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    Anyone who has filed and been accepted on 1/28/16 post here. Now is the time to play the guessing game. I wonder how long it will take, is it usually 8 business days or calendar days for MOST deposits.

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    Hopefull in CO

    So, this sucks… I, like everyone else, really need/want my refund. I just paid $2000 for a car repair that put me behind on my rent. My landlord is awesome but I still gotta pay rent…

    Anyways, filed 1/27 accepted 1/28 for both fed and state.
    Wasnt super hopeful for a DDD this mroning as I could only order acct transcript using my old address over the phone….

    I do know that I have received my money on Friday most years and Monday last year so Im really thinking 2/12 is gunna be the day for me.

    WMR showing one bar and tax topic 152… And no, I dont have the patience to call the irs..m


    Amanda Mitchell

    I filed on the 27th and was accepted that night so I like to just say I was accepted on the 28th. I was able to order transcripts yesterday and woke up this morning with a date. 2/10 ????????????????



    Filed 1/28, finally able to get my transcripts yesterday, woke up this morning to 2 bars on WMR and a DD of 2/10. I’m stoked. Good luck everyone!



    I could order return transcript yesterday at this time. Why didn’t I get a DDD this morning? I’m ready to cry. Still one bar. Still TT 152.



    I e-filed with my tax preparer on 1/27/16

    Paper says accepted 1/28/16, however I was able to check where’s my refund early on the 28th and it said it had been received and was being processed

    2/5/16 was finally able to order both account and return transcripts.

    2/6/16 5:37 am still no update on WMR which is disheartening due to the fact I see others are seeing theirs that was in the same situations.

    *Other than when my identity was stolen 3 years ago this is the longest my taxes have ever taken to come back once they were filed and accepted. Guess I’ll keep my fingers crossed and get a DDD for sometime next week….



    So i checked wmr and we are still at one bar filed 1/28 and accepted same day. Primary name on return is my husband and i can order account and return transcript. But i looked under my ssn which is in his return to filed married joint and at one bar and cant order any transcript with new or old address.. What is going on ???????



    01/28 — Filed & Accepted using TT

    02/06 — Still 1 bar on WMR and can’t order transcripts

    The wait for a DDD continues …



    I filed with H&R block online 1/25/16 accepted 10 mins later this morning I woke up to a ddd of 2/10/16.



    Just checked wmr and bFinally got a ddd of 2/10. Woohoo!!!




    Filed and accepted: 1/28 with TT
    Able to order transcripts 2/5
    Approved: 2/6 with DDD of 2/10! But since I use Netspend, I’ll see it on the 9th or so usually.

    My sister’s:

    Filed and accepted: 1/23 with TT
    Able to order account trans last week, and return trans 2/5.
    Approved 2/6 with DDD of 2/10

    :) I’ll be on here at least till the refund comes, and will let everyone know when it does.



    Update :…. was finally able to order both transcripts yesterday (2/5)… a 4:50ish am today I finally have a DDD of 2/10 THANK YOU LORD!!!

    Prayerfully, everyone gets one today too!!



    Just check with a file date of 01/28/2016 I now have a ddd for 2/10. :)



    WE GOT A DDD!!! :):)
    Filed & accepted 1/28
    (Finally) Able to request transcripts 2/5
    WMR Updated around 4a.m. w/ DDD of 2/10

    Just wanna pass on hope… Seems like once you can request both transcripts, then DDD shows the next day



    GOT MY DDD on WMR as well tonight, 2/10. :):):):):):):):)



    Accepted:1/28 10 min later
    Still no DDD.
    Haven’t gone the route of calling yet to speak to a live person but, I am starting to get worried.
    …and the wait continues. ..grrrr
    Will they update tonight??



    Filed- 1/28
    DDD- 2/10
    No transcripts…I can’t order them. Just now got the update…Now I can sleep…lol



    Update…;-) filed 28th 2 bars on Wmr!! DD 2/10 good luck to u all and ur turns coming! Any ? Let me know I keep checking just in case



    Will there be a update today??



    Just got ddd of 2/10
    Filed 1/28 and accepted 1/28.
    Hope everyone got a date today. Good luck.



    @sharon123 You don’t have to but they might give you sh*t about it if you don’t. I’d make a deposit before your refund comes in.

    Source: I used Netspend for years and they’re a pain in the ass sometimes.

    Edit: My refund was offset last year and the difference still arrived on time as expected. I feel like I remember seeing a note about it on my WMR.


    Harrison S.

    I filed on 1/28, at approximately 3 pm. Accepted within two minutes, and there has been no change on either the WMR application, or the TT tracking tool. I’ve spoken with an agent who assured me “90% of applicants will receive their refunds within 21 days”. This is fine, but there is contradicting evidence provided all over the internet- such as Tax Refund Time Tables, and other tools used to extrapolate a refund date, not to mention many people I know personally having filed AFTER me already receiving their refunds in full. I have double checked for any unforeseen offsets daily, and can find nothing that would be holding my refund application back from being approved. Still one bar a week later, without any momentum, and still can’t order a transcript. Was nowhere near this messy last year, I’m suspecting they really screwed the pooch with their staffing this season.



    I still can’t order my return transcript but I can order my account transcript. I was accepted the 28th not sure what that means unfortunately. Any ideas?



    Accepted:1/28 10 min later
    Still no DDD.
    Haven’t gone the route of calling yet to speak to a live person but, I am starting to get worried.
    …and the wait continues. ..grrrr



    With regards to the offset, I was assured that I would still receive the rest of my return by DD, with minimal delays. Whoever told you it must be check is not correct or that may have been special to his situation. I called the offset line tonight and got my DD date of 2/10 and they already took the payment for my debt.

    Update for everyone//

    filed and accepted 28 January
    received my DDD of 10 February on 2/6 at 2 AM eastern time from the TOP.
    Was able to order tax transcripts 2/5

    Hopefully you guys get a DDD this morning !



