• Tita posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    Does any one know how often the transcripts update? If it helps my cycle was 2018505. My case was closed on May 1. Agent couldn’t tell me anything else when I called on Friday for an update.

    • May case also closed on May 1. I got an 846 code showing refund issued and May 1 as the date. The transcript updated on Thursday night / Friday morning. The agent I spoke with on Thursday couldn’t give me any information beyond that the case was closed and the amount of the actual refund. He left me wondering how long it would actually take to get the check now that the refund has been completed!! Anyone know??

    • Same cycle and same close date. All they could tell me was the close date and refund amount. Please keep me updated if you hear anything else.🙂

    • @Angela I know. I was excited to just hear it was closed. Lol I wish he had told me more other than the 2-4 weeks to get the refund. I didn’t ask how much my portion was I was in shocked to hear it was closed. I was hoping my transcript would update and tell me the date and amount but it hasn’t. My WMR hasn’t updated yet. Did ur WMR update?

    • @Megan did ur transcripts or WMR update? I didn’t bother to ask what my portion was I was just in shock it closed. My case worker person I spoke on May 1. She told me she would have my case closed no later the last week Friday so when I called irs just see if she was for real I was in shock. She also did mention to me on May 1. That when she closes my case by May 4 I should be getting my refund by the 25th of May. But I had no hopes in her. Lol but she came thru. So maybe I’ll see by May 25th. I’ll keep updating as soon as I get information.

    • My transcript updated and Saturday morning WMR went to the “we’ve received your tax return and it is being processed.” My transcript changed to the 846 refund issued with a date of May 1st. Hopefully, the end of this chaos is almost over!

    • Tita, nothing updated. I actually called May 3ed because that was our 11 weeks and was told over the phone. So far nothing has updated on wmr and I can only order transcripts through mail and I ordered last Saturday so I won’t be able to order another for a few more days.😏

    • @Angela and Megan. yes my hasn’t updated either. I called May 4th. Just to see if my case was worked on, and the gentleman just stated my case was closed on May 1. My transcript and WMR hasn’t updated so im assuming my things will update this week. And hoping for this chaos to be over soon. I was at 12 weeks and 1 day on May 1. So I rather see it to believe it. LOL

    • Tita, that’s how I am. I’m so skeptical of what they say because I’ve been lied too over and over by them. So I’m hoping to see something soon.