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  1. Amelia

    Okay did our taxes 2/8/14 it’s now 5/17/14 . We haven’t received any letters . My husband SSN was stolen last year so they said the hold this year was because of that . They keep telling us different stories , first is was 6-8 weeks , then 17 weeks & now 30 days .. And still saying processing. Any one else going threw this????

  2. BS IRS

    Filed Jan 30 2014 accepted Jan 31 2014 got a 4464c letter feb 25….Its May 14 2014…still nothing…

  3. Your Name

    @BSIRS: I got the letter two days ago. It is a 4464C. I don’t understand this because I received my refund, in full, in February! Seems to me that whoever is running this doesn’t know what they are doing.
    Has anyone else who has already received a refund gotten this letter?

  4. myranda

    @Shab S: I also received a 4464c letter. I filed 2/15 received the letter 21 days after I filed woke up this morning and checked WMR and I finally have a release date 4/29. I lost all hope too its been 54 days since I received the letter keep checking WMR your 50 days in so fingers crossed for you, that you have a dd today :) hope this lifts your spirits and helps.

  5. Shab S

    Got the letter on Feb 25th 2014 and its almost 50 days, but no news yet.

    What is the normal time frame for the refund ?

  6. Fuyuhana

    I just checked my transcripts I have the refund code with a date of 05/05 only took 46 days to get the refund date

  7. Louise Booth

    A few weeks ago, I received this letter. I called. and answered the questions I was asked. I was told my claim would be processed and a refund would be sent. Now I have received the same letter again. I have tried every department I could think of to get answers. All I get is an automated voice that ultimately hangs up and I get nowhere. What can I do now?>??????????

  8. Anonymous

    @Bobby: we have the same problem, from the filing date, to the accepted date, to the letter I received date, and the type of the letter. I was told that I needed to send my W-2 in but didnt get an address, Im at my wits end with these people smh

  9. BSIRS

    Filed Jan 30 accepted jan 31…feb 27 got 4464c letter…still nothing….has anyone that has received this letter gotten a refund yet?

  10. tickle me silly

    has anyone with the 4464c letter get their refund, if yes how long did it take to get it?

  11. Andy 2/5

    Jenncook..Hi … my brother didn’t file for 6 yrs and he filled on 2/7… same situatiin as you..he recieved a 4464c on 2/25 andnow he has no bars and no tax topic… I filled 2/5 was sent a 4464c and a Cp05…I was told to wait it could come anyday… good Luck your not alone…you should check her transcripts online. Hi Tamara! I hope your doing well!!

  12. Jenncook

    My sister is at the transitional center and has been for the last 18 months. this year she asked me to file her taxes for her and so I did. There was no credits to report. I only put the exact amounts off her W-2. She has been incarcerated for the last 10 years and only has had this job for 10 months of the filing year. She received the letter 4464C on Feb. 24 and we still have yet to hear word from the irs. She has not been a student and like I said her income was one simple w2 no claims no business claims. So I figured it was because she hasn’t filed taxes in the 10 years she has been incarcerated. Now Im not so sure. Any ideas? Still no refund for her as of 3-16-14

  13. Bobby

    E-filed on Feb 3rd, 2014, accepted on Feb 6th. Got LTR 4464c on Feb 25. I have no deductions, tax credits, am single, and filed through HR Block. Told my return was randomly selected for review. Really need my refund. Any ideas for processing time on a simple tax return picked for review?

  14. Anonymous

    @2013taxpayer: URGENT Did you ever get your refund? If so, what date? I’m going through almost the exact same thing as you did. My transcript is blank & looks exactly like yours except different dates for 2014. Did you need a TAS worker? Thanks so much for sharing your IRS nightmare with us, it helps me to know there is hope for the little guy/girl out here struggling trying to work, going to school, paying back student loans,etc…..

  15. CoCo

    Filed my return on Jan, 21st Received a letter telling me they needed additional info on/around March 10th. Sent everything they asked in (37 pages!!!) was told it would be 6-8 weeks for a response. at the end of 8 weeks, around the 1st of june I received a letter saying it will be another 6 weeks. Then received a letter the middle of july saying it will be ANOTHER 6 weeks. August 31st will be my last day and they said if i hadn’t heard anything, they would connect me with the claims dept. (i’ve called 3 times so far, only being told exactly what the paper said) I’m hoping i can finally get this figured out…i’ve never had to wait this long for a return, and it isn’t like i’m getting a boatload of money so I don’t know what the hold up is…all i hear is “sequesters” and “budget cuts” well wtf do they think I’M going through without my money!

