 after my TA sent in my amended return. I have no clue what those mean. She told me last week I should be getting my refund this week but I called and had my transcripts faxed I don’t see anything on there that indicates I was or will be issued a refund.

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    How long can a hold actually stay on your account ? I have a 570 dated 3-5 and and 961 dated 3-12 those are my last two codes. My as of date has changed and it has passed. *sighs* it’s been a long wait past 100 days

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    Spoke w/ an IRS rep yesterday morning. It appears my hold was adjusted to released, and I should be receiving my refund in the next 2-3 wks (per the rep). No updates to my WMR or transcripts just yet. I’m a weekly, so I’m hoping something shows by this Sat.

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    I am very confused about this year’s tax season, I have the following codes

    570- 3-5-2018

    Says the received date it 4/15/2018 when I called the IRS the gentleman told me that
    I didn’t have to send anything in, and that I should hear something by May 4th I take that’s when the 60 days from 3-5-2018 are up this tax season sucks a lot & never have experienced such incompetency by our government it’s ridiculous. Also he told me if
    they needed more info from me I would get a letter are you serious another letter.
    Looks like Uncle Sam doesn’t want to pay up this year!! Not a happy camper right now.

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    Anyone as of date changed to 5/7

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    I called the national TA # listed under the phone# section this AM. I called the local TA # the other day and no one called me back. Rep gave her name and ID #. In a nutshell, my husband and I do not qualify for TA. Rep was very nice, and I basically told her my story: 2/9 filed/accepted, 4464c letter 3/15/2018, no wage transcripts showing. She said that was due to either W-2’s not being submitted by employer yet, and or income verification, and that we would need to wait the full 60 days from the letter.

    I know, nothing new here. She agreed when I told her that it seems that a lot of people are having to wait…often for no particular reason. She did say we would receive a letter if anything else was needed. I forgot to ask why our uploaded W-2’s submitted w/ our return were not enough.

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    Found out today that my hold up is due to an error I made when entering income info. The wages are off. The TS told me that. But since I have no hardship, nobody can do anything. :(

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    Still waiting as well. My TA said she would contact me by May 10 since there was a small adjustment. This has been so frustrating and stressful.

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    @Melissa, I was guessing from the 3/5 date that you mentioned. However, I see that was your transcript processing date. Did you recieve a 4464c letter? If so, go by the date of the 4464c, and then apply 45-60’days.

    My processing date given was 3/19. However, I recv’d 4464c dated 3/15/18. I was told by last IRS rep to allow a full 45 days from that letter. If I do not have my refund by the 45 days, I should call back at that time.

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    I was really hoping it would be here any day now. Why do you think it will be the first week of may ? Thanks!

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    yes it happen to me it switched to 4/30 then back to 4/2 im still waiting 570-3/12, 971-3/19 received both 4464c and cp05 in march and still waiting was told review is up next week

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    F/A 1/29 4464c dated 2/26 no update or new information, yesterday my as of date on my transcript changed from 3/12 to 4/23 and now looking today it appears to be back to the 3/12 date – this happen to anyone else?

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    @Melissa Even w/ a TA, I’m guessing that you won’t see an update or your return until the first week of May.

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    For anyone who filed using Turbo Tax and had it taken out of your refund, watch your amount. They took an additional $40 out of my refund. I have called multiple times and can not get ahold of a real person. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

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    Did my return 1/25 accepted the same day. WMR changed to processing with no date. Waited 45 days. Got a TA , it’s been over 2 weeks and still nothing from the IRS about my return. Ordered transcripts today and mine said code 570 with a processing date of 3/05 .
    Going to call back and ask to put in a request for release 911 for my funds. From what I understand, the IRS has 1 week to respond to that. Fingers crossed. Hopefully we all get our hard earned money back soon!

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    @Michael from what I heard if the time frame passes and u don’t get your money or a letter requesting more info then you can call. At that time they send an update request to examinations, then examinations has 45-60 days to respond. I’m sure the mass majority of us will update in the next 45 days because they are not trying to pay interest on all that money. Nobody is really updating right now cause even on the TT forum there are a lot of ppl still waiting. We all need our money and I am just praying for a breakthrough on all of our behalf.

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    I filed 1/18 accepted 1/19. Got state second week of February. Order transcripts once a week. After 2/20 order transcripts. processing date 2/26/2018 cycle code 20180605 570 3/5/2018. Order every week after that no change. Received 4464c letter dated 3/8/2018 and to wait 60 days.

    Decided to call today and they said system wasn’t working right today and didn’t know if they could help. Asked the normal questions to access account. Hear some keyboard clicking. She says Let’s see what happened here. You received a letter saying to wait 60 days nothing for you to do so on May 7th if you haven’t heard anything else call then.

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    My big question is, if you don’t have your refund in the 60 days from the letter, suddenly someone can look at and tell you what needs to be verified??? I would think the IRS system would automatically know at the time when the random reviews were triggered. This is just insane!

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    Alexis: I’m still here waiting too. We are the same dates. My 4464c is 3-15-2018. Last rep I spoke to said I had to wait the full 45 days from the 4464C letter. I was just planning on the 60, so hopefully by 5-15 or before we know something.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I was accepted 2/9 with a 3/19 processing date I haven’t had any updates whatsoever and also I haven’t called because there’s no point since my notice states to wait 60 days so I just have to be patient. Up to god and accuracy from here out. Don’t get upset if people have stopped posting more than likely there are no updates we’re all on the same boat here guys patience is a virtue. XO

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    Well I finally got an update…F/A 1/19 and now I have the 424 Examination code dated 4/12. Looks like I won’t be getting a refund anytime soon

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    Exactly, @MKR!

