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    Anyone who has filed and been accepted on 1/28/16 post here. Now is the time to play the guessing game. I wonder how long it will take, is it usually 8 business days or calendar days for MOST deposits.

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    Okay this YouTube video is much enhanced than last one, this one has pleasant picture feature as well as audio. fegefeddbcebdbkc




    Filed 1/28
    bars disappeared around the 14th
    got a tax advocate on around the 18th

    they said my return had been pulled for “quality review”

    made several calls to the IRS and got nowhere, told to call back sometime in mid March.

    Friday my tax advocate called and said she got me a DDD for March 2nd!! There was absolutely nothing wrong with my return. Checked WMR and my bars were back and I had 2 bars finally.

    Yesterday I checked my Bluebird account and the money was there!! FINALLY! WMR is still at 2 bars…

    This year and last year the tax advocate service got me my refund. Last year I didnt know about tax advocate and waited until April to get them to help me and they got me my money within a week after waiting almost 4 months. This year I can tell you the same thing would have happened if I had not been proactive and called them as soon as my 21 days were up.

    go on IRS.gov and find out the phone number to your local tax advocate closest to where you live and give them a call. Leave a message they will call you back within a day.

    Good luck, this has been so nerve wracking and all for nothing again. There was nothing wrong with my tax return this year or last year. Total BS



    Rachel – May I ask when you faxed in your information to the irs? I was wondering what the time frame was for you to receive a DDD. Thank you.



    fed up
    I filed on 1/27 and was accepted within an hour. My bars disappeared and i got tax codes 152 and 9001. I was patient till the 10th when i should of received refund. Called and ID verified and also got a TA that day who gave me a case number. I was told the same ole Bs everyone else is getting.

    TA called me on the 17th and hinted that i may have a return this week or at least a DDD. I was able to order return trans. on the 19th. The account trans the week before and she was surprised on the account order. so then why would she hint i may be near the end of waiting? she had me fax in my hardship proof by the 19th. she didnt ask for anything else.

    Got the account transcript and it reads no return filed!!!

    TA- called me today and said that now i was on hold for income verification and that filing early had caused my return to go through before the employer verification arrived at the IRS therefore my return was put in limbo. I suspect this has happened to alot of january filers. She said my income ver. had been sitting with the IRS since 2/11 and ive just been sitting on hold . she sent request over today to have it released and said they have 72 hours to work my return and she will call me on the 3/2. and then will call me again on 3/ 9! when i should have my refund. UGH.

    She also said that if i hadnt been proactive it may have been months and months before i had seen a refund. I ve been stalking here and i just wanted to add my story , maybe it will help someone that needs their return like i do.




    Filed 1/27
    accepted 1/28
    Bars disappeared 2/13
    Called IRS and found out I was missing 8962 form that I didn’t even know I needed.
    Faxed in 8962 form and 1095-A form as requested, no change on second page of return.
    Got a letter from IRS in the mail requesting 8962, 1095-A, and second page of return, shit. Tax advisor told me not to fax it in since it was identical and just to “wait.”

    Tax topic 152 showed back up 2/20, still no bars.

    Checked WMR this morning and nothing, no bars, unable to order transcripts.

    Checked WMR a few minutes ago and bars were back, I’m APPROVED!!

    I can see the light at the end of this obnoxiously long tunnel! Refund will be deposited 2/29! So unbelievably happy right now.




    Still nothing. My tax advocate has done nothing, when I call they tell me they cant even find my return now. FML and f the IRS



    @KK: No one is blaming the software. Lots of people that are having their taxes done by tax preparers are being informed to wait until Form 1095-A or helping them fill out the necessary forms to expedite the request even faster. TT and most other software’s failed to do this which is causing further delay. You are right about Obamacare slowing everything down. However, lots of these software programs are making things drag worse than it already is. You might be educated, but you have no #class. Keep your troll comments to yourself. Thank you



    So anyone have a DDD of today 2/24 and not get it yet….so irritating. I called my bank and they don’t even have it. Wth is going on. I’ve never had this much trouble with taxes before.



    Alright. so I was a 1/28 filer/ accepted same day/ refund transcript available 2/13, was told today my return has been finished. called today and spoke to IRS: “youre finished processing.. but for some reason your return was stuck to make sure you didn’t owe anything.. cleared her system she verified I didn’t owe anything. said I should have my refund by next week the latest.”



    Why do some blame the taxpreparer or software on delays? IRS processing changes yearly… You’re delayed because of irs not the software… The Obama care has slowed a lot of people down. even for those who have employer insurance, still validating with marketplace…do homework



    For those of you still waiting and actually filed on 01/28, yes. he answer is OBAMACARE. I just received a letter in the mail asking me to contact the MarketPlace and obtain certain forms. Makes me frustrated! Unacceptable. Anyhow, if you’re still waiting DO NOT WASTE ANYMORE TIMES! Contact the IRS and get down to the point. I will not use Turbo Tax again. This was my first and last year and they should have caught this or at least notified the tax payer PRIOR to submitting a return. SMH. I truly pray for those that need their refund immediately. I hope we all come to a resolution.







    Filed 1/28 and accepted 1/28

    Bars disappeared 2/13
    Tax topic disappeared 2/14

    As of today 2/22 no updates.



    by now, everyone knows the number to call the IRS, if you don’t know, the 800 number is 800.829.1040

    this is the trick to to get a speak to a live person at the IRS when you call the 800 number:

    1. call 800.829.1040

    2. when you hear the recording press select the option ‘information about personal taxes’

    3. after the machine send you to the next menu, just let the recording end, and then it will transfer you to a live person

    *NOTE: if these steps do not work for you, continue to try Other Options below. One way or another, you will get a live agent.


    all of us deserve our hard earned money I bet those testicle tasters got there shit .. uncle Sam can eat a shit flavored foot long


    The irs can lick the bottom of my sack



    Lol. Of course nobody wants to post anymore or help others now since they got their money or DDD. How selfish people are. Thanks a lot!



    Final Chronology:

    01/28 (Day 00) — Filed and accepted using TT.
    02/04 (Day 07) — WMR 1 bar (received); can’t order transcript.
    02/12 (Day 15) — WMR 1 still bar; CAN order “Return” transcript.
    02/13 (Day 16) — WMR to 2 bars (approved); DDD of 2/18.
    02/17 (Day 20) — WMR still 2 bars, but $$$ ARE IN BANK ACCOUNT.
    02/19 (Day 22) — WMR updated to 3 bars

    Another tax year now in the rear-view mirror …




    So heres my update.

    Filed and accepted 1/28
    Bars disappeared completely
    Able to order transcripts 2/13
    Just got my DDD of 2/24 this morning even with my offset :)



    Ok guys here’s my overall timeline…

    Filed 27th
    Accepted 1-28

    Waited 21 days (2-17) and called IRS to find out I needed to verify ID. After painstakingly repeating to call the number they gave me for over 10 hours I finally got through and verified myself on this day also…… Was told it would be up to 9 weeks to get the return.

    2-18 was finally able to order my return transcript. No change to WMR though, still said processing.

    2-19 WMR changed to saying “taxes are now being reviewed”

    2-20 at 4:05AM just woke up and checked WMR…. All of my bars are back and it’s giving me a DDD OF 2-25. Hopefully it deposits! Lol

    So. If you have to verify do not be discouraged with “9 weeks” line. They have to cover their own butts. Mine apparently so far is 1 week but we will see if that holds true!

    I hope this helps guys!


    Give me my money

    Filed and accepted 1/28
    1 bar on WMR till Monday 2/15

    IRS call revealed my return was in Error & Resolution…

    Hard to even type still shaking mad from 5 hours of calls between IRS and marketplace

    My issue and I hope none of you have it

    I have paid half my sons insurance since he was 5 yrs old…
    When I filed my taxes I had no clue she had changed her insurance to market place

    IRS says they need proof he was covered and that I should be able to put his SS and birthdate in somewhere on marketplace site…Not true

    The only way I could get the 1095A is from my sons mom
    That’s not going to happen..

