2/1 Deposit Hasn’t Happened Yet

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    Were supposed to get a deposit on 2/1/17, but haven’t yet? Share with others who are in the same boat here.

    Date Filed:

    Date Accepted:

    Date WMR updated with 2/1 DDD:

    Tax Prep Software:

    Fees (Free, Paid in Advance, Taken Out of Refund):

    Current WMR Message:

    Other Info You may Feel is Important:

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    Date Filed: 1/23/2017

    Date Accepted: 1/23/2017

    Date WMR updated with 2/1 DDD: 1/28/2017

    Tax Prep Software: H&R Block Onine

    Fees (Free, Paid in Advance, Taken Out of Refund): Taken Out of Reufnd

    Current WMR Message: Refund Approved

    Other Info You may Feel is Important:

    Received email from H&R block just after midnight informing me, they had ‘begun’ to process my tax refund and it would take 3 to 5 business days to process.

    Reviewing H&R Block website. Their support forum confirms same information.
    H&R Block does not process and send refund thru BofI until 3 to 5 business days after receiving from IRS.

    Description of H&R Block Refund Transfer Service:


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    H&R block official email on RT.

    Dear RefundAnxious,
    We’ve begun the process of depositing your Refund Anticipation Check funds into your bank account. This usually takes 3-5 days, but could take longer. So, make sure your money’s been deposited into your account before you try to spend it.
    The current year tax preparation services provided by H&R Block are now complete.
    Thanks for choosing H&R Block. We appreciate your business.

    **This is an automated email from an unmonitored account. Please don’t reply to this message.**

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    Filed and accepted on 2/1/17. Waiting… how long to get approved with EIC?

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    Update: My DDD was 2/1. Got my refund in wells fargo today, 2/2. So IRS deposited after 4pm on 2/1. WMR now says sent 3 bars. Phew!

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    I used TurboTax had the fees taken out it said I was supposed to have my refund deposited on 2_1_17, it’s wasn’t there. I looked at my account community bank na today and still nothing the bar shows it was sent, I called the bank and there isn’t any pendings either I really need my money where is it

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    Date Filed:

    Date Accepted: 1/19/17

    Date WMR updated with 2/1 DDD: 1/30/17

    Tax Prep Software: Turbo tax

    Fees (Free, Paid in Advance, Taken Out of Refund):Taken out 1/31/17

    Current WMR Message: refund sent

    Currently bank with Navy Federal credit union no pending deposit at all, I have called they said they do no see any pending deposits and that I could have it today or tomorrow i have never had it late before I mean it’s 1 day late and I really need it today will post it i see anything changes by pending deposit or it’s deposited in my account at 3:30

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    Brittany Amador

    Update: finally received my refund as of 6pm central time into my bank account

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    Jordan Keller

    had a ddd 2/1 nothing showing in account yet and i went through turbo tax no fees taken out

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    Jordan Keller

    still have got mine this is crazy

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    IRS WMR (where’s my refund) shows approved bar and DDD by today 2/1/17 to my bank (Wells Fargo) but still nothing as of 2/1/17, 2:00 pm EST. Wells Fargo FAQs says DD should be same day if deposited by 4 pm. WMR shows no bar on sent but shows bar approved (DD scheduled by Feb 1, 2017 to bank). But IRS updates overnight, so that’s why it doesn’t show sent. I was hoping it would be deposited early AM. I’ll post here again when deposit shows.

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    Update: my 2/1 DD is now in my account. It just posted later in the day than it normally does.

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    Also have DDD 2/1
    Fees taken out on 1/31 SBBT
    Credit Union-0 nada nothing
    This has never happened before.
    SBBT said depends on what time of day it was sent my bank.
    Credit Union says I could receive between today and tomorrow morning.

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    Filed with Turbo Tax. Paid fees upfront. Accepted 1/23 and have DDD of 2/1, but isn’t showing in my checking account yet (credit union).

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    I was supposed to have my money today too, nothing yet I have wells fargo

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    Brittany Amador

    Files with H&R block on the 20th accepted on the 23rd got approved on the 28th with a DDD of 2/1 had fees taken out of refund and still have not received my DD. I have never had this issue I have always gotten it the day of =/

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    Patiently waiting

    I called the TPG link listed on my email from TT this morning and asked why I haven’t yet seen the funds vrs. Years past where SantaBarbra Bank would deposit it the same morning. I was told that TPG IS in fact SBB and I should see something bye tomorrow. They confirmed that they took the TT fees out yesterday so I’m st the mercy of my bank. Sigh…..

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    Sam I Am

    Filed and accepted Jan 24 w Jackson hewitt fees taken out of refund. Dr of today Feb 1. Supposed to be deposited on Serve card. No money yet!! Very annoyed the tax guy told me when I did my taxes that JH puts money on serve card 24 hours earlier then traditional bank. Anyone else having problems getting money from JH

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