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    Anyone who has filed and been accepted on 1/28/16 post here. Now is the time to play the guessing game. I wonder how long it will take, is it usually 8 business days or calendar days for MOST deposits.

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    First, does anyone know how many attempts you get to check WMR? I’m part of the 1/28 accepted stuck on one bar crowd, not the 51% who have rec’d their refund either. I ended up calling and saying I had a code at the bottom but forgot it. They checked and said that there were no problems and saw a deposit day of 2/13 (sat. odd). Now I wonder if my WFR finally updated and if it had to do with the call, I’ll update everyone tomorrow if anything changes on WMR. But if the rest of you, our 49% whom haven’t received a DDD date or bar changing, let me know if you get your deposit on 2/13 or earlier and if you called or didn’t. I’m curious if the call to the IRS had anything to do with my refund processing.



    Filed and accepted on 1-28 was stuck on 1 bar up until sat now it has the refund amount and everything in the left hand comer but the bar graph and tac topic disappeared it just say its processing and a date will be givin when available. Can anyone tell me what to do or what this actually means????



    I called the IRS today about this health-care mess. I received health-care coverage last year, and was concerned that maybe I needed to send in proof. The gentleman I spoke with–his name was DOUG and he was FANTASTIC–told me this:

    My return is still in the processing stage, and it may be about a week PAST the 21 days, simply because they (the IRS) is really behind. But so far, no red flags, no concerns, no nothing. He did tell me that if there is an issue with my health-care proof, that I should receive a letter from the IRS next week at the latest, giving me instructions. He also gave me the information (forms, etc.) that I would need in case that happened so I can be prepared. He also told me that IF I do need to send in paperwork concerning health-care, that once the IRS receives it, it should only be a week until my refund is released.

    Now, my employer stated they sent the necessary forms about health-care coverage to the IRS but according to Fantastic Doug, they haven’t yet been received. But that could mean that the information is just waiting to be imputed. That could also be the reason for the hold-up–it’s been imputted, it just hasn’t gone through yet.

    Checking out various message boards, etc., it seems that most of us who filed 1/28 won’t receive their refunds until our 21 days are up. I have found that those who are using NetSpend cards thru TT are receiving theirs faster. I think that maybe next year I’ll just go ahead and option for the NetSpend card. I did that in year’s past and had really no wait period. This year I used my bank card and there is a hold-up.



    I filed on the 28th like everyone else on here and as of today still only have one bar just the generic code at the bottom. I did change my address on my return which has me scarred is delaying things, but there was no error code at the bottom requiring verification or more info. Finally today I can order my account transcript but still not my refund transcript…I’ve heard the account transcript is better b/c it shows more info. My refund is only 1800 so the larger the refund the longer the wait I consider debunked. If I don’t see a bar change tonight I’m calling. Seriously, wtf is my refund. I got my state last week which usually the fed comes days or even up to a week earlier. Good luck and godspeed everyone!


    Feeling Frustrated

    I just got off the phone with the IRS to find out what is going on with my return and I was told that I have been sent to the error resolution department and that I have to wait to receive a letter from the IRS to find out what the error is and how to fix it. UGHHH!



    I filed on the 28th like everyone else on here and as of today still only have one bar just the genaric code at the bottom. I did change my address on my return which has me scarred is delaying things, but there was no error code at the bottom requiring verification or more info. Finally today I can order my account transcript but still not my refund transcript…I’ve heard the account transcript is better b/c it shows more info. My refund is only 1800 so the larger the refund the longer the wait I consider debunked. If I don’t see a bar change tonight I’m calling. Seriously, wtf is my refund. I got my state last week which usually the fed comes days or even up to a week earlier. Good luck and godspeed everyone!



    Noticed that many people where able to get bars after calling to verify identity. Please let me know if anyone showed a code when checking WMR before calling. If I do not see any progress in terms of transcript or bars I will attempt this method Thursday. I will update with any results.



    1 (800) 829-1040 -this number to speak to a representative… Just hit random numbers on the keypad will direct you to someone to direct your call to someone… All actual people

    1 (800) 908-9946 This number for transcripts. Idk what those are Ive read people getting them so I just called for them and was able to request 1 I didn’t try for the second.

    Filed and “accepted” 1/28 still one bar. Sigh.




    Call 18008290582 and then when it ask for ext. Put in 652. And when they answer tell them you had a code on wmr but for got to rite it down. They will ask u a few identity questions and then they will look into it. Can you order transcripta yet, either one.. I was still on one bar and wasn’t able to online but it called the number to order them by mail and I was able to yesterday morning and that’s when I called irs.. and the lady was nice looked up my info said everything was good and gave me a DDD for the 12 and I woke up this morning and bam showed accepted/2 bars and date of the 12.. give it a try. Hope that helps.. let me know



    Okay I see a lot of ppl lost their bar but if you still hv your bar do this mean your just bagged up and nothing is wrong I filed 1-27 still one bar



    I filed on 1/27 everybody around me getting theirs when will minds come???






    Great news. I woke up this morning to my refund in my bank account. It had to go through HRB first, so who knows how long they actually had it. I filed on 1/28, accepted the same day. It was approved on 2/6, and DDD was today. Good luck everyone. I’m sure yours will be arriving soon.



    Mine is only a little over $2000 claiming my 2 daughters (one is 12 and the other is 18 but still in school) and I still don’t have anything yet, but my friend filed 3 days after I did, and her refund is over $6000 claiming 2 kids and she got her refund today. Doesn’t seem fair. :(



    Submitted 1/28 ; Accepted 1/28 WMR Only 1 Bar

    Cannot order either transcripts….

    Seems odd that i cant order my account atleast by now



    Now *



    Well, I called tt to make sure everything was ok on my end. The gentleman informed me that the weekend after I filed (29,30,31 I believe) the irs was shut down so that is why there is a delay for us who filed around that time. He told me my scheduled refund date(s) could be the 15th or 17th. I’m relieved to know nothing is wrong, but bummed that it took FOREVER this year. I guess I can know stop checking wmr until next week, lol.



