2018 EIC / ACTC Filers

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    OK, we know were are among the ones that will be Held again this year! Lets keep each other updated and supported through this LONG ordeal again!

    Who has Filed already?
    Who will file Soon?
    Who isn’t in a rush?

    I haven’t filed yet, not in a rush but I will file as soon as I receive my last W2. Not chasing the FB groups like last year lol

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    i filed on 2/16 waiting on identity protection pin to come, received my refund couple hours go.. wmr still says procssing. filed child tax n eic, and had a small offset, still received refund 7 days after filing.

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    Sooo I have the EIC and actc….filed and accepted on 2/19.
    Never got an update on wmr but just about 10min ago my direct deposit came through. Guess I was lucky and it sure was a blessing because bills are coming.

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    I got my transcript today and it’s cycle is 20180705. Does anyone know what that means?

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    Finally see my transcripts with cycle code 20180805 which I believe is next Thursday.

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    @mark I have the same situation as you. Filed and accepted 2/7. I have EIC and ACTC.
    TT152 and sitting at the 1st bar on WMR. Called to get my transcripts faxed and they say N/a the agent told me to call back on the 28th if I don’t have an update or refund. WTH? Last year I got mines back on Feb 22. She said my transcripts weren’t finished processing and to keep checking the irs.gov.

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    WMR updated to Refund Sent this morning, but no DD yet. DDD was 2/22/18. Navy Federal Credit Union come on.

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    Filed 2/5 TT / Accepted 2/5
    WMR has been “still being processed” for two weeks with tax topic 152. I never received the PATH message. My return transcripts are N/A and account transcript says “no return filed.” I called yesterday and was told to call back if nothing has changed by February 27.

    I’m hoping for some movement Saturday… tomorrow would be nice too.

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    Does anyone know why my wmr would say my refund is to be mailed by February 27th when I asked for direct deposit through TT and all my account info is correct? I filed and was accepted the 1/29 with ACTC. Thanks!

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    Filed 1/29 accepted next day with tt. Ddd 2/22. Received on focus payroll card by us bank today around 2pm deposit finally hit. Geez

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    Filed 2/8/18, accepted same day. DDD 2/22/18 still no DD Navy Federal

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    I files my taxes through liberty tax(fees deducted from return) on the first Saturday in February and accepted the same day. IRS approved return on the 10th of February w/dd of February 22nd and yesterday I called liberty to see if they had a check for me around 6p.m and they did. I never was able to check republic website for additional refund info. I had eitc/actc,etc

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    Woke up to my DD! I bank with Chase. Just wanted to let people know. Glad this washout is over. Hope you all get yours soon!

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    Got an update on WMR this morning with a DDD of 2/26. Filed and accepted 2/15. Had ACTC, school credits, 1099’s and several W2’s. Just wanted to let people know WMR updated for me this morning. Only ever had the standard tax topic for refunds 152.

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    Upset here No update

    My refund just hit Emerald card due date to 222 it looks like they’re taking care of us and batches this year so if you’re still waiting if your due date is 222 and you have been approved your refund is coming! Where is my refund did not update to the IRS website either good luck to all and God bless everyone that still in the wait

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    Sooo very thankful that it DD This moring…. maybe we can get caught up on bills weather permitting

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    DdD hit 2:30 a.m. with Wells Fargo.

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    Upset here No update

    Still waiting no deposit

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    Still FRACKING waiting….

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    DD finally hit my credit union at around 3 am. See you guys next time around. God Bless.

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    DDD 2-22
    TT feas out of taxes
    SPTBG, got funds yesterday about 4am eastern
    Now 1216 eastern still nothing

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    About time for yall, what took so long? Jeesh…

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    My state and fed both hit my emerald card @10:50 with fees taken out

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    @Angie235 my refund hit @ 6:47pm. Yay us lol

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    My refund hit my chime card at 7:01pm tonight.

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    @Angie235 This is my third year using chime and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Fingers crossed for today though.

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    Anyone has another DDD besides 2/22

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    mark b

    Filed/Accepted 2/5 TT
    No Bars (disappeared on 2/10) with Tax 152 Topic and
    “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”
    Called, said to wait til 27th and if nothing, call them back.
    N/A on Return Transcript
    “No tax return filed” on Account Transcript
    No letters in the mail

    I guess I’m just waiting til 27th to see if something changes.

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    @britt this is my first year using chime for my refund so my fingers are crossed. I hope it comes today without any hold up from H&R Block.

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    Restlessly Waiting

    filed on 1/31
    accepted 1/31
    DDD of 2/22

    Just got off the phone with Wells Fargo. They said there’s nothing pending in my account and they haven’t received my DD yet. Looking back to last year, it seems like Wells Fargo will release the funds on the exact date and not a moment sooner. Should be there tonight hopefully. I’ll be going with Netspend next year for my return. With my luck though, that’ll be the year something catastrophic happens and Netspend will be the only ones being held.