  16. rchi

    Has anyone that received letter 4464C received refund yet? Filed in jan received this letter in April and havent heard or been able to reach anyone since. Anyone received their refund yet after getting this letter? Please help???

  17. sweeper

    I posted earlier and thought I’d update my comment. I was able to speak to someone today at the number I indicated earlier and they told me that they have extended their time for review for an extra 11 weeks from June 27th. I asked why I wasn’t told and she indicated that they’ve not sent out update letters but the extra 11 weeks were needed because they are backlogged. Doesn’t seem fair/right that they could hold it this long and then not send out a notice indicating they need more time. I guess I’m at the mercy of the IRS. Ugh!

  18. sweeper

    Wow. We filed on time (4/10/13) and received letter 4464C on April 30th. Still haven’t received my refund. There is a number on the form to call (800-829-1040) and I’ve been calling several times per week. However, when I can get someone on the phone, they transfer me to a queue where I get a message indicating that there are too many callers waiting and that I will need to try again another day. It has created a significant financial hardship because I made the mistake of assuming that I would have the funds by now. Any suggestions?

  19. Kat1110

    Letter 4464 came may 5 it’s now July 1!! Someone anyone know the # to speak to a person?

  20. Konelio Tauanuu

    Tax filed on January 25, 2013…IRS sent documents for verification on Feb 2013, and returned documents for verification my two children, residential verification, letters from school and other documentation…faxed it in, received and IRS respond on May 1st, 2013 for other verification, if my two dependents(children) lived on the same address for 6 months of 2012, sent letter from Landlord with verification of self responsible for rent since moved in 2007. The changes done by IRS, I don’t agree on, because I’m responsible of my two children nourishment of life…How long I have to wait for my frozen refund to be release?

  21. Anonymous

    I failed to mention that I also ordered tax transcript 3x, the first time transcript came back blank, second time it had all the info as my tax return and control date 20132105 and nothing changed on WMR, ordered another transcript a month later same info. My opinion transcript does not speed up return, but calling does. So be persistent and request a tax advocate.

  22. Anonymous

    For all of you who’ve been waiting over 3 months, be persistent, call IRS and tell them you are experiencing hardship and request an advocate and this should speed up process.

    Filed – 2-3-2012 Turbo Tax
    Return Accepted – 2-14-13
    WMR- displayed it was received
    After 4 weeks of waiting and no change on WMR – called IRS on 3-9-13 – was told that I would be receiving 4883c letter and they could not discuss anything with me until I received it – I received on 3–10-13 called on Monday the 12th – waited 1 hr and 30 minutes and a rude lady said that this was ID theft letter and she was going to ask me several questions and I would only have one chance to answer -in other words if I answered wrong – I was not continuing. She asked the first question – answered correctly -placed on hold and she came back only to say that the system was down and I had to call back – called back 3-14 -after waiting another 1hr and minutes and passed the test – another month goes by and still nothing and no one at the IRS knows anything which is BS. Called back told I was going to receive 4464c letter on 4-26 and I did not have to do anything and the waiting period was 60 days. After reading everyone’s experience with this 4464c letter I decided to call and I told them that it was insane having to wait so long and I requested a tax advocate, was told that I would receive a call from tax advocate within 7 business days, call came on May 14th was asked to have my employer send a letter stating my 2012 earnings/withholding on company letterhead. Faxed on May 17th, woke up this morning and WMR changed from “your tax return has been processed” to “your tax return has been received and you will receive in 21 days keeping fingers crossed. It’s been 3 1/2 months toooo longggg!!!

  23. melissa

    filed on jan 31, accepted on feb 1, feb 11 received letter 4464c dated for feb 7, waited those 60 days out and got nothing. called and got a referral apr 15 ..waited those 30 days…nothing!!! on hold now for over an hour with the irs. what is going to happen next???