    It seems like the larger your refund the longer it’s taking to process



    Update.. and yes I’m happy.. I filed on the 27th accepted the same day… woke up this morning with 2 bar and ddd of the 12th.. yay.. I did what others suggested, call the irs and say that you had a code on wmr but forgot to write it down and see what happens.. they will ask for name, ss#, address and phone number.. for identification reasons.. before I called I was also able to order both account and return transcript for 2015.. so that was good news and I don’t think it’s a rumor… hope this helps you guys who have nothino but one bar.



    I am beginning to believe something beyond our control is up with many returns filed 1/28 and 1/29. I don’t think the irs received or truly accepted us until days later. We were resequenced and but behind newer filers or something.

    I filed for a family member and they were accepted 1/28 at 9:30 pm.
    Still 1 bar tt152
    Acct transcripts-yes
    Return transcripts-no

    I filed my return and it was accepted 1/29 at 12:00 am
    Still 1 bar tt152
    Acct transcripts- yes on 2/5
    Return transcripts-no

    Yes, I do have eic,child credit,aoc. However, my return is the same as last year for the most part no real changes except I earned 4k more this year than last. My kids are my biological children I have filed them w/o any issues.

    Family member return is exactly same as before. Hoh with one other dep w/ aoc.

    I guess it could be aoc being the hold up, but it seems like our returns would still already be processed and we would be able to order a return transcript.

    See when people say transcripts don’t mean anything they are saying it doesn’t always mean your about to get a ddd or your refund was approved. Your refund can still be put on hold. If they question aoc credit they can issue you a refund and hold back the education credit until you prove your entitled to it. Same with eic credit.



    Filed with TT on 28th was accepted also same day. Just decided to check WMR on Sunday and realized there was no movement at all. My fiancé filled 24th and received his today. Many coworkers received theirs today who filled after. Contacted irs 2 times didn’t say much expect to wait and WMR is the most accurate place to check not TT… Super bummed about not receiving it today or if something is wrong them not letting me know over phone. Should hate to wait 21 and then it’s rejected for something small like pin,agi, address etc…..



    Filed on 1/28 and excepted the same day, unable to order transcript, I called the IRS and they told me even though it was expected on the 28th they didn’t start processing my return until the 1st of February… I used tax act. So frustrated.. OMG




    Finally got DDD for Feb 12th good luck for the rest of you guy



    Beginning to believe it’s maybe H&R Block! I’ve always filed with them. I had the identity problem last year. Was verified and received on March 22nd. I still have no code this year. Which is a good thing! Maybe an update tonight!!



    I did change my address but I did provide my driver license as proof of identity for faster refund but looks like that was a lie as my refund was not processed faster.



    @scgirl No my refund is around $2000. I wish it was over $7000. I file single and no dependents. I did have a 1095-A. My taxes were delayex over 21 dyas last year too. I filed with HR Block. I think it might be the 1095-A, H&R Block or IRS just dont like me, just joking. But I might just not have my federal taxes taken out next year if this is a recurring theme with irs.



    I should add audited was dependents and tax credits for home and new cars purchased for tax for kids…



    Filed 1/28 and accepted within 30mins. No movement since… Can’t order return transcript and still on old address. New address is not recognized… I forgot the avenue part of new address… I guess a waiting game and still within 21days so not as worried yet…. Last year – within 10 days I received refund… Year before, audited and had to send in birth certs of dependents…18 years of filing with them and received in October. No EIC ever just dependent credit…. Many years before within 10 days…. So weird these last couple of years…



    @cnizzle13 – you’re definitely right about that. If I could order a transcript, I would be ecstatic!! :)



    @scgirl, My deposit is much smaller and I am in the same boat. It looks like we are going to have to be the ones taking over answering questions because once people get their DDD, they disappear from here and go to a different topic to find out why their deposit hasn’t shown up 3 days early “like last year”…….



    Curious to know…..

    I’m one of those filed 1/28, accepted 1/28, one bar and no return transcript as of yet. Just curious if all of you guys in the same boat as me……is your refund more than $7,000.00?? Just wondering if this is why we are being delayed because our refund is a large amount.

    Thanks to you all.



    I filed on the 27th and it got accepted the same day. and i am still on 1 bar! i was wondering how do people get to speak to a live agent when calling the IRS i only got to the automated system then it hangs up



    I filed my taxes on January 29 and the IRS accepted them on January 29. My WRS has had one bar since the 29th when IRS accepted them. I filed through taxact. Has anyone else filed on the 29th through taxact and still have just one bar showing?



    Filed 1/28 accepted my federal and state 10 minutes later got dd feb. 8 at 1am. But I haven’t received netspend card yet.


    HRB WellsFargo

    File 1/28 Accepted 1/28. Received DDD(2/10) on 2/6. Received refund this morning Wells Fargo.



    Filed & Accepted 1/28
    Still at 1 bar on WMR
    Still cannot order return transcript
    Still no DDD
    I’m sad :(



    so I filed 1/28/2016 still one bar…my friend files 2/5/2016 and get hers in today????
    I called the IRS this morning after being on hold for 40mins. she said mine was still in the processing phase. She said if anything was wrong I would know it by now. If I don’t get my refund on or before the 18th to call back…. this is crazy!!



    i submitted my taxes on the 1/27 accepted the 1/28….still stuck on one bar !!! Co-workers did it after me received theirs 02/05 and today. Used H&R

    so frustrated



    Thought I’d chime in. Filed 1/28 accepted same day, had one bar until their computer system failure. The next day I had no bars tt152 and still sitting that way! Got my OH refund today. Moved to TX and realized I missed a letter in our new street name, but from what I’ve read that won’t make a difference. Tried to get transcripts with old address and will get 2015 not available. New address gives the error. But then other days neither address works. Frustrating not knowing. Trying to hold off on calling the irs bc I don’t want to hear 21 days. Holding on to a shred of hope it’ll be miraculously updated with a ddd soon lol


    Dee Dee

    Accepted on 1/27.
    One bar the next three days and then bars were gone.
    Finally I woke up to two bars and DDD of 2/12 this morning.

    BUT my CA refund is still not found and not processed……


    austin jones

    Got my money this morning. Good Luck to you all, I am now leaving this forum as I have no reason to be here now! Time to ball!



    Could somebody tell me if it has to say sent or not?



    I filed the 25th was excepted the 5th ddd 2/10 but the second bar still says approved it doesn’t say sent yet and it’s 9am



    I tried ordering a transcript also and it said no information found



    filed and accepted on the 28th, I only have one bar still. My boyfriend filed his a week after mine and got his refund in his bank account this morning!!



