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    Anyone who has filed and been accepted on 1/28/16 post here. Now is the time to play the guessing game. I wonder how long it will take, is it usually 8 business days or calendar days for MOST deposits.

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    Finally ordered my return transcript online. My message changed when I tried this morning around 8:10 CST but i just checked again since I saw others with message changes getting updates. I am not even worried about this process anymore. THANK GOD!




    Okay, I tried again for the transcript after I got off the phone just for the heck of it and was able to order return transcript!!!!! Does this mean I should get DDD tomorrow?



    Just checked online again just to see, I successfully ordered my return transcript. I would suggest calling if you’re not getting any movement on the site. Seems like the automated phone system updates before the site.



    Filed on1-28 and accepted within the hour and still sitting at one bar. I tried to order return transcript at 8am and it didn’t work. Just tried again and it went through! Hopefully we will all be updated before 21 days. I called IRS and the lady refused to help. She said “we are not required to look at your return until after 21 days”.



    I was able to order my return transcript over the phone, but not the site. Hope this is good news for me. Good luck to everyone else.



    I posted in the 1/27 thread too, but there’s some movement in the right direction today.

    I tried ordering a return transcript at 630am this morning, couldn’t. Tried again at 830am, nothing. Tried again past 9am central time, and it went through! So here’s to hoping we all get a DDD tomorrow!


    Jason Y

    i was finally able to order my return transcript over the phone woohoo


    Tammy R.


    I filed & was accepted 1/28, still have one bar, tt 152, still no DDD

    I tried for a return transcript 2 hours ago, but was still unable to order it.

    I just tried again and this time I WAS able to order my return transcript!

    I hope this means I’m in the update batch tonight along with the rest of us who filed 1/28! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!



    I called IRS 3 times before I got someone that would look. Even though I filed on 1/28, they didn’t accept me until 02/01 (thanks for the false hopes H&R Block, won’t be using you again). She said it will be closer to the 28th before I will see any change and that I’m still processing.

    When I tried to order my return transcript the message had changed so I was hopeful but it didn’t mean anything.

    I was so hopeful. I’m ready to cry. I just need my money.



    Filed and accepted 1/28, always been WMR one bar standard message. Could order account transcript on 2/5, not return transcript. Finally able to order return transcript  this morning! That’s a good sign for money coming next week!



    Update. I was able to order return transcripts today. This is another step closer.



    I filed on the 27th of January, was accepted the 28th. My 21 days are up next Thursday (the 18th) and still nothing… I can’t even order a return transcript yet, still stuck on the first bar (processing). Yesterday afternoon I called that 1-800 number at extension 652, got a live person. I told her I was given a code on WMR but didn’t remember what it was. She was very unhelpful and refused to give me any information until my 21 days were up… I volunteered my acceptance date and I’m thinking that’s why. I’m going to try and call back this afternoon and see if I can get a hold of somebody who will help. I’m starting to get really aggravated. Last year I filed and had my money in my account 6 days later… I’m getting much more money back this year so i’m thinking that may be it…



    Filed and accepted 1/28, finally able to order return transcript with new address this morning! Here’s to hoping the IRS is making some progress!!



    UPDATE was just able to order my return transcript! Hoping for my bars to move tomorrow and a ddd!



    I filed on 28th was accepted same day still only 1 bar. Called again this morning for fourth time. Previous 3 calls I talked to a woman and they all said they couldn’t help me until it has been 21 days. So I call this morning and I get a guy and he helps me big shocker he told me my return was completed and I have ddd of 2/18. He said that a lot of refunds are running 1-2 weeks behind due to the irs shutdown a few weekends ago and the big number of early filers this year. So if you call they can help you just depends who u get and whether or not they wanna help you.



    Quick Update:

    01/28 (Day 00) — Filed and Accepted using TT
    02/12 (Day 15) — WMR remains 1 bar w/ “Topic 152”; Can’t order “return” transcript

    The wait continues …



    Ok so i also file 1/28 thru tt and i still have nothing. Im becoming extremely pissed off. I have never had to wait this long.. I hope it comes soon..



    1/12 still nothing one bar…….



    I filed 1/28 and accepted within minutes. I’ve been at one bar since that day. I called the irs today and told them I had a four digit code but couldn’t remember what it was ( which I didn’t ). The lady told me my return was fine it was processing and no codes or red flags show up. Told me my 21 days would be up on the 18th but I should keep checking the wmr on the Ira site. I was able to order account transcripts last week but not return I also asked about those and was told I would be able to get it when I’m done processing just to keep trying online to get it. So I hope this is good news and I’m hoping for an update soon. I will keep everyone posted as to what happens if anything.



