• Robcry2020 posted an update in the group Injured Spouse 1 week, 4 days ago

    I checked my transcript around 1:30 this morning still nothing! Then I remembered reading somewhere that mass updates should be completed by 4 am. So, I checked again at 7:15 and got my 846 for 6/1!! Also some internet along with it! I filed at the end of January and MAILED my IS form. The transcript says it was received 2/18. So they are processing these IS people!

    • *interest

    • congrats thats great! I’m hoping to be next.

    • @Breana Thanks! I am hoping you are next too! We all need our $$! I am still hanging around here for a little while tho, I have not received any stimulus!

    • Mine has a refund date of 6/1. Now i wonder if DD or mail. I believe i read that they are mailed

    • @Terry I am wondering the same thing! Did you file your taxes and IS form electronically? I was always told DD dates are Wednesday and check dates are Friday. 6/1 is on a Monday :/

    • congrats @robcry2020!!! Im glad youre finally getting your refund! :) Mine ended up being a check, but it was code 840, and then there was a second code 846 that was the portion eventually sent to child support (i had fingers crossed for a possible DD since they took my stimulus), so don’t be surprised if it’s a check. but your bank should make the funds available same day though since it’s from the gov!

    • @Private I was under the impression that you were the only one who worked. Why would CS receive anything? That happened to me before when I filed and I still don’t understand it bc I am the only spouse working. But CONGRATULATIONS!! Now we just need our share of stimulus! Wow it literally took 6 months just for tax refund!

    • @robcry2020 that’s awesome! Woohoo! I thought interest wouldnt begin adding until 45 days after July 15!! So that’s even better!

      Was your refund previously offset due to cs?

    • @Anna yes it was offset for CS. I got a 766 reversal code last week and 846 today. I had to mail in my IS. I am glad I did bc when I done it before through TT it somehow still applied some of my refund to CS although I was the only one who worked! This time I am getting the whole refund! F/A 1/28 IS form received 2/18. Cycle 0705.

    • @robcry2020 we both work – but now my work is limited – not to give a sob story, but unfortunately i have cancer AND im also pregnant. so this is has been just a horrible roller coaster ride. im blessed for the pregnancy, but this has been a lot to go through.

    • @Private I am so sorry to hear about your situation! I hope all goes well for you and baby! I guess the silver lining for you through all of this is the bundle of joy you are having! Don’t stress too much over this it is a long process but we all can get through it! Congratulations on baby and 840 code. Take care!