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    Anyone who has filed and been accepted on 1/28/16 post here. Now is the time to play the guessing game. I wonder how long it will take, is it usually 8 business days or calendar days for MOST deposits.

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    I filed and accepted on 1/28/16 and it still says processing, 1 bar.
    still can’t order transcripts. I called today and the guy told me that it’s still being processed but there is nothing in the main computer for him to even give an estimated DDD. He said if I dont have it by MARCH 22 then to call back! THATS 2 months from when it was accepted. Is anyone else having this issue? I just checked again and its still one bar, most of everyone else seems to be having a DDD already. :(



    Update my apologies, no netspenders nor others have gotten their money for 2/18. But many are showing pending deposits.




    Maybe your bank doesn’t show pending deposit? People with netspend cards and the alike already getting their money or showing pending deposit’s for DDD of 2/18.



    Sorry but I didnt do my taxes until 02/02/2016 and accepted 02/03/2016 however, when i spoke to irs they said they accepted mine on 02/04/2016 and told me to not expect my return until 03/03/2016, a whole week after my 21 days! That i should call then and only then. I wasn’t able to order return transcripts until yesterday 02/12/2016 and this morning (4:30 am) i got a second bar on the wmr site and a ddd of 02/18/2016!! Turbo tax hasn’t updated as of now though. Honestly these irs agent like to mess with people!



    Update, Your bank will not see a pending deposit from the IRS it will just post. So no need to call your bank because they cant see anything from the IRS until it goes through at midnight..




    Finally a Ddd for 2/18
    Filed 1/28 and accepted 1/28
    Irs says 1/29
    Ordered account transcripts 2/5
    Nothing until 2/12 when I could order return transcripts about 8 am
    Checked this morning at 7:30 am Ddd date given….

    Will check back in when it is deposited



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    No bar movement from 1/28-2/12
    Was able to order return transcripts on 2/12
    Woke up this morning (2/13) to approved status and DDD for 2/18



    Ugh. I’m happy for you all but also jealous. :( Still not able to order return transcript and still only says accepted. Don’t know what’s going on with mine.



    Checked wmr and got 2 bars with DDD 2/18!
    Was finally able to order return transcript yesterday!



    Filed 1/28 accepted within hour… Silently reading and following posts and decided to try my transcripts today and able to order return transcripts and had my new address … WMR still on 1 bar… So curious if anyone’s still didn’t update after ordering transcripts? No pending depsits .wells Fargo .. Should I be concerned that it finished processing but now in review since I didn’t update?



    Filed: 1/28
    Accepted: 1/28
    Ordered Account Transcript: 2/5
    Ordered Return Transcript: 2/12
    WMR Update to 2 bars: 2/13
    First year with my son education credit

    DDD: 2/18



    Happy Saturday to all my friends on this Forum that has kept me sane and alive the last 21 days! Well it’s official like so many of you have posted Wooo Hoo Hoo DDD was posted this morning and praise God for this upcoming week! And indeed it will be the full 21 Days. In over 10 years of filing taxes I have received my money in 7 days around there and always within 72 hours a DDD and this year God has tault us some serious patience to say the least. I know I have gone cra cra in the head reading the horror stories of people talking to the IRS and not getting their returns until May or so that just made me so sick in my stomach I am like everyone on this forum we use this every year for a special person or purposes! It’s no dought a huge waiting game. Applied late on 1/28/16 and accepted in minutes to wait out the long haul of 21 days come Thursday of next week with TT. I pray each and everyone of you get your DDD asap or have today! We all know what it has been like to sit and watch the 8% and then 51% get their deposits and for sure it does seem like the Netspend folks have been tearing it up with money 2 days faster congrats to all you Netspend. I have a new card and have been with them for a while and only did Netspend 1 year. So kuddos to all you getting your money much earlier then all the rest! Save the best for last I guess lol! God bless you all and I’m praying for your DDD! I think I can rest now and even better will rest when I see the greenbacks in the bank then it’s for real lol! God speed u all!

    Sleepless In Texas



    Approved today DDD for Feb 18 with pending deposit. Woo hoo!



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    Said yesterday still one bar. It’s lady told me wednesday the 10th mine was being reviewed randomly but yesterday I was able to order transcript and today I have a ddd for the 18th!!! Yay especially because the Irs told me I wouldn’t get it until the 26th.



    Filed on 1-28-16 with TT
    Accepted on 1-28-16 (same day)
    DDD scheduled for 2-18-16.



    Filed and accepted on 1/28

    Today finally was approve and the IRS says I should receive it by the 18th. Checked turbo tax as well for good measure and it says before the 18th..

    I still hope it comes this weekend, I know that’s finally good news but I rely on that money being a single mom…



    Filed 1/28.

    Finally could order transcripts yesterday. Got my DDD this morning for 2/18.