    I filed with tt on 1/28 and it said I was accepted today however I called IRS and they said they act uh ally didn’t accept it until 2/1 so.. hopefully it’ll be soon. Still at one bar.



    Well, I called and pressed buttons until I got a live person. I told them that the automated system gave me an error code and I needed to see wtf is going on. It took her 45 minutes to even locate my return. Then she said I had been “randomly selected for review” and that they would mail me a letter if they need any more information from me. She said call back on March 15th if I still havent gotten it. Last year I waited until April to get my refund after filing on the first day to file because of that Obamacare SNAFU. I just cannot believe this is happening to me again its so unfair.



    Just spoke with a representative he informed med that there is nothing he can tell me except there are no red flags or anything. It’s still processing!!!! I filed1/28 and still nothing. He also said that I’m going to have to wait the whole 21 days. Which is next week. I called the automated hotline and it said my ss # was invalid. I f&@$ing give up.



    I filed late on 1/28. Surprisingly, I was accepted within minutes. (Somewhere around 11 pm central) WMR has shown 1 bar, received, being processed… I have never in the past waited longer than 2 wks for my refund so was extremely worried. I’ve had issues logging in to check and when I tried calling the automated line, it kept saying my social was invalid (multiple times, it never did accept it) Anyway, I just called like everyone else and was told that for some reason instead of 3 weeks it now shows 4 wks. He went on to say that their system shows it being accepted on 1/29 and at first it was at 1 wk then 2 and so forth… so whatever that means… he said that he could give me a tentative date of 2/26 but that could change and add another week or more. I expressed my concern about the issues with logging in and calling and he just said that he can’t deny they’ve has some issues with the system being down but that there are no flags or issues with my return. So basically I just have to hope for the 26th and if not then give it another week then another and so forth… ugh! That only makes me worry more!



    Still no change on federal, I checked the State refund page just now.
    It showed my state refund was approved yesterday and should receive in the bank within 5 days. I don’t know if me getting state back is a good sign for federal or not? I hope so….still one bar on the WMR site (Oklahoma)



    FIled 1/28/2016 through TT, accepted same day per TT and still not approved via IRS website (still in the first bar). I’ve already received my state as of 2/6/201, that was great but still not having anything to go off of about federal is irritating. I hope we get approved or the DDD within the week. I’m going crazy checking everyday.



    Like many of you I filed on 1/28 and still have one bar. And still no state (CA). I just talked to someone from CA FTB and she said because of the IRS glitch state was delayed, so hopefully tomorrow for state.



    I submitted 3 family members on 01/28/16 all which say being received/processing and 1 family member on 1/29/16. The 1/29/16 has already been deposited into my daughters account. It is very irritating. I also submitted everyone’s Missouri returns. 3 of them were deposited the next day and one states received.


    Tammy R.

    Filed & accepted 1/28, still at one bar on WMR, tt 152, no DDD, no return transcript, and aggravated as hell! Lol



    How many times a day can you check WMR before it locks you out? Does anyone know around what time they update daily at night?



    Hello everyone, filed 1/28 still on one bar no refund transcript but finally could order an account transcript yesterday 2/11. I just wanted to update the group who still hasn’t gotten an updated (at one bar) and the remaining 49% who hasn’t gotten paid yet. Like I said in my post yesterday I called around 5:30pm(c) b/c I’m still at one bar and said that I had an error code and didn’t write it down. The lady was really nice and looked into it and said there was no error and shows a ddd of 2/13. So I checked this morning assuming wmr bar would update and it still is on one bar. I’m hoping this means that the rest of us who haven’t received our refunds yet, the 49% of us left, will all get our refunds by 2/13, except for those who were randomly picked for further review. I hope this puts some people at ease, it definitely relaxes me a bit.

    I’m curious if my call is what finished processing mine, even though I’m still at one bar, so please post if you get a pending deposit on or before 2/13 and state whether you called or no.

    Hang in there guys and gals, this has been super annoying, but I have a good feeling that unless you were randomly selected that 2/13 is gonna be the end of this debacle.

    Have a day!



    I Called 18008290582 this morning and then when it ask for ext. Put in 652. i told the lady I had a error code but did not write it down, she verfied my info and looked up my return.
    She advised that returns filed on 28th did not get to processing til Feb 1st. I asked why and she said he was computer issues. She then advised me everything looked good and It should be sent for the 15th.