    Marketplace wont give me info as Im not on her account. My son was on the account till July 2015 when his mother took him off policy as he was off to the Marines..

    So after waiting my 21 days…the easiest solution is to contact IRS and let then fine me for the months I cant prove he was covered regardless of recipets I have showing I paid half his insurance. Cheaper to let them fine me then to take his mother to court

    The system sucks!!!!!



    I waited my full 21 days and called and they finally let me know what is holding my taxes up it’s my 1095a medical form thanks Obama now after I fax this in its gonna take another four weeks I don’t understand why we had to wait all this time to find out something so simple if you haven’t got your taxes I suggest you call because they will not let you know if you have a problem until you do good luck y’all I hope everyone else gets better news as long as one of us got it some of us got it



    Filed 1/27
    accepted 1/28
    no box or TT or anything else besides its saying its processing.
    Called IRS and spoke to a guy who was very nice. And said i should expect my DD feb. 24th!
    So relieved!



    Thanks @rachel. I called them at they said it was the marketplace. They said I had to resubmit my healthcare taxes form. I agree with you. Tax software should catch missing forms.



    I called the IRS today and decided to be overly nice to see what the response would be… I know many people have had bad experiences with rudeness sof I started of by thanking the rep for taking my can and just did what I would normally do… use please and thank you and of course I’ll hold, I know how busy you must be…..
    Well kindness goes a long way…

    I filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29
    For 3 weeks still processing …..as of 1/19

    TODAY I WAS TOLD MY DDD is 2/26.




    If you are past your 21 days it more than likely means that your return was missing information or was rejected for one reason or another. I’ve been going back and forth with the IRS for the last couple of days… I talked with somebody on Wednesday (the day before my 21 days were up) who happened to be very helpful. He looked up my account and told me exactly what was missing (a form 8962 for marketplace healthcare, TT’s fault, not mine) and I was able to fill out the form that night and fax it in to them the next morning. I called again today and got a very uncooperative lady who refused to give me any more information than you’re being given until I pushed her to check the account. I just wanted to know that the fax was received.

    She told me that my fax was received and my refund was now being processed again and I should have my refund within 4 weeks. I’m hoping since they’re already processing it that i’ll have it within the next week or two.

    Call this number: 1-800-829-0582 Ext. 652

    To get a live person. Sometimes you will get a representative that will open your account immediately, even before you ask to know what’s going on… That’s great. Some won’t, and you will have to push them. Tell them that you don’t want to wait 3 weeks for a damn letter when it’s something they can look up at the moment, so at least you’ll have some information.

    Hope I helped… The wait continues.



    Officially at 21 days. I was told that I was receiving something in the mail but still now able to order any transcripts or and the address on my refund was never updated. Is this possible? Or was the rep just guessing?



    @Eli well that’s good news. Sounds like we are all in the same boat. Hopefully tomorrow the website will update and we will all have DDD.



    Filed 1/26, Accepted 1/26, Bar and tax code disappeared 2/14

    Called this morning, No need for ID verification. got DDD 02/24/16.

    WMR still stating being processed.

    files with Turbotax and direct deposit using chase bank

    Hope it helps


    Anxiously Waiting

    I filed and accepted on the morning of 1/28/2016. I am a first time filer and after waiting the full 21 days, I called yesterday and spoke to a rep who informed that it would take longer for me to receive my refund since it is my first time filing. I do not believe this to be true since i have other friends who are first time filers and they filed after me and both have received their refund as of last week and the other received it yesterday. I have been unable to order my transcripts up until today. I was able to order both return and account transcript via the automated number but still can’t order via the website so maybe there’s a delay in the website updating. My WMR bars went missing and was replaced with the generic “Your refund is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available” since 2/13/16. Since I was able to order transcripts, I am hoping I fall into tomorrow’s group of DDD. Good luck to you all.




    When you spoke to a rep what did they say? If it has been past your 21days they should be able to tell you if you need to verify your ID…
    The number they gave me is 8008305084 you will probably have to call every minute until you get through… they are very busy. But, i would try calling the regular number again 8008290582 use ext #652 to get a live person and see what they say.



    I have noticed that many of us lost our bars and it seems that a majority of ones that have called have had to verify their identity. I read in another forum that many did not actually HAVE to verify their identity, but that since they called the agent told them they did. Has anyone that has not received a DDD yet tried to verify your identity through the online service that the irs offers and if so, what happened?



    Filed 1/28 HOH
    accepted 1/28
    2/11/16 ordered account transcripts
    bars dissappeared 2/13/16
    2/18/16 called said I was in the clitch batch, it should be processed within 2 weeks
    2/19/16 able to order return transcripts

    hopefully we will all start seeing deposits next week!



    @ sleepy…it may mean you have to verify your id. I had id fraud in 2013 and had to verify my id last year when i actually filed my 2013 taxes. They told me this year you have to verify for three years after you are required to file so i would recommend requesting a pin number also. I didn’t have that and didn’t know i had to verify until my bars went away this year. Good luck .

    S/N:Seems like alot of people are being put on hold until verifying this year since all the glitches.. Especially those who filed around 1/28.




    Filed: 1/28
    2/15: bars went missing
    2/17: verified id phone
    2/19: FINALLY!! Able to order refund returns…
    ….hopefully this means i will get a DDD soon ????
    Good luck to everyone…will keep you updated.



    Just checked WMR and I got this message:

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    with tax topic 152 and no bars… anybody have any idea what it means?



    I filed and was accepted on 1/28, bars disappeared about a week ago and I cannot order transcripts. When I called the IRS I was told that I was flagged for further review and to call back at the end of March if I still hadnt gotten my refund. I got a tax advocate a couple days ago and faxed her my proof of hardship. Last year, the same thing happened. The tax advocate was able to get me about 1/3 of my money within about 2 weeks of contacting her and then I got the rest of my money around the end of APRIL!!. All for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. All of my friends and family got their refunds within a week. Its so unfair, why me!!!???



    What number do I need to call? Iv tried calling the 800 829 1040 number.



    Good info. I thought perhaps I was the only one accepted the 28th with no updated info on the 21st day. I am hoping that because I’ve moved to another state since 2014 text cycle and adding new job, address, checking acct number, etc hasn’t caused mine to be pulled for verification purposes because I don’t think I’ll ever get through the phone lines to talk to a live person! I do have student loans but not in default and no other debts to warrant a freeze. It is all so weird considering it appears most of us who had the “luck” of being accepted 1/28 were all flagged for some reason for further review. :(



    I would call and see if they tell you to IDverify.
    I had the same situation and that’s what my problem was.



    Okay so I filled with H&R Block on Jan. 28th within a few min. the irs had accpedted my refund. The lady at H&R Block said that I would get Feb. 5th. That didn’t happen last Wensday my parents got theirs as well as my sister. I kept checking the Where’s my refund and Saturday/sunday my bars disappeared but said your refund is still being prosceed. A date will be provided when availiable. My 21 days is up today and I stil have nothing. What should I do?


    “Patiently” Waiting

    I filed on the 28th of January and have been stuck on no bars for about 2 weeks.

    I was able to order both transcripts about a week ago – recieved my account transcript in the mail today.

    I called the irs today. The representative stated that my refund was approved; however, a ddd has not been made yet. She said to call back in two weeks if I haven’t recieved my refund.




    Also I was able to order my transcripts on 2/13 so I don’t understand what the hold up is…or why I don’t have a DDD yet…



    I filed and was accepted 1/28. Nothing yet…website still just says processing. I will have back child support coming out but other than that this is the longest it’s ever taken…getting really impatient…



    Thought I’d share my return timeline

    01/28 – Filed through TT and acceptedthe same night.