    Thanks for clarifying the offset question. I was told they couldn’t do a DD after an offset, after calling IRS to see why there was an offset and what happens next. My friend had originally set up a DD for the refund and was then mailed a check for the balance.



    To answer the offset question.

    Last year my refund was offset because I was young and forgot to file a few years because I knew I had massive tax to pay.

    I had gotten married in 2013 so for my 2014 Taxes they went through fine but in my 2015 (2014) year they took it and I still received my refund only a week later by method of dd…


    Valerie Z

    I filed on 1/19/16 and it was accepted into the IRS system on the same day but on WMR still 1 bar… I called my tax accountant and they said WMR is not accurate… I was able to order my tax account transcript and my tax return transcript finally today prior to today it said unavailable… I never have waited this long for a DDD… grrr any help… I’m in Florida



    Same as everyone-filed, accepted 1/28 and I just ordered both transcripts WITH a change of address this year! That seems to be great news and depending on bank, I’m thinking it will be there Monday morning! I can almost smell the relief! Hoping its true for all!



    Someone asked if having an offset will delay their refund. I’ve dealt with people who’ve had offsets and they will offset your refund, then mail you the balance, if there is a balance left. Even if you signed up for DD, a paper check will have to be done after an offset. So there is a delay. My experience with doing friend’s taxes



    Sooooo UPDATE…..

    I called today that number with the ext of 652… it’s on another forum if you need to call on monday, sorry about that…

    I spoke to an rep, who I kinda forced to give me an answer who told me that most refunds for the 28th have been processed this morning and they should be receiving a date of 2/10…

    He told me that I am among the lucky bunch…

    but of course I will post as soon as I receive it and I have keybank!



    I received my Netspend card in the mail today and activated it (via instructions on card and over phone) my question is, do I have to have money on my NEW card and use it before my direct deposit will deposit on it? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance :)



    Filed 1/27, account transcript 2/4, Return transcript 2/4.

    Spouse Filed 1/28, account transcript 2/5, Return transcript 2/5

    No movement on wmr. No info from automated system. Called IRS and told by rep those who filed 1/19-1/30 should have DD Monday 2/8 or Tuesday 2/9. If not there call back ????



    My fiance filed on 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    DDD 2/5
    Showed up this morning in our bank



    Filed 1/28 and accepted before we were able to walk out of HRB. Confirmed with wmr. One bar and was just now able to order return transcripts with new address. Going by past years this means my return is on its way soon. But do they update dates on Friday or Saturday nights?



    Filed and accepted 1/28. Able to order account transcript today but not refund transcript.. what does that mean? Still one bar. Used turbotax netspend dd



    Before I post this, please understand that I’m basing this on experience and the information and opinions of others. I do not work for the IRS and I’m no tax accountant…

    To the best of my knowledge, no, they do not post DD on Saturdays. However, the WMR updates every day so we should be able to see something by tomorrow… (hopefully, I’ve gotten my DD in the past long before WMR ever updated)

    Monday’s Wednesdays and Fridays we know for a fact that they do DD on…

    Return transcripts are the defining moment. Once you can access those, it typically means that they have finished processing your return and it has moved forward for the refund/DDD/offset, etc.

    Please keep in mind that the IRS is no longer letting you view the transcripts online. But having access to them (the IRS website will say something about mailing them to you) means that they have processed your taxes.



    Same as everyone here, 1/28 on both. Just called and now able to order transcripts. Still one bar and no DD. I don’t know if they do deposit on sat. Nothing is pending in my account. Just to be clear, which transcripts are the ones I want?



    This morning I could only get return transcript but now I was able to get my account transcript, I hope this means I’m getting close!!!!!!!!


    2016 Tax payer

    Was finally able to order return 2015 transcripts this morning… But no update on wmr and no ddd…. Im getting it deposited on a Netspend card, so I hope it will deposit tomorrow sometime….



    UPDATE* I was never able to order transcripts and WMR still on 1 bar just called the offset hotline and they said you have one offset blah blah date for the amount of blah blah and will be applied to your refund dated 2/10/ 2016… last year same thing happened called offset and had it a day or 2 later!!




    Filed 1/28/16
    Accepted right after
    WMR 1 bar

    This morning no luck on ordering 2015 transcripts with my new address, said it couldn’t locate my information. About 10 mins ago I was able to order both my return and account transcripts. Phew, this has been one heck of a tax season, I’m hoping WMR will update tomorrow and I’ll know that everything is coming and done. I do know last year nothing ever updated on WMR, I just got my DD and then a few days later it updated, but I didn’t get that DD until I could order the transcripts. Being able to order today makes me think they finally got it done, but it sucks you can’t see it online to know what the cycle is and if everything went ok. All I can do is sit back now and wait for the DD or WMR to tell me.

    Just wanted to throw out that little glimmer of hope!


    snail tax

    filled 1/28 and accepted same around 5pm or so still 1 bar an processing on the where my refund checker. was able to order both transcripts for 2015 yr which means they are done… so should get a bar update for deposit if it works like it should. looks like possible deposits will hit monday if you have a loadable visa/master card and mon-wed10th if you have reg mainstream bank



    Filed on 1/15/2016 accepted on 1/19/2016 WMR states processing one bar, IRS only deposits on Friday or Monday, this 2/10 is on a a Wednesday?????


    I filed through TT on 1/28 and was accepted on 1/28. Still on 1 bar with code 152. I received my refund last year in 5 days and this year seems like it will take forever. I just called an IRS agent just to see if she could give me some info and she stuck with protocol and told me that she couldn’t give me any info until after 2/10. She said that most of the returns that haven’t received a ddd yet will more than likely receive one for 2/10. She mentioned that wmr and transcripts are up and that is updates throughout the day and not necessarily at midnight. She told me to keep checking and wished me luck. I will just check in the morning and hope that I’m one of the lucky ones!



