• SIM posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 11 months, 1 week ago

    I called yesterday. Asked to speak to someone in IS dept (which I am reading doesn’t exist) and the lady I spoke to then tried to give me the 11 week speech again. The only thing she would tell me is that they’re working it now, but it “could be far from over” and she wouldn’t know more until mid April. Wasted another call just to be frustrated still. This wait stinks!! What’s taking so long? So much for filing early (being in Jan) because everyone who filed in Feb seems to already have their refund or at least a ddd.

    • Agree. I filed 1/30 called irs and was gave same Speech. They did say my file was sent over to is o. 2/8 and it is still being worked.

    • The waiting game sucks but it can take up to 11 weeks from when they received the IS form. Some of it has to do with calculations and stuff. Last year mine did take 11 weeks it was my first time. This year it was less of waiting time. I was prepared to not see my remainding return until april. Just received mine. I e-filed with Turbo Tax and submitted my IS form along with it on 1/29. I just received my return. Good Luck to you and hopefully that lady helps you with your refund.

    • My case has closed according the agent but no update on transcript. It’s been stuck at 570 code since the 8th of feb