    02/12 – Able to order return transcripts

    02/13 – Approved on WMR and received DDD of 02/18

    02/18 – Received funds via Chase but WMR still shows 2nd bar “Approved”

    I received my funds on 02/18, WMR shows 2 bars showing “Approved”, TT website still says “Accepted” so neither WMR or TT are keeping up with the actual status.



    I finally called today 21st day. Lady of coarse told me not much information and acknowledged that many of us are still showing still processing. She asked me some information on my 2014 tax return to verify me. She said it’s good news that it says processing and that just keep watching the WMR app or website that it is up to date and that I had nothing to worry about. Patience is a virtue LOL. Hang in there guys for those of you stuck in my same spot.


    Myrtle Beach

    Received my refund today at about 730 this morning
    Accepted on 1/28
    Wells Fargo



    called today (day 21) and was told my return was frozen. The lady said they were running all returns through verification to see if anyone owed $$$ for child support, student loans, etc. She asked if my hubby or I had a student loan that was in default or if we owed back child support. I said no and she said “ok” you will have your return in less than 2 weeks.




    Updated Chronology:

    01/28 (Day 00) — Filed and accepted using TT.
    02/04 (Day 07) — WMR 1 bar (received); can’t order transcript.
    02/12 (Day 15) — WMR 1 still bar; CAN order “Return” transcript.
    02/13 (Day 16) — WMR to 2 bars (approved); DDD of 2/18.
    02/17 (Day 20) — WMR still 2 bars, but $$$ ARE IN BANK ACCOUNT.
    02/18 (Day 21) — WMR still 2 bars

    Clearly WMR is operating on a “time delayed” basis



    $ in bank. Nice.
    ???? luck to the rest of yall.



    Wells Fargo DDD for 2/18/16 received deposit at 3:22am ???????? finally… The wait is over… Woooosah. Good luck to all that’s still waiting. Hope you don’t bank with Wells Fargo or you’ll be waiting to the very very end. ????



    DDD 2/18 going to Wells Fargo account. I’m literally refreshing my online banking screen every 2mins to see when my refund is going to post. It’s 2:48am est and still nothing!!! SBBT states funds were already disbursed yesterday. I swear I’ve had other problems with this unexplainable fee grubbing bank (Wells Fargo). But, I am almost certain they already received the funds even though they are stating they can’t see any pending deposit until it actually post! Who cares if they see it then…by that time I’ll see it to…. SMH



    So to keep it short, today was my 21 days. I call in only to find out that they need to verify me. They gave me the 800 number and I have been calling since 7:30am EST and it keeps saying “due to the extreme call volume we are not accepting calls at this time”. SERIOUSLY?!? I’ve called back twice only to get the same run around. Finally got to talk to a nice guy though even though it was the same crappy story. I find amusement in the fact that they make sure to take my money ASAP out of my paycheck but when they owe it, they take their good old time. Anyone else have to verify today that actually got through? And what is the number they had you call to do the verification process???



    Good afternoon everyone! Does anyone on here have the Wal-Mart money card? I’ve used this card the last 2-3 years and haven’t had a problem. But Santa Barbra released my funds but it hasn’t posted to my card yet… Should I be worried or jus wait until my DDD WHICH IS TOMORROW???



    Hey Guys, for what it’s worth. I filed 1/28 accepted 1/28.. Bars disappeared this last weekend, expected refund date according to HR block is 2/18. Married/Joint return.

    Here’s what I have been updated. I called this morning and found out that I was pulled for additional verification. If it’s any consolation, this is our first year filing jointly. I called the # given to me by the IRS rep to their Verification team. Verified information and was good to go. I asked if my husband needed to call in as well, she advised me he should. So my husband called in only to find out that he didn’t need to be verified just myself. The new refund turnaround is 9 weeks after said verification. I was also told that is the max and right now they are turning around much quicker. No timeline otherwise given. If you haven’t called IRS, and you’re in this same acceptance group, I suggest calling to verify if that is why. I will warn, you might not even be able to get through because there are so many callers, so keep trying. Also, they open 7am CT and calling immediately helps. My husband had to call 25 times before he was able to get through. I’ll update if anything new becomes available.


    Tammy R.


    Received text from Republic Bank at 9:20 am, stating they have sent my refund. I have a Netspend card, so I should have my money by 4pm today. YAY! FINALLY!



    Hang in there guys, I too am in similar situation as some of you. I filed and accepted on 28th. Bars also disappeared on the weekend of 02/14 Valentines day and nothing yet. Generic message with no info saying your return is being processed and a refund date will be available here on WMR keep checking here, updates occur no more than once a day. I never had an issue before so it’s concerning, but like others I have no other error codes



    I filed 1/28/16, accepted within the hour. I have one bar until 2/14/16 when my bars disappeared. Still no update today. I figured since my change came over the weekend, I am a weekly instead of a daily and will see a change this weekend. Is anyone else in the same boat?



    Sigh, still at one bar.. SBBT doesn’t have the funds either. We got out state taxes so they should be fine. Update: contacted the IRS I had an offset for owed taxes, I was told another week and DDD will be available once the offset reflects on my account.



    Filed/ accepted 1/28/16
    DDD 2/18/16

    I guess I’m figuratively and possibly literally the only 1/28/16er to still have 2bars and no $. No deposit , no change, nada.
    Not gonna bother with calling WellsFargo or IRS. Just going to assume deposit will be on 26th instead. Sucks.
    I should have managed my money better this year. If i had i wouldn’t be stressing while waiting on taxe return.
    Note to future self.
    Stop living beyond your means and you’ll never have to worry about $.
    Lesson learned.




    Sbbt says that they have sent my money to my account. My account isn’t showing it yet, but will soon! Yay!



    Ok. I’m a little concerned because I’ve been reading all these horror stories about ppl who used walmart money card for returns…
    I’ve used a wal mart money card for mine the past 2 years and never had issues. I can’t be 100% positive, but I’m pretty sure that my money was on my card before my ddd as well…

    Filed and accepted with Turbo Tax on 1/28 (LATE)
    WMR shows 2 bars
    2/11 11:10 am called irs… was told tentative date of 2/26
    2/12 able to order return transcripts
    2/13 WMR SHOWS DVD of 2/18 @ 4:10 am

    I won’t be WAY TOO worried til tomorrow, but as of now, I still haven’t received my $ and turbo tax still shows accepted ( no updates there since 1/28…) so I’m wondering if anyone else has a wal mart money card and have received funds early or on time? And should I worry that turbo tax hasn’t updated…?


    Sleepless in Texas

    Chattagnoogan YAY for you! Replying to you last couple comments you are more than right God has tault us all patience indeed! Santa Barbara Tax Products said this morning money has been issued now the wait continues until my bank decides to post it and I’m at the finish line so glad you got yours and to everyone else that has recieved a DDD awesome! It has been a total of 21 days for sure! 21 long days indeed wow! To everyone else that is still awaiting I pray for you and I pray you are blessed asap with a DDD we all have a need and plan for our money its 1 time a year and we do count on it every year Amen and Amen!

    Sleepless in Texas



    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/28

    Still nothing on WMR.
    No bar or tax topic. Just says it is processing.
    Ugh. :/



    Oh and i filed with Taxslayer



    1 Bar WMR:1/29
    Account Transcript:2/5
    Return Transcript:2/12
    2 Bar WMR With TT203(Offset) DDD 2/18: 2/13
    Funds deposited after offset paid. Bank is USAA:2/17

    Good luck to the rest of you guys. It was a painful wait for me. I’ll be hanging around this thread for an hour or so if anyone has any questions. I’m no expert by any means just trying to help if possible.



    Ok I take it back. I just checked SBBT again and it said it has my money and has sent it. Still nothing new on WMR and not in my bank but I’m guessing it’ll be there tomorrow. I hope.