  24. Tfox

    I recieved 4464 dated 2-1-13 after the 60 days
    I had to do a referal then my refund went upostable
    This morn checked wmr it changed from processing to we have recieved ur refund
    Ur refund should be in ur account in 21 days so jus keep calling them
    If ur not worried about your money they aren’t either

  25. Shaun

    I filed my tax return on 1/27/13 with TT
    Accepted on 2/14/13 Education credits
    Received letter 4883c and verified on 3/12/13
    Called verification line back on 3/18/13 refund was not released
    Ordered both transcripts on 3/25/13
    Received letter 4464c and told refund was on hold on 4/22/13
    Contacted TAS on 4/25/13
    TAS called me back on 4/29 said they were going to ask for release of my refund because all my wages matched against what they had.
    Called TAS back today 3/10/13 told my refund was released by the irs on 3/7/13 just waiting on it to post to my account. Thank God it’s been a long wait for my refund and others as well.

  26. Johnny

    Filed approximately 2.28.13
    Received 4464C Letter 3.8.13
    I have been calling the 800 number for days now and finally spoke with a live person that said I had to send a request for the funds to be released. This was yesterday. Now they have 30 days to provide a response to this new request? What am I missing here. Cannot explain out that elevator music make my blood boil on that 800 call.

    Anyone have any tricks? 90+ to receive a refund? IF I would actually hear something in the next 30 days?????????

  27. frustrated

    Ok filed on 1/31 received letter 4464 c on 2/5 saying they were holding it for income verification, tax withholding,or tax credits did not state one problem I would have refund in 60 days no new letter nothing 60 days later called the TA assistant line the guy sent letter to IRS saying resolve issues or or release refund I called again on 5/2 another rep told me to wait for 30 days IRS had 30 days to respond I jumped his ass telling him the other rep told me no such thing he told me by the following week should have refund..I then asked who was higher than he was that I could contact he said no one I said really? I said how about congress he said he said oh yeah they would be good I asked for his name and ID again and thanked him and hung up it’s probably just a coincidence but I checked WMR site this am and my check will be mailed on 5/10 it took the whole 30 days good luck guys I f***ing hate the IRS!!!

  28. MrsMoreno

    Excepted 1/30 with one bar on Where’s My Refund (WMR)
    2/13 called because no change on Where’s My Refund (WMR) website and a very rude lady informed me that if there was a problem the website would tell me.
    2/17 called back still no up change on Where’s My Refund (WMR) website and again was told there was no problem that they were behind this year.
    2/22 called again same thing no change no problem.
    3/1 called again and was told that a letter was sent to me on 2/14 to wait for the letter.
    3/7 called back because I never received a letter and was told it was the 5071C letter and she would give me the number to call because I never received it. Called and verified my identity, was told it was approved and I should see a refund within 4-6 wks.
    4/4 called back because it had been 4 wks… no update of release.
    4/16 called back because it was two days from wk 6… told no release they would make a note and for me to call the number back where I had to previously verify to ask them. Called them and they said it hadnt been 6 wks yet. My response: So you’re telling me to call back on Thursday (now Tuesday) and that 2 days may make a difference. Operator: yes ma’am thats 6 wks. Me: so how about we pretend that today is 6 wks and you tell me what excuse you will have then. Operator: everyone wants to skip the steps ma’am call back in 6 wks. URRRR!!!
    4/22 call back (give them 6 wks and a few days) still no update on my refund, now a new forum is released that says identity people will now have to wait 9 weeks from 4/1. Me: where did this date come from and why do people who were previously told 6 weeks get put into this category? Operator: Ma’am i am given a forum to read and thats all I know. I noticed that people were saying requesting a transcript was making some sort of a change so after I get off the phone I requested both transcript types.
    4/24 Called back because there was no change on my Where’s My Refund (WMR) website and was told my funds have been released, there does show a credit on my account, however they have mailed me a 4464C letter dated 4/22 that my case is now under review and I must give them 60 days to do so!!!!!!! R U KIDDING ME?!!!! 3 months of this bs and now another letter!!!!!!!

  29. MrsMoreno

    I finally have a TA… she says 3 days I should have some sort of a response. After months of going through identity verifying to then be put into review any news is good news. TA says that they have to verify my employment because the IRS has not reviewed all W2’s and they cannot prove mine isn’t fake due to all the fraud. So basically I not only had to prove who I was, now my job had to verify my employment. Try to get a TA everyone.. very helpful if you get the right one. Mine is very sweet and keeps apologizing for all the trouble. SHOCK!

