• 2/12 nothing here!!

  • Nique34 posted an update 8 months ago

    @sheila33 hey i called the irs and my return was released on the how long do i have to wait now

    • Hopefully you’ll see something this coming week. It takes about 2 cycles to get it updated and a refund date after its released. Fingers crossed for you hun.

  • @sheila33 i finally got a date this morning without doing anything no ta o nothing i feel goood thanks

  • @honeybee82 omg thank you so much you dont understand how i greatly appreciate your help im in tears

    • It was my pleasure hun! It was breaking my heart reading about you getting jerked around by this stimulus stuff…so when I read that you only had $12 in your account, I was like…ok, I have to make sure she has some money in her pocket lol! I wish I could do more, but I hope it at least helps you get a few basic necessities…and relieves your…[Read more]

  • @sheila33 Question if I did my taxes with liberty they took out the fees from there would I get a direct deposit o I have to sign up Friday for direct deposit? I still haven gotten my fed got my state as well how did that happen I have numbers for money amount 04/15 so what u think I filed 01/27

    • I just can’t say for sure. You’ll have to wait and see if anything happens this week, and if not, then sign up. There have been a lot of people saying they had the fees taken out and got the stimulus payment directly.

    • is the Irs website down think maybe a big update coming jiji

  • Nique34 posted an update 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    @sheila33 what numbers am i suppose to look at on tj transcript

  • @eric529 Questions i see on my transcripts a date 04/15 everything looks good i see my wages but on ssa i dont u think i should update this week?

    • Hopefully is it self income or w2 not on ss site

    • its w2 my boss by mistake put a wrong social on it only one number off and i told him he gave me the updated copy he changed it and all so i am little worried about that i didnt really look into it feel me but i got my state refund like a month ago so i am helping same here but they might be asses never know.

  • littles16 replied to the topic Pennsylvania in the forum State Refunds 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    got my state last week and federal has been pending in my account, it’s been real ya’ll

  • @sheila33 yea its 20200705

    • The 570 date is when the hold should have been resolved, its 3 cycles out from when it was placed on the transcript. You might consider an advocate because whatever that hold is, it doesn’t look like its resolving.

    • Should i give til next sat? Because i spoke to the irs they ways have something to say that they dont see anything

    • Also what happen was i filled a return but the w2 had a wrong just one number that was mu social but i told my employer he got it fixed and sent me the updated version.

    • i feel that its crazy it shows dates 4/15 as well u think i should wait til this sat and see what happens? i know its crazy dont want to call just give them this week feel me

  • dj zizi 23 posted an update 12 months ago

    @sheila33 i have these codes on my transcript

    150 03/02
    806 04/15
    766 04/15
    768 04/15
    570 03/02
    says processing date 03/02
    return due date o received date which ever is later apr 15 20
    march 03/02 what doe sit mean

  • littles16 replied to the topic Pennsylvania in the forum State Refunds 12 months ago

    i got mine yesterday maybe because it was only $86 smh!

  • littles16 replied to the topic Pennsylvania in the forum State Refunds 12 months ago

    state is pending in my account for tomorrow

  • i am so over this bs never ever been thru anything like this..

  • littles16 replied to the topic 4464c letter group in the forum 2020 Tax Season 1 year ago

    Just got this letter today, never been thru anything like this and online transcripts don’t give a code for letter sent 😩😩😩🤦🏻‍♀️

  • littles16 posted an update 1 year ago

    @sheila33 i have a quick question? i just logged on and looked at transcripts just going thru previous years and trying to make sense of it all. this year they have my taxable income at like 10,000 and previous years were so much lower, i did make more but it just looks like alot compared to last years return

    • Check your w2s and see if everything is right as far as what you submitted on your return transcript. That’s a sizable increase. Have you checked ssa to see if the earnings are matching up too?

  • Nique34 posted an update 1 year ago

    @sheila33 well just got off the phone with her she said everything look good I’m just getting held up by the credits to earn income credit they couldn’t give everybody their taxes out at the same time so I should be getting it within the next couple of weeks fingers crossed

  • Nique34 posted an update 1 year ago

    @sheila33 thanks a lot, currently on hold to speak with the tax advocate again I tried to print out the 911 emergency advocate paper apparently my ink went out and my printer

    • Well, hopefully, they can help. I never know about the hold times, so that’s why I always suggest faxing a request in.

  • Nique34 posted an update 1 year ago

    @sheila33 ok so i went from a 45- 60 day review no letter should i get a advocate i tried that last week they told me they couldnt help me

    • Did you call and they told you no? I would fax a 911 advocate request in, that way they can look into your return before they even call you.

  • Donald posted an update 1 year ago

    @sheila33. Im just wondering do u have the sbgt line numberbto talk to an actual person??

    • No, I do not. I’ve never dealt with them. Have you asked in the forum? If you don’t get an answer, go to the search bar and type in sbgt. I know I’ve seen it mentioned.

  • Donald posted an update 1 year ago

    @tigerlili_1 okay just let me no

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