What happened with Turbo Tax and Form 8692?

During the early test batch Turbo Tax was made aware of  the Form 8692 popping up on some of their customers returns while they were filing and it wouldn’t let them continue past this form and it wasn’t needed, at first Turbo Tax tried getting the customers to delete this form, but some found this option difficult and confusing, so they started telling them to just leave lines blank or to place zeros, after entering this info they were able to continue filing. However once they were accepted by the IRS  and started processing through the system the returns started getting rejected. The production logs state they had a fix in place as of 1/22/2015. So we are hopeful this issue has been resolved. There were additional concern about people using other tax companies to refile instead of staying with Turbo Tax  even though they were told by turbo tax their returns would be automatically resubmitted which could result in 2 returns being submitted. These people were concerned about this and we have been informing them if one goes in first the other return should be rejected. We were also made aware of a potential problem by our administrator’s source within the IRS of another issue with Form 8680 Here is the link:   Info Here