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What does IGMR think about transcripts?

Please see the various posts from our users about this topic old threads can be found on the Hot tab or in the forums.

jemar707311 (admin) said: Ordering transcript can only definitively mean you exist to the IRS. However, it has been a theory around here that after transcript success, you have made some progress and are likely o get a hard DD soon. But please keep in mind that it has also been reported that after success at a transcript, you could still be held up for various reasons.

I just don’t want this site to ever lead someone down the road of rejoicing or exploding based on us providing “definitive” type of information that could be inaccurate. Please if you are offering your advice or experience, whether it be re: transcript or any other matter, to ensure that you communicate to people that your comments are your experience or opinion. I want people to be able to come here and read everything, and then chew the information around to make their own informed decisions or theories. Please do not tell people “you should” or “that means”, without a disclaimer… lol

ma4pa.igmr (mod) said: I don’t see the need to order them one reason, its a burden on an already overburdened system. While it may mean you are out of processing it doesn’t mean you are getting DDD, in fact, your return may still have other issues, some who have their transcripts still have no money and no HDD, others have received a blank transcript with no info on them. So I don’t recommend ordering them. But the choice is yours.