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    I havent tried this but it just might work if the agent will fax it like claimed here.

    Here’s how to obtain your IRS transcripts by fax with-in minutes
    By Jim Poole
    Real Estate Mortgage Broker
    Email Short […]

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    Really tired of the IRS carnival ride then contact your local Congressman they have caseworkers that deal with the IRS and will assign you a Tax advocate…..Theres been a few that have already had success with […]

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    IRS CP notices http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Understanding-Your-IRS-Notice-or-Letter
    Looking for clues to whats coming?
    Many see wording on WMR change from “date […]

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    When needing a question answered try putting “IRS then code or question in google” lots of situations have come up over the years and can be found thru various sites.
    Help each other and direct others here or […]

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    Scroll down for continuing helpful stuff.
    Registering for viewing online ACCOUNT transcripts.
    When registering make sure every capital letter and st vs street is exact as return including […]

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    [email protected]_____ I am away for 3weeks at a time so heres some helpful links,phone #’s and questions answers.
    Question: When i get 846 when will my DDD be?If you see your 846 on Thurs/Fri then expect […]

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    @indy: The same cycle chart you read below also said ADD 4 bizz days onto your cycle code date,yours is 2105= Thurs 5/22,now add the 4 bizz days which means your anticipated DDD is Wed. 5/28..:) Congrats.

    @ash: […]

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    CYCLE DATES-Found on Account transcripts(meaning done processing)Anyone feel free to copy this info and save to your email(new message ect.) for others that will be asking in the upcoming week.
    Reference for […]

  • 905 cycle passed back at the end on Feb so you prolly have the 570 freeze/review or exam ect……..In normal circumstances when a cycle date is generated and done processing by wed/thurs 1 week you would get a DDD update 1-2 days later for the next week.

  • @boogie1500wb: Yes the Austin address sounds correct,there is a lot of verifying that goes on there.

  • @ECAST95: Hello, every situation is different and sometimes doesnt make sense how some get quicker results than others with the same issue……..Keep us posted how it goes and most times someone here can help with questions(if no response,keep trying)…:)

    @Tanika: Just that person……..The “as of ” date remains useless for most unless…[Read more]

  • @JoeFromAlaska: The 5/12 is just last weeks current “as of” date and this weekend it will go to 5/19…..It means nothing accept when determining your paper check date when DD fails(which your would have 5/5 when the 4/23 DD failed)it always runs around 12 days into the future…….WMR should update when the checks sent(which could be as late as…[Read more]

  • @whatNow: Initial contact letter “as in” correspondence from the IRS?…..4464’s and cp05’s ,yes alot have received those by mail but there is alot of other notices and letters that IRS computers say sent and nothing arrives.(Agents tell callers that anyways)

  • @antoine: Hello, there is alot in the same situation here that filed on opening day too……You must have a 570 freeze or something on your transcripts(those are used to see what credits and actions have taken place to date)
    Have you tried seeing your online ACCOUNT transcripts? If so and it wouldnt open what did it say?

    Follow this link and…[Read more]

  • @justme: Looks like you just picked up a 570 freeze….They are used to halt a return till a issue is resolved.It could be a few weeks or much longer.

  • @zayzazac: Do you have a TA?…Some this year are getting the Exam that have TA’s.
    Its not because you have a TA but more than likely a Exam is needed to resolve the issue since alot that have been this long are a higher % of troubled returns(internally or filer issues)………To answer your question,No owing/offset will not cause a 420.

  • @JoeFromAlaska: Your “as of “date(when a paper check is sent if DD fails) should have been 5/5 when you had a 4/23 DDD………Since 5/5 is on a Monday it most likely would be mailed around Fri.5/9 and received by Tues.5/13

    @curious: Several people here are already into their 30 day referral or it has passed with no letter or approval……They…[Read more]

  • @BELLASWAN_TWILIGHT: Schools suppose to send it by the end of March but once again it comes down to poor communication from the IRS to filer on what they need thats holding them up…The old line of nothing needed then a TA way down the road ask for it just doesnt work…….I’ve always said it should be put on WMR like other “take action” codes…[Read more]

  • @M F’er: Congrats! I think alot of 1098’s are holding people up and w2’s….They’re not admitting but it sure looks like alot of transmission problems……Keep us posted Fri…:)

  • @Casey843: YW….You also have the advantage of getting helpful info when you tell them that after all this time you have refrained from calling and just want to make sure that there wasnt any letters sent that you never received instructed you to do anything? If they yes it was sent then for what and when? Keep us posted and GL
    800 829 0582 ext 632

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