    Filed 1/28 at 10:pm accepted 30 minutes later as of now only can order my account transcript stuck on one bar this is messed up



    I filed on the 28th and was accepted the same day. I got my state back a few days later. Today on the 10th I checked wmr and I finally have the second bar with a ddd of 2/12/16.



    I filed 1/28/16, got a DDD of 2/10/16 on 2/6. Woke up today to my deposit in my account. WMR is still at 2 bars as of right now. WMR is not always accurate. Good luck guys, you’ve kept me sane this tax season. I was glad that we could share in the anticipation together.



    Still no progress on transcript or bars. Called tax advocate and they stated unable to assist as has not been 21 days. Last year it took 2 months before I contacted TA to expedite approval. It looks like I will have to call them again but they indicated that I will have to wait until Wednesday.



    Filed and accepted 1/28. My return hasn’t been sent to my account yet…



    I filed 1/28 already received my state refund but still on the first bar. I am starting to feel discouraged ? knowing 50% recieved theirs and I have nothing.



    It’s not normal but there are a few of us in the same boat. Even filers before us.



    Filed and accepted 1/28
    Cant order return transcript, can order account transcript
    No changes from last year

    Still at one freaking bar! Filed with TT and this morning it says 50% of people who have filed the same day have already received their refunds. I’m like WTF. Getting frustrated.

    Is it odd I can’t order return trans yet but can account??

    This blows.






    Filed and accepted 1/28. Still can order return transcript still on 1 bar on WMMR.Im just sick and tired of going to bed early just so I can wake up to dissatisfaction. Getting old real fast!



    I checked wmr right before my last post and It updated to the second bar with a ddd of 2/12.



    KiKi did it just change for you or did you just now check?



    I have two bars wmr and a ddd for 2/12

    But my Hubs filed right before I did on the 28th and he’s got nothing. Wmr One bar, transcripts unavailable. I think he may have to do the id verify thing but he’s gonna wait until his 21 days to call just incase.



    DD just came in. A day earlier than I thought. Filed 1/27, accepted 1/28. Used TT



    Its 2-10-16 at 12:04am. Money was put in bank chase. Filed on 1-28-16. Hope u all have good luck.



    A part of me sighs in relief knowing that I’m not the only 28th filer that’s waiting, waiting, waiting :):) I’m thinking that I’ll wait until my 21 days are up before contacting the IRS. I’m just afraid that if I do call, it’ll set me back and I don’t want that. So I guess I’ll just keep waiting.



    @ Jess and @yikes

    We filed the same time and neither one of us are able to order return transcripts. Like stated earlier the lady I spoke with on the phone said that they did not actually receive my return until the 2/1 which is strange. I just don’t understand how TT is saying they were accepted on 1/28 and the IRS is saying a different day of acceptance. I’m getting the same message when trying to order my return transcripts that there is no transcript available for the year requested.



    I filled the 25th got accepted 28th still at 1 bar can anybody relate??? I’m frustrated



    That is the same code I have when I check WMR. still absolutely no movement since I filed and was accepted 1/28.
    IRS says there are no issues and I don’t owe any IRS debt so I can’t believe there is nothing happening. It was so fast last year. Sigh



    Still no movement on WMR and I can only order account transcripts when trying to order return transcripts it says not available for year requested please complete form 4506 – T or contact us at http://www.irs.gov is anyone else getting that same message when trying to order return transcripts ?



    Sbtpg got my funds at 8 am central. Nothing in my chase acct yet, but I bet it is there when I wake up!



    So frustrated still no movement for me either filed 1/28 accepted same day on TT .i also was able to order account transcript only not return transcript it says not available for the year requested and says to complete form 4506-T or contact us. Is this the same message everyone else is getting that can’t order return transcript ?




    Still one bar grrrrr! 2/5 was able to order account transcript but no return transcript… No movement and still not able to order return transcript on phone or online. Still waiting maybe I’ll get something next week.. No offsets… No changes




    so i just called the irs and the lady was very nice.. she said it looks like my DDD is 2.10.16 so hopefully i should see something tomorrow morning, FINGERS CROSSED.. but she did say if i dont see anything by the 19th to call back.. she also said she doesnt see any offsets so thats a good sign.. so i think the transcript thing isnt a rumor.. who knows.. just give me my money



    even tho i dont need to order them now i was just curious to see if i could order transcript on line and yes i could.. not that i need to bc i did it over the phone for both.. looks like good signs…yay.. any suggestions




    that makes sense to me bc i was able to order both transcripts for 2015 today over the phone.. i filed 1.27.16 and was accepted the same day about hr later.. i filed with TT.. i have the money going to my own prepaid visa card as direct deposit.. ive called them and they said they cant see any pending deposits. i have no offsets according to tax revenue.. still 1 bar on WMR and still have tax topic 152.. thats been the same for a while now.. TT says only 7% people have got there money so far of people who filed the 27th.. so idk .. i just want my money.. need it for bills so hopefully tomorrow is the day. i was wondering if i call the irs and tell them i got a code but forgot to rite it down like other people have just so they could get answers..



    Ok so now I am thinking that the date the irs actually accepted/accepted my return was closer to 2/5. Reason being taxslayer says accepted 1/29, but people talking to the irs are getting a later date regardless of wmr. Then I wasn’t able to order acct transcripts until 2/5. I bet we could order thise once irs fully accepted us on their end.

    That would mean I was really accepted about 4 days ago 2 of which would be days they actually would work on returns.




    Filed with Tax Act on 1/28/2016 accepted same day.
    is it possible to get your refund without any current updates other than one bar on the WMR?



    @austin Jones

    Well this is my first year filing with HRB… Not a good experience but from what I am hearing they are releasing funds on DDD exactly then its up to your bank to release them to you. My bank usually posts deposits within 24-48 hrs.
    If you prepaid your fees you should get a deposit from treasury dept (which may be a day sooner than HRB).
    My experience has been I get my refund from Turbotax anywhere from 1 day before DDD (with a prepaid card) to 2 days after DDD (with a bank account)

    You can check with your bank to see if they post pending deposits.

