• Tita posted an update in the group Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    So I filed on 2/5, for a week I had one bar, now I just have that 1541 code. I have no offset or student loans, but I did claim EIC, and Child tax credit. When is that notification suppose to go away. Should I call the IRS. 20190605 is my cycle I’m suppose to get a refund on02/25 but I doubt that. Just alittle confused.

    • I have the same dates. 20190605 and 2/25/2019. I was told to check tomorrow night to see if anything changes on my transcript. hope that helps.

    • @Tiffy- Thank you. I’m hoping for good news. I tried calling the IRS I only got an automatic recording. and to call different extensions I have up. LOL. Hope to see a change soon. I call the offset line every to see if there is something but nope nothing.

    • @titagirl45
      Check your transcripts, mines updated and I have a DDD of 2/27.
      my 846 code showed up on my transcripts.

    • @Tiffy I just did. it updated but no 845 for me. it gave me another date March 11. I’m glad you got ur update. I may have to wait skittle more longer.

    • @titagirl45 any news? I’m scheduled for tomorrow DDD.

    • @ Tiff my transcript got updated last friday but no changes other than my Feb. 25, 2019 to March 11, 2019. My WMR didnt update yet
      I’m still on 1541 reference.

    • @titagirl45 this is what I found.
      “1541 is an an internal code that the IRS uses to identify returns that. have been “Delayed”. The doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your. return, it could simply be that the IRS has an overflow of returns at. this time and is behind schedule on issue refunds.”

      I guess you were one of the unlucky ones that got delayed. :(