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  • eric529 - "@brokeiana type in manual release of tax refund in google and I am positive it should take you to the irs like training manual thing"View
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  • Ashley - "@happytaxseason77 I know right!!! Lmao I’m just beyond it with these ppl and the feds I can’t… I will never file before 2/15 again"View
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  • TheHBIClol - "@tigerlili_1 well honey I appreciate you wanting to help idk how to get in contact with you I don’t want to just post my phone number"View
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  • $honda - "@jemar707 I donated a few days ago and still don’t have a star. I emailed the admin email witb the receipt. Any idea why I still have no star??"View
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  • Golly3112 - "@tigerlili_1 I’m sorry I fell asleep and may have missed it, any news on green dot?"View
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  • Blessed85 - "@tigerlili_1 Hi! I have filed 1-22 and got accepted 1/25 and updated to accepted on the 25th. Since the 28th came I have been just sitting on “Take Action with the code 1541. I called in twice and spoke to 2 d […]"View
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  • Voltaire - "@ma4pa can we do something nice for tiger lili? She went home at 1am and came back in at 4am for us!"View
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  • vee1 - "@tigerlili_1 I got my fees taking out with a date 2/26 deposit but my DDD is 2/27 republic said they sent my deposit to my bank but nothing shows yet… anything with #1889 moving yet serve amex card 😉 🙏 thanks"View
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  • airforcewife - "@tigerlili_1 got my ddd for 2/27. ill check with you tues to make sure money has been sent to chase :)"View
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  • Sweetsweetcash - "@tigerlili_1…. welcome back any updates for bancorp"View
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  • Mandy - "@tigerlili_1 how about the serve card could it have deposits for the 27th?"View
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