2/18 filers or close let's keep wack other updated!

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    Filed hnr block emerald card w fess coming out on 2/18, accepted 2/18 1 bar on wmr tax topic 152. I’ll keep u updated!

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    Oh not well, waited the 21 days and called IRS, they told me they sent me a letter in the mail requesting additional info, haven’t received the letter yet but they said once I submit the documents/info they request could take an additional 6 weeks to process and see the refund. Oh well, good thing we weren’t counting on it for anything.



    @Bill haven’t heard from you in awhile hun how goes it?



    Hey guys just wanted to give an update of my tax experience filed and accepted 2/18 was able to order return transcript yesterday 2/4 woke up 2/5 with a DDD of 2/9 yayy, hope everyone has a DDD coming soon will update when money hits card



    Ordered both transcripts 3/4
    Woke up to DDD forc. 3/9
    Finallly!!!! Im glad the wmr checking is overrr!
    I will update when I see my DD ON NETSPEND



    Goodmorning! I was able to order Both transcripts this morning!!! Praying for DDD update on WMR soon!! Most most people get update the next day!! Please let this be my 2 bar update!



    Filed: 2/17
    Accepted: 2/17

    Still 1 bar as of this morning and can’t order either transcripts. Hoping, no praying tomorrow I wake up to something different for the big Sat update but seeing as I can’t order either transcript I don’t have a good feeling that its going to work out that way. Either way Ill update everyone tomorrow, hope some of the others here still with me had some better news about there transcripts being available?


    Glad to hear you got everything and it went smoothly!



    @ Crystal Congrats I’m happy for you!!
    I wish I was in the same boat as you yet I’m not sadly but so,welp any luck to anyone else @aviance @bill



    Hello everyone I just checked my bank account and my refund funded no issues. Hopefully everyone else sees some progress this weekend or early next week! Nice thing is it seems when people get a DDD it is within a couple of days which is better than waiter over a week for it to fund.



    my gf filed on 2/23 and got her refund today. state and federl (california). i filed same day and nothing



    Still the same no movement and still can not order any transcript’s neither



    STILL @1 baar TT152. NO return transcript. Hopefully we see a DDD THIS saturday that would ease my mind tons…



    @ bill the same here but i filed on the 19th and accepted the same day. My tax preparer said wait to Saturday.



    Filed: 2/17
    Accepted: 2/17

    Still at one bar, still no transcripts as of this morning. =(



    Filed late night 2/18 and was accepted 20 minutes later just after midnight 2/19

    Had one bar, the bars disappeared over the weekend. I owe about $400 for last year so I hope they are just processing that to take out of my refund. Yesterday was getting a message when I attempted to order transcripts that the information doesn’t match the info they have on file (although all was correct). Today it accepts my information but says no returns available for 2015.

    Was hoping to get DDD for 3/4 but it sounds like the 3/4 ship has sailed. Hope this doesn’t take much longer. Does anyone know if they manually review for owed taxes taken out of refunds or if it’s automated – how long does it take?



    Filed and accpt feb 19th no transcripts tt152…processing…filed with turbo tax…netspend card for deposit



    @Bill Filed and accepted 19th cant order transcript with old or new address…hoping for DDD THIS WEEK…



    @bill same here no movement. This is get discouraging.



    @bill I’m sure you will be able to order your transcripts sometime this week latest Monday and get your ddd for next week



    @Crystal – Congrats!

    Filed: 2/18
    Accepted: 2/18

    Still at 1 bar and still no transcripts available



    Okay checked wmr got a ddd for 3/4 can already seeing it pending in bank to post on 3/4 finally I’m so excited I’m moving in two weeks so timing is prefect!



    Ok update finally got dd on emerald card at 1:45 AM EST. best of luck n see u guysngals next year !



    Finally got federal on emerald card at 1:45 EST. good luck everyone!



    Nothing new to update, ddd 3/2 it’s his pending on emerald card but I guess it’s not gonna update till around 3 am tonight. Maybe I’ll take a nap set my alarm and make sure I get my cash!!



    I am not getting that much back littler over 2000 is it and still NO movement. I cant order transcripts with new address either. Hopefully I can order transcripts soon and get a DDD. This is just nuts I field and accepted 02/18 I have never had to wait this long before.



    If you can order your return transcript, then your return is done being processed and one of three things have happened…

    1. You’re approved and WMR will update soon
    2. Your refund was pulled for manual review
    3. You’re being audited (Highly unlikely)

    But the fact that you can order your transcripts is a good thing, your return is done processing and you will probably be getting your refund in a few days.



    Hopefully this helps everyone. My tax preparer filed my taxes August 16th but it didn’t show up on wmr until August 19th. So I’m not sure when it was actually accepted I assumed August 19th because that was when I could see it in the system.

    @Bill I’m getting a little bit more than you back so I don’t know if it is the amounts or if they do only a certain amounts at a time.

    I could order my return transcript this morning but not sure if that mean much. Will find out.



    Im still at one bar filed feb 19 accepeted 19th still cant order transcripts ugh im starting to see everybody get ddd and im sitting here like wth



    The waiting is the hardest part. Come on 3:30am!!!!!




    I filed 2-18 and was approved last Saturday… And since your refund hasn’t had any significant changes, that shouldn’t be an issue. But, its possible to get pulled randomly for review… which would really suck..