    I still have not seen mine on sbbt’s website. From what I gathered reading posts last week it usually happens in their website between 8-10am eat.



    Nothing yet. But SBBT still doesn’t have my money either and had a notice that my 2/17 funding date has passed and I should call the IRS. I’ll wait till tomorrow since that’s my DDD.
    Good luck.




    Finally there …


    01/28 (Day 00) — Filed and accepted using TT.
    02/04 (Day 07) — WMR 1 bar (received); can’t order transcript.
    02/12 (Day 15) — WMR 1 bar but can order “Return” transcript.
    02/13 (Day 16) — WMR to 2 bars (approved); DDD of 2/18.
    02/17 (Day 20) — WMR still 2 bars, but $$$ are IN bank account.

    Woo Hoo !


    Sleepless in Texas

    Can you anyone that has already gotten their return and of course they may not be checking this forum anymore as they are probaly out spending their money lol…

    But if anyone read this that has already received their money and filed with TT did your money go to their bank then to your account or has the IRS shown to skip them this year and just deposit in accounts? I’m curious about that.

    Sleepless in Texas


    Tammy R.

    Filed/Accepted 1/28
    I too have a DDD for 2/18
    I have been checking Republic Bank for several days and NADA!
    Hoping it will be sent to them soon, so they can send it to my bank.
    Good luck to all!



    Re: “… God has tault us all patience indeed as for a very long time I have received mine in 7 to 10 days always! This year full 21 days! … ”

    I too have e-filed w/ TT for the last 20+ years and have ALWAYS received my refunds MUCH more quickly than this time around.

    However, I suspect that this years delay ‘s the “NEW NORMAL”

    Taxing authorities and tax software companies have long agreed that the “Rush for Fast Refunds” was a key enabler for tax fraud. The idea is to take more time and verify that a return is legit before issuing the $$$.

    Hopefully, IRS ACTUALLY IS performing more cross-checking during the 2+ weeks before a DDD is issued — although the skeptic in all of us probably suspects otherwise … and we’ll probably never know the real story.

    Bottom line, IRS say’s “three weeks” and we should all expect that it will normally take that long henceforth.

    if you get a refund earlier, consider yourself fortunate.


    Sleepless in Texas

    This just blows my mind reading all the stories of bars going bye bye what game show is the IRS playing or on lol! I feel for everyone even myself reading so many that their bars keep going away I keep checking mine we area in the same boat here for sure! This is has no dought has been crazy for sure!

    Sleepless till my Deposit Texas


    April N

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/28
    Was told on 2/13 that they haven’t even begun to process my return at all.
    Bars Disappeared 2/14
    Called today 1/16 and was told that unless it gives me a code I will be fine but he couldn’t be positive as their system is down and even he can’t access it.



    I too filed on 1/28/16 and was accepted the same day. I have a ddd for 2/18/16. I have been checking everyday, because it looks like lots of people got theirs early last week. I still have not gotten mine back yet.



    Filed with HRB on 1/26/16, accepted on 1/28/16. No movement since. I called the offset number and we have none. It is our first year filing as married so I am not sure if that would be a reason.


    Sleepless in Texas


    Still waiting Accepted 1/28/16 and showing by Feb 18th. No refund as of yet. I think the IRS sends it over on Wed and should available on Thursday! Can’t count the chickens tho when it’s there it’s for real! Blessings to you and your refund!

    Sleepless in Texas


    Sleepless in Texas

    Randall nothing yet for me Filed and Accepted on 1/28/16 and suppose to be by 2/18/16 nothing yet! Praying for you all! Truly full 21 days for sure come Thursday! God has tault us all patience indeed as for a very long time I have received mine in 7 to 10 days always! This year full 21 days! Blessings to you all that God will bless your return and you will receive your DDD! Blessings! Prayer works even if your against it or you think it’s a joke or you don’t believe it works it does! We all are in this boat needing it for family or pay off a car or bills or debt! Or your getting married or what not!

    Sleepless in Texas



    Excepted 1/28/16
    DDD 2/18/16

    Just curious if anyone’s Got paid yet.
    That’s it.
    No IRS bashing here, just curious if anyone got their refund a day or two early.



    bad news I was given an identity pin number however when they mailed it is was for 2014 so I threw that number away… called the IRS and received a new number, because I used the replacement number my refund is being held up for six additional weeks I will not receive my refund until 3/24/16



    I had a really nice gentleman at the IRS this morning who looked into everything. He stated he saw no issues with my return and stated that I should hear something on Friday which he stated would be the full 21 days. I actually filed on 1/28 but they claim it was not received until 1/29. I have the email on the 27th showing accepted. Regardless, I just need my refund and I want no other issues. This is the longest wait and I really need the refund. I have been out of work for over a year. The government moves so slow I can’t stand it. Disability, IRS, etc. What has happened to our great nation. They are sure quick to take the money from us, but very slow returning it. Well at least the man this morning was polite and helped. I won’t be a happy camper come Friday and I don’t have a DDD. Should have had this over a week ago. Oh well… I filed through Jackson Prewitt




    Spoke with a tax advocate this afternoon. Apparently there has been a lot of confusion with all of the 1095-A, B, and C forms for healthcare since the big switch in 2015. I did have healthcare coverage all of 2015, but because it wasn’t through my employer TT assumed that it was through the marketplace. This STILL makes no sense to me because 1. Why didn’t TT recognize that I didn’t have a 1095 form through my employer and 2. If they did happen to assume I got it through the marketplace, why didn’t they include a form 8962??? So even if I DID have insurance through the marketplace, i’d still be in this mess. Turbotax is to blame for this screw up, not the IRS for a change.

    I’m having to get a hold of my stepfather and have him send me his 1095-C form so that I can get it over to the IRS. That’s IF I can find somebody there to actually help me and allow me to fax it in even though I haven’t received my “notice letter” yet. What a freaking joke this tax season has been. I was told it could be up to 90 DAYS before I receive my refund.



    So I just called the IRS and FINALLY got a hold of somebody who looked into my account. He told me that my refund is being held because they are waiting on a form 8962, for healthcare. Beyond aggravated that I’ve been waiting for 19 days and have not been contacted in any way in regards to the issue. He told me that they sent out a letter requesting the form that should be here in a week and a half. SERIOUSLY??

    I have health insurance through my stepfather, and not my place of work. When TurboTax asked me if I had health insurance for all of 2015, I clicked “Yes” because I did. It didn’t ask me any further questions. Speaking with a tax advocate this afternoon to figure out what the bleep is going on. Not a happy camper right now.



    Well, checked wmr last night and my bar was gone! All it says is “you’re refund is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” I called irs this am and was told that the systems are down today so they can’t even access the computer system. It’ll be 21 days in 2 days! I can’t. Irs is very messy this year.



    I just got off the phone with a IRS rep that said they have a office on the east coast and that their systems are down there, so all call ate routed to his location, causing a system overload from all the incoming calls they are receiving…. Told me to call back in a few hours.



    Still no movement on WMR and i’m getting an “experiencing technical difficulties” message when trying to order transcripts over the phone and online. I’m about to call the IRS and see if I can get somebody to talk to me. My 21 days are up on Thursday but seeing as how I haven’t even been able to order transcripts yet, I’m going to call. The only reason they would possibly have for holding or “reviewing” my return is that I have Education Credits this year… But other than that, nothing. I have never been so frustrated.


    [email protected]

    I have a DDD of 2/18. When I go to Santa Barbara Bank website, there’s pop up that says that WMR will show that money has been sent to your bank days before SBB actually receives it….so does that mean that my refund will not be in my checking account until a couple of days after my DDD???



