2014 Acct Transcript appeared but not much on it.

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    Mike Baker

    Sub date 1/21
    Accept 1/21
    1 bar on wmr
    No ddd

    11-13 cycle date has been 05

    Hrblock over 10k refund

    I finally got an account transcript for 2014 but it doesn’t have much of anything on it…

    Anyone have any ideas or does anyone else have the same thing?

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    I got my transcripts today it says balance overpayment then – then the amount of my refund cycle code 20150405 no dates or other codes



    Same for me except that I filed 01/27 and was accepted 15 minutes later. Moved this year and transcript has old address on it with 0.00 for everything else. Hoping for an update tonight. Planning to use $$ to buy a house!!



    that sounds exactly like mine. I don’t have any information on there, but it did put 2014 under the transcripts thing. hoping for a update soon.



    Many of us have been like this since Tuesday morning. You can follow it here:




    For people assuming you will get a quick transcript update, think again. My account transcript has been blank all week and I have seen NO UPDATE. I guess you *might* get an update soon but don’t count on it.




    Its about time lol



    This is me as well. I am at ease now because I am also an 05 cycle date. It just showed my acct transcript today with 00000 except for a Feb 16th date . This just means we are currently being processed and updated transcript in the morning tomorrow. :) our 05 cycle processes Friday thru sunday. So today and tomorrow updates. Since out update for today was a blank acct transcript available tomorrow’s update should be a complete transcript.



    ^^ This is me I Registered account….

    Wage and Income still shows “No Record of return filed”

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

The forum ‘2015 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.