• sgorham29 posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 1 week, 6 days ago

    still waiting 20200605 electronically filed everything Jan 29, 2020 and was accepted the same day, contacted Congressman, TA still nothing! no refund and no stimulus!! I see people who filed way after me reporting that they at least got there refunds, Is it true that the IRS won’t process because it is up to the TA?

    • I ended up contacting my congressman then on June 19th contacted a Senator also. I then called IRS. They told me it was being worked on but could take 11 more weeks. I told that lady I was going to lose my house and car I needed my money. She was putting in something for my TA. Following Monday my TA called me said that everything was completed he was sending out a letter to me but to allow at least 2 weeks for computer to update. That Friday the 26th my transcripts had updated with DD for tomorrow!!! Not sure what helped!