• Steph-K posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 1 week, 4 days ago

    So I finally got in touch with an IRS representative. Let me preface my rant with the fact that she was very nice and seemed empathetic but I am even more frustrated than ever. Filed my IS form back on 3/2 after my half of taxes were taken. They have no record of it being received. She said not that it’s not in the works. She recommended that I resend everything again and she put a note that I did inquire on it and originally mailed back on 3/2. So now I have to wait another 60 days after already waiting 11 weeks. I can’t catch a break anywhere in my life.

    • @Steph-K your date is close to when they closed down. Is it possible that it is in the huge pile of unopened mail? I heard they were even storing mail in trailers bc they had soooooooo much of it!