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    Okay this is my first time filing IS.i filed it after my taxes where app8roved, i closed 7/9,i revieved my letter stating the X amount i was getting back. Wmr was wrong from the start. It said we were getting something when it was all on hold I call the offset hotline yesterday it said i had 2 offsets he had one. In the begining it was wrong but it changed to the 2 and 1. I called today it says i have 1 he has 3. Now he only owed one. And theres a 2 new ones that wasnt on there before. Theres 2 for the same agency. Now i do owe money to the same agency but a way different amount then the other we didnt know of.Are they allowed to allow debts to come after the money AFTER the IS DEPARTMENT approves an amount and you already have the letter? Or is it a mistake as well? Also the two debts are dated one from last year and one for when we originally files the taxes and then the new one we didnt kno of that appeared just today is dated for 8/3

    His on hotline
    April 27th 2017 dept of human services
    May 9th dept of human services( this is the full amount he owed)
    Aug 3rd nj family development (post after injured spouse)

    Mine on hotline
    May 9th 2018 dept of human services
    In the begining i had
    May 9th 2018 dept of education
    and he had only the one dated may 9th.
    Now my doe says it’s a debt not an offset.
    When i calles they said that i was getting x amount which is on our letter and that he had 1 debt and they told me what they were using on my debts well. Its lile everytime im in contact or online it confuses me more. And my wmr updated from when it said there was an offset (which the amount was wrong all along) to we recieved it and its being processed or something like that, did this ever happen to someone if ao what was the outcome

    • Wow, that’s a crazy situation. It sounds like you’re asking if your return can be applied to another debt after your IS had been completed. If so, then yes, it can be and I’ve seen it happen to other people.

    • Wow i didnt know that,its crazy cause it wasnt there until yesterday good thing id still get sumfin bak but still hate bad surprises