    Sorry I can’t be more help. Just haven’t used HRB in the past!I



    I filed mine on the 27before I walked out the h and r block office I got a text that they received my refund got scared and called them today and they didn’t get it till the 29 and said there is no problems and its taking 21 days to get them so I feel better




    There were no fees.. I chose the free file thru TT.. as I did last year.. I am putting in the correct amount of $880.. yesterday I wasn’t able to order either transcript online or by phone and as of a previous msg on here I ordered both 2015 over the phone. Status on wmr is still at 1 bar..



    Filed 1/28 accepted 1/28 will wmr update tonight with a ddd. No bars no tax topic!




    Did you have your fees taken out to file? If so you must put the amount before the fees are taken out to check WMR otherwise you will keep getting the same message.



    @ Hope

    I’m really confused as to why we are getting two different acceptance dates.


    austin jones


    Thank you so very much for actually taking the time to acknowledge my post, we all are truly in this together! lol. I filed with H&R Block, accepted on the 28th. I chose direct deposit to my bank which is Sun Trust. Does your advice still stand with the 3 day margin of the DDD? Also, do you mean 3 days AFTER the DDD?



    Is there anyone who was not able to order their return transcript, but still got a DDD? I am so hoping my return will be updated tomorrow morning, but I STILL cannot order my return transcript! Filed 1/28, Accepted 1/28, STILL one bar on WMR.




    Filed & Accepted H&R Block 1/28
    Last few days unable to order transcript but only populated with old address
    Yesterday unable to order any transcript cannot identify new address
    Hopefully this means that they are processing my return
    Unable to order via phone so may call IRS to check not identity issue as I did give driver license to verify identity
    Hopefully this means that some of us will get DDD tonight or tomorrow



    turbo tax says i should receive my refund by the 17th and its only on 7% but its been like that since Thursday… im just aggravated b.c people have filed after me and have got there money already or a DDD and i have not



    oh and im also in california if that matters..



    again i still cant order 2015 transcripts online it keep saying that the info does not match and im looking directly at my taxes i filed online with turbo tax.. im going to try and call right now as we speak and see whats going on. also just called a few mins ago and still no offsets.. im pissed.. ok i was just able to order both return and account transcript or 2015 over the phone.. is this a good sign or not.. yesterday i was not able to do so.. fingers crossed.. should i call irs or na.. info please



    @ Tasha
    I was accepted 1/28 with HRB and IRS also gave me 2/1 as my acceptance date… It’s so annoying that it’s only been 9 days according to them!!!!

    @ Austin Jones
    It depends on the tax service you used and your bank. Personally I’ve always received my refund within 3 days of the DDD given.
    A prepaid card will usually release the funds ASAP, traditional banks may take longer

    @ Cofy
    Try this number: 1-800-829-0582 ext 652



    Could i get a phone number that I could get ahold of someone, I want to make sure everything is in order. Stuck on one bar, can’t order return transcript. 1/28


    austin jones

    If you are issued a DDD of 2-10-16, how accurate is it that you will receive your money in your bank account on 2-10-16?



    I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to call the IRS, they explained to me that they just received my returns on 2/1. I said to her that the dates we are getting from TT are completely wrong, She said no its the day they basically go through the first door but the actual date they were accepted were the 2/1. At this point it’s like I’m starting all over with waiting.



    @ Kristy . I feel your pain. I have been stocking this website and I have only been more worried since I see only a few of us are still looking from who filed and accepted by the 28th. I feel like I am going to get stuck with the people who have filed before us and still have no DDD.



    Yes, transcripts update throughout the day. I also have only been able to order account transcript as of 2/5 and am very worried because I know if I can’t order return transcripts at some point today….no big Wednesday update for me!!!!!

    I really don’t want to stalk this site endlessly waiting for Saturday updates. My nerves can’t take it. I am debating calling the irs so I can be even more frustrated.



    Filed and accepted 1/28. One bar and TT 152 on WMR. Called last week and they said no problems. Can’t order return transcript. Refund is never coming. :( There’s no way we will be in the update without those rerun transcripts, is there?



    Do transcripts update throughout the day? I am just worried that I will not be in this weeks refund process. I have only been able to order my account transcript since 2/5. 1 Bar on WMR.



    This is ridiculous! It has NEVER taken this long for my refund to be approved by the IRS. I just called offset line and I have no offsets. I’m still just sitting at 1 bar on WMR and still cannot order return transcript. The only thing different from last year, is that I am claiming 2 dependents instead of 3, since my son moved to his dad’s back in March of 2015, so I am just claiming my 2 daughters this year. I wouldn’t think that would stall my refund, but maybe it has. SMH :(



    I’m with you Jeff, I filed 1/28 accepted 1/28 and there is still no update, no ddd, no transcript but they are saying everything is fine. I’m just getting overwhelmed now.



    I tried getting transcripts online and couldn’t. It said address didn’t match then an hour later said technical difficulties but i was able to order both on the phone (800-908-9946) under new address about 15mins ago. From what I have been seeing once you can order return trans wmr updates with a ddd the following day or two. Hope this helps. I’ll let y’all know if I get a ddd tomorrow.



    So posses and aggrevated, I filed with TT on 1.27.16 was accepted within an hour, I filed with them last year bc I was getting money back from school.. i did the free efile and my refund is only 880.00.. WMR is still at one bar and still has tax topic 152, called the 18003043107 and according to them there is no offsets known.. fee days ago I did call irs to make sure everything was good and they said yes.. I have the money sent to my prepaid visa card which I also verified the info for that was correct. Idk what’s going on.. I just want my money and there have been people after me that have received there refund.. ugh



    Just checked SBBT moments ago, it finally updated and showed my deposit. It hasn’t hit my bank yet (Chase) and I don’t expect it to until 2:30AM-ish EST. Just to clarify, I checked SBBT this morning around 8AM and it still showed nothing, but now it does. The same should be expected for anyone that used TurboTax and had their fees taken out of their return. If you paid your fees up-front, SBBT will not be involved at all for your DD. It will go from the IRS directly to your bank account. Hope this helps put some people at ease.


    austin jones

    I just called my Bank, they have no pending direct deposits. My DDD is set for tomorrow. Is it possible it could still hit on the 10th? I was under the impression the bank would be able to see record of a deposit 24 hours in advance to it hitting the account… I would certainly appreciate any advice…



    Filed and was accept on the 28th check where’s my refund today feb 9 no change just one bar but i was able to order my return and account transcripts so hopefully I will get update tonigh with a DDD for this week or the next

    keep your fingers crossed for me and I will keep mine for you


    austin jones

    I filed with H&R Block, given a DDD over the weekend for 2-10-16.



