• Stacy posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    I read an article today that said there is another stimulus coming and details will be announced in a couple weeks. I am going to assume that since the irs STILL HAS NOT fixed the issue with injured spouses receiving their portion of their 1st round of stimulus, then if a 2nd stimulus comes out, they will disregard injured spouse filers and it will be taken away from us again. If you could please post any new info that you might have regarding how/if/when we will get our portion from the first stimulus, I would appreciate it. Thanks

    • Another round of stimulus is on the table but still has a lot of question marks. Each facility is only allowed to have so many people in the building at one time. We have made more mistakes with fewer people working then everybody and that’s alarming for the treasury department. Working 10 hr shifts is draining on some people but one idea they have is using a stimulus card that would be sent out. This would allow the IS to receive their portion. Right now that’s where they are at.

    • Thank you. I feel bad for you guys i really do. I know the IRS is working hard to get ppl their money. I just wish they would come out with a clear message on what we need to do to get our portion. There are so many different things that agents are telling ppl and the website is still saying that IS filers do not have to do anything. It’s just so confusing.