    Thanks, I appreciate and feel better when I know others are with me on this and I’m not alone, although I hope its just a matter of time. I’m praying tomorrow or Saturday for an update, after that I guess its time to call. Just curious does the refund amount make any diff? I’m expecting about $7500, but its been the same every year for 5 years, and never had a delay. I heard smaller returns get processed quicker.

    Also I will say looking at the 2/11 filers a lot were just given an WMR update last Saturday, so if we’re in step with them it could just be a matter of a few more days.

    Here’s hoping and positive. Luckily I didn’t bank on getting my return for anything so i can be patient, but its torture none the less.

    Anyone else still not approved with no transcripts?




    But my bars haven’t disappeared so I guess that’s avoid sign.



    @ bill I understand your pain I’m in the same boat still at 1 bar and can not order transcript’s neither of them I’m starting to get worried




    That would make sense last year I filed right at the end of tax season and got them back fast. This year filed earlier and it is taking longer.



    Another thing I learned was that the majority of people having problems with their tax returns were early fillers, like myself. I learned that most people that file fraudulent returns are early filers, therefore they are more scrutinized and closely watched by the IRS. I will NEVER file early again.






    If you lose your bars on WMR, and your refund is still processing… Then most likely your return was pulled, possibly randomly, for manual review. I know that nobody wants to hear that, but 2 years ago, I was unfortunate enough to have my return pulled for review and had my ‘bars’ on WMR disappear. I had a simple return, wasn’t getting allot of money back, and my income nor employer had changed.. I also filed early…. I didn’t get my refund until almost May, and everyone else that shared my unfortunate problem had also lost their bars on WMR. Anyone that doesn’t get a refund, doesn’t get their return approved, or loses their bars on WMR after 21 days should order their transcripts and should absolutely start calling the IRS frequently and regularly. Your transcripts will give you info on your return’s status. Your return could be waiting for manual review, or worse yet, waiting to be audited.

    Also, talk to others online that are having similar issues, especially before acquiring a tax advocate. I learned that most people that got a tax advocate in 2014, had the process complicated, resulting in them having to wait longer for their refunds to be issued. Having your review pulled for review is extremely frustrating, but patience goes a long way. I waited till nearly May for my refund, however, the majority of people that had tax advocates had to wait much longer…



    @crystal I hear that!! Can I also add that since I got my ddd of 3/2 on Saturday the last 3 days just have dragged all day and night (getting a pretty large deposit that I really need). Anyway best of luck and keep us in the loop, I’ll do the same when I get my dd.



    Filed: 2/17
    Accepted: 2/17

    Again, still at 1 bar this morning, and still no transcripts available, I’m getting a bad feeling now



    @Jen Thanks! I sure do hope so. If so this year almost took the whole 21 days which as long as I get it within the 21 days not so bad but it is torture waiting for an update!



    Congrats crystal!! You will probably update Friday for a ddd next wed 3/9ddd? !! Anyway that’s awesome hang in there it’s coming!!



    Hello everyone I just checked wmr it says the same thing one bar processing refund. However I was able to finally order my return transcript! So hopefully if the whole transcript this is true I will see a DDD this week!



    Hey guys ddd 3/2 no deposit yet. I guess what everyone is saying is true that I’ll get my money around 3:30am est. tomorrow night. One more day!! Yay!



    Still at 1 bar….only able to order account transcrpt with old address….return transcript not available…new address wont work at all…so Im still waiting….I hope this is the week baby!!!!!



    @Bill yup still in your same boat
    @ Ron yes I did mine online but I have always done mine on line last year was the first year ever having a problem. I had to get a tax advocate I was in review for two months they finally released it in the end of april. But my thing is this everything checked out to be correct so why in the hell are they putting the same ppl back in review. So far I have no review but it still is taking forever. I don’t think I will get reviewed I think they are just behind. But they ate behind because of the way they are set up. If I review a person last year and their return was correct I’m not going to review them again the next year because they are obviously doing their taxes accurately and truthfully but if keep putting the same ppl thru review I’m going to get behind. I mean think about it not this many ppl can be on review they don’t have the man power to handle it. I think we just have too be patient we will start to see movement this week. There are still a ton of ppl firm jn and the beginning of Feb that do not have movement no holds and still are on 1 bar.



    Filed 2/16
    Accepted 2/17
    Return Transcript ordered – 2/26
    DDD update on WMR – 2/27

    Getting my refund 3/2. So it seems the predictions are RIGHT. Once you can order RETURN scripts, the next day you will get your DDD on the IRS website. My husband didn’t even have a orange bar and I only had 1 bar highlighted. Now we both have a 3/2 deposit, was able to order on Friday. Saturday WMR updated!!
    WOOHOOO good luck to everyone :) happy tax season



    Filed: 2/17
    Accepted: 2/17

    Well another disappointing day, woke up and still at one bar, and still no transcripts available for 2015 to download.

    Anyone else left in same boat?



    Update to previous post:

    WMR showd 3/2 deposit date as of 2/28. Money dropped onto Netspend this morning. Woohoo!



    MIne has said this the entire time since 02/19 I filed 02/18

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.

    Please check here or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go, to check on your refund status.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information



    Filed and Accepted 2/18 (Turbo Tax)
    Approved 2/27 on WMR with DDD of 3/2



    @Ron no I have a tax preparer same one I have used for 10 years.

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