    Filed: 1/28
    Accepted: 1/29
    One bar until 2/15 when bars went missing….ugghh
    Called irs yesterday and got a lady who totally confused me but said something about identity fraud making my return to review…said would take at least 9 weeks to get refund….called back later and got a lady who told me to call and verify my identity and that’s the only problem she saw with my account…idk…so this morning…calling to verify identity. Called tax advocate also so i can get a better idea of what’s going on and possibly help speeding up this process. Irs is full of it…



    well this morning my bars disappeared. Still cant order transcripts, this is making me so sick


    Rachel Rowland


    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/28
    No movement from 1/28-2/14 (status bar stuck on first bar, or “processing”).
    Status bar disappeared last night when I checked WMR around 11:55 PM. Now it just tells me that it is still processing and I will be given a DDD when available. Still not able to order return or account transcripts. Starting to get REALLY aggravated… I’m going to be very angry if I don’t see something change soon.




    filed 01/27
    approved 01/28
    ordered transcripts 02/12
    approved 02/13
    ddd 02/18 FINALLY!!!

    the longest wait time ever! Truly 21 day return!



    I have an offset for 2013 that was taken from my GA state return this tax season. Should I call and try the same thing just to see where my return is in the process? I am getting so frustrated this tax season.



    I filed on one 1/29, I was accepted the same day around 10 AM. About a week and a half ago all bars disappeared. I check religiously to see if there is any status change and as of this morning , There was nothing. I called the IRS at 7 AM when they first opened and I said a small white lie to see what answer I could get from him. I told them that I had Seen a direct deposit date for 2–9 and everything disappeared a day after. He verified all my information and told me it was because of an offset in 2013 filed jointly from my husband. He did say that everything had been approved and they took that small amount out and it would be sent before the 24th. (Which is fine, I just wanted an answer!) and I got it.



    e-filed on 1/28
    Accepted by the IRS on 1/28
    Been sitting on Received and processing since then. I cannot order transcripts either. Praying it changes soon. I have never had to wait this long as long as I have been using e-file. I do mine through FreeTaxUSA. They have never let me down. I don’t blame them though. I was worried I made a mistake, but I think because of the new identity theft screenings they are doing this year and the glitch they had on February 4. It’s causing some of us to have a delay. I really thought I would have gotten mine last Friday.



    Still NOTHING. This is the same (MIND MY LANGUAGE) thing that happened last year, I had to wait a whole 8 weeks until I found out about TA. I called TA a few days ago and was told to wait but I am calling them again first thing Monday or Tuesday if closed for holidays. I have decided that I am no longer having federal taxes withheld and I rather withheld my taxes and place it in a interest producing account rather than waiting for IRS to process my return. I am single with no dependents and I know a few people with plenty of dependents who dependents where claimed by them one year and by other parent other year but yet received their taxes before mine. Extremely frustrating!



    So from what I’m gathering here and other forums… It seems Irs does a big batch tuesdays and thursdays and on fridays you’re able to order transcripts and for sure every saturday they update the wmr site. For years Ive seen this patter about the site. Almost everyone that Ive spoke to has seen progress on wmr on saturday.




    I’m in the same boat! :( hopefully we get good news tomorrow, or at least sometime next week!! :)



    Filed 1/27 accepted 1/28
    No bars, tax topic, just that it is being processed.
    Waiting my 21 days to call. But i hope i get my money with everyone on the 18th.




    I don’t have a ddd either and i have had 0 bars since i filed on the 26th..and my tax topic 152 disappeared also… when i called the guy said they didn’t accept my return till the 28th.. and that he supposedly couldn’t see anything wrong with my return and it was still being processed. And of course, told me to wait the 21days before I call again. :/ hopefully something happens next week. ……….



    I filed and accepted on 1/28/16 and it still says processing, 1 bar.
    still can’t order transcripts. I called today and the guy told me that it’s still being processed but there is nothing in the main computer for him to even give an estimated DDD. He said if I dont have it by MARCH 22 then to call back! THATS 2 months from when it was accepted. Is anyone else having this issue? I just checked again and its still one bar, most of everyone else seems to be having a DDD already. :(



    Update my apologies, no netspenders nor others have gotten their money for 2/18. But many are showing pending deposits.




    Maybe your bank doesn’t show pending deposit? People with netspend cards and the alike already getting their money or showing pending deposit’s for DDD of 2/18.



    Sorry but I didnt do my taxes until 02/02/2016 and accepted 02/03/2016 however, when i spoke to irs they said they accepted mine on 02/04/2016 and told me to not expect my return until 03/03/2016, a whole week after my 21 days! That i should call then and only then. I wasn’t able to order return transcripts until yesterday 02/12/2016 and this morning (4:30 am) i got a second bar on the wmr site and a ddd of 02/18/2016!! Turbo tax hasn’t updated as of now though. Honestly these irs agent like to mess with people!



    Update, Your bank will not see a pending deposit from the IRS it will just post. So no need to call your bank because they cant see anything from the IRS until it goes through at midnight..




    Finally a Ddd for 2/18
    Filed 1/28 and accepted 1/28
    Irs says 1/29
    Ordered account transcripts 2/5
    Nothing until 2/12 when I could order return transcripts about 8 am
    Checked this morning at 7:30 am Ddd date given….

    Will check back in when it is deposited



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    No bar movement from 1/28-2/12
    Was able to order return transcripts on 2/12
    Woke up this morning (2/13) to approved status and DDD for 2/18



    Ugh. I’m happy for you all but also jealous. :( Still not able to order return transcript and still only says accepted. Don’t know what’s going on with mine.



    Checked wmr and got 2 bars with DDD 2/18!
    Was finally able to order return transcript yesterday!



    Filed 1/28 accepted within hour… Silently reading and following posts and decided to try my transcripts today and able to order return transcripts and had my new address … WMR still on 1 bar… So curious if anyone’s still didn’t update after ordering transcripts? No pending depsits .wells Fargo .. Should I be concerned that it finished processing but now in review since I didn’t update?



    Filed: 1/28
    Accepted: 1/28
    Ordered Account Transcript: 2/5
    Ordered Return Transcript: 2/12
    WMR Update to 2 bars: 2/13
    First year with my son education credit

    DDD: 2/18


    Sleepless in Texas

    Happy Saturday to all my friends on this Forum that has kept me sane and alive the last 21 days! Well it’s official like so many of you have posted Wooo Hoo Hoo DDD was posted this morning and praise God for this upcoming week! And indeed it will be the full 21 Days. In over 10 years of filing taxes I have received my money in 7 days around there and always within 72 hours a DDD and this year God has tault us some serious patience to say the least. I know I have gone cra cra in the head reading the horror stories of people talking to the IRS and not getting their returns until May or so that just made me so sick in my stomach I am like everyone on this forum we use this every year for a special person or purposes! It’s no dought a huge waiting game. Applied late on 1/28/16 and accepted in minutes to wait out the long haul of 21 days come Thursday of next week with TT. I pray each and everyone of you get your DDD asap or have today! We all know what it has been like to sit and watch the 8% and then 51% get their deposits and for sure it does seem like the Netspend folks have been tearing it up with money 2 days faster congrats to all you Netspend. I have a new card and have been with them for a while and only did Netspend 1 year. So kuddos to all you getting your money much earlier then all the rest! Save the best for last I guess lol! God bless you all and I’m praying for your DDD! I think I can rest now and even better will rest when I see the greenbacks in the bank then it’s for real lol! God speed u all!

    Sleepless In Texas



    Approved today DDD for Feb 18 with pending deposit. Woo hoo!



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    Said yesterday still one bar. It’s lady told me wednesday the 10th mine was being reviewed randomly but yesterday I was able to order transcript and today I have a ddd for the 18th!!! Yay especially because the Irs told me I wouldn’t get it until the 26th.



    Filed on 1-28-16 with TT
    Accepted on 1-28-16 (same day)
    DDD scheduled for 2-18-16.