    I filed Jan 28 at 1:35pm.

    It shows that its being processed… Grrr this is driving me insane.



    Filed and accepted with TT on 1/28…
    Prior to this morning, I wasn’t able to order transcripts but this morning around 5:30 AM I was able to order BOTH… WMR still on one bar with tax topic code 152 which has to do with direct deposit and no DDD…

    State of GA can’t locate – but they NEVER can and I’ve never been able to access my state information and it ALWAYS comes much later than Federal (I literally almost forget its coming each year because its that big of a gap in time).

    filed: W2 from employer (not new), EIC (not new), American Opportunity Tax Credit with 1098 T (not new). 1099 (business but with 1099 K forms)…



    Filed/accepted 1/28. Was able to order account transcript Monday 2/1 an today 2/5 I was able to order my return transcript. Talked to refund advantage (place that takes fees out) an my money has posted to be deposited 2/10. Could be before. Was told I will wake up tomorrow with a DDD.



    Filed and accepted 1/28
    as of today 1 bar on WMR
    ordered account transcript today not able to order return as of yet. Previous to this was not able to order either one.
    No offsets, same address as last year same occupation.
    Fingers crossed a date soon.



    I filed my taxes 1/28 and got accepted the same day. I have been stuck on one bar on wmr. When I go into turbo tax it says accepted and should receive it no later then the 18th of this month. My friend filed a day before me and already got it. I’m getting bummed out its taking so long and a little worried. I have important bills that have to be paid asap. I’m relying on this..



    @jamie I believe I’m almost in the same boat. Before it accepted my old address but told me the transcript was unavailable. This morning neither address is being accepted, saying this does not match what we have on record. I’m really hoping that means it’s updating.



    Ok so I see people who filed and accepted on 1/28 can not get their transcripts but still have one bar. I filed and accepted 1/28 and before I enter my new address for my transcripts and it said did not recognize and I did for my old address and then told me it wasn’t ready. So I check today and telling me both my new address and old are not found. and I am still at one bar at WMR. Anyone else????



    Filed 1/28 accepted in less than 1 hour was able to order return and account transcripts
    but still one bar and no DD as of yet



    So I’ve been doing the silent stalker thing this year, filed 1/28, accepted about 20 minutes later,.
    Have been stuck on 1 bar on WMR this whole time, even through the system crash.
    Haven’t been able to order transcripts at all, until this morning, was able to order both for this year.
    Still stuck on one bar, but since I was able to order the return transcript, I figure they must be done with the return now, so here’s to hoping for next wed. :)



    Filed 1/28 and was finally able to order both transcripts with my new address. Still only one bar on WMR. Hopefully I’ll have money soon.



    I can order my transcript this morning. Still one bar on WMR.



    Filed 1/28 was finally able to order return transcripts but still no ddd. Hopefully something will change soon!!



    filed and accepted 1/28
    able to order return and account transcripts this morning.
    I am expecting an offset but nor for the full amount of my refund. hopefully it wont delay it.




    I’m able to order transcript this morning. However I have one bar on WMR.



    Just ordered 2015 return transcript… Wasnt able to before this morning…. Hope this is good news



    Just order my return transcript for 2015… Is. Hoping this means good news


    Renae R

    @Jtintex :
    Same here, prior to this morning, I could not order transcripts. I tried because of your post. Success, was had. Thank you for reminding me to try that! Still a 1 bar, where’s my DD 1/28 accepted filer. Meh!



    Filed on 1/28, still on one bar. But….ordered both transcripts for my new address this morning so there is progress finally!



    Filed on 1/28, still on one bar. But….ordered both transcripts for my new address this morning so there is progress finally!



    Filed and accepted 1/28, no ddd, but was able to order return and account transcripts this morning at 6:30am.



    Most recent update as of 6am today.
    Filed 1/28 9pm
    Accepted 1/28 11pm
    1bar tax topic 152 1/29 6am
    bars disappeared along w/ refund amount 2/2 6am
    Able to order account and return transcripts for 2015 2/5 6am
    Turbo Tax reporting 8% of filers for 1/28 rec’d their money 2/5 6am (up until now, it said 0%)

    As a sidenote, I am an 05/weekly, or at least I am assuming I am since that is what I’ve been the past couple of years. Last year I filed 2/4 and rec’d DD on 2/19.

    MFJ, 1099 (self employed), EIC, AOC (aoc is new this year, which is what has me on my toes waiting for a DDD, however, I filed with my 1098-T so hopefully no hold up).



    Same here for me. As of 1.5 hrs ago in able to order Return transcript but not Account.

    1/28 file and accepted



    I filed with tax act on 1/28 accepted on 1/28 still at one bar on wmr but I was able to order return transcript but not the account transcript as of this morning any ideas on how long on the refund now that I’m able to order the transcript



    Small update, was just able to get our return transcript, but can’t order the account one. I was however able to get my sister’s account trans about a week ago, and was now just able to order her return transcript as well. Here’s our info:


    Filed and accepted: 1/28 with TT in PA
    Able to order return transcript as of 5 mins ago, no account transcript.
    WMR: 1 bar, no update, 152.

    My sister’s:
    Filed and accepted: 1/23 with TT in PA
    Able to order account trans about a week ago, and return trans about 5 mins ago.
    WMR: 1 bar, no update, 152.


    Sir Readsalot

    Turbo tax app said for me (1/28) that 8% of people have received their refund. It said 0% an hour ago. All good news


    Sir Readsalot

    Turbotax app just changed and says 8% of people have received their refund for 1/28. Said 0% an hour ago. So progress is there, looks like a lot will get them today



    @ sammy
    Thank you. I am going to call for my fiance, i hope they give me some info even though im not him



    @sharon…1-800-446-8848 I called this number with a story I told the rep that I filed on the 28th and I filed 10 other people the day(I lied I just filed mines) they have a DDD and I don’t and I’m concerned what was going on the guy said I don’t have any off sets and he looked and said my direct deposit date is on the 9th I explain to him that wmr only show one bar this guy was really helpful



    Booooooo @mackman

    Funny we both had beer on the mind…. Lol



    @mack man

    Awesome!! Send some luck our way lol





    Have a beer or caffeinated beverage for us!

