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    I just got off the phone with the IRS. I filed 1/28 and was accepted the same day. I didn’t receive the letter they sent, so I didn’t know my return wasn’t being processed until I called this morning. After answering questions about my return this year and last year, she said they sent a letter, told me what I could do and I have already sent (via fax) what they asked for. So…I got the whole “it’s going to be about 8 weeks before it’s finished being processed” spiel.

    I read on another thread, that I cant find again, that someone was told in early Feb that they would not get it for 9 weeks but they had a check being mailed on 2/27 per WMR.

    Just wondering if anyone else with the Healthcare problem has gotten their return approved or seen any progress on WMR…if so, how long did it take??

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