• Fredrick Hutchison posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 7 months, 1 week ago

    IS department says my IS has been processed and completed… but my transcript(s) do not mention it anywhere??

    806 4-15-2018
    570 4-30-2018
    290 6-25-2018
    846 6-13-2018
    776 6-25-2018
    846 6-13-2018
    776 6-25-2018

    I called treasury, and my wife only has one tax intercept, for half of the total, or one of my code 846.. which leaves the other one to me i’d think.. anyone know why my IS wouldn’t show on transcript?

    • Per IRS agent on the phone, my DD will be tomorrow, for XXXX.XX

      Anyone with USAA receive their funds early with dd from the IRS? IE… when the funds are sent to the bank with a post date of the following day.. usaa makes those funds available immediately instead of holding.. hoping I have access to that money today.

    • Fredrick banks should not be holding a direct deposit. I bank us bank and my dd is tomorrow also. Ive called everyday to make sure that it goes in tomorrow because the IRS are lazy.

    • Is the refund coming in your name only or both names?