• 23rd… no earlier

  • quietstorm3179: i use an IP pin, and have for the past three years. like you, the first time i got mine back oct. ’12. in 2013, the first yr i used a pin,filed mid feb, and it was july when i received my refund. 2014-2015, i got it on time. i filed right on filing day, and got it back in like two wks. it gets better.just hang in there. everyone…[Read more]

  • usually it states my transcript is “not on file….” but i woke up to “unavailable….” did anyone elses change to this? could this be our update, since we cannot view transcripts because of identity theft? =)))))

  • mommy2fourgirls……… did you view your past transcripts online? or from your personal papers? i cannot look at mine. i do not know how to online. i have a user id/password, but it just tells me the standard, call the identity theft number. i just have a good memory when it comes to money lol

  • ohiosnow…is this your first time with identity theft? my opinion, not sure or do not know for a fact, but just because you put in wrong info to view your transcripts is not the reason for the i.d. crisis… again, i am not sure. someone actually stole my ssn, and filed under my name in 2012. they caught the guy, but i use a pin, have for the…[Read more]

  • because of identity theft, now that i remember, for the past two years i have gotten my dd o n a wednesday! so, i believe the ongoing theories… i just hope it follows through, and i end up being in the first group of weeklies… i filed and got accepted on 1/20.. legs, toes, fingers, eyes crossed lol