    When did you receive it?



    Just kidding. Seriously, everyone is freaking out. Its only been a week!!!. I was reading comments and people were clearly upset for waiting for 3 days!!!!!!! They clearly state that Direct deposit will be within 21 days. 9 out of 10 times. So everyone just relax. Have a beer and get off the irs website. Yall are probably the reason it crashed haha.!!



    Got my refund!!!!! Filed 1/28 @11:45 am. Never had an update, DD, or anything. Its just magically in my account!



    Filed 1/28… Accepted 1/28… Where’s my refund says I have a ddd of the 18th… Checked the 2016 refund calendar and says I should have it direct deposited in my account Friday the 5th .. Not sure what to go by tho



    Mine was filed and accepted on 1/28. Still showing processing. Tried calling that number, just said to wait 21 days. So frustrating! Has anyone who filed on the 28th already got their refund?



    Ok update…

    I filed on the 28th excepted on the same day. Wmr had a message saying it was processing no bars no nothing. I called the irs number and it gave me a dd date. Said I should have my money by the 8th could be earlier no later. The number I called is 1-800-829-4477 it’s an automated system. Gave me what I wanted to hear. Hope this helps someone..




    Whats the number you called and was able to talk to an actual person?? Do you think they will give me any info if I call for my fiance? I have all his info…



    I filed 1/28. Staying at 1 bar on WMR. No movement at all. So today, at work, my coworker and I checked first thing. No update for either of us. She filed 1/30. Today around 3 she got a DDD for 2/8. I checked mine and no movement at all! I gave in and called the IRS and they gave me the 21 day speech. I asked her to just look at my return to see if there were any issues. She did look it up and all she would tell me is there are no issues she sees and just continue checking WMR. So frustrating!!!!!



    I filed 1/28 accepted 30 min later have one bar and can’t order transcript I filed with turbo tax I got a hold of TT number didn’t know they had a direct number the guy could tell me what the hold up was and he said my deposit is set for 2/9/16 he said



    Yeah people are pissed and have the right to be. The irs is full ofshit. They say if you filed by 28th uour fine. I filed the 27th, 1 bar no DDD no nothing, but people filing on the 1st are getting funds, their story is bullshit. Just admit they are behind, no stories no bs. Its unacceptable that i have a simple 1040ez and people with way more complex returns are ahead of a lot of us, some by days others by weeks.



    I files my boyfriends and my own taxes through free tax USA on 1/8/16, had lifetime learning credit from a graduate program, 1 dependent and child care I had 2 dependents and self employment. Anyhow I checked Monday night for the transcripts and was able to order the return ones for both of us but couldn’t get the account transcripts until Tuesday morning and both of us have a ddd for 2/5/16 mine is already showing pending and his account won’t show pending transactions. Anyhow I saw several posts about people not getting anything or how slow everything is and so on and so forth but guess I just wanted to let everybody know some are getting their dates and I think it’s just sparatic. My brother in law also got his deposit in like 8 days but we all filed through the same place don’t think that has anything to do with it but just thought I’d throw that in there



    I just wanted to add a little update…

    I filed on 1/28 accepted on same date…

    Still on one bar, but a few mins ago I was able to access the get transcripts section of irs.gov

    But it hasn’t updated with my new address so maybe there is a little hope..

    The irs fudged up big time tho…

    Best wishes all!



    Just sae on another forum that someone filed 1/31 and is already approved as of this morning with a ddd of 2/8… Exactly what I was talking about… And they filed with turbotax same as me and I filed 4 days before that person and im still “processing”



    I think people are upset because people who filed after us already have a ddd or already received their return. Im still waiting on stupid card to come in the mail. Fingers crossed for tomorrow… Im about to just give up, seems like the irs have no clue what they are doing and acting like its their first year to ever do this. This is uncalled for, if they were understaffed before opening season then they shoukd have hired more people… There is no excused for people who just fiked litrrally a couple days ago to already have their return and others who filed a week or longer ago to still be waiting. No offsets or anything.


    austin jones

    The IRS also stated this below. If you were accepted as of the 28th, the crash wont affect you, if it does it will be severely minimal.

    IRS expects its e-file tax system to be back online today



    Renae R


    As you can see here, the IRS is putting it out there they crashed


    Daniel Harner

    I think everyone needs to just give it the full 21 days before they start worrying. People are in an uproar that just filed a week ago? Give it a chance to play out. Next year don’t give so much of your paycheck to the government and just put the extra away in an account for tax season.


    austin jones


    I think your cheese slid off your cracker a long time ago. You wont worry anyone in this forum with your illegitimate comments. Obviously you need to research before you post. Hopefully your post is deleted.


    Sir Readsalot


    ………really? I mean, really? It’s like your trolling without even reading anything about the irs situation. Well, let me inform you, by the OFFICIAL IRS STATEMENT it says that 1) this doesn’t effect people who already have approved filings, and 2) that 9 out 10 filers will still receive their return in the 21 day period. That is regardless of when you file. For the love of anything, if your gonna troll, at least get your facts lined up and don’t come to a lynching without your pitchfork




    This is for efilers not mail returns



    Same for me. I filed on 1/28 around 5pm. As soon as I got home around 6pm, it already showed my return was received, but it has stayed the same way since then. Still just one bar on WMR. Ugh! I was told I would get my DD tomorrow, 2/5/16, but it’s not looking like that is going to happen. :(



    has anybody got their refund? Please keep me posted


    austin jones

    I filed my taxes with H&R Block on the 28th of January and was accepted within minutes. I have been stuck on one bar since (referring to WMR). I called my bank today and asked if there was any pending Direct Deposits to my bank account, they informed me there was not. I have a date of February 18th, 2016 being the date I would receive my refund at the latest. Being this is Direct Deposit, I chose to ignore that since using Direct Deposit is proven to be the much faster way of getting the deserved refund from the IRS. It is currently 2:00 pm ET and I am still wondering when my refund will be approved. Im getting aggravated due to having two children and being a single father I need all I can. I am also located in the state of Georgia.

