• Tita posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone so let me give u my issue with the IRS about IS. So I efiled 01/27 with TT. My taxes was accepted 01/29. I mailed out my IS form 01/30. IRS received it Feb 5. My cycle date 20180505. My offset was March 5. My 8 weeks was on 04/02 that came and went called a whole bunch of time got a different answer every time. I called on 04/18 for the agent to tell me my Allocation was wrong and that he could fix it without me resending in another one he also explained that my case should be a priority “yeah right”. I figure give it a few days and weeks. Called today which makes it my 12 weeks and 1 day making it 86 days since Irs received my form and the women I spoke to said she can get my case done in 2 days or by this Friday “hopefully” I told her that this is BS she kept apologizing to me and I told her I’m sorry if I sound ruined in anyway but u telling u can get my case closed by the end of the week that’s BS. My case was supposed to be done a while ago and u telling me I’ll most likely get my refund by 25th of May I don’t believe it. I’m praying it does work out but I ain’t getting my damn hopes up. Next year I’m filing separately. This is to much stress.