    The IRS isn’t telling me anything…..they said we have to wait till the 18th which would be 21days before they can look further into it! All they said was it’s still processing with one bar….this is getting old fast! He said that every return is processed different, but yet some who filed February 5th already got their refunds! It seems some of those who filed 27/28 are having the most trouble getting our refunds….might as well just forget about it till the 18th then if still not received call them back….All he said that if you still have tax topic 152 then there is nothing to worry about, if that changes then call with the new code.



    Nope still nothing at all…. Filed 1/28 ordered transcripts and called irs didn’t tell me much but to wait 21 day uuugghhhhhh



    I filed on 128 also and I called the IRS this morning because mine is still stuck on one bar and the lady told me that mine was picked for a random review so I won’t get it till February 26. At first though she told me that anyone about on the 28th or 29th they actually didn’t except them till the first. But we also moved last year and bought a house so it’s the first time that we’ve claim the house and the new address so maybe that’s why.



    I did mine the 30th accepted the same day, but still nothing ummm I guess just keep waiting this sucks!!!



    filed 1/28 with TT accepted 1/29 could order transcripts 2/5 WMR updated on 2/6 to a DDD of 2/10, had fees taken out from sbbt, funds showed up in sbbt on 2/9 and refund was deposited to my greendot card at 3am on 2/10. Filed EIC and a schedule C and 4 kids been filing that way for a few years now.



    I filled on the 1/28 as well still nothing but one bar praying I receive mine as well as the rest of you ????



    Well I tried the trick to call and say I seen a code lol and the guy checked and said there is no code and there still processing taxes filed on the 27-28 so its a waiting game keeping fingers crossed for next week



    Called yesterday saying that I had a code (but I didn’t) They told me they didn’t see anything wrong with my returned it all is fine and it’s still in processing. I tried to order a refund transcript and I can only look it up under my old address not my current one. So Hopefully it will be done soon. I think with their system being down for those few days it is pushing everything back. I guess I’ll be calling on the 18th!




    Filed and accepted 1/28
    Had a DDD of 2/10
    Got my deposit on 2/9 at 4:54pm!

    Good luck to u all


    Giving up

    I just called the IRS and the representative wouldn’t tell me anything about my return because it hasn’t been 21 days… So I guess I will stop checking until then…. Filed 1/28, accepted 1/28 still at 1 bar



    So I just called IRS and they stated that my 21 days got pushed from the 18th to the 25th ???????????????? its so frustrating she says oh when the system updated it pushed your due date back. Guess this is what happens when you depend on your return.



    So I am with the 1/28 filers who are stuck on 1 bar on the WMR with no errors and I was able to order transcripts but still no DDD. So I caved and called the IRS. I told them I got an error code on WMR and I forgot what the code was(which I didn’t actually get an error). He had to verify some information of last year. He looked up my return and told me everything is fine……. but…… I filed the injured spouse relief….. that is I answer some questions about a past debt that is mine and not my husband. So what does that mean… I have to wait 11 weeks …. due to the fact that this type of return needs to be processed by a person and not a computer… So guess the wait is longer for me. So if people are still waiting just call saying you got an error. At least it will give u some relief that nothing is wrong….. Hope this helps someone



    Filed and accepted 1/28

    Only 1 bar on WMR
    no money yet….



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    Still one bar : (



    Hello all!! Still waiting for bar to move from bar 1.I was accepted 1/27. Still nothing!! I’m praying tomorrow



    Hello everyone. I filed 1/28 and I still havent had any updates at all. Still processing. I called the IRS yesterday and the lady said she couldnt find my return so Im assuming it hasnt been accepted? I check on the wmr and it says I can check 24 hours after I recieve an email saying the IRS got it… ???? Im loosing hope everyone around me has gotten their money. Im supposed to get married soon, real soon… Like the 20th of this month and I really needed the money to do so. Good luck everyone I hope for the few of us that got left behind will see changes later on.



    I was given the impression that this year, the IRS had a record-setting number of early filers, and that was part of the problem, along with this whole health-care stuff, and the IRS shut downs that happened. Anyway, it seems that this week a HUGE batch of refunds went out (like, a large percentage), so I’m wondering now that they’re done with those, that maybe things will pick up a bit. I’m guessing that those of us who don’t get their refunds this week, we will next. Here’s hoping and praying, and crossing finger and toes.


    Charlie T

    Hi Guys. I am with you, I too filed on same date. Mine has not moved one inch. I do have a tax code on bottom, the generic one that gives us info when IRS processes tax returns. I have never had a problem before, but I did move from last year to this, only change I can think of. My friend who filed earlier than me by 3 days got his yesterday. I think its only time the rest of us get it next week. I am sure we can all use it. :) best wishes all!

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