• WaitingInAlabama posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 7 months, 1 week ago

    I filed an Injured Spouse form with my electronic return back in February. We still haven’t received the return, but have been informed that the return has instead been applied to past due debts. Is there a way to contact the IRS or someone regarding the Injured spouse form and when we may see a reversal of this application of funds? I’ve checked for updates on the refund website and there has been no change.

    • Yes definetly… Why have you not contacted the IRS? THINK ABOUT THIS! Around 999 million taxes are being done each year… That means thousands of refunds not processed or forgot or lost because of human negligence… You should have called back in March.. On this website in the top right hand corner are 3 lines.. Click it then click phone number.. Follow the directions and you will get a live person.. Also when you file Injured spouse you have to be sure to do this…. If your husband is the one who is hurt he will have to be the primary and u the injured spouse… Also injured spouse best chance is filled married jointly.

    • Thank you! This is the most helpful thing anyone has done for me I quite possibly my whole life. I am on the road to a resolution.

    • I filed feb 27. 14 weeks was up monday. Called and they gave me a referral. So another 30 days. Im ready to know if we will get anything back!