  30. frustrated

    Has anyone received their refund without the WMR site saying it was being released?

  31. 4464cwaiting

    4464C DATED 2/1 NO OTHER LETTER. Contacted TA on 4/15 got a DDD today for 5/1 i was able to order transcripts last night( for the first time).

  32. ree32

    Hello everyone my status just change on WMR deposit for April 30 if not no later than May 5. I’m praying for every one else don’t give up. Jesus answer my prayers :)

  33. ree32

    I filed feb16 receive 44883c on mar 14 verify on 15 resend my return with signature bn talking with irs still nothing yeasterday receive a 4464c letter today I call irs saying wait tull my cycle up on may 16 so I had the TAS on one phone she looks into my account n tells me nothing she can do on her end because my refund is schedule to b deposit in my account April 30th thank u JESUS so I’m praying that’s it.

  34. frustrated

    Has anyone just had it delayed because of federal tax withholded? I had not other deductions and this is my 3rd week with my referral i filed on Jan 31st so F in mad at the IRS

  35. abouttime

    nope just had a weird feeling the one day checked WMR and my bars came back and i had my DD

  36. abouttime

    Filed 3/14 Accepted 3/15 Recieved 4464c 3/27 Called IRS few times led to a dead end finally 2 days ago WMR updated with a dd of 4/24

  37. sha01j

    Just received a DDD on WMR of April 24. It has been a long journey. My referral did not take the whole 30 days. I don’t know if Congressman helped me or not.

  38. betterchanceatlotto

    I filed back on Jan 24th, had to wait for Feb 14th for them to accept the 8863 form. Processing since then. Received a 4464c letter on March 29 which was dated March 27th. The letter stated it can take up to an addt’l 60 days to do the review. Well I got a Tax Advocate April 4th and now have a ddd for April 17th. So I think the 60 days they put in the letter is the worse case scenario. Im glad I am beginning to wake up from this nightmare. Idk if the TA pushed it thru or if it was just going to happen on the 17th anyways.

  39. mike5026

    @sha01j I don’t have hardship either. My reason I told them is I contacted IRS too many times and I want to get to the bottom of it.

  40. sha01j

    @mike5026. Okay.I did not use a TA because I did not have any hardship.I just want my money.

  41. mike5026

    @sha01j I emailed never called….But since i waited my TA finally called and basically told me to fax some things to her.

  42. sha01j

    @mike5026. Did you call or emailed? I emailed at first and waited two days then called. I actually talk to secetary.

  43. sha01j

    contacted my congressman and faxing over required documents. Fingers crossed.I seen where some people did this and gotten faster results.

  44. 2013taxpayer

    4464 dated 2/4 and still can’t order return transcript. whenever my acct transcript is ordered it is still blank. i haven’t gotten no other letters and my 60 days were up last thursday. haven’t called yet for referral.

  45. sha01j

    Filed 1/30. 2/4 4464 letter . ordered transcript with processing date 3/11. referral 4/3. how long for DDD. NO EC just EIC & HOH. No other letters as of 4/9.

  46. 1/31 still no DDD

    Also – no edu, eic, ctc 1 dep, hoh, same employer and dependent. Grrr….

  47. 1/31 still no DDD

    Filed 1/31, 4464c dated 2/4…called IRS on 2/5 rep stated no release in system yet, to wait for weekend ‘big update’. No update WMR still the same…a little nervous to request a referral because the rep said it gives them another 30 days. I never received another letter and my 60 days were up last week. Beyond frustrating. :(

  48. Gotthe4464cBlues

    I filed 1/31 accepted same day. Received a 4464c letter dated 2/5. I waited my full 60 days and on day 61 woke up to a DD for 4/10. No other letters sent out. They did not contact my employers either. It is coming guys, slowly but surely. Hang in there!

  49. sha01j

    Filed and accepted 1/30. 4464 dated 2/4. Called 4/3 for referral. No DDD. Contacting congressman monday!!!

  50. Jessica W.

    Had 4464C – EIC, 8863.
    UPDATED THIS MORNING have a DDD for April 9th!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO!!
    Filed on 1/24 -