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    I think the reason people quit posting here is that none of us has had any updates in over a more than a month. So nothing to post about.

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    @DeAnn Ballard

    Our dates are exactly the same. I thought sure I would see an update by today….But no such luck. Only difference is my letter is also dated 3/5. That puts me first week of May…

    Alot of ppl quit posting here so I guess they must have finally got theirs

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    @rfl03 my hold up was my preparer put in an incorrect number when he entered the EIN number. I didn’t have to do anything because it was something that was easily corrected by them.

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    Hey folks so I had a code 570 then a code 290 and then it updated this morning to code 571 but I don’t have a refund issue code yet…. anyone know whats going on with mine? anyone else have a 571 code but not a refund issue code?

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    Deann we have the same dates and I have no updates either ..

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    I was too had a 4464c letter dated 2/26. Called the irs they said its hasn’t been 60 days yet and its still being reviewed So I’ll either get my refund or get another letter. BS.

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    @DeAnn Ballard: Well, based on your 4464C dated 2-26-18, 60 days puts you to the last week of April. For 45 days, you were up the 10th. However, nothing is concrete with these numbers. I hope you get a DDD in the next week. You didn’t get any further request to send in anything else, so hopefully soon. So frustrating, right?

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    DeAnn Ballard

    Filed and accepted on 1/29-1/30 – updated 2/17 “Still being Processed”
    3/1 received 4464c dated 2/26…transcripts say Code 570 w/ a date of 3/5/2018. Ive ordered my transcripts several times and that date has not changed.

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    @Lea what was the hold up with yours? Did you have to file an amended return?

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    My TA called me yesterday to let me know that my refund has been released and I should have a DDD either this Friday or Monday. I guess I got lucky in the sense that I was given one immediately, who escalated the issue. BUT, I am irritated that it even got to this point. I filed and was accepted on 02/03 and like most of us, had NO idea what the heck was going on. I then received a letter in March which led to more confusion and fear (was I being audited? and What the heck do i do now?) I think they need to implement something so we don’t experience this next year.

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    I have an advocate I was assigned one on 3/12 and she sent a request for my refund to be released the same day. It is 3/10 still no money, no update, no letters. U can only talk to TA on scheduled days if they remember to call u then. My next call is scheduled for 4/16, last time she didn’t call on my scheduled day she called the Saturday after. Filed and accepted 2/5, bars disappeared replaced with still processing message on 2/24. Called IRS 2/28 was informed I was under review starting 2/15. Called IRS back on 3/12 and was told review started 3/12 that I should get a letter or refund by 4/26 if not I can call back after 4/26.

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    As posted previously we have the same dates and still no change to my status either. I requested a TA last Friday and they said it would take 5 business days for them to reach out to me. Guess we will see how that goes.

    Anyone with a Tax Advocate that can share their experience?

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    Mine says the same but dated 3-1-2016

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    @Canes18 No sure. My 4464c dated 3-15-2018 says “if you don’t received your refund or have been contacted by us within 60 days from the date of this letter, you can call us at the number listed above.”

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    Has anyone heard why some are getting 45 days vs. 60 days on the same letters?

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    I called the IRS for the last time yesterday hoping to get an update. The reps are always nice, but it doesn’t seem like they are privy to that much info. Anyway, she said I needed to wait the full 45 days from the date of the 4464c letter w/ no request for anything more. This whole process is just bizarre.
    Well, if that 45 days holds true, I should have my refund by the first week of May.

    It’s already been 8 weeks since I filed/accepted (2-9-2018).

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    F/A- 3/18 .. bars went away 4/6. 4464-C Letter mailed out 4/3 received on 4/6. Transcript: has 03 therefore will update Tuesdays. Codes: 150, 806, then 570. Should i get a TA?

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    No updates here, either. About May 5th is my “60 days” according to their letter. Filed and accepted 1/29. State refund came late February without issue.

    I called and all they want to say is “we dont need anything, but you will get correspondence in the mail if we do”. “how many times have you called? Did you call the TA on XX/XX/XXXX?” They offer no help other than it requires “additional review”. They cant/wont tell me review of what, either.

    I see horror stories from ppl who are waiting for refunds from 2-3 years ago and not getting subequent ones either!

    Pissed off–for all the good it does me.

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    No update for me. Been 3 weeks since my TA requested my funds to be released. 3 more weeks till my review is up. I’m starting to feel like I wasted my time getting an advocate. She has not been able to speed up anything and these calls are to far apart. I will see what she has to say on the 16th. In the meantime I’m taking a hardship loan out on my 401k to take care of my situation.

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    Jeannie Terrier

    I have code 570 with a date of 3.5.2018

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    processing date of 2/26/18, letter and 570 date 3/5/2018… no updates.. nada

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    I called and requested a TA and answered some questions. I was advised that someone would be calling me within 5 business days. She did say that many people are in this same situation due to some new program. I am so frustrated.

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    I’ve been waiting so long I get mad everytime I see a paper tag cause I know they got their money

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    They haven’t told me any reason as to why mine is taking longer. All I can think of is because we had some property damage from Hurricane Irma. Had I known…I wouldn’t even have claimed it. They haven’t requested anything from me. I live in GA..which is by far the most asinine state I have ever lived in on SO many levels. I’m gonna wait out their 60 days before I call again to the TA…I’m trying to buy a house and needed the $2700 to put towards closing costs. Luckily, the seller is also my landlord so I can continue to rent until I have the entire $12k required for closing in the bank….

    It’s just ridiculous….Makes me so mad. This is the first time this has ever happened to me.

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