• Jerry posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 7 months, 1 week ago

    After months of different answers and different dates, even different amounts. I was told my “issue date” was July 9. My question is this- is the issue date the same as the date the IRS MAILS the check

    • Looking at mine from last year, my refund issued date was 8/18, the check was mailed 8/21. So, to answer your question, no but the check should be issued within a few days off that date, in my experience. If you haven’t, I’d recommend that you check your transcripts because it could show your cycle date and give you more information. It’s crazy…[Read more]

    • Ive been through something similar,they gave me the same date but told me 4 to 6 weeks to recieve it but that they mailed me a letter ast of that day too but still havent recieved it. I hope we both get it soon

  • Jerry posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 8 months, 1 week ago

    Please help. We filed injured spouse back in February, it was received and case started in March. Beginning of May I got a referral, on June 6th, called and rep actually finished the case with me on the phone, said everything was good and expect check within 3-4 weeks, then I called today just to make sure it was still a go. I was told on June…[Read more]

    • Tiff replied 8 months ago

      I was told it can be denied if they feel ur spouse is reliable gor it but im new at it too. Good luck