    ****If you used TT and had money taken out of it, the refund first goes to SBBT and then they take the fees out and send to your bank. You can go to their website and log in with your tax info and find out if they have rec’d it yet and if they have sent to your bank. Mine as of this morning updated twice. Showed it was rec’d and then now it shows it has been sent as an ACH to my bank***


    austin jones

    I just called my Bank, they have no pending direct deposits. My DDD is set for tomorrow. Is it possible it could still hit on the 10th? I was under the impression the bank would be able to see record of a deposit 24 hours in advance to it hitting the account… I would certainly appreciate any advice.


    austin jones

    Still no word this morning, I called my bank yesterday to see if I had any pending deposits and nothing. I will now check this morning and hopefully the IRS will be on time for my DDD 2-10-16.



    Update: Just checked the SBBT site at 6am and it said they haven’t rec’d my refund yet. Just checked again 8am EST and it’s there. My bank also now shows a deposit to be made tonight at Midnight. Good luck everyone!



    Newest update: I talked to my tax preparer after speaking with the IRS and she told me to check and make sure my identity theft PIN number was used because that would delay my taxes. It was, however last year when I had an offset she went in to the injured spouse form and it auto-populated to my name which means she unknowingly filed an injured spouse claim for my husband. I called the IRS to figure out if there was anything I could do. Mrs. Stewart was extremely rude to me and told me that it would take up to 14 weeks for them to now process my return. 11 weeks for the return and 3 weeks for the deposit, for a form that was blank but still submitted.
    * on a side note I filed 1/27 it says it was accepted 1/28 (I was able to check WMR on 1/28) but the rude lady told me today that they didn’t even receive it until 2/1 this means I’m looking at 5/9 for my refund. When my identity was stolen it only took few more weeks than that.

    Like I said previously I’ve had issues every single year since 2001. I feel defeated. Especially since I was just informed my job is closing in 3 weeks.



    I too filed on the 28th and received an acceptance on the 28th yet have not moved beyond that. I’ve come across some information that helped me figure out what may be the delay and decided to share. If you think you may own the government (student loans, child support, etc.) and aren’t sure if they will be trying to take what you owe from your refund you can check at 1800 304 3107. You’ll have to enter you SSN number and it’ll let you know if there are any offsets on your refund for this year. Hope this helps some of you.



    Also, if anyone who banks with chase can let me know how things are going for them, that would be great!



    Filed with Turbotax and accepted on 1/28. DDD of 2/10 posted on 2/6. Nothing yet. I bank with chase, and from my experience, deposits happen overnight with them. 2/10 will be just fine, but I am excited and hoping it might be a little bit early! Note: I did request to get my TT fees taken out of my refund.
    Also, about bars disappearing on the irs ‘where is my refund’ website: that happened to me last year, but the next morning I had my money. *Shrugs. If this happens to you, don’t panic. It may not be bad.



    Called the IRS because WMR said it could not provide information on refund and gave a reference code 9001. The IRS lady told me that I needed to verify identity. Called the number she gave me. Answered all the questions. The guy said ok he will send it to the IRS to continue processing and told me it could take up to 9 weeks to get my refund. I wish I could understand the IRS but I just don’t. Last year we have a issue too and didn’t receive our refund until 16 weeks after we filed! This is crazy.



    Filed Jan 28th turbotax. Accepted an hour later. Approved 2/6 with a DDD of 2/10. Just checked my account and it has been deposited 2 days early. So long suckaaaaaas


    Not Again

    I filed on 01/28/16 and last saturday my bars went away. I called the identity theft line at the IRS because I was a victim last year. She asked if I used the pin number that they sent in the mail in December, I did. Well I had to re verify everything again this year!! Had I not called I would be waitng until the sent a letter!! Now I must wait 6 weeks to receive my return. The telephone number is 800-830-5084. You must tell them that an IRS employee told you to call and verify your identity. If you’re like me with no tax topic or bars, this may be the reason why….hope it helps.


    boss bitty

    Just wondering if any one has received a 2/12/16 direct deposit date? Every one has a 2/10/16 but read they are depositing refunds on Wednesdays and Fridays. I filed on 1/28/16 after noon and was approved by IRS 1 hour later. Do have school and a dependent on my return not sure if that is it but last year it don’t have any delay from that.



    The odds are who knows. I guess anything can happen. If you used TT to file and had money come out, it goes to SBBT first then they pull out their fee and send to your bank. You can check on their site to even see if the money has come in yet. My DD is 2/10 as well, but no funds sent to SBBT yet so maybe tomorrow we will see something.



    I FILED MY RETURN 1/28 AND WAS Accepted 1/28 . THRU TT


    austin jones

    I was Accepted 1-28-16 and are issued a DDD of 2-10-16. I am new to filing taxes that have an end result of Direct Deposit straight to my bank account. If anyone has any information pertaining to the possibility of the IRS depositing funds into your bank account please feel free to share, i’m not impatient, but I am budgeting my current bills around this refund. I am hoping to have it on Wednesday, the 10th, however I sure wouldn’t complain if it was sent tonight or tomorrow. Whats the odds?



    Filed accepted 1/28. Woke up Saturday with DDD of 2/10. Had fees taking out of refund an my refund hit my bank today 2/8 at 2:00 pm. Wmr still says approved



    Anyone who has a DD of 2/10/16 see their money in SBBT site yet? This is only if you used Turbo Tax and had payment come out for services.



    I truely believe that if you check WMR too much you will receive a error code. I checked a lot. And I mean a lot. I know it’s only updated every 24 hours but who really believes that lol anyhow I filed with my husbamd jointly, he is the main one, I’ve been checking with his ssn and as of friday bars are code saying no refund info is available and giving me a reference code 9001. I checked with my info and it is on one bar. So I believe if you check it too much it will lock you out.

    I filed 1/29



    So, because of the issues I have had every single year as an adult I broke down to calling the IRS. I know it hasn’t been the 21 days but with my luck I had to know if there was something I was missing that would be holding up my refund. The lady I spoke with was very understanding and apologetic for what I’ve gone through over the years. She said she didn’t see anything to be worried about, but that she couldn’t give me any more information and to call in February 17th if I still have no updates.



