• Tita posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Hi everyone, I don’t know if anyone could help me. But my Stimulus was offset from my hubby Child support. I sent in a IS and a copy of the offset letter I got in the mail on April 20th. I’ve been checking my transcripts every Friday cuz I am tryna delay calling the IRS. Do u know if I should send another IS in?

    • Did you mail it? IRS rep told me told me they have trailers full off mail to go through. It will take months to just get through the mail. I filed my taxes February 14th and am still waiting on my refund! So they are about 3 months behind….at least!

    • Damn, I mailed it out. I did and got my tax return in Feb. We didn’t have an offset than. I lost my job and so did my hubby But now he works with Lyft. Just to try and make something. Ugh. Do u know if say they are that much behind would I get an interest paid being so late?

    • They really don’t have anything set in stone with the stimulus yet. If child support already distributed it, you may have to wait until next years tax return and you can get a credit for the part you didn’t get. The stimulus stuff is a mess. I’m waiting on my refund still!!!