• Jenny posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 8 months ago

    Hi everyone. First time here.
    So I keep calling IRS and they tell me that they can’t tell me any more info. than if it was received or adjusted. Things I already know from online. Yet all of you have talked to ppl with more specific info. What exact number did you call?
    So anyone get their check already with similar dates as me: e-filed first and got all money taken out. So did injured spouse and they received it on May 13. Online it says “8 weeks” to expect return if injured spouse form sent separately from income tax return after being processed.
    8 weeks is this week and still know info.
    Anyone guessing why?

    • Tiff replied 8 months ago

      I call 1800 829 0582 ext 652 i always talk to someone and get some kinda info.

    • Tiff replied 8 months ago

      I filed IS i sent it 14th they got it 19th still waiting for paper check but got a closed date of the 9th of july

    • We have the same dates… mine was received on May 10th… I was at 8 weeks on July 5th but my account was closed in June 27th… still waiting for paper check. They said sometime this week. But I don’t believe it at this point. Every time I call they say 2 more weeks.

    • Tiff replied 8 months ago

      I hope so. They didnt tell me much of anything when i called. But the other day they said how much i was getting and all that so hopefully that means were near the finish line