    Hello everyone!

    I am frustrated just like everyone else. I used TT and filed Jan28, accepted Jan 28. I have not had a single change to WMR so I called the IRS today. I was on hold for about 15 mins. A very nice man answered. I was super nice. I fibbed and said that WMR gave me an error and a phone number to call. I told him that I was concerned that perhaps my change in marital status could be the reason. (keep in mind there was no error) I filled single this year because I am newly divorced. He was very nice and asked lots of questions regarding addresses and such. He put me on hold for a bit then came back and said everything was in order and I should plan on seeing my refund on Feb 28. WTF! He couldn’t say anything more. He did offer that over checking WMR can give people a false pos or false neg which was weird. He said to check it every 25 hours. Yes, 25. sigh…..
    I pray he was just throwing the month time frame out just to cover himself. I was truly hoping for my DDD to be this Weds or Friday. I hate being in a position that I rely on my refund to survive……it is what it is.
    Good Luck to everyone else! I will update when I get a DDD.



    Filed 1/28, approved 1/28, still one bar.

    Cannot order Account/Refund Transcript

    Last year my taxes where delayed by a couple of weeks. Is it possible for the same thing to happen this year? Getting Frustrated!



    I filed on 01-26-16 with TurboTax and was accepted same day. I checked the WMR site yesterday, and I have a DDD of 02-10-16.
    I will post when I receive my refund, I am hoping to receive it earlier than the DDD? We will see….
    I had all the DD fees taken out right away, so there shouldn’t be a hold up once the bank receives it.

    Good Luck to everybody!!!






    I filed the 28th and still can’t order my return transcript, stuck on one bar. Could we all posabley be weekly?


    austin jones

    I was Accepted 1-28-16 and are issued a DDD of 2-10-16. I am new to filing taxes that have an end result of Direct Deposit straight to my bank account. If anyone has any information pertaining to the possibility of the IRS depositing funds into your bank account please feel free to share, i’m not impatient, but I am budgeting my current bills around this refund. I am hoping to have it on Wednesday, the 10th, however I sure wouldn’t complain if it was sent tonight or tomorrow. Whats the odds?



    Filed 1/28, approved 1/28, still one bar. Can only order Account Transcript, one bar!!

    Please update should any of us are able to order an Account Transcript! Thanks!



    Daughter filed 01/28, accepted same day. DDD updated yesterday for 02/10.
    I filed 01/29, accepted same day, still nothing.



    I filed 1/28 in the a.m
    Accepted immediately
    Here it is 2/08 and still NOT approved yet.

    Trying to keep the faith….everyone I know who filed after me is getting DDD.

    I should be with the 2/10 group…..



    Hey, All

    I filed on the 28th with TT, got accepted the same day (it was about 6:00 pm CST). This is what I’ve found on some other sites. We may have filed and got accepted on the 28th (or whatever day you did), but technically, it didn’t get through the actual acceptance stage of the IRS until 1 to 2 days later. This could be why some of us are still having no luck with our bars moving past 1. Because if you search out other websites that have a Refund Calendar, we may very well not receive our refunds until 2/12 at the earliest.

    Also, I’ve been reading how many who decided to get their refunds via Netspend (the one they offer to you on TT), they are seemingly getting their refunds faster than many others. Don’t know if there’s a correlation, but in past years I’ve done NetSpend and got my refund quickly, while this year I went through a different bank and it’s much slower.

    But the general consensus is DO NOT contact the IRS about your refund until the 21 days are up. You might even want to wait longer. It seems that those who are contacting them now are having to go through the ID verification stage, possibly setting back their refund DD by nine weeks, and it may not have been necessary if they had just waited.

    Trust me–I’m getting impatient, too, but I’d rather wait a full 21 days than call the IRS and possibly have to wait 9 weeks!!



    I filed 1/16 and was accepted on 1/19. WMR just updated Saturday to Processed. Why is it taking mine so long since I filed well before a lot of people whome have already received theirs. Doesn’t make any sense just give me my money. :)






    Re” “… I filed on the 30 accepted the same day …”

    And you’re posting in this “1/28” thread because … ???




    Okay, I know this may sound silly, but how many of you that are still waiting on your refund to be approved, got the $750 advance? The tax office pushed the advance down my throat, basically saying “it’s free, you have nothing to lose!” So, of course, since I needed the money, I went along with it, and I received $750 in my account the very next day (1/29/16). I was happy about it, but now I’m wondering if they put those returns on the back burner, since those people already got some money? I am STILL waiting on the rest of my refund and according to WMR, I am still on one bar. Just curious if that has anything at all to do with the delay? Probably not, just a theory. :)




    Re” “… I filed on the 30 accepted the same day …”

    And you’re posting in this “1/28” thread because … ???



    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/28
    Approved 2/6
    No direct deposit as of yet



    1/27 filed with preparer (same as I have since I was 16)

    1/28 accepted by efile, however was able to check WMR early on the 28th

    2/5 was able to order both account and return transcripts

    It is now 2/8 and I still have no movement on WMR.

    My sister and I filed on the same day with the same preparer and she received her refund on Friday.

    I have had problems every year since 2001. I just don’t get it. After 14 years it definitely feels like I’m being picked on.



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    2/5 finally able to order transcripts
    2/6 got a DDD for 2/10

    2/7 Got an email about 12:35 am from Netspend saying my tax refund was deposited. So excited. Really need that money.

    Thanks for everyone on here u have kept me sane in this crazy tax season. Til next year y’all!!!



    I filed on the 30 accepted the same day her it is February 7 and still no change do you think I will get it this week someone plz help



    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/28
    Checked Feb 7 and have a ddd of 02/10/16 . yay!



    Filed & accepted 1/27
    Still at one bar on WMR
    Cannot get transcripts
    Should I be worried? :/



    I got my ddd for 2/10 , accepted on 1/28 .. I know that alot of us are in the same position as far as depending on this money every year for whatever reason. I sympathize with those who haven’t got an update yet but II really hope you get a deposit this week even if wmr hasn’t updated. It’s not always accurate :)



    For those of you who were accepted 1/28, I was accepted on the 21st and I’m still at one bar. Could be worse :D

    Tax code 152 still showing.