    The “Friday Night Update” brought good news”


    01/28 (Day 00) — Filed and accepted using TT.
    02/04 (Day 07) — WMR 1 bar (received); can’t order transcript.
    02/12 (Day 15) — WMR 1 bar but now able to order “Return” transcript.
    02/13 (Day 16) — WMR to 2 bars (approved); DDD of 2/18.

    There IS a light at the end of this 3-week long tunnel …



    Wow! Just made the cutoff:
    DDD for 2/18
    21 days exactly in my book and 18 days according to the IRS…. Either way LONGEST wait EVER!

    Just happy Im almost done.



    I figured I’d post my update.

    Filed: 1/28
    Accepted: 1/28
    Ordered Account Transcript: 2/5
    Ordered Return Transcript: 2/12
    WMRVUpdate: 2/13

    DDD: 2/18


    Don’t give up hope guys….it’s coming!!!



    YAY!!!!!!!!! Just now checked wmr, ddd 2/18!!!!!!! Good luck guys!!!



    I too filed on 1/28 and accepted 1/29. I’m still on one bar with tt 152. I was still not able to order my return transcript this morning like most of you guys on here. I was bummed. I have called IRS to speak to a live person but they all refused to look into my account until after 21 days. I called this evening and spoke to a really nice guy, although he did not check my return, he did give me a few bits of info. He told me that most people were still receiving their returns on time and early but however it needs to be taken into consideration that everyone filing is different. For example, if you are single filing just yourself with no dependents, you will be easier to process. However, some refunds take a little longer because they want to make sure everything is processed correctly for irs sake and ours. He also said that refund transcripts are not always available before your refund and they both usually only update overnight. So those of us who were not able to order refund transcripts, don’t lose hope yet because for most people it does not mean much. He did say it isn’t available before the refund is completely processed but not all can order before they get their refund. So he basically said the two have nothing really to do with how fast your get your refund but is only available after your return. So some can get some foreshadowing while others will not. The conversation ended with him saying that as long as your refund is saying processed and no error codes, their is nothing to worry about because we would have got them already. So I know it is hard but we just need to sit tight a little bit longer. its coming!!



    I filed the 28th and a text today around 2pm saying my money was in my account but was still on one bar on WMR.I guess they update some but most definitely not all.



    Ugh, still not able to order a Refund Transcript. Does that mean I won’t get my refund until I’m able to order that? This is ridiculous. IRS accepted mine on 1/28 and still no movement.



    So I filed both my taxes and father in law taxes on the 28th. I rcd mind with the Wednesday 10th batch. Father In law didn’t. Has had 1 bar tt 152. Today in the morning we couldn’t order his return transcript but in afternoon we could order them….he just got a refund on his Netspend card just now at 10:15pm!! He still has 1 bar tt 152. It’s coming so I hope this may help give others hope and ease of mind.



    Accepted 1/28 within minutes of filing… Niece filed same day and got hers 2/10.. Decided to check here and finding I wasn’t only one… Figured i I try yesterday and nothing …Well today I was able to order return transcripts … Hope that is a sign! Irs must have gotten an influx of requests for transcripts just from us! Lol good luck everyone



    Just like everyone else. I filed Jan 28th and was accepted within the hour. WMR NEVER updated online or when I called. As of now it is still on 1 bar with tax code 152. I was finally able to order my return transcript today. To my surprise my refund was deposited into my account at 2:06pm TODAY. DESPITE WMR still has be on 1 bar…SMH. I will NEVER understand how the IRS issues returns. I just wanted to post this to give you guys that are still waiting, some hope. Sadly you can’t trust WMR, nor the IRS workers. They tell you anything it seems. Based upon all of the different posts that I have seen regarding the outcome of various phone calls to the IRS. I already had a NETSPEND card and I bank with Wells Fargo. NS deposits much faster. Therefore, I had my refund sent to my NS account. Good luck and and keep your spirits up, your deposit, too will show up soon.



    You may also order transcripts online here:




    18009089946 TRANSCRIPTS



    How do you check to see if you can order return transcripts




    After reading of other’s good fortunes today i did an “afternoon check” …

    01/28 (Day 00) — Filed and Accepted using TT
    02/12 (Day 15) AM — WMR remains 1 bar Can’t order “return” transcript
    02/12 (Day 15) PM — Able to order “Return” transcript !!!

    Yippee !!!

    The wait for my next WMR “bar” and DDD continues …



    Was able to order return transcripts today hopefully this means good news! :)

    longest wait ever!!!!!!