    Filed and accepted on 1/28

    Today finally was approve and the IRS says I should receive it by the 18th. Checked turbo tax as well for good measure and it says before the 18th..

    I still hope it comes this weekend, I know that’s finally good news but I rely on that money being a single mom…



    Filed 1/28.

    Finally could order transcripts yesterday. Got my DDD this morning for 2/18.





    The “Friday Night Update” brought good news”


    01/28 (Day 00) — Filed and accepted using TT.
    02/04 (Day 07) — WMR 1 bar (received); can’t order transcript.
    02/12 (Day 15) — WMR 1 bar but now able to order “Return” transcript.
    02/13 (Day 16) — WMR to 2 bars (approved); DDD of 2/18.

    There IS a light at the end of this 3-week long tunnel …



    Wow! Just made the cutoff:
    DDD for 2/18
    21 days exactly in my book and 18 days according to the IRS…. Either way LONGEST wait EVER!

    Just happy Im almost done.



    I figured I’d post my update.

    Filed: 1/28
    Accepted: 1/28
    Ordered Account Transcript: 2/5
    Ordered Return Transcript: 2/12
    WMRVUpdate: 2/13

    DDD: 2/18


    Don’t give up hope guys….it’s coming!!!



    YAY!!!!!!!!! Just now checked wmr, ddd 2/18!!!!!!! Good luck guys!!!



    I too filed on 1/28 and accepted 1/29. I’m still on one bar with tt 152. I was still not able to order my return transcript this morning like most of you guys on here. I was bummed. I have called IRS to speak to a live person but they all refused to look into my account until after 21 days. I called this evening and spoke to a really nice guy, although he did not check my return, he did give me a few bits of info. He told me that most people were still receiving their returns on time and early but however it needs to be taken into consideration that everyone filing is different. For example, if you are single filing just yourself with no dependents, you will be easier to process. However, some refunds take a little longer because they want to make sure everything is processed correctly for irs sake and ours. He also said that refund transcripts are not always available before your refund and they both usually only update overnight. So those of us who were not able to order refund transcripts, don’t lose hope yet because for most people it does not mean much. He did say it isn’t available before the refund is completely processed but not all can order before they get their refund. So he basically said the two have nothing really to do with how fast your get your refund but is only available after your return. So some can get some foreshadowing while others will not. The conversation ended with him saying that as long as your refund is saying processed and no error codes, their is nothing to worry about because we would have got them already. So I know it is hard but we just need to sit tight a little bit longer. its coming!!



    I filed the 28th and a text today around 2pm saying my money was in my account but was still on one bar on WMR.I guess they update some but most definitely not all.



    Ugh, still not able to order a Refund Transcript. Does that mean I won’t get my refund until I’m able to order that? This is ridiculous. IRS accepted mine on 1/28 and still no movement.



    So I filed both my taxes and father in law taxes on the 28th. I rcd mind with the Wednesday 10th batch. Father In law didn’t. Has had 1 bar tt 152. Today in the morning we couldn’t order his return transcript but in afternoon we could order them….he just got a refund on his Netspend card just now at 10:15pm!! He still has 1 bar tt 152. It’s coming so I hope this may help give others hope and ease of mind.



    Accepted 1/28 within minutes of filing… Niece filed same day and got hers 2/10.. Decided to check here and finding I wasn’t only one… Figured i I try yesterday and nothing …Well today I was able to order return transcripts … Hope that is a sign! Irs must have gotten an influx of requests for transcripts just from us! Lol good luck everyone



    Just like everyone else. I filed Jan 28th and was accepted within the hour. WMR NEVER updated online or when I called. As of now it is still on 1 bar with tax code 152. I was finally able to order my return transcript today. To my surprise my refund was deposited into my account at 2:06pm TODAY. DESPITE WMR still has be on 1 bar…SMH. I will NEVER understand how the IRS issues returns. I just wanted to post this to give you guys that are still waiting, some hope. Sadly you can’t trust WMR, nor the IRS workers. They tell you anything it seems. Based upon all of the different posts that I have seen regarding the outcome of various phone calls to the IRS. I already had a NETSPEND card and I bank with Wells Fargo. NS deposits much faster. Therefore, I had my refund sent to my NS account. Good luck and and keep your spirits up, your deposit, too will show up soon.



    You may also order transcripts online here:




    18009089946 TRANSCRIPTS



    How do you check to see if you can order return transcripts




    After reading of other’s good fortunes today i did an “afternoon check” …

    01/28 (Day 00) — Filed and Accepted using TT
    02/12 (Day 15) AM — WMR remains 1 bar Can’t order “return” transcript
    02/12 (Day 15) PM — Able to order “Return” transcript !!!

    Yippee !!!

    The wait for my next WMR “bar” and DDD continues …



    Was able to order return transcripts today hopefully this means good news! :)

    longest wait ever!!!!!!



    Update, I can order transcripts!!!! So hopefully we should get a DDD tomorrow! I’m tired of waiting, it seems like everyone from the 26th – 29th got the sh*tty end of the stick from the systems going down. *** For all those asking about why the transcripts matter, it means they have finished processing your taxes *** Its a good thing! GOOD LUCK GUYS



    Update!! Can order return transcripts now : )



    well looks like im gonna be the only one without a return for months and months. Again. Congrats to all you that are getting your money I wish I was one of you. My car got repo today so I guess none of it matters at this point anyway



    Just to update everyone….I filed and accepted on the 28th. Unable to order transcripts until today around 9am. WMR is still showing processing but I have a pending deposit with my credit union for next Wednesday which would be my 21 days. Hope everyone receives their money soon!



    Hey Guys,

    Great news, I just received my refund. It came on my Netspend account. Normally they are 2 days before its DD from IRS, My WMR still shows 1 bar and I filed on 1/28 . so I assume updates will be tonight.



    I’m a 1/27 filer accepted 1/28. One bar but was finally able to order return transcripts today for the first time :) last year I received my DD a few days after I ordered my Return transcript. :) good luck everyone!!



    I was accepted 1/28/16 I have been checking WMR everyday since (I know crazy) well today 2/12 I was finally able to order return transcript so maybe soon I hope



    Accepted on 1/28, morning after their system crash I had no bars on WMR, TT152. Finally just now I was able to order my return transcript with my new address. Hopefully that means a DDD is in the near future.




    Filed 1/28 accepted. 1/28 per tax act
    Ordered account transcript 2/5
    Irs says they didn’t accept till 1/29
    Not able to order anything or see update all week
    This morning ordered return transcript
    Still one bad on war


    Sleepless in Texas

    So great to be on this site. Wow oh Wow am I in the same boat here hopefully we don’t call our boat the Titanic but more Hope Floats! I too am a night out and have been up for a good solid 2 weeks one week on Steroids from doctor and week 2 just watching WMR. I too have not been able order return transcripts for all this time and this morning around 9am I sure was able to order my return transcripts. I can’t help but follow this Forum like crazy to see we all have posted so much of the same material of accepted on 1/28/16 I too used TT. In the nearly 10 plus years of e-file it’s always usually been 7-10 days in the account. This year God is truly teaching us all patience because I have read everyone posts day in and day out and we all have uses for our money and we need it oh so bad do we need it. And it’s scary to go every year from 7 days to now 21 the way it’s looking for the last remaining of the 51% that didn’t receive their money! I say a special prayer for us all as we need this so bad and we need this blessing we all need to pray for one another good things will happen! And it’s so great to go from the last 2 weeks of frustration to see that so many are now able to order return transcripts. Now take it with a grain of salt as TT and IRS all say that doesn’t mean a hill of beans to be able your return transcript it doesn’t mean your going to get a DDD however we all can think positive and go in a positive direction to believe the DDD is on it’s way tomorrow or really soon. Happy Presidents day! Hopefully 2-18-16 we all can join together and have a drink of joy and success and happiness yay for all of us still waiting in the wings! God bless you all! Lets do this!



