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Filed 1/16
Accepted 1/30
E-File through HRB
Credits/Forms: EIC, Child Tax, 8863

Bars showing acceepted from 1/31 to 2/13 with Tax Topic 152 and general 21 day message.

2/13 Went Ghost

2/14 Status changed to no bars and your refund is still being processed and you should exepect your refund in 21 days or less.

2/16 Status changed “your refund is still processing and a refund date will be provided when available” and is still like that now on 2/23

HRB gave me a DD of 2/20
I have WF so they said to expect a 5 business day delay in getting my DD but I don’t believe it at this point.
Can’t ever get a person at IRS without getting magically “disconnected” everytime.

Gonna call HRB again see what they tell me. Ugh – Hope it just comes in monday cause my brain is going to explode.