    P.S. – The Customer Service Representatives at the IRS were horrible, I used great behavior none the less considering any negative comments towards them will delay your phone call more and more.



    I filed my taxes on jan 28th with turbo tax it was excepted an hour later. But when I go on wmr it still says processing. Anyone else having this problem. 0


    Renae R

    Last year I didn’t get three bars. Till the morning money was in account. Hoping today is same.



    Does anyone know if the sbbt website will update before you get your deposit?
    Accepted 1/28
    Still on 1 bar on wmr.
    My bank as of 8 am said no pending deposit



    Filed 1/27 before 5, accepted 1/28 at 320pm. Cannot order transcripts online or by phone. One bar on WMR. I know we cannot judge based on last year because it’s running much slower this year. But dang. Like everyone else, I got plans for my money, and they are uber important to me. Just like everyone lol. Im not getting freaked out just yet. But getting there.



    I filed on 1/27 tt excepted 10 min later still 1 bar no ddd. Praying for a change what is taking the irs so long this year?



    With the systems down I do not think that the WMR tool/site is being updated. It may be worth calling your bank to see if there is a DD pending.
    I filed on 1/28/16, accepted same day, no progress on WMR Bar (still at one Bar/Accepted). I am going to just check in with my bank every now and then to see if there is a pending DD. Looks like some people here have done that and their banks have pending DD’s! Good Luck!!




    Hey you guys this is a site that says the IRS had severe hardware failure. It says that 9/10 people should still receive their refund in the allotted time, but the wmr tool isn’t working at this time.



    I read that some tax payers refunds are processed daily and some weekly. They do this based on certain criteria. If you are in the daily category, you get your refund on a Friday, if a weekly, you get it on a Wed. The IRS site says look at what day you rec’d it last year to know. I looked mine up, and it was a Wed last year and I have no progress on my refund filed 1/27 and accepted 1/28. Unless something is wrong, I now think I will likely get mine next week as I apparently am a weekly processed case.



    As of today I’m still at 1 bar. I filed 1/28/16 and was able to see on 1/29/16 that my return has been received on the wmr. I filed with Liberty Tax, which I will never do again in my life. The whole place just seemed shady. Hopefully they didn’t mess up my taxes. Hopefully tomorrow that bar will move. The only thing different from last year is that my address has changed and I used Liberty Tax. It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one whose bar is still on return received. At the same time I just hope everything gets processed and approved soon. I know they say 21 days, but it’s never taken this long in the past for me, especially when I see other people that filed on the same day or after already have Direct Deposit Dates.



    This is bs… Called irs hotline, says its still processing and people who filed same day or day after me already have DDD… I hope its wrong and its just not updating… Will never use turbo tax again



    @ natalie
    Thank you



    Filed and accepted 1/28. No bars for 2 days but this morning I had 2 bars and says DDD BY 2/8/16. Can’t order transcripts.



    @sharon. Netspend uses meta bank.



    Filed with TurboTax 1/27 irs received 1/28… Still at 1 bar. Waiting for netspend card to come in the mail hopefully today or tomorrow… Anyone know what bank netspend uses so i can possibly check my info online?



    I filed and accepted thru TT 1/27 my fiancé did 1/28 were both getting DD to Amex serve she got her federal yesterday so they are sending em out just randomly I feel






    File Date: 01/28

    On wmr my information is return received and no ddd. Just praying for a update!




    Filed 1/28/16
    Accepted 10 minutes through TT

    My address changed, but that’s the only thing different from last year.

    Still nothing….. WMR at 1 bar with the standard Topic 152
    Called IRS to make sure no offsets, in the clear there.
    IRS still doesn’t recognize my new address when requesting transcripts but does for my old address and last years return.

    Last year I filed on 1/26/15 and received my DD on 02/04/15
    WMR never updated until after I had my DD last year
    I do remember however TT did start showing some % of people receiving a day or so before I got mine. TT is currently showing 0%

    I was able to order transcripts last year on 02/03/15 with my cycle code showing the DD would be on that Wed.

    I’m really not sure what’s going on with a lot of the folks that have filed from 1/19-1/29, it seems like everyone is stuck at this same point, however, it’s alarming how I’ve seen folks that filed on 02/01/16 already spending their money, makes me wonder if something got screwy with the round of in date first filers. Early filers I think are starting to get their money but even it’s still spotty.

    Hopefully something will update and it will be positive for all of us. A lot of folks are quick to criticize people for being anxious, but lets face it, this is the biggest check a lot of us will see all year at one time, and some of us don’t have the luxury of have a nice juicy savings to sit on, some of us it takes every penny to live, that tax money is basically working families late Christmas present and funds vacations and time well spent with families all over the country, to others it’s their savings going into the year to fall back on in case a car breaks down.

    Stay positive, and be grateful you’re getting a refund while some have to find a way to pay at tax time. Let’s hope for some movement when we wake up!



    @sammy so are you saying that wmr is on 1 bar for you hasnt changed your status at all and your bank has a dd for you? is it coming straight from irs or going into sbbt first?




    FILED 1/28
    ACCEPTED 1/28
    Still at 1 bar
    Still no DDD



    Filled and accepted at 4 On 1/28. Still one bar on WMR. Can’t access transcript. I used tax act. I received my Arkansas state back so I feel that everything was done right. Hopefully an update tomorrow.



