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    Hello. I was able to get transcripts fax to me today. I have a 20190505 cycle date and received date April 15, 2019. No process date. However I do have a 960 code and I call my HRB tax rep and they said possible error on name. After reviewing my daughter last name was missing a letter. She found this odd because if this was a error HRB would of not send me a congratulations IRS accepted your refund and is preparing you refund nor has she got a rejection from the irs about it. WMR only say being processed and my 152 topic is missing. She added the missing letter or her end and she resubmitted the information. Do you think this will fix itself or I will have to get a rejection letter and re do my refund? Anyone

    • You should call the irs office because I filed on the 1/31 and it was accepted on 2/1 it I called the irs yesterday and found that their was some kind off error that they had to fix on my refund so they put a hold on my refund and just started processing it on th 2/19 and I was told I wouldn’t receive my refund until med March. And I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t call. Because all my refund status says is ( your refund is being processed, a refund date will be provided when available.)