    Update, I can order transcripts!!!! So hopefully we should get a DDD tomorrow! I’m tired of waiting, it seems like everyone from the 26th – 29th got the sh*tty end of the stick from the systems going down. *** For all those asking about why the transcripts matter, it means they have finished processing your taxes *** Its a good thing! GOOD LUCK GUYS



    Update!! Can order return transcripts now : )



    well looks like im gonna be the only one without a return for months and months. Again. Congrats to all you that are getting your money I wish I was one of you. My car got repo today so I guess none of it matters at this point anyway



    Just to update everyone….I filed and accepted on the 28th. Unable to order transcripts until today around 9am. WMR is still showing processing but I have a pending deposit with my credit union for next Wednesday which would be my 21 days. Hope everyone receives their money soon!



    Hey Guys,

    Great news, I just received my refund. It came on my Netspend account. Normally they are 2 days before its DD from IRS, My WMR still shows 1 bar and I filed on 1/28 . so I assume updates will be tonight.



    I’m a 1/27 filer accepted 1/28. One bar but was finally able to order return transcripts today for the first time :) last year I received my DD a few days after I ordered my Return transcript. :) good luck everyone!!



    I was accepted 1/28/16 I have been checking WMR everyday since (I know crazy) well today 2/12 I was finally able to order return transcript so maybe soon I hope



    Accepted on 1/28, morning after their system crash I had no bars on WMR, TT152. Finally just now I was able to order my return transcript with my new address. Hopefully that means a DDD is in the near future.




    Filed 1/28 accepted. 1/28 per tax act
    Ordered account transcript 2/5
    Irs says they didn’t accept till 1/29
    Not able to order anything or see update all week
    This morning ordered return transcript
    Still one bad on war



    So great to be on this site. Wow oh Wow am I in the same boat here hopefully we don’t call our boat the Titanic but more Hope Floats! I too am a night out and have been up for a good solid 2 weeks one week on Steroids from doctor and week 2 just watching WMR. I too have not been able order return transcripts for all this time and this morning around 9am I sure was able to order my return transcripts. I can’t help but follow this Forum like crazy to see we all have posted so much of the same material of accepted on 1/28/16 I too used TT. In the nearly 10 plus years of e-file it’s always usually been 7-10 days in the account. This year God is truly teaching us all patience because I have read everyone posts day in and day out and we all have uses for our money and we need it oh so bad do we need it. And it’s scary to go every year from 7 days to now 21 the way it’s looking for the last remaining of the 51% that didn’t receive their money! I say a special prayer for us all as we need this so bad and we need this blessing we all need to pray for one another good things will happen! And it’s so great to go from the last 2 weeks of frustration to see that so many are now able to order return transcripts. Now take it with a grain of salt as TT and IRS all say that doesn’t mean a hill of beans to be able your return transcript it doesn’t mean your going to get a DDD however we all can think positive and go in a positive direction to believe the DDD is on it’s way tomorrow or really soon. Happy Presidents day! Hopefully 2-18-16 we all can join together and have a drink of joy and success and happiness yay for all of us still waiting in the wings! God bless you all! Lets do this!



    Just an FYI… I’m a night owl and the past couple “nights” I’ve tried to check the status of my return before going to bed (around 2-3 am, central) and the WMR site has been unavailable during that time span. So, I believe that’s probably the time that they update statuses…



    Whew, I’m hoping the fact I could order return transcripts today is a good sign!

    Filed 1/27 accepted 1/28, had 0 movement on it until today.

    Hoping we all get our DDD tomorrow!



    Hoping for a DDD tomorrow.
    I was finally able to request my return transcript using my new address!!!! Thank you Jesus! I was freaking out!!!!!!!!

    Of course given all the weird stuff that happened, I’m still apprehensive but glad to see progress!

    Now if I could just get some movement on my state refund I will be happy!



    Filed/accepted 1 28 tt chose dd not netspend
    No movement on wmr
    Order acct transcript online 2 5
    Orderdreturn transcript 2 12 phone
    Hopefully this is a good sign!
    Going crazy. Much longer wait than prior years. Will post any updates.



    Still at 1 bar on WMR but I too was finally able to order a return transcript this morning. It looks like a lot of us that filed on 1/28/16 are finally getting some movement.



    I can’t remember when exactly I last tried for return transcript. It was either 2 or 3 days ago, but I was also able to order mine today. When I called yesterday(claiming I was given error code), I was told it would be possibly the 26th but that could change. I give up all hope… I was told there were no flags or anything, so why the hold up!?!?!? In the past, I have always had my deposit in around 8 days from filing. Even the first time I claimed EIC and it caused a hold up, I still had it within 2 weeks.



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28

    I was stuck at one bar until yesterday. I was able to order my account transcripts a few days after IRS accepted. I called the IRS yesterday and told them I had an error code but didn’t write it down. The lady was very nice and told me that there was nothing wrong with my return and it was being processed. She said the IRS is about a week behind on processing returns.

    This morning, I was still at one bar, but now can order return transcripts. Hope this is good news. Hoping to wake up to a DDD tomorrow.



    I was able to order my return transcript too!!!!!!

    It’s coming guys! It’s finally coming!!! LOL….

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