    Still NOTHING for me either! VERY AGGRAVATED!



    Frustrated to the Max. I filed and was accepted on 1/28. No movement on wmr, can’t order return transcript but ordered acct trans under old address. The last few years I filed married joint but Now I’m separated so I filed legally separated. Do you think that has affected my return? In my state you’re considered legally separated once one spouse leaves the home. No lawyers needed as proof so I don’t understand the issue. Ppl I know filed after me and have ddd already. SMH.



    I filed and was accepted on the 27th. I am still PROCESSING… one bar… I am beyond frustrated. My son filed on the last day of the month- his check is on its way!

    I just hope and pray they haven’t found any issues, I could really use the money asap!

    Good luck yall and congrats to those who have a DDD!!!



    Im so bummed, filed and accepted on 1/28 and still nothing. This happens to me EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Last year they messed up and didnt give me my money until April and I had to get a tax advocate. My taxes are just like anyone elses nothing unusual just always late. Its so unfair man I really need the money



    @nickw its not all its cracked up to be lol. I have 2 kids and still dont get crap, I barely got anything for the EIC and the chiuld tax credit thing



    @Chad, thanks for answering. I’ve never qualified for the EIC and I don’t have kids. As much as I would like a big refund like that, I don’t think I could make any less with all my bills I have to pay per month. I appreciate what I am able to get back though, lol. Congrats on yours!



    I filed and got approved on 1/27/16, as of today I am still being processed…. a few people I know filed after me, one just filed this past Monday and they got updates yesterday morning that they will have DD on 2/10/16. This is so very frustrating!



    I just don’t understand. I filed 1/28 approved the same day.
    The bar has not moved at all.
    But everybody else is getting there money on the tenth ..that’s crazy as hell to me.. I was able to order account transcript as of 2/6 .. Got my netspend card in the mail 2/6
    . still have no DDD this is frustrating



    Nickw its all about eic you gotta have kids to get a big refund and make like 20k/yr I claimed two kids



    @sharon, thanks! I hope so too this waiting game is torture lol but yes we will see hope for the best for everyone!



    @Chad…i don’t mean to get too personal on you, but I’m curious….what type of deductions do you have to get over an 8K refund? I’m a lowly college student and my parents own a home and other property, but I’ve never gotten that much nor have they. I’m just curious, what you claim? I understand if you don’t want to say



    @ britt

    I hope so…. Im thinking MAYBE, but not 100% sure. I guess we will find out tomorrow morning.



    I have A question…. I ordered a net spend card through turbo tax I have a DDD for 2/10 I have been hearing that net spend usually gives you your money a couple days early, is it possible that I could get my money Monday?



    All you people that didn’t get a ddd for 2/10 I seen a IRS video that said they update Fri over night for ddd on weds and overnight sat for ddd on Thurs and over night sun for ddd on Fridays so anyone who filed accepted on 1/28 you should have a ddd either sun morning or Mon morning hope it helps

    Filed 1/28 accepted 1/28 approved 1/6 ddd for 2/10 refund over 8k



    Accepted on 1/28. On Sat bars disappeared and had a generic message that turns was still being processed..please help



    I filed 1/27 accepted that day, I am still on bar 1 and can’t request return transcript.

    My Co worker that filed at the same time was approved yesterday for a DDD of 2/10.

    Just frustrated. I filed early BECAUSE I needed it. Sucks seeing people file over a week after you already getting theirs back.




    I filed 1/28 accepted ten mins later was able to order account transcript but not refund.. As I’ve been seeing online there’s a lot of ppl have already been approved and have a DDD … I’m confused because I don’t understand how that is possible . I estimated my refund to return on 2/10 but I still haven’t been approved so obviously that’s not gonna happen.. Do they update the sites on Sunday as well? This is the longest it has ever taken to process.


    Daniel Harner

    Filed and accepted 1/28.

    Was finally able to request transcripts 2/5. And on 2/6 have a DDD of 2/15.



    Filed on 1-27-16 and returned cause ine number on SS was wrong. Sent back on 1-28-16 and accepted couple hours later. Woke up on 2-5-16 and was able to get both transcripts. Then woke up on 2-6-16 said I had a DD of 2-10-16. Seems like most have woke up today with a DD of 2-10-16. Good luck everyone!



    I filed mines using TT, filed 1/27, accepted 1/28 woke up this morning still no DDD, still can’t order return transcript only account transcripts. So annoyed



    I filed & was accepted on 1/28, but still only one bar and no DDD as of today. I still cannot order my return transcript. :(



    I filed mines using TT, filed 1/28, accepted 1/28 woke up this morning in hopes of having a DDD still nothing, still can’t order transcripts.



    checked WMR at 11:30 last night and it told me it wasnt availble at this time, so i figured it was updating.

    woke up this morning to a DDD of 2/10



    Thank you JD!!! :)



    Yes, the IRS works around the clock. The WMR will be update (usually 3:30AM-ish EST) every day, including weekends. If you have a DDD, that is when you can expect your $$. They are usually spot on about that. I wouldn’t anticipate it any sooner UNLESS you have a NetSpend card. Those usually are credited a day or two early. But if it’s going into a checking account, it’s typically not there until that DDD.

    Just wanted to clarify for those who’ve been asking.


    mommaof 3

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/28 (put wrong year on birthday)
    Ordered both transcripts 2/5
    Today 2/6 have a DD of 2/10
    Looks like most of us are getting our money Wednesday!!!!

    Good luck everyone



    Woke up this morning to a DDD of 2/10. Filed through TurboTax sent/accepted on 1/28. Good luck everyone.
    As I said, if you can order both transcripts (return is the important one) then you’ve been processed and the WMR doesn’t always update before you actually get your money deposited. I’ve had that happen to me in the past. If you’re able to get both transcripts, but have no DDD on the WMR,…

    probably wouldn’t hurt to call that identity verification hotline (if you got the number, I don’t know what it is) or the website… ( idverify.irs.gov ) to be sure you’re not being held up there. Otherwise, if that is the case, you’d only be notified about it via mail (USPS) and you wouldn’t know until you got that letter.

    Again, good luck everyone. Thanks for hanging out and sharing our knowledge and frustrations on here this year! See you next year!