    File and accepted on 1/28/16 still one bar can’t order transcript it says my information don’t match filed with TT called my bank pending deposit for 2/5



    @Mamadee The IRS website says it won’t interfere with the refund schedule, so someone is lying.



    I am able to access WMR through their app, still at one bar though.

    Tried to order transcripts and I got the message we can’t process right now and a phone number to call



    Found this on IRS website…

    Feb. 3, 2016

    The IRS experienced a hardware failure this afternoon affecting a number of tax processing systems, which are currently unavailable. Several of our systems are not currently operating, including our modernized e-file system and a number of other related systems. The IRS is currently in the process of making repairs and working to restore normal operations as soon as possible. We anticipate some of the systems will remain unavailable until tomorrow.

    The IRS remains in close contact with e-file software transmitters and the tax community during this period.

    A number of taxpayer and tax practitioner tools are unavailable. IRS.gov remains available, although a number of the services on the site are not, including Where’s My Refund.

    Taxpayers can continue to prepare and file their tax returns as they normally would. Taxpayers can continue to send their tax returns to their e-file provider; these companies will hold the tax returns until the IRS resumes accepting electronic tax returns. Taxpayers who have already filed their tax returns do not need to take any additional action.

    The IRS is still assessing the scope of the outage. At this time, the IRS does not anticipate major refund disruptions; we continue to expect that 9 out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days.



    Hey Everyone;

    All my fellow 1/28ers with no dds yet!

    Just got off the phone with a IRS Rep!

    The WHOLE MAINFRAME is Down. She said I could try again tomorrow but it could take an extended period after 21 days to get our refunds…

    If you believe in something pray, prayer works..
    I know its a bad time for all of us, and I hope we all get something soon so we take care of ourselves, families, bills, etc!

    Best wishes!



    Anyone accepted on 1/28 in Georgia with bank direct deposit received theirs yet?



    Just checked IRS website and says WMR is currently unavailable. Tried to order transcript and it also says it can’t process my request at this time. Usually just says tax year transcript unavailable.

    Hope this is good news!!



    Hi I filed with TT online. Live in cal.. I filed 1.27.16 around 3pm.. as of today still at one bar.. was able to order transcript for last year and now when I try it again it won’t let me even put a year in.. I called 304-3107 and it says no offset. Wondering what’s going on.. any info anyone.. comments please.



    Correction they filed on 01/28/16 sorry…



    My daughter filed on 1/29 with TT, accepted same day. WMR still at one bar, but bank acct showing DD for 02/05.

    Other daughter filed same day, accepted same day, still at one bar.

    There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to this madness. I guess all anyone can really do is wait. :(



    Called irs hotline.. Filed with turbotax 1/27 irs received 1/28… Stupid hotline said its still processing… Wth is going on??



    Called the irs hotline number said its still processing… Filed with TurboTax 1/27 and IRS received 1/28 wth is going on??!!



    Quick question,

    I am going overseas for over a week and I am afraid IRS might send a letter. I filed using TT.
    My question is how would I know whether or not IRS have sent any letter?

    Please advise :)



    Filed on 1/27 still at one bar :(
    I just want to go shopping lol!!
    Last year I had to wait a month after I filed because of identity theft. All I know is if it’s says “still processing” and your status bar has gone away there is a problem. And the Irs won’t discuss nothing until the 21 days are up since the date you filed.
    Good luck everyone!


    Jaime M

    So I am still at one bar and no DDD, filed 1/28 and accepted. State Refund is being processed but Federal is taking forever. Tried to order transcript and told me technical issues and couldn’t do. Anyone else get error message about transcript


    stacey sassy

    FILED AND ACCEPTED 1/28, STILL STUCK AT ONE BAR THIS MORNING. This happens to me every year, my sister filed on 1/26 and already has her money. So bummed


    Refund Anxiety

    Filed and accepted with TT on 1/28….still on 1 bar unlike last year, I was already approved by this time with a ddd for 2/5. I called the IRS a few minutes ago and the lady told me to wait 21 days and I told her that last year my deposit was in the bank and I was on 2 bars. She was like you can just keep checking where’s my refund…. Ummm! The waiting is really getting to me now so I will call my bank and see if anything is pending.



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28 (around 8:30PM-ish)
    In Ohio, Used TT.
    No update beyond one bar as of yet. No DDD.



    Have a DDD of 2/5 as well but nothing on my card yet. I have my paychecks deposited on this green dot card as well. We get paid Friday and usually by Wed night at 10 it’s on the card. I’m hoping for the same thing with this I have a very small offset I think around 80 to 100 bucks I’m hoping it doesn’t slow up the process. Last year my wife was offset and it didn’t hold it up


    2016 Tax payer

    Filed 1/27
    Irs received 1/28

    Still at 1 bar… Getting really annoyed grrrr ??


    Renae R

    Still 1 bar, no date, no amount. TT 152. Sigh.



    Filed and accepted 1/28. Ordered transcripts 2/1. This morning at 6am EST awoke to 2 bars and DDD of 2/5. Being deposited to my Amex Serve card, which I used for last years return and have used for my paycheck for over a year.

    I got an email this morning at 4am that my money had been deposited…before I even got my DDD of 2/5. Really impressed this year. Took 6 days to get my return, including the weekend. Good luck everyone.



    Filed 1/28 @ 9pm
    Accepted 1/28 @ 11 pm
    1 bar immediately as of 1/29
    No bars/only tax topic 152/ no refund amount on 2/2
    Filed with TT in Ohio

    I’ve seen some people who have bars disappear but still show a refund amount, other’s refund amounts disappear. Anyone know what this means? My husband is self employed and had a dramatic drop in income for 2015, and I went back to college for the first time in 20 years, claiming the American Opportunity Credit. I’m wondering if these changes are causing a hold up. Unfortunately we are in desparate need of our refund this year. :(



    Filed on 1/28/16 around 10pm accepted 30 min later no DDD every time I try to …order my transcript it says the information I entered is incorrect it doesn’t match our records still on one bar! What does that mean?