    Just an FYI… I’m a night owl and the past couple “nights” I’ve tried to check the status of my return before going to bed (around 2-3 am, central) and the WMR site has been unavailable during that time span. So, I believe that’s probably the time that they update statuses…



    Whew, I’m hoping the fact I could order return transcripts today is a good sign!

    Filed 1/27 accepted 1/28, had 0 movement on it until today.

    Hoping we all get our DDD tomorrow!



    Hoping for a DDD tomorrow.
    I was finally able to request my return transcript using my new address!!!! Thank you Jesus! I was freaking out!!!!!!!!

    Of course given all the weird stuff that happened, I’m still apprehensive but glad to see progress!

    Now if I could just get some movement on my state refund I will be happy!



    Filed/accepted 1 28 tt chose dd not netspend
    No movement on wmr
    Order acct transcript online 2 5
    Orderdreturn transcript 2 12 phone
    Hopefully this is a good sign!
    Going crazy. Much longer wait than prior years. Will post any updates.



    Still at 1 bar on WMR but I too was finally able to order a return transcript this morning. It looks like a lot of us that filed on 1/28/16 are finally getting some movement.



    I can’t remember when exactly I last tried for return transcript. It was either 2 or 3 days ago, but I was also able to order mine today. When I called yesterday(claiming I was given error code), I was told it would be possibly the 26th but that could change. I give up all hope… I was told there were no flags or anything, so why the hold up!?!?!? In the past, I have always had my deposit in around 8 days from filing. Even the first time I claimed EIC and it caused a hold up, I still had it within 2 weeks.



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28

    I was stuck at one bar until yesterday. I was able to order my account transcripts a few days after IRS accepted. I called the IRS yesterday and told them I had an error code but didn’t write it down. The lady was very nice and told me that there was nothing wrong with my return and it was being processed. She said the IRS is about a week behind on processing returns.

    This morning, I was still at one bar, but now can order return transcripts. Hope this is good news. Hoping to wake up to a DDD tomorrow.



    I was able to order my return transcript too!!!!!!

    It’s coming guys! It’s finally coming!!! LOL….







    Finally ordered my return transcript online. My message changed when I tried this morning around 8:10 CST but i just checked again since I saw others with message changes getting updates. I am not even worried about this process anymore. THANK GOD!




    Okay, I tried again for the transcript after I got off the phone just for the heck of it and was able to order return transcript!!!!! Does this mean I should get DDD tomorrow?



    Just checked online again just to see, I successfully ordered my return transcript. I would suggest calling if you’re not getting any movement on the site. Seems like the automated phone system updates before the site.



    Filed on1-28 and accepted within the hour and still sitting at one bar. I tried to order return transcript at 8am and it didn’t work. Just tried again and it went through! Hopefully we will all be updated before 21 days. I called IRS and the lady refused to help. She said “we are not required to look at your return until after 21 days”.



    I was able to order my return transcript over the phone, but not the site. Hope this is good news for me. Good luck to everyone else.



    I posted in the 1/27 thread too, but there’s some movement in the right direction today.

    I tried ordering a return transcript at 630am this morning, couldn’t. Tried again at 830am, nothing. Tried again past 9am central time, and it went through! So here’s to hoping we all get a DDD tomorrow!


    Jason Y

    i was finally able to order my return transcript over the phone woohoo


    Tammy R.


    I filed & was accepted 1/28, still have one bar, tt 152, still no DDD

    I tried for a return transcript 2 hours ago, but was still unable to order it.

    I just tried again and this time I WAS able to order my return transcript!

    I hope this means I’m in the update batch tonight along with the rest of us who filed 1/28! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!



    I called IRS 3 times before I got someone that would look. Even though I filed on 1/28, they didn’t accept me until 02/01 (thanks for the false hopes H&R Block, won’t be using you again). She said it will be closer to the 28th before I will see any change and that I’m still processing.

    When I tried to order my return transcript the message had changed so I was hopeful but it didn’t mean anything.

    I was so hopeful. I’m ready to cry. I just need my money.



    Filed and accepted 1/28, always been WMR one bar standard message. Could order account transcript on 2/5, not return transcript. Finally able to order return transcript  this morning! That’s a good sign for money coming next week!



    Update. I was able to order return transcripts today. This is another step closer.


    Rachel Rowland

    I filed on the 27th of January, was accepted the 28th. My 21 days are up next Thursday (the 18th) and still nothing… I can’t even order a return transcript yet, still stuck on the first bar (processing). Yesterday afternoon I called that 1-800 number at extension 652, got a live person. I told her I was given a code on WMR but didn’t remember what it was. She was very unhelpful and refused to give me any information until my 21 days were up… I volunteered my acceptance date and I’m thinking that’s why. I’m going to try and call back this afternoon and see if I can get a hold of somebody who will help. I’m starting to get really aggravated. Last year I filed and had my money in my account 6 days later… I’m getting much more money back this year so i’m thinking that may be it…



    Filed and accepted 1/28, finally able to order return transcript with new address this morning! Here’s to hoping the IRS is making some progress!!


    alyssa davis

    UPDATE was just able to order my return transcript! Hoping for my bars to move tomorrow and a ddd!



    I filed on 28th was accepted same day still only 1 bar. Called again this morning for fourth time. Previous 3 calls I talked to a woman and they all said they couldn’t help me until it has been 21 days. So I call this morning and I get a guy and he helps me big shocker he told me my return was completed and I have ddd of 2/18. He said that a lot of refunds are running 1-2 weeks behind due to the irs shutdown a few weekends ago and the big number of early filers this year. So if you call they can help you just depends who u get and whether or not they wanna help you.



    Quick Update:

    01/28 (Day 00) — Filed and Accepted using TT
    02/12 (Day 15) — WMR remains 1 bar w/ “Topic 152”; Can’t order “return” transcript

    The wait continues …



    Ok so i also file 1/28 thru tt and i still have nothing. Im becoming extremely pissed off. I have never had to wait this long.. I hope it comes soon..



    1/12 still nothing one bar…….



    I filed 1/28 and accepted within minutes. I’ve been at one bar since that day. I called the irs today and told them I had a four digit code but couldn’t remember what it was ( which I didn’t ). The lady told me my return was fine it was processing and no codes or red flags show up. Told me my 21 days would be up on the 18th but I should keep checking the wmr on the Ira site. I was able to order account transcripts last week but not return I also asked about those and was told I would be able to get it when I’m done processing just to keep trying online to get it. So I hope this is good news and I’m hoping for an update soon. I will keep everyone posted as to what happens if anything.



    I filed with tt on 1/28 and it said I was accepted today however I called IRS and they said they act uh ally didn’t accept it until 2/1 so.. hopefully it’ll be soon. Still at one bar.



    Well, I called and pressed buttons until I got a live person. I told them that the automated system gave me an error code and I needed to see wtf is going on. It took her 45 minutes to even locate my return. Then she said I had been “randomly selected for review” and that they would mail me a letter if they need any more information from me. She said call back on March 15th if I still havent gotten it. Last year I waited until April to get my refund after filing on the first day to file because of that Obamacare SNAFU. I just cannot believe this is happening to me again its so unfair.



    Just spoke with a representative he informed med that there is nothing he can tell me except there are no red flags or anything. It’s still processing!!!! I filed1/28 and still nothing. He also said that I’m going to have to wait the whole 21 days. Which is next week. I called the automated hotline and it said my ss # was invalid. I f&@$ing give up.



