• sgorham29 posted an update in the group Transcripts 9 months ago

    Filed 1/29/20 accepted 1/29/20
    first as of date was 2/24/2020 changed to 4/27/2020
    cycle codes is 20200605
    have codes:
    150 , 806 , 570 with no movement no updates no anything!
    Contacted my congressman and I am waiting on whatever they find out
    My 11 weeks is up for the 570 code but no DD.

    • Shay replied 9 months ago

      What’s the date on your 570 mine is 2-10 and my 11 weeks is up next Monday

    • Hi Shay, my 570 date is 2/24/2020

    • Shay replied 9 months ago

      Hi From my experience your 11 weeks is from the 570 date but this year everything is hectic so it may go past I’m hoping for an update Friday and a DDD for 4/29 which is my bday that’ll be Clutch 😆