    Filed 1/28 accepted 1/28, woke up this morning with ddd 2/5!!!



    No change for me, still on one bar. Filed with HR online. Bummer :(



    Last year I filed feb 3rd got refund back 11th 8days transcript and all this year I got w2 early jan 28 in hopes for refund atleast by 5th still can access my transcript which probably means it’s not processed yet …but others peeps for 28th is getting theirs if it only update once then I guess I’m still waiting;-(



    Filed 1/28 Accepted same day with liberty tax. Woke up this morning with a DDD for 2/5. Keep fingers crossed it’s coming




    Shucks , I thought I was going to wake up with a dd…

    Filed 1/28 accepted maybe an hour later… Having hope for saturday… But really thought it would have been today….

    No Transcript & Only 1 bar…

    If i didn’t need the money I probably would have gotten it… Lol funny how life works!

    Good luck to the rest of us and to those with dd’s don’t spend it all in one place!


    Suzanne G

    No change for me! Hoping I wake up Friday morning and its there!




    Filed and accepted 1/28 with TT
    1 bar, just checked, no change and no transcripts

    My sister’s:

    Filed and accepted 1/24 with TT
    1 bar, just checked, only able to get account transcript

    I’m not too worried about ours, it’s only been 6 days, though it would be nice/amazing to get a DDD. But I do hope my sister gets hers soon.

    I’ve heard of some people checking in the am to no update to check again later at like 9am to have had it update, so here’s hoping!



    So I just checked WMR and I have a DD for Friday 02/05/2016!!! Still concerned because my husband is still on one bar. I’m assuming his won’t hit the account till next week.



    Filed 1/28/16
    Accepted 1/28/16
    Ddd 2/5/16
    Just checked this morning and I was approved and scheduled dd for Friday!!!


    Jay jay

    I filled threw tt in 1/28/16 and when i check wmr it is only showing one bar i see that shit if people have filed the same day i did so I’m wondering if there have been any changes to what your wmr status was at?? I’m needing to get hold proof and have had it rough this month so was just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue with only 1/3 bars highlighted on wmr???



    UPDATE–Filed 2/28/2016 TT , DD for 2/5/2016



    Filed 1/28 and accepted within 15 min. I still can’t order transcripts nor do I have a DDD. I guess the waiting continues.



    *** UPDATE

    Filed with H&R online 1/28 accepted within minutes
    Ordered transcripts Monday
    Just checked with WMR and have a
    DDD of 2/5!
    Good luck you guys, it’s coming!



    Take a deep breath of air……now breath out… Good job yall made it all year and survived, Just wait it will come.



    Filed 1/28/16 and Irs accepted within the hour through HnR
    One bar only
    Hoping to see something tomorrow



    Well I locked myself out of wmr lol so now the real waiting game begins. I would think we will see updates and ddd tonight after 3 am or tomorrow after 6am. Fingers crossed



    hasnt been that long best thing to do is wait no like they can steal your money




    Awesome…First time I’ve heard that. Thanks for sharing the info. I’m going to call tomorrow and see what they say about my return. I’ve been kind of nervous about pressing the issue too hard because I don’t want to bring any attention to myself and end up being flagged or something….probably just being a little paranoid about that one lol.




    i cant get transcripts nor did i get them last year till after my money was in my account



    @D From what I have read on here the only thing the transcripts mean is that your return has been processed…which would mean you have a DDD coming very soon. If you can’t order your return transcript, your return has not been processed yet. I agree with you 100% with the WMR… BTW, Congrats on the DDD.
    Mind sharing the number you called when you spoke with someone ?




    Filed and Accepted 1/28
    DDD 2/5 via Phone call i made to IRS
    1 Bar

    Transcripts dont mean anything it says it clearly on IRS.gov

    Last year I received my refund on a Saturday with one bar.



    Last yr I filed on 1/26, return received on that same date. Deposit done on 2/3 as stated for the ddd. Thus year filed 1/28, return received on the same date. No ddd as of yet. Completely confused on why I’m stuck on one bar, I submitted my refund before 1/29 which has the ddd of 2/5/16 per the return cycle chart.



    I’m always searching and just reading everyone’s posts and haven’t really posted anything myself so I’m hoping I can get a little help….

    so if someone could please answer this question or maybe give me a suggestion or heck…even point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

    SO, here is my situation…I lived in Florida for the for the 2013 tax season…I moved back to Alabama at the very beginning of 2014… I couldn’t get my w2s and from my employer so I decided I would just wait and do my taxes this year….so I have filed my taxes obviously…and here is the question…When I call to order my transcript I can use my old address from Florida…it does recognize it…BUT

    the account/return transcripts are not available.

    Should I expect to get my transcripts using the old address or will the system recognize my new address once it is processed? When I try entering in my current address that I filed with this year it doesn’t match their records. Just wondering if anyone has had this same or similar experience as me…if so, please let me know.

    Filed 1/27…rejected because I put the wrong last name for my daughter (DUH) so I corrected the info and shot it off thru TT…was Accepted 1/28 around 4:30 a.m.
    Still 1 bar, tax topic 152.



    Filed on 1/28 still at 1bar and cant get transcripts



    Filed on 1/28 Accepted same day ordered both account and return transcripts last night. Filed with liberty tax having fees taken out. They used Republic bank. I tried to login to the site and no info on file for me. I’m having funds DD on a green dot card. Last year they put mine in the wrong bank account lol so I bought a card to use just for this year lol. WMR shows 1 bar



    I filed through turbo tax on 1/28 accepted shortly after. I read an article that this year they were supposed to be moving things along a bit faster because of the fraud situation last year. My wmr hasnt updated its at 1 bar and i havent been able to order transcripts and im only given the option to have them mailed. My husband has a friend who filed the day after us and h&r told him he would get the refund 2/5.. God forbid you owe the irs money and ur late with a payment because of weather or technical issues lol im in florida and just wondering when to expect it. TT gave me the standard 21 day window from jan 9-feb 18 ugh! I hate this part of taxes.


