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    💞Day 🎂Day

    Has anyone who filed and got accepted on 2/5 had any transcript updates yet? Any DDD’s yet? Please keep this thread alive and keep others informed.

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    The end is near! I was able to check my transcripts this morning.
    846 with date of 02/22/2017
    Cycle 20180605

    Had to check our bank account so I could balance checkbook (Yes I do that. No I’m not old LOL. Only 34) Anyway. We have a pending deposit from IRS due to deposit 02/22/2018. YAY. Hope to see DDD tomorrow on Where’s My Refund.

    Filed & Accepted 2/5/18 Monday
    Filed with H&R Block online myself.
    Married filling jointly.
    EIC & ACTC

    Moved to 1 bar: 2/7/18 Wednesday
    Moved to PATH message: 2/10/18 Saturday
    Moved off PATH to We are processing your refund with amount on side: 2/15/18 Thursday or was that today? I don’t remember.


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    I was at the path message for 5 days and then this morning it went back to saying “we received your refund and it’s being processed ” no bars but my information on the left is there. Plus I heard they started releasing refunds with the EITC credits yesterday.

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    Filed and accepted 2/5

    Am able to see a code 846 on transcript with cycle code 20180705 and another date 2/22/17 (DD?) accepted for full amount.

    Very simple tax return this year. Either way still no update on WMR. Sitting at 1 bar

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    Transcript says 846 issued on 2/22/18

    Cycle code is 20180704

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    Transcript says 846 issued on 2/22/18

    Cycle code is 2080704

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    Received code 846 on transcript, best of luck to all of you other filers 😊😊😊😊😊😊

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    💞Day 🎂Day

    Hi everyone,

    I can finally view my return transcript, but have no codes. Anyone in the same ⛵️?

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    Good Luck everyone on the next 2 updates! Please keep us posted.

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    💞Day 🎂Day

    Congrats! Hope to follow suit some time soon, still zero movement here

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    Yep… I filed and was accepted on 2/5 via Credit Karma.

    I just checked my transcripts that were updated this morning and I have a DDD of 2/21!!!

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    will in tampa

    Filed 2/5/18
    Accepted 2/5/18

    no EIC or ACTC

    no bar movement, no transcript updates

    and No ddd as of yet

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    💞Day 🎂Day


    You filed 2/5 ?

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    That is not a direct deposit date lol

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    Kinda weird. I posted this morning about no movement.

    Well I just checked my transcripts online and they are all showing now. I got a DDD of 20180704 – which is today I believe (I’m in Cali so it’s only 8 p.m.)?

    No other codes or anything. So I’m guessing my funds should be in the bank tomorrow?

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    @sadie I haven’t looked or even tried to order transcripts. I believe I am a weekly. But honestly don’t know since I went to PATH on Saturday 2/10

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    So does anyone know if ssa has your income reported for 2017, does that mean you are processed and just waiting on a ddd? I cant access my transcripts online, keeps saying info doesnt match when I enter my user name. I ordered them by mail last week and still havent gotten them. Yes I have eic and actc. Last year I had the path message and had my money on 2/17.

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    Unicorn Kisses
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    -Filed and accepted 2/5. Pretty sure I got the PATH msg on 2/10 like most of us.
    -Transcript has codes 150, 806, 766 and 768 at this point. Processing date is listed as 2/26/2018.
    -Last year processing date listed as 2/13/2017 and refund date was 2/22/2017 but I got it on 2/21/2017.

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    Yall I really hope we get an update on2/17 for us Others for a DDD for next week! I just checked mailbox and no letter as of yet.

    Anyone happen to know why my TT WMR isn’t updated? Last year it did but not this time

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    💞Day 🎂Day

    No Path or Credits here, yes I know it can take up to 21 days, still hoping it hits quicker

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    @ 💞Day 🎂Day One year I got my refund in 3 days… it blew my mind. Of course, PATH was not in effect yet.

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    @mimi do you know if you are a daily or a wkly. Because I also updated to path on Wednesday. It seems that most people didn’t. They updated on 2/10. I had to get my transcripts by mail and I have received them yet.

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    💞Day 🎂Day

    Two prior years I received my refund in 10 days exact. Tomorrow would mark the 10th day. Obviously it’s not happening this year. I am a weekly with code 05.

    Would anyone know when we will see a transcript update? In order to have a DDD issued on Saturday, shouldn’t we be seeing progress soon?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Filed 2/5/18
    Accepted 2/5/18
    PATH message 2/10/18
    No ddd as of yet. Still stuck on the PATH message. Last year I got my refund on the 16th of Feb. And I had 2 bars. Even though the money was already in my account.

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    @jjv that sucks! I’ve seen alot of posts about transcripts. I’m not sure if I should even order one or not. Maybe yours is being processed I guess?

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    Nothing has even updated on my transcripts. It still shows my last name as my maiden name. Its honestly like I haven’t even filed which is really starting to piss me off. What makes it so annoying is that I don’t even get EIC or ACTC

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    Accepted 2/6 filed via TT btw
    PATH message early 2/10 and been stuck there every since lol. Sadly I can’t remember if I even got a PATH message last year. Hopefully tomorrow it updates 2/15 and we can have a DDD or update Saturday 2/17 for a DDD for next week. Last year I filed 2/2 via TT same credits also

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    Filed 2/5
    Accepted 2/6
    Path message as of 2/10
    Ssa has updated 2017 income
    Hoping that means my return is processed and just waiting for a ddd

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    💞Day 🎂Day

    Hoping for all of us 2/5 filers to receive a DDD on Saturday for next Thursday! 🤞🏻

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    Anna A

    Accepted 2/5 no movement…

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    Filed and accepted on 2/5 via Credit Karma. No updates or transcripts yet.

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    Filed & Accepted 2/5/18 Monday
    Filed with H&R Block online myself.
    Married filling jointly.
    EIC & CTC

    Moved to 1 bar: 2/7/18 Wednesday
    Moved to PATH message: 2/10/18 Saturday.

    Hoping to update to a DDD 2/17/18 Saturday
    Received deposit last year on 2/23/17 Thursday

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    💞Day 🎂Day

    Jjv – Do you have any transcript codes yet?

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    Filed 2/5 1 Bar still

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    Same, my transcripts still show my maiden name 😢. My husband is clueless about it and keeps asking if it’s deposited yet lol

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