    I filed late on 1/28. Surprisingly, I was accepted within minutes. (Somewhere around 11 pm central) WMR has shown 1 bar, received, being processed… I have never in the past waited longer than 2 wks for my refund so was extremely worried. I’ve had issues logging in to check and when I tried calling the automated line, it kept saying my social was invalid (multiple times, it never did accept it) Anyway, I just called like everyone else and was told that for some reason instead of 3 weeks it now shows 4 wks. He went on to say that their system shows it being accepted on 1/29 and at first it was at 1 wk then 2 and so forth… so whatever that means… he said that he could give me a tentative date of 2/26 but that could change and add another week or more. I expressed my concern about the issues with logging in and calling and he just said that he can’t deny they’ve has some issues with the system being down but that there are no flags or issues with my return. So basically I just have to hope for the 26th and if not then give it another week then another and so forth… ugh! That only makes me worry more!



    Still no change on federal, I checked the State refund page just now.
    It showed my state refund was approved yesterday and should receive in the bank within 5 days. I don’t know if me getting state back is a good sign for federal or not? I hope so….still one bar on the WMR site (Oklahoma)



    FIled 1/28/2016 through TT, accepted same day per TT and still not approved via IRS website (still in the first bar). I’ve already received my state as of 2/6/201, that was great but still not having anything to go off of about federal is irritating. I hope we get approved or the DDD within the week. I’m going crazy checking everyday.



    Like many of you I filed on 1/28 and still have one bar. And still no state (CA). I just talked to someone from CA FTB and she said because of the IRS glitch state was delayed, so hopefully tomorrow for state.



    I submitted 3 family members on 01/28/16 all which say being received/processing and 1 family member on 1/29/16. The 1/29/16 has already been deposited into my daughters account. It is very irritating. I also submitted everyone’s Missouri returns. 3 of them were deposited the next day and one states received.


    Tammy R.

    Filed & accepted 1/28, still at one bar on WMR, tt 152, no DDD, no return transcript, and aggravated as hell! Lol



    How many times a day can you check WMR before it locks you out? Does anyone know around what time they update daily at night?



    Hello everyone, filed 1/28 still on one bar no refund transcript but finally could order an account transcript yesterday 2/11. I just wanted to update the group who still hasn’t gotten an updated (at one bar) and the remaining 49% who hasn’t gotten paid yet. Like I said in my post yesterday I called around 5:30pm(c) b/c I’m still at one bar and said that I had an error code and didn’t write it down. The lady was really nice and looked into it and said there was no error and shows a ddd of 2/13. So I checked this morning assuming wmr bar would update and it still is on one bar. I’m hoping this means that the rest of us who haven’t received our refunds yet, the 49% of us left, will all get our refunds by 2/13, except for those who were randomly picked for further review. I hope this puts some people at ease, it definitely relaxes me a bit.

    I’m curious if my call is what finished processing mine, even though I’m still at one bar, so please post if you get a pending deposit on or before 2/13 and state whether you called or no.

    Hang in there guys and gals, this has been super annoying, but I have a good feeling that unless you were randomly selected that 2/13 is gonna be the end of this debacle.

    Have a day!



    I Called 18008290582 this morning and then when it ask for ext. Put in 652. i told the lady I had a error code but did not write it down, she verfied my info and looked up my return.
    She advised that returns filed on 28th did not get to processing til Feb 1st. I asked why and she said he was computer issues. She then advised me everything looked good and It should be sent for the 15th.



    The IRS isn’t telling me anything…..they said we have to wait till the 18th which would be 21days before they can look further into it! All they said was it’s still processing with one bar….this is getting old fast! He said that every return is processed different, but yet some who filed February 5th already got their refunds! It seems some of those who filed 27/28 are having the most trouble getting our refunds….might as well just forget about it till the 18th then if still not received call them back….All he said that if you still have tax topic 152 then there is nothing to worry about, if that changes then call with the new code.



    Nope still nothing at all…. Filed 1/28 ordered transcripts and called irs didn’t tell me much but to wait 21 day uuugghhhhhh



    I filed on 128 also and I called the IRS this morning because mine is still stuck on one bar and the lady told me that mine was picked for a random review so I won’t get it till February 26. At first though she told me that anyone about on the 28th or 29th they actually didn’t except them till the first. But we also moved last year and bought a house so it’s the first time that we’ve claim the house and the new address so maybe that’s why.



    I did mine the 30th accepted the same day, but still nothing ummm I guess just keep waiting this sucks!!!



    filed 1/28 with TT accepted 1/29 could order transcripts 2/5 WMR updated on 2/6 to a DDD of 2/10, had fees taken out from sbbt, funds showed up in sbbt on 2/9 and refund was deposited to my greendot card at 3am on 2/10. Filed EIC and a schedule C and 4 kids been filing that way for a few years now.



    I filled on the 1/28 as well still nothing but one bar praying I receive mine as well as the rest of you ????



    Well I tried the trick to call and say I seen a code lol and the guy checked and said there is no code and there still processing taxes filed on the 27-28 so its a waiting game keeping fingers crossed for next week



    Called yesterday saying that I had a code (but I didn’t) They told me they didn’t see anything wrong with my returned it all is fine and it’s still in processing. I tried to order a refund transcript and I can only look it up under my old address not my current one. So Hopefully it will be done soon. I think with their system being down for those few days it is pushing everything back. I guess I’ll be calling on the 18th!




    Filed and accepted 1/28
    Had a DDD of 2/10
    Got my deposit on 2/9 at 4:54pm!

    Good luck to u all


    Giving up

    I just called the IRS and the representative wouldn’t tell me anything about my return because it hasn’t been 21 days… So I guess I will stop checking until then…. Filed 1/28, accepted 1/28 still at 1 bar



    So I just called IRS and they stated that my 21 days got pushed from the 18th to the 25th ???????????????? its so frustrating she says oh when the system updated it pushed your due date back. Guess this is what happens when you depend on your return.



    So I am with the 1/28 filers who are stuck on 1 bar on the WMR with no errors and I was able to order transcripts but still no DDD. So I caved and called the IRS. I told them I got an error code on WMR and I forgot what the code was(which I didn’t actually get an error). He had to verify some information of last year. He looked up my return and told me everything is fine……. but…… I filed the injured spouse relief….. that is I answer some questions about a past debt that is mine and not my husband. So what does that mean… I have to wait 11 weeks …. due to the fact that this type of return needs to be processed by a person and not a computer… So guess the wait is longer for me. So if people are still waiting just call saying you got an error. At least it will give u some relief that nothing is wrong….. Hope this helps someone



    Filed and accepted 1/28

    Only 1 bar on WMR
    no money yet….



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/28
    Still one bar : (



    Hello all!! Still waiting for bar to move from bar 1.I was accepted 1/27. Still nothing!! I’m praying tomorrow



    Hello everyone. I filed 1/28 and I still havent had any updates at all. Still processing. I called the IRS yesterday and the lady said she couldnt find my return so Im assuming it hasnt been accepted? I check on the wmr and it says I can check 24 hours after I recieve an email saying the IRS got it… ???? Im loosing hope everyone around me has gotten their money. Im supposed to get married soon, real soon… Like the 20th of this month and I really needed the money to do so. Good luck everyone I hope for the few of us that got left behind will see changes later on.



    I was given the impression that this year, the IRS had a record-setting number of early filers, and that was part of the problem, along with this whole health-care stuff, and the IRS shut downs that happened. Anyway, it seems that this week a HUGE batch of refunds went out (like, a large percentage), so I’m wondering now that they’re done with those, that maybe things will pick up a bit. I’m guessing that those of us who don’t get their refunds this week, we will next. Here’s hoping and praying, and crossing finger and toes.


    Charlie T

    Hi Guys. I am with you, I too filed on same date. Mine has not moved one inch. I do have a tax code on bottom, the generic one that gives us info when IRS processes tax returns. I have never had a problem before, but I did move from last year to this, only change I can think of. My friend who filed earlier than me by 3 days got his yesterday. I think its only time the rest of us get it next week. I am sure we can all use it. :) best wishes all!

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