    2016 Tax payer

    @ DeeDee

    I filed with TurboTax aswell but everytime I try to order a transcript (on the irs website where it says to click to order one mailed to me) it keeps telling me my address doesn’t match grrr



    Filed and Accepted TT on 1/28/2016 – Can order both transcripts- WMR still on one bar.



    For alot of people the “Where’s My Refund” might not update before you receive DD


    2016 Tax payer

    @ laurkat

    Oh ok thank you so much. Their website says 5-7 days so hopefully my card arrives tomorrow or thursday. Tired of checking the mail like im drug addict waiting for a fix hahahaha



    @ 2016 tax payer

    It will still deposit to your net spend card even if it’s not activated. Last year my card came the day after it deposited. My money was on it as soon as I activated it.


    2016 Tax payer

    @ suzanne g

    Thank you… I look on there and it cant log me in saying they dont have anything for my ssn… And my netspend card still isnt here, i really hope to get it BEFORE I receive a DDD that way my card will be activated. Bc it wont deposit if the card isnt activated bc I dont have it.



    Filed 1/28 accepted same day no ddd


    Suzanne G

    @ 2016 Tax Payer.https://www.sbtpg.com/



    1/27 filed and accepted, 1 bar and not able to order transcript.. I received a text telling state deposited yesterday. ( Oklahoma) fed with hr block..

    Now!! I just left hr blocks office, since I was told my state deposited in someone else’s account.. So the lady at hr block said its their account and since state came first, they took my refund to cover my fees for what I owed to file.. And I will receive the rest.. Wasn’t happy about that.. But what can ya do??

    I did ask a few questions and only got a couple of answers.. I anything was wrong, I would of received a letter or she could of seen it..
    Since 1/20 no one she knew of had a DDD yet.
    And weekends do not count for the 21 day wait..


    2016 Tax payer

    Does anyone know what bank TurboTax uses? Filed 1/27 irs recevied 1/28
    Still 1 bar, and chose to get my refund on a netspend card which hopefully will be in the mail today or tomorrow



    I see some are able to access thier transcripts. When i go to the irs website it say to order by mail, i don’t even see where to log in. How are getting to this page???


    Suzanne G

    Filed and accepted 1/28 within minutes. Only 1 bar as of this morning. Haven’t tried to order transcripts, trying to be patient. Last year filed 1/26 and received refund 2/3, hoping its the same turn around time this year. Fingers crossed everyone!



    The liberty tax I used goes with Republic bank I am pretty sure. I have tried logging in and they say my account info doesn’t exist?? Kinda worried something is up



    I filed on 1/28 and accepted on 1/28.I filed last year around the same time on a Friday and received my refund the following Friday. I still have one bar on wmr but hoping to receive my deposit by 2/5. Last year I was on 2 bars and my deposit was already in my account.



    Was able to order both my transcripts last night. Still showing 1 bar on wmr. I used liberty tax they use Republic. I checked their website but not able to login so I’m hoping that doesn’t mean something is up



    Filed and accepted 1/28 with TT. One bar on wmr. Regular W-2 and EIC.

    Last year filed and accepted 3/30 and had my money 4/7. Also last year I had a 1099 and self employment business and it was still quick.

    Hopefully we will get DDD tomorrow if not most likely Saturday we will see a DDD.

    I notice the early filers have the most issues every year which is why I never filed early. This is my first year filing in January. I always do February or March. Less stress.



    Nothing here 28th filed no transcript one bar ughhh!



    Filed and accepted on the 28th. I called yesterday because the “get transcript” page said my info didn’t match their records. WMR has shown my return received since the 28th. The gentleman I spoke with said he couldn’t find my return. Thoughts?



    Jaime I am in the same boat filedock on the 28 Accepted same day. Was able to order my return transcript last night still waiting



    File/Accpt 1/28, Just ordered both transcripts.. Hoping it’s progress! :-)


    Jaime M

    I filed 1/28 with TaxAct and got accepted within the hour. Still one bar at WMR and no DDD. Anyone else still waiting?



    Filed 1/28 at like 12am
    Accepted 1/28
    Used TT
    DD to Netspend
    In PA

    Haven’t bothered to check yet, since I’m sure it’s too soon yet.

    I am however checking my sister’s, who I filed on 1/24 and she was accepted 20 mins later. Hers is still 1 bar, no transcripts as of yet either.


    stacey sassy

    accepted on 1/28 still at one bar.. just tried to check WMR and said it was unavailable. Hoping for good news in the morning. My sis was accepted 1/26 and is getting her direct deposit TODAY


    Renae R

    28Jan16 Filed via HR Block free. It was accepted and still at 1 Bar as of 0112 on 02Feb16. Would really, REALLY like to see a 05Feb deposit.



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    Still at 1 bar
    Still no DDD



    i filed and was accepted on the 28th. im still at one bar on wmr. I think there will be an update on weds with friday dd for some and sat ddd updates for monday for other 28 filers. just a theory…



    I was just able to order my return transcript. Is this a good thing?



    I went online and was able to request my return transcript so I’m hoping this is a good sign



    Hoping for an update tonight. I looked back at last year and I filed Jan 31 and my deposit went in on Feb 8. Keeping my fingers crossed.



    Well I checked the WMR too much and now I’m locked out lol. I was still showing one bar when last I checked. Hoping that we get a deposit this week



    I also filed the 28th accepted few min later before 11 am. Wmr says no info but has tax topic 152. I see a lot of people saying they have one bar how do you have a bar but some dont..thanks



    I filed 1/28 and ten minutes later approved. Still at one bar. I tried ordering transcripts this morning and was not able. I hope we get updates tonight??

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