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    Woo whoo!!! I bet many will start trickling in then soon!!

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    @2013taxpayer yes they were deducted from mine, i filed mine and my moms 2 days apart(mine on 1-31, heres on 1-29) here had a dd of 2-08 got hers at 2-7 at 0215 am cst, i had fees deducted from hers and min, both put on the turbo prepaid card

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    @thelividtaxpayer: fees deducted from refund? or paid upfront?

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    Well my dd just hit, turbo prepaid card, wrm said my direct deposit was 2/22, got it a day early yayyy

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    @rtbartonie i have the emerald card and all signs seem to be pointing to us getting our money tomorrow at 12am i hate this though i have been without a car for over 2 months and have 3 babies i have exhausted family members with rides to and from work and now because of this hold on our funds im missing out on many cars that are more then affordable :(

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    Normally with chime did you get it a day earlier. I believe 4am-5pm today is our window to see deposits unless there’s a hold up on the FR end.

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    @Britt I have a chime card as well with DDD 2/22 AND FILED WITH H&R BLOCK AND STILL NOTHING YET.

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    Anyone with Emerald card with DDD of 2/22 get anything yet?

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    I just got my refund from CK on my Serve card even though I told them to do my bank lol

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    @Britt I have a chime card, still nothing for me yet. Hopefully it will come early. Someone said earlier they use it as well and always get it early.

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    Courtney Groyon

    Did anyone else get the TT 203? Went and had Injured spouse papers filed today at JH and said to mail them. (My husband is supposed to get his back 2/22) was wondering if anyone has filed IS and if you know if you can fax rather than mail.

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    Filed HRB 1/29 accepted 1/29 received DDD 2/22. I usually use my chime card. Does anyone else use chime? They are under bankcorp. Has anyone ever received their refund earlier? Just curious.

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    Does anyone know if Wells Fargo will release my fund earlier than 2/22 or will they typically holdnu til that day.

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    @Sandra you filed 1/29 check your transcripts online because you should’ve updated with the rest of us. If that doesn’t work call irs. You’re past 21 days

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    Filed HOH and accepted 2/7 thru TT. Claimed EIC, ACTC and AOTC. Never got PATH message, just “accepted and being processed” with TT 152 right up until Sat 2/17 update with 2 bars, approved and DDD of 2/22. Called my bank and deposit is pending as of Sat 2/17.

    Same kids, job, address and bank account as past years. YAY! Just wish money had actually been IN my account Sat and hoping I don’t have to wait until Th the 22nd.

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    Same here guys…Filed 1/29 accepted same day -hrblock.com self online
    Have both credits – new mom of twins in 2017
    Head of household
    From 1/30 – 2/3 wmr showed one bar then Away it went and have been stuck on….
    “Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.”

    It does show the refund amount on the side -6k
    I never got a path message. I check alot lol

    NO updates on the “big update” on Saturday. However, my husband dwho file single/no credits (not legally married) did have a update on Saturday, he filed & accepted same way on 2/6. Now update showed DDD for 2/22. He sitting on 2 bars right now with tax topic 201. Says his refund was reduced to a tax obligation and balance is scheduled for deposit that day…crazy huh. I filed first, where’s my money? Lol. Best wishes for all of us , I pray it comes soon for ALL of us.!!! And it will! 😉just hang tight.

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    Here’s my take in general:
    The DDD says BY Feb. 22..I don’t expect it for sure till then, but that leaves things open for it to come Tuesday or Wednesday (Citizens Bank Ohio) Not overly hoping for it, but at this point it wouldn’t surprise me at all..

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    Thanks Ellie..thats the same exact set up as me. Same DDD. I’m hoping for Tuesday.

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    I use a local credit union and file with HRB. Fees are taken out of my refund. I most always get my funds a day before the DDD and wmr never fully updates before I get my refund. I have a DDD for 2/22, but I’m sure I’ll see the deposit on Wednesday.

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    Plus I do not work for or care for Jackson Hewitt or any other financial institution, I just merely wanted to share. And from what I understand credit unions are better than banks but at the end of the day, both are out to use your money.

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    Jackson Hewitt will issue you an American Express Serve debit card(if you don’t want to use your own bank, credit or any other financial card you may already have). And as far as I know( because I have one and have seen others who have the same) refund is released as soon as it is processed in the Amex Serve system. I personally have a DDD of 2/22 and the refund was on the card yesterday morning at 823am. I’m still on the 2nd bar on WMR. My girlfriend is still waiting on hers, she has Chase as her direct deposit for her refund. We filed pretty much all the same, same day, accepted the same day (1/29th). And as far as we can tell (because of others) Chase Bank probably won’t release the refund until the day of. Hope this helps alleviate some of the frustration for those who are using there own personal bank account. P.s I did not receive a loan. Some of the people i know who used AmexServ did and also received early.

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