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  • GoBlue - "@sheila33 Did you leave already?"View
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  • Nikki_1220 - "@honeybee82 omg thank you so much you dont understand how i greatly appreciate your help im in tears"View
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  • littles16 - "@sheila33 i have a quick question? i just logged on and looked at transcripts just going thru previous years and trying to make sense of it all. this year they have my taxable income at like 10,000 and previous […]"View
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  • Nique34 - "@sheila33 hey i called the irs and my return was released on the how long do i have to wait now"View
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  • dj zizi 23 - "@sheila33 i finally got a date this morning without doing anything no ta o nothing i feel goood thanks"View
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  • Donald - "@sheila33. Im just wondering do u have the sbgt line numberbto talk to an actual person??"View
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  • Kim - "Is there a number I can call to get my refund pushed through?"View
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  • Curi0us1 - "@sheila33 @tamara-mallery absolutely no update since the last time I was on here which has been awhile. The last notice I received was May 8, stating they received the information I faxed the same day I faxed […]"View
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  • NCMomOf3+1 - "@steph336 I seen where you asked @bottheory about weeklys and the posting of our t__________s. I have been trying to find that answer if maybe we may be thrown in the updates before the end of the week. Did you find out?"View
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