    Filed and accepted 1/28. Just saw DD of 2/10 this morning, but what does that translate to? Am I getting it tomorrow? Monday? Does the IRS send DD info to banks on Saturdays? So frustrating.



    1/28 filed and accepted.
    2/5 was able to order transcript
    2/6 woke up to a ddd for 2/10.





    FILED 1/28
    ACCEPTED 1/28

    Was able to order return transcript the night before last…got DDD of 2/10 FINALLY this morning



    Do they update transcripts on Sundays? I don’t have my refund transcript available but I have my account.



    Awoke this morning to the update
    Filed 1/28, accepted 1/28 used TaxAct
    Have education and healthcare forms and 1099 income
    2nd bar finally appeared with 2/10 deposit date.
    Will update once I see it in the account.



    I filed on 1/28 and was accepted the same day. I just received approved status today, 2/6. Money should be deposited by 2/10. I used HRB to file my taxes. After they take their fee, they will deposit into my account. I’ll post back when I receive my funds.



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    Woke up this morning to
    Should be expecting DD on 2/10 :)



    Filed 1-28 4:00 p.m. CST, Arkansas
    Accepted immediately
    Order Transcript 2-5-16
    WMR update to approve 2-6-16
    Choose paper check. Should be mailed by 2-12-16.



    Hey guys I filed on January 27 and got accepted that same day. I know it’s a day off but still close enough today Saturday 2/6 my wmr finally updated with ddd of 2/10 hoping it gets there before. Just thought I’d update someone.



    Filed: 1/27
    Accepted: 1/28
    Able to request transcripts 2/5
    Woke up @ 6am est to a DDD of 2/10

    Ive been lurking the forums for a awhile now and i can say i was never really worried. When your return gets accepted you’re pretty much in the money. Its just a game of patience.

    Ive been efiling for 5+ years now and i know the time between being accepted and approved seem an eternity but theres really nothing to worry about unless you hit that 30 day mark.



    I filed my return and was accepted on 1/28. I have no bars on WMR. Turbo Tax says 8% of people who filed on that day have received their money.

    I filed my moms taxes for her also using Turbo Tax on 1/31, she was accepted on 2/1 and her refund was deposited in her account yesterday. Turbo tax says that 9% of people who filed on that day have received their money.

    I did have to amend my return because I received a 1099 after I filed, but I haven’t actually filed it in because IRS doesn’t accept them until after 2/11. According to Turbo Tax representative this has not slowed my refund, so what the heck? It’s never taken this long.



    Filed/accepted 1/28. Woke with a ddd today saying by 2/10. 7 am from Las Vegas ??



    @jennifer. Sbbt is now a green dot company, so you will still check their website.



    @NickW I’ve exceeded the number of attempts but all it said was that my return was being processed & had tax topic 152.



    Filed and Accepted 1/28
    1 Bar and topic 152 1/29
    Bars disappeared with only tax topic 152 left 2/2
    Able to order both transcripts 2/5
    2 bars and DDD of 2/10 this morning 2/6
    Filed w/ Turbo Tax

    Every year that I’ve taken fees from my refund, my deposit comes from SBBT. I noticed on my agreement after filing that it says Green Dot Bank this year. Does anyone have the website to check if this bank has received my refund? (I know it won’t be there yet)


    K k

    Filed/accepted 1/28. Woke with a ddd today saying by 2/10..


    austin jones


    I woke up this morning at 7 a.m. ET here in Georgia and found that my Refund has been Approved, I now have a Direct Deposit Date of 2-10-15 and no later than 2-15-16. I have finally reached the second bar folks! Don’t lose hope ya’ll, the IRS is getting their shit together it seems.



    I filled 1/28/16. WMR showed at 1 bar return received on the 29th. Now as of today, it has went to 2 bars with a DD of 2/10. I’m glad to see the change. I did by taxes through Liberty and opted to have them take out their fees from my refund. When that happens I believe it goes to their bank first. Once it hits their bank account and they take out their fees, do they release it right away to my bank? I would love to get it on Wednesday, but I’m just hoping to get it by Friday.



    Filed and accepted 2/28, just checked and have a DD of 2/10.



    @Bfam…if you have no bars at all, is there a tax topic at the bottom on the WMR screen? I know everyone that had 1 bar and was waiting for the refund to be approved had a “Tax Topic 152”. Everyone else here said that it meant their refund was in process, so maybe another code could mean something…can you check that?



    Filed and accepted 1/28. Woke up to a DDD of 2/10 this morning!!



    Don’t get discouraged, I can tell you from past experience that the wmr tool does not always update and money will just appear in account. It does say somewhere on the ired site that they don’t get a chance to update everyone wmr. Just keep an eye on your account!



    Filed 1/28 and accepted shortly there after. Woke up to a DDD of 2/10. Whoooooohooooooo!!!



    I FILED 1/28
    ACCEPTED 1/28




    I’m very frustrated….

    1/29- filed/accepted
    2/5- was able to order both transcripts
    2/6- WMR is showing no bars

    What is going on? Why woulds this happen?



    Same as everyone else… Ddd of 2/10… Getting it on my netspend card. Woke up with 2 bars this morning. When will the irs send out everyone’s money to their banks? Netspend doesn’t hold any funds so hoping they send it out today so i can get it today….yay



    Filed and accepted 1/28. Able to order both transcripts 2/4. Woke up this moring 2 bars on WMR and a DDD of 2/10. I have netspend so it should come a few days before that like always. So excited.



    Flied & accepted 1/27/16 visit TT. Checked WMR at 420am & updated! 2 bars with message that refund to be sent to bank by 2/10. TT site still not updated from original message saying to receive between 17th & 28th.



    Filed and accepted 1/29/2016 at 11:11am, just got my direct deposit date of 2/10/2016. Filed with Turbo Tax.




    Filed 1/28 accepted in less than 1 hour was able to order return and account transcripts
    but still one bar and no DD as of yet


    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 10, 2016.



    snail tax

    IF you got accepted on jan 28 the IRS crash was around the time the next stage approved for deposit happened .. so it delayed those people into the next tear. my last name starts with H i had 1 bar all this time on the 5th could order both transcripts so it was done just waiting on deposit date. thismorning 6th DDD of by 2/10 so rest assure they are prossessing through the batch that was